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The Net Monkey Weekly Report, 1 by The Net Monkey Weekly Report (NWR)

1 of 79 files the net monkey weekly report
Scoresheet for the couriers.
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NETMONKEY WEEKEND REPORT This is the first issue of The NetMonkey Weekend Report. This EMag (if you can call it that) was formed because of the demise of WCR, and the fact that there are many complaints about CWS ("It's lame etc..), I think CWS is great and should continue!. So we're here, and probably here to stay, unless we miraculously get a life :). In this issue we will feature the top 11 sites in the scene. The way we got the top 11 sites was that we surveyed a buncha ppl and we totaled up the points each individual site received. If you're a siteop and you don't agree with the rating you received, suck my dick, it's the couriers who have voted. In addition, if you think that we should have more than 11 sites message rc , tdp or novo on irc. The top 11 sites are as follows x3 MP -*- VDR -*- STH -*- MS -*- FH x2 ET -*- FS -*- NOS -*- LS -*- FOS -*- LA We Multiplied by 3 and 2 because the difference between them is less than 1 and 2. -NWR Staff! STATS BABY! ----NETMONKEY WEEKEND REPORTS---- trader group pts pos lastweek # of weeks in NWR Garoto DEV 136 [1] [n/a] 1 Grad DMS 100 [2] [n/a] 1 Dragoth DEV 97 [3] [n/a] 1 Xtremist VGN 86 [4] [n/a] 1 Brain RiSC 85 [5] [n/a] 1 Thug RiSC 71 [6] [n/a] 1 Riches DMS 56 [7] [n/a] 1 Neuroman MNM 52 [8] [n/a] 1 Sitez MNM 52 [9] [n/a] 1 Milcrat RSS 47 [10] [n/a] 1 Group Charts --= DEV 223 [1] [n/a] 1 DMS 156 [2] [n/a] 1 RiSC 156 [3] [n/a] 1 MNM 104 [4] [n/a] 1 VGN 86 [5] [n/a] 1 RSS 47 [6] [n/a] 1
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