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USA/FLT vs. $ynd by United Software Association, Fairlight (USA/FLT)

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REGARDING THE TWO COPIES OF NOVA 9 ON LEXICON AE (AND ELSEWHERE): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apparently $yndicate knowingly double released USA on Nova 9 by over 5 hours. In Canseco's own words, "We paid for this, we're releasing it, if it's double, then FUCK OFF!" He goes on to say: "Notes: Well I picked this one up from my supplier, I had to pay cash! So I had to release it! Forget chivalry we need a kickstart! Our 1st big release in a long time!" I ask you, what kind of lame-ass attitude is this? It's obvious this little buttfuck Canseco knew he was double releasing us when you read all the bullshit in his nfo about how he paid for it and so he felt obligated to release it no matter what; and how his group "needs a kickstart". What his lame-ass group needs is a kick in the fucking head. Normally, a double release by some nobody, nowhere, no talent, shitty group like $yndicate wouldn't bother us at all. But what pisses us off about this is the fact that not only did they KNOWINGLY double release us; they also, in a blatant endeavor to make their double release get better distribution, described it as the "FULL RELEASE VERSION". They're right, it is the full release version - But so is USA's. The reason their copy is 6 disks and ours is 4, is because they put out the 720k version and we put out the 1.2 meg version. Add the size of the disks up and compare, the totals are the same. I guess Canseco takes us all for a bunch of morons who can't add. Why do we have such a problem with this? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You see, if USA/FLT is distributing Nova 9 with a mere description of "Nova 9 - USA/FLT", and $yndicate is going around reuploading their own copy with a description of "Nova 9 - FULL RELEASE VERSION - [$YN]", what do you think will happen? Yep, that's right, people will start thinking our version is somehow incomplete, and download $yndicate's version instead. Canseco must think he's a clever little bastard... But he's an idiot who is fooling no one but himself. Why should any average pirate give a shit about any of this? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Granted, the average pirate doesn't give a fuck about who released what, when, where, why or how. They just want to download free games and play them. But, in the situation that $yndicate created with Nova 9, you have one 4 disk game described Nova 9, then one 6 disk game described Nova 9 - FULL RELEASE. The average pirate might not stop to add up and compare disk sizes. The avarge pirate who probably downloaded the USA Nova 9 during the 5 or 6 hours before $yndicate released theirs will probably think he needs to get $yndicates "FULL RELEASE", and then proceed to redownload the exact same 3 meg game which is merely in a different disk format. I don't know about you, but I'd feel pretty duped if I downloaded an extra 3 megs for NO REASON. I'd be pretty pissed off, in fact - and so should you. What should SysOps do if they have a $yndicate copy of Nova 9 on their board? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you're a SysOp, and some lamer uploads the $yndicate version of Nova 9 to your board AFTER the USA version was uploaded, do yourself a favor, save yourself some hard drive space, and delete $yndicate's double release. Canseco --- I won't lie, this really pisses us off, and although we'd love to sit here and call you a bunch of names, that won't accomplish shit except making you mad, too. So instead, we'll try to explain this to you rationally: You have every right to try and make your group popular and make your mark in this world. But going around KNOWINGLY double releasing other groups and trying to fool the pirate world is not the way to do it. You just come off looking like a shithead. Have a little respect for your fellow pirates and for competing groups, it will get you a long way. There have been many times when our group has PAID for wares and not released them because another group had beaten us to the release by as little as 1/2 hour. Sometimes you just have to take a loss out of respect for your competitors, and in order to retain a little respect and dignity for your own group. Take this mistake and learn from it, and hopefully in the future you will think twice before pulling shit like this again on us, or any other group. - USA/FLT Senior Staff Presidents, Genesis, Silencer, TNSH Babe
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