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SimFarm Trainer. by Dread

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  • Zip / DOS   Crack-tro program

Emulating D-SFMTRN.EXE in DOSee.

Use these tabs to make adjustments to the emulation

If the emulation is taking too long to load, you can turn it off.

Applying changes will reload the page and reboot the emulator

Changes will not be applied until this browser tab has been refreshed

DOS programs need a keyboard for user input

ENTER ↵ to select or continue
ESC to navigate back or exit
←→ ↑↓ are often used to navigate menus

Emulation too slow?
Set the emulator to use maximum CPU speed
Emulation too fast?
Set the emulator to use the 8086 CPU configuration
Experiencing graphic or animation glitches?
Set the emulator to use VGA only graphics configuration
Need to turn off the audio?
Disable sound card support

Have no audio?
  1. Try SoundBlaster 1.0 hardware
  2. Try Covox Sound Master hardware
  3. The song or audio file maybe missing from the program
  4. Audio may not be supported
    Unlike other systems of the era, audio for DOS was unfortunately complicated for both programmers and end users alike. A lot of early scene software didn't bother including it. While those that did often didn't test it on all the hardware they supposedly supported.

Want to hack around in the DOS prompt?
  1. Mount the DOS tools drive with automatic run program turned off
  2. Then dir u:\ to list the utilities, some included programs 4dos cp acidview pictview
  3. Use mount to list the emulated drives
  4. Learn the DOSBox commands

DOSee pronounced dos/see, is our emulator used to run MS-DOS based software in your web browser.

MS-DOS (Microsoft DOS) was the primary operating system used by PCs during the 1980s to the early 1990s and is the precursor to Microsoft Windows.

DOSee is a slimmed down, partly modified port of The Emularity.

The Emularity is a multi-platform JavaScript emulator that supports the running of software for legacy computer platforms in a web browser. It is the same platform that's running emulation on the Internet Archive.

EM-DOSBox is a high-performance JavaScript port of DOSBox that is applied by The Emularity for its emulation of the MS-DOS platform.

DOSee uses BrowserFS ZipFS and ZipFS Extras to simulate zip file archives as hard disks within EM-DOSBox.

DOSBox is the most popular MS-DOS emulator in use today and is frequently used by commercial game publishers to run games from their back-catalogues on modern computers.

DOSee, built on The Emularity, EM-DOSBox and DOSBox. Capture screenshot and save function built on canvas-toBlob.js.

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			      SimFarm Quick Docs
			    By: Black Bird / DREAD

Quick Info:

    Disk Space: 4.9 megs
	 Input: Microsoft Compatible Mouse
      Graphics: VGA/EGA Hi-Res (640x480x16)
 Sound Support: PcTweeter/AdLib/SoundBlaster/Roland

Icons On The Left Side Of The Screen:

Hand - Move objects from one place to another (farming equipment/food etc.)

Magnifying Glass - Get info on anything on the map.

Pave/unpave road - Paved roads allow easier access to the farm and town.

Fence - Fence off an area so that the cattle do not run away and destroy your

Gate - Controls where the cattle or farming equipment moves.

Irrigation Ditch - To control how wet a field is, if there is excess water
		   and a dry ditch near by, excess water will be removed.
		   And if there is too little water the ditches can be used
		   to water the field.

Irrigation Ditch Valve - You probably won't want to water all the
			 fields at once but only parts.  If clicked on with
			 the right or left button it will turn on/off and
			 will enable you to control where the water goes.

Livestock feed - You need this to feed the livestock (cattle).	Place it near
		 where the cattle is.

Water Trough - The livestock also needs water and this is where they'll get
	       it from (I'm not sure but for now when the water is gone, I
	       just bulldoze it and buy a new trough with water in it.	But
	       it may not be necessary if it can be somehow re-filled, maybe
	       via irrigation ditches?).

Trees - You can plant them around your fields to prevent wind from causing
	damage (soil erosion etc.).

Icons Across The Top Of The Screen:

Buy - Will let you buy all the necessary farming equipment so that you don't
      need to lease it.  I found that it's A LOT less expensive if you buy
      and use your own equipment instead.

      You'll also be able to buy water pumps and storage facilities so that
      you can store your crops/livestock/equipment to prevent damage.

Sell - Sell whatever equipment/crop/livestock you have.

Evaluation - Self Explanatory.

Map - You can buy additional land for the farm.  You can also inspect the
      pollution etc. levels on the farm and surrounding areas.

Wind meter - Check current weather (I rarely check the weather).

+/- - See your balance sheet, show all your expenses/revenue/profit etc.

Calculator - Use to borrow/repay money (self-explanatory).

Bar Graph - Show current crop prices (and maybe predict future prices).

General Game Tips:

 I found that if you plant Strawberries it will yield the most money no matter
 what time of year it is in the great lakes region.  The price of the crop
 varies and you can click on the bar graph icon in the top row which will show
 you current prices for the different crops.  The more pollution/ water the
 more it affects the quality of the crop.  Most of the info about when to
 plant the individual crops is included when you go to the BUY icon in the top
 left corner.

 If the livestock is not fed well they start kicking the fence and eventually
 break loose and their value eventually goes down.  The only way to prevent
 monetary loss is to sell them as soon as possible since they don't like
 coming back and you risk losing more cattle.

 If a picture of weed/pest/bad corn appear in the upper right corner of a
 field then that means you need to use chemicals.  For weed control you use a
 herbicide, for pest control use a pesticide and for the other crop
 infestation use a fungicide.  Sometimes a bag of fertilizer appears, that's
 an indication that you have to spray some fertilizer.	Keep the crops without
 these problems and the quality of the food will be a lot better and be worth