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1994 October 18

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  • Grudge, writer credits
[+] Configuration Copy text
WARCRAFT +4 PMODE/W TRAINER --------------------------- Included in the zip are two separate trainers: WARTRN.EXE - Trainer for the original floppy version (Ver 1.12) WARTRN15.EXE - Trainer for the gus update (Ver 1.15) Just run whichever trainer applys to you and follow the onscreen instructions to learn how to activate the menu and use the ingame keys. This trainer will not modify ANY files on your hard drive. If you don't believe me, load the trainer, reboot during the middle of the game, and do a file compare with another copy of the original file. There will be no difference! CODING OF THE TRAINER ENGINE ---------------------------- About a month ago I was speaking to Mat and Prime Evil about why there were no protected mode trainers around. Mat basically said that you can't create a trainer for a protected mode application because the whole idea is that no two programs can use the same memory at the same time. He also said that he didn't see how it would be possible to trap an interrupt either, since SoftIce for Win can't do it! However, after a while I suggested another way of doing it and after some convincing they agreed that it might work. So I began learning assembler (cos mat couldn't be fucked programming it and prime was too busy with work!). Actually assembler is pretty pucka once you get used to it. Anyways, after about a week of programming on and off, we finally had a working version. However this was very shit and could not do much except change a byte. Anyways, once I knew it could be done, I then added a few more things when I wasn't at the beach, or working. To get to what you now see took quite a few recodes (to make it good enough so that it will work with almost every protected mode program with minimal alterations!). A few thankyous are in order though: MAT!!! - Hey boieeeee! Just a big thankyou for all your help with telling me about the stupid little quirks with assembler, and with going through my program. Waddaya mean ya never heard of STI!! PRIME!!! - This trainer would still be fucked if you hadn't put me on to PMODE/W instead of that DOS4GW shit. I would also be navigating through lovely white text with cryptic numbers, so thanks for da font and palette. DAREDEVIL/TRANQ - Thanks for coding PMODE/W and actually putting in the majority of DPMI calls. You were also so quick in fixing the fixup bug which now allows all this to run! ALL TRAINER CODERS WITH A CLUE! - Hopefully this will inspire you to move away from the dos based patches and save cheats! There are a few of you out there I know who will be able to figure out what I've done. If you do, and decide to use the same methods in your trainers, all I ask for is a greet! CONTACT INFO ------------ It is more than likely that there are a few bugs that have escaped me at the moment. I already know that the trainer will not work under windows, and also that the sound in the interactive menu will fuck up from time to time. The windows part is PMODE/W's fault, and the other is mine and I may fix it if I can be fucked. If you come across a bug which is not the above, or have a request for an old protected mode game, then leave me a message on 2112, or any decent Australian board. However, if you are a lamer and leave me a message, saying would you like to join my group, or would you mind sending me the source, I think you can guess what I am going to do. NOTHING! Grudge 18/10/94
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