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Kings Quest 4 Walk Through. by Esp Pirates (ESP)

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The First thing you should do is read through the entire document and look what you need help with... If you just got King's Quest IV and the hint file then read this and do it in order. You start out standing by the seashore. From here walk into the forest and find the dwarf's house, it is built under a tree. Walk into the dwarf's house and type 'CLEAN HOUSE'. After cleaning the house the dwarfs will pile in and eat dinner, after you are seated in the chair eating with the dwarfs, type 'TALK TO DWARF'. Keep doing to this until they don't talk back. After they leave walk to the pouch and pick it up, walk south from the house and into the mine, walk to the dwarf with the lamp and type 'GIVE POUCH TO DWARF'. Now leave the mine and go to the fisherman. Wait till he gets up and goes in to his house. Enter the house and give the diamonds to the man. Leave hear and go to the house, the old mansion, walk in there, go west to the living room and type 'GET BOOK'. Now type 'LOOK AT PICTURE' then 'LOOK AT WALL' then 'PULL LATCH'. Walk through the secret door you opened and get the shovel, don't worry about the stairs yet. Now go where the bridge is, the one with the odd looking tree next to it. Go to the left side and type 'LOOK UNDER BRIDGE'. You should pick up a gold ball. Now off to the swamp with the frog in it. Stand behind the shrubs to the north of the swamp and type 'GIVE BALL TO FROG'. Walk over to the point where the frog is, then get the frog and kiss it. Now you have to find the worm, it is located west of Lolotte's Castle. There should be a bird pecking at the ground, just walk near it and it will fly away, then get the worm, now would be a good time to talk to Lolotte. To talk to her just go all the way to the east side of the game, one screen below the waterfall. Just walk up the path. Now we are gonna go north from where the goons dropped you off, you should be at the waterfall. Just 'WEAR CROWN' near the waterfall and you will appear behind it. Now walk up to the board and get it. Now be REAL careful and walk into the cave. Don't take a step after you are in just type 'GET BONE' then leave, to leave just swim out. Now go to the pool, the one with the pillars, and just keep leaving and coming back until the cupid shows up, now all you have to do is walk into the pool and the cupid will fly away, then walk to the side of the pool and get his bow. Now you are off to find the unicorn, when you find him stop immediately and 'SHOOT UNICORN', this will make him like you. Now we find the minstrel, not Pan, the minstrel, he sits on a rock or stump, when you do find him give him the book, he will give you his lute. Now find Pan, the dancing guy that plays the flute, when you find him play the lute then give it to him, this will give you the flute. Ok, now we go fishing, walk out to the pier and 'BAIT POLE', now 'FISH' until you catch a fish. After you have caught the fish then jump off the pier and swim westward until you hit Genesta's Island. Walk around the island until you find a peacock's feather. After you find this feather then walk back to where you got on the island then go off the screen to the right, from here go directly south, now east back to the pier, if you don't get caught by the whale then go back west. You will get caught by the whale soon enough. After being caught walk to the left side of the tongue and walk up the tongue diagnolly, this is very hard to do, so I suggest you save the game every half inch or so. After you reach the top then walk up to the uvula, the big bag like thing and 'TICKLE UVULA'. That should put you right out near the island, swim north. After reaching the sand stop and 'THROW FISH TO PELICAN', then walk over and get the whistle. Now walk into the bow of the ship on the right and 'LOOK ON GROUND'. This will get you the bridle. Blow the whistle and mount the dolphin. After you have reached the mainland find the unicorn walk up to him and 'BRIDLE UNICORN'. Now mount the unicorn. You should have talked to Lolotte again, and told to bring her the magic hen. Walk to the ogre's house, the one with the thatched roof. When you get there the ogre's wife will be there, just run away and go back. Walk to the door and open it then 'GIVE BONE TO DOG'. Now we go up the stairs and get the axe. Ignore the door in the bedroom. Go back downstairs and open the door there, you should be in the closet. Wait for it to say that the ogre is home, when it says this type 'LOOK THROUGH KEYHOLE. Ok, now out the door and get the hen, this should not be a problem. Now out the door and off the screen. From here go to the man eating forest and 'USE AXE ON TREE', now you are free to roam around through the trees. Go bring the good old hen to Lolotte. Now we set off for the fruit and Pandora's Box. Go behind the man eating forest to the skull house, enter, and let the witch chase you around until you are far away from her. The proceed right in between the two stationary witches and 'GET EYE', now leave, go back and 'THROW EYE TO WITCH', now get the scarab. Ok, go to the cave behind the waterfall and enter the cave. Turn on your lamp, then go south, if you are not eaten by the troll then save, east again, save, you should be at a point where there is a little light in the corner. When you get here walk about two inches and 'PUT BOARD OVER CHASM', if it says you are not close enough then take a step then try again until you are across. From here go north then out the hole. Walk to the nearest lilypad and 'JUMP'. Keep jumping until you arrive on the last pad before the island. 'PLAY FLUTE' and 'PUT BOARD OVER SWAMP'. Now cross the board and wait until the cobra wakes up then play the flute again, you are now free to get the magic fruit, now return but don't forget the board!! To leave the cave do the same thing with the chasm and the troll. It will be night when you return. Now you go to the mansion and you will find a baby crying, actually you will here a baby crying. Go out into the graveyard and find the gravestone with the description of the baby on it and dig, if you don't find something like a rattle, restore becasue you can only dig five times until the shovel breaks, and there is five different ghosts. Ok, this is a big pain now, you have to find the certain object for the certain ghost, just read the gravestones and find the descriptiom that best fits the ghost you are looking for. I can not help you on the whereabouts of the gravestones. After you have done this, you will have access to the trapdoor in the bedroom ceiling. After you give the toy to the little boy, open the chest and get the sheet music. Walk up the stairs in the secret passage to the organ room and 'PLAY SHEET MUSIC'. This will open up a drawer in the organ that contains the key to the crypt. Walk down to the crypt and unlock it. Enter and 'GET ROPE'. Then 'CLIMB', don't worry about the mummy, he will run away, just get the box and go to Lolotte. Lolotte tells you that you are to marry Edgar tomorrow. You are sent up to Edgars room to sleep for the night. Edgar will give you a rose and look at the rose. Alas! it has a key, get the key and unlock your door. Proceed down the stairs carefully. There is no trick to avoiding the guards, you just walk around them real carefully. After reaching the bottom of the steps you walk right and hit the dining room. There are two exits here, take the one in the back near the guard, be careful walking past the guard. After you are in the kitchen open the left cabinet and 'GET ALL'. Ok, walk out, and again be careful, then take the other right exit, walk through to the right, then ALL THE WAY UP THE STAIRS. Do not stop off at the side yet. When you reach the top unlock the door with the gold key and enter walk over and 'SHOOT LOLOTTE' and after the big talk 'GET TALISMAN'. Now downstairs and off to the side where you will find all the guards gathered. From there walk to the north into the storage room and get the hen and Pandora's box. Proceed to the entrance, the throne room. After leaving the castle enter the stable and walk in between the two stalls and 'OPEN STALL GATE'. Now you are off to Genesta's Island. After you are in her bedroom 'GIVE TALISMAN TO GENESTA'........ by Lord Zombie Call ESP HeadQuarters (602) 942-2111 Sysops: Mr. Peace Party Animal and Lord Zombie
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