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Buckaroo Banzai presents Cracking On the IBMpc. by Independent (IND)

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Part II.
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*		           Cracking On the IBMpc                          *
*            	                 Part  II                                 *
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  Ok guys, you now passed out of Kopy Klass 101 (dos files) and have this great new game with overlays.  How the phuck do I crack this bitch.  You
scanned the entire .EXE file for the CD 13 and it's nowhere.  Where can it be you ask yourself.  
  In part II, I'll cover cracking Overlays and the use of locksmith in cracking.  If you haven't read part I, then I suggest you do so.  The 2 files go together.

Looking for Overlays
  So, you cant find CD 13 in the .EXE file, well, it can mean 4 things.  1, the .EXE (though it is mostly .COM) file is just a loader for the main file. 2, the .EXE file loads in an overlay.  3, the CD 13 is encrypted &/or hidden in the .EXE file. 4, your looking at the WRONG PHUCKEN PHILE.
  I won't discuss case 1 (or at least no here) because so many UNP files are devoted to PROLOCK and SOFTGUARD, if you can't figure it out with them, your PHUCKEN stupid.
  If you have case 3, use the techinque in part I and restart from the beg. And if you have case 4, shoot your self.
  You know the program uses overlays but don't see and on disk?  Try looking at the disk with good old nortons.  Any hidden files are probally the overlays.  These are the ones we are after.  If you still can't find them, use PC-WATCH (this program is a must!!! for all crackists.  Traps ALL interrupts).

Using PC-Watch to Find Overlays
  Start up PC-Watch and and EXCLUDE everything in the left col.  Search the right col. until you find DOS21 - OpnFile and select it.  Now run the program to be cracked.  Play the game until the protection is checked.  Examine you pcwatch output to see what file was loaded right before it.  This probally is the one holding the check.  If not, shit go through all the files.

You Have Found the Overlays
  Great, now just crack the overlay as if it was a DOS file.  You don't need to worry about .EXE file, debug can write an overlay file.  Part I explains the basics of cracking.  I suggest that you keep a backup copy of the overlay so if you phuck up, and you will, you can recover quickly. Ah, and you thought cracking with overlays was going to be hard.

Locksmith and Cracking
 The copy/disk utility program Locksmith by AlphaLogic is a great tool in cracking.  It's analyzing ability is great for determining what and where the protection is.
 I find it useful, before I even start cracking, to analyze the protected disk to find and id it's protection.  This helps in 2 ways.  First, it helps you to know what to do in order to fake out the protection.  Second, it helps you to find what the program is looking for.
 I suggest that you get locksmith if you don't already have it.  Check your local pirate board for the program.  I also suggest getting PC-Watch and Norton Utilities 3.1.  All of these program have many uses in the cracking world.

Have Phun Phucker
    Buckaroo Banzai
     The Banzai Institute

special thanks to the Honk Kong Cavliers

Call Spectrum 007 (914)-338-8837
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