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Summer Holiday. by Sorcerers

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Sorcerers presents:             Summer holiday!
Hi there! It's BCG here again.  Now we have six members, BCG (me!), Ranger, Luke, Fox, Devious and Chris.
Code to this and nexts parts by me. Texts by me, Ranger and Fox. 
*IMPORTANT* note (from Ranger): I'm now 15 years old!! YYYYEEEEPPPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! And now again from BCG:  Well... Do you have any ideas for our next demo? If you have, please tell us! Then some notes. First to HLCA: Contact me (BCG)!! Call to 921-404 036, 22bis, 24h.
To Snoopy CS: Who are you? Contact me! 
To all 80x8x owners: Contact me! My addres is: BCG of Sorcerers Ankkurikyl„nkatu 21 B 15 SF-20240  TURKU Finland. 
I think that was all... Oh, I almoust forgot to send fuckings!
Fuckings to Cosma and tony. Ps. Remember to press spacebar! 
Hello hello hello Folks! It's me here, FOX! I'm a new member of this great group and the things the others have been doing until now seem to be just whep!  Okay, have fun with this demo.     Hey, it's not just so easy to write this 'cause I dunno nothing 'bout what the demo is goin' to be like, so let's leave the talking about this demo here.        (greetings to Asko: how's your GraphiBox going?)        Should I tell about myself? The main thing about me is my copper-red hair. I think. Not so usual in Finland. Nothing else unusual about me, is there? I've been programming with Pascal for a couple of years and now it's time to learn C and assembler - I hope.        (greetings to the tall sysop - Mats: how'bout the project?)        BTW, call:   BYTELINE MBBS 358 (9)21 - 447 539, speeds up to 2400. We're trying to get a faster modem (and machine) there.        (H.K: Wanna make new fonts, eh?)        Our newest project is digitized voice - that nice program made by that guy whose name I dont remember, DIGITIZE (play & record), was really interesting and so I constructed a system around my AT (I've got a *really* old cassette deck, a VIC-20 homegame, two pairs of headphones (the other pair work as a microphone) and lots of cables on the REAL machine, looks awful but works.....)        (SIG: How's your programming going?)        So, the only problem is the digitized voice playing program which does some really naughty tricks and sometimes causes system crashes - trying to fix it now.  Just wait and you'll *hear* something from us! Just gotta link the play routines in Turbo Pascal - the problem is, that the thing is new to me. So any info 'boudit would be nice.        (Pachi: Your box doesn't give carrier!!!)        Music is also the thing that interests me, 'cause it's been my hobby for over eight years now (piano, composing, improvisation), and computers seem to be a great tool when making music - so, an atari st or similar music machine would be a nice toy. You know, PC's are not so good in this area when not expanded, which is expensive, unfortunately, which is not so good thing, dontcha think so too? BUT, we'll do the best to get all out of the PC "sound generator".        (Patrick: Where's ElitEga???)        Haven't seen much demos of this kind for PC. Reason? 64 and amiga world is full of them..        (TURMA: Have fun with your amiga - should I call your box? Keep cool, our grand old piggy...)        So, time to stop this, isn't it? I wonder how long it'll take to scroll this over..           GREETINGS TO ALL OF YOU FROM  ***FOX*** of Sorcerers                        Yeppee!   It's me, BCG here now!   Well, I think I should scribble something about this demo then. This is coded with Turbo Pascal 5 and Turbo Assembler. Lot of stuff is made by my Demomaker. Oh, Hatza is trying to chat with me...   So... It's summer holiday soon... After one week. And no more school anymore! YYYEEEPPPPPPEEE!!!   Ok, senior high scholl to go... But anyway! Summer holiday is coming! Enjoy it! I just downloaded Linewars from Devious. Dig this: It's better than marvellous! Now I know what I'm going to do this night. Coming soon from us (and there's nothing you can do about it!): our next intro/demo. Btw, Byeline's SysOp, Sami Granfors, said: No-one may call to Byteline. That was an order! Coz all other members wrote sumthing about muzax, I'll do it too... I'm now listening Jarre's Zoolook. Plaaah, plaaah, plaaah, piip... YEAH! It's now 00:43am.... I'll go soon to bed, coz tomarrow I'll have to go to that FUCKING SCHOOL! But I'll hook off some hours. And tomarrow (today!) I'll release this junk. I think that was all... Enjoy!                          YO THERE!!! This is RANGER of SORCERERS again speaking!!! We all are real happy! Coz school is over!!!! YEAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! And we will release soon again some real hot stuff!! But i have something real important to say all of you out there!!!!!!! We are maybe making DISC-MAGAZINE!! It would be called : SORCERER SO!! ALL SWAPPERS/CRACKERS/etc..etc..Send your article for me (RANGER) My address is :SORCERERS         Mustam„entie 6        SF-20310  TURKU        FINLAND...SO make an article ort something like that (send your contact address..) and I will make that GRRRREEEAATT MAGAZINE and send it for you! (when you send for me that article include your name (name of team (if you belong into team..)) And something like that!!! WELL...WELL.....YEAH! It's summer!!!! YIPPEEE!!! NO MORE that shit called school!!! NO MORE HOMEWORK!!!! WE are free next 2 and half months (some of us..) So I don't have very much to say this time...but think Anymore 3 schooldays and then YYYEEAAARRRRRGGHHHH!!!!!!! That's GGRRREEAAATTT !!! But.....I don't know what to type..Well  I am again in Lukes BBS online typing this shit...And I am quite happy!!! And I am just now listening speed band called : MEGADETH And record called : So far...So good....So what??  That's great!!! Everything is great just now!! YEAH!! YEAHHH!!!! YEEAAAHHHHHHH!!! YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Well..Don't reset your machine ! I aint mad (..EH???) Wanna read a joke??? OK! HERE IT COMES! Man called JOhn took a taxi..When he noticed that the driver was a woman he said : "To the cheapest bordell in this town!!" Driver said : " You are already in it!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Wasn't that good??? Eh..???? Well...It is just now quite hard to type this.. I don't know why...Well yes! Theres a new member in MEGAEXTRAGIGATERAMIGHTY Sorcerers..I do know yet only his real name so you have to wait coz I am not going to tell that (not ofcourse!) But I can tell something..He is REALLL Good swapper!!!!!! And Luke just told me his swapper name..He is called: CHRIS (I almost knew that (I guess it was..)) I haven't met him ever (Coz he lives quite far (well I don't know is it far but enough far!!!)) But I guess he is OK coz if he OH SHIT!! I did again something..Well I hope this is OK! YEP Are you therw?? YES!!! GOODY!! If he isn't OK he wont be member of MEGAGIGAEXTRATERAMIGHTY SORCERERS!!! (No shit heads) SHHEEIIIITTTT!!!!!! MY STEREOS JUST EXPLODED!!! (second stereos broken TODAY!! (AARGGHHH)!!) NO they are OK! again...First stereos went broken when I was copying casette of finnish speed band called : STONE..And now I am copying casette of band called : METALLICA..I really hope that I can get that casette out from my stereos...Coz guy who owns that casette (ride the lightning) will kill me if I break it...AND NOWE SHHEEITT!!! LIGHTS went off..Just a minute.....YEAH!! I CAN SEE AGAIN!!..Well..GOODY SUMMER FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE!!!! I hope this summer would be nice...Well.. I don't know what to type..So greetings in SUMMAMUTIKKA order!!!! I wish Luke is watching there..Luke..If you see this write our greetings!! Allright!! Luke is there..So here comes MEGAEXTRAGIGATERASPECIAL GREETINGS from MEGAEXTRATERAGIGAMIGHTY SORCERERS..Go 4 it Luke! Greetings to Devious, Fox, BCG, Chris, HLCA, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Catalepsy and Napalm Death!! So here was our greetings ! (me and Luke)..Well I don't know what to type...Well HAPPY SUMMER!!!! And MAKE AN ARTICLE !!!    BYE FROM RANGER!!!!                      It's Luke here now and half realm of Sorcerers world... I'd like to tell something about me. Other people think that I'm 25 years (ha!) old but I'm 16. I was born down in the deathman's town, big apple called Turku in Finland. All right, that was all about me. I've seen everything, that's why I know that SORCERERS is the best in Finland. To Atari : Go hell you motherfucker and stay there ! Hey Ranger, let's meet at Catalepsy concert ! I'll be there. (26.05.1989) Yeah, I'm listening Catalepsy, Out of Life demo. Heeeyy, it's summer ! Let's celebrate it ! For now on I don't have to do anything ! I'm free now, free from the past ! For future magic I'll draw a picture of Fred Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street. (great movie!) Greetings to Devious,Fox,Bcg,Chris,Ranger,Mike (not Robertson), Mika, Metallica, Catalepsy and Kari Sharp. That's all and FSU ! ...Luke                        WWWRRRAAAPPP!!!!