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Caserd Fights With Everyone In #falsehood. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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[14:44] *** Joins: Caserd ([email protected]*.ix.netcom.com)
[14:45] <Caserd> I HAVE ALL YOUR DADDYS
[14:45] <Caserd> I OWN ALL OF YOU IN TRADING
[14:45] <Caserd> BITCH ASS PUNKS
[14:45] <krusader-> uh
[14:45] <krusader-> shut the fuck uyp
[14:46] <krusader-> you fucking retard
[14:46] <Caserd> i fucking OWN your gay ass in trading
[14:46] <Caserd> you fucking faggot
[14:46] <krusader-> uh huh
[14:46] <MastZzZz> caserd
[14:46] <krusader-> im sure you own us all
[14:46] <MastZzZz> are you tripping again
[14:46] <MastZzZz> Go prank call slice again or something
[14:46] <MastZzZz> thats all yer good for now a days you washed up courier :)
[14:46] <Caserd> i not only OWN you all, i fucking EAT you all for LUNCH
[14:46] <krusader-> god
[14:47] <ThePep> nothats mgd:)
[14:47] <krusader-> shut the fuck up
[14:47] <krusader-> retard :P
[14:47] <Caserd> and i ESPECIALLY own M1's PRE ASS!
[14:47] <Caserd> and krusader's fATE ASS!
[14:47] <Caserd> HAHAHAHA
[14:47] <Frock> Lunch before breakfast ??
[14:47] <krusader-> yg
[14:47] <krusader-> uh
[14:47] <inphi> ack
[14:47] <krusader-> you really are a fucking retard
[14:47] <krusader-> im ind
[14:47] <krusader-> never was in fate
[14:47] <krusader-> lamer
[14:47] <Caserd> your a fucking cock sucker
[14:48] <Caserd> damned fxp bizzyscript pftp faggot
[14:48] <Caserd> hey KRUSADER: u know what SCREEN IS?!?!?
[14:48] <inphi> Average Age on #falsehood now: 10 year old..
[14:48] <Bones-> oh shut up
[14:48] <krusader-> caserd
[14:48] <Caserd> you shut the fuck up inphi you fucking cockhead
[14:48] <krusader-> id be suprised if you could login to a shell
[14:48] <inphi> do i know you?
[14:49] <Caserd> don't talk again or i'll rip your fucking head off
[14:49] <inphi> are you that guy who said you were the SPA agent?
[14:49] <krusader-> bring it
[14:49] <krusader-> stupid nigger
[14:49] <inphi> ok..do it..
[14:49] <Caserd> krusader: that was a good one
[14:49] <Caserd> you should try to be a comedian
[14:49] <Caserd> lets hear another one krusader
[14:49] <Caserd> c'mon
[14:49] <krusader-> ok
[14:49] <inphi> ..rip my head of..
[14:49] <krusader-> caserd is smart
[14:49] <krusader-> bahahhahahahahah
[14:49] <Caserd> hahaa your so fucking funny
[14:49] <Caserd> <krusader-> caserd is smart
[14:49] <Caserd> <krusader-> bahahhahahahahah
[14:49] <inphi> are you ripping my had off soon?
[14:49] <krusader-> btw caserd
[14:49] <Caserd> HAHAHAHA
[14:49] <Caserd> what a fucking dork
[14:49] <Bones-> caserd u are annoying
[14:49] <krusader-> im waiting for my head to be ripped off
[14:49] <inphi> dog...this is inet...
[14:50] <Caserd> i am acid-rein
[14:50] <krusader-> who givs a fuck who you are
[14:50] <inphi> Caserd...this is not the real world were you rip people heads
[14:50] <Bones-> i dont even know u and u are annoying me already
[14:50] <Prozac-> Average intelligence in #falsehood: 95. Average attention
span: 3.2 seconds. Average age of education: 1st grade
[14:50] <krusader-> you're more of a loser then grad
[14:50] <inphi> What group are you in Caserd?
[14:50] <Caserd> bones: you are gay, but i'm not saying anything
[14:50] <Caserd> DMS BABY
[14:51] <Caserd> DMS represent, 1 time, and it's on
[14:51] <inphi> once again a DMS member shows what morons they are...
[14:51] <ACiD-REiN> hehehehe
[14:51] <Caserd> wow, another funny one!
[14:51] <Caserd> hahahahah
[14:51] <Bones-> caserd, pick the site
[14:51] <Caserd> god you all are fucking hilarious
[14:51] <krusader-> inphi: good one :)
[14:51] <inphi> digger must be the only DMS member who finished second grade...
[14:51] <Caserd> bones: wherever, whenever
[14:51] <inphi> the rest are pure mongos..
[14:51] <Bones-> that we race on
[14:52] <krusader-> Caserd: go back to the street corner where you belong
[14:52] <Caserd> i'll own your ass
[14:52] <Caserd> krusader, i'll fucking own your ass in couriering
[14:52] <krusader-> uh huh
[14:52] <Caserd> you all pick the place and i fucking will own you
[14:52] <krusader-> you are worse than grad
[14:52] <Caserd> anyone
[14:52] <inphi> caserd...do your mama know your online?
[14:52] <Caserd> bring it bizzy
[14:52] <Caserd> bring it pftp psyber
[14:52] <Caserd> bring it pregrad
[14:52] <Bones-> oh my god
[14:52] <Caserd> bring it lamers in #falsehood
[14:52] <Caserd> bring iT!!!!!!!
[14:52] <ACiD-REiN> bahh
[14:52] <Caserd> c'mon
[14:52] <krusader-> hmm
[14:52] <inphi> what?
[14:52] <Prozac-> Inphi's parents of education: Dropped out of the 2nd grade
Origin of birth: Cardboard box. Real Father: UNKNOWN.
[14:52] <inphi> a spoon of IQ for you?
[14:53] <krusader-> caserd
[14:53] <krusader-> die
[14:53] <Caserd> bring it darkhosis
[14:53] <Bones-> hahahha
[14:53] <Caserd> prozac could whip me but thats it
[14:53] <inphi> Prozac-: sorry...2 who finished second grade..
[14:53] <MastZzZz> caserd your tripping
[14:53] <Caserd> cuz he was my idol
[14:53] <Caserd> when i was starting currying
[14:53] <MastZzZz> I dunno how many months I owned you
[14:53] <sugar_> inphi who the hell are you? :)
[14:53] <Caserd> he was everywhere
[14:54] <ACiD-REiN> hehe
[14:54] <Bones-> casre]]
[14:54] <inphi> damn
[14:54] <Caserd> proxy is the most queer thing i've ever seen
[14:54] <Bones-> caserd: u take this a little too seriously
[14:54] <Bones-> get a life
[14:54] <Caserd> HEY GUYS LETS PROXY
[14:54] <Caserd> TO WIN A RACE
[14:54] <MastZzZz> you never looked in the mirror have you?
[14:54] <ACiD-REiN> linfXp is easier
[14:54] <ACiD-REiN> :P
[14:54] <Prozac-> Caserd, Proxy doesn't cut it anymore
[14:54] <inphi> its not hard to see DMS members...look for hell, fuck, loosers,
bitches words and you have found one...
[14:54] <Prozac-> Script & Stalling, yea baby!
[14:54] <Caserd> I COME ON 1NCE A MONTH TO TRADE
[14:55] <Caserd> ALL OF YOU
[14:55] <ACiD-REiN> hehehe
[14:55] <Bones-> caserd, plz lemme know next time youre on
[14:55] <Caserd> no scripts no stalling no bullshit
[14:55] <inphi> Today on #falsehood, a DMS member finds the CAPS key.
[14:55] <wax___> sure caser:P
[14:55] <wax___> hahahaha
[14:55] <sugar_> inphi.. seriously who are you?
[14:55] <inphi> sugar_: noone..
[14:55] <Bones-> hahaha
[14:55] <sugar_> you've got a big mouth.
[14:56] <Caserd> sugar: some fag from #fatefiles
[14:56] <inphi> sugar_: I got a big mouth? ..maybe i should start to yell like
[14:56] <Caserd> inphi: when you've been around like i have, then you can talk
you fucking lamer
[14:57] <Caserd> seriously who the fuck are you
[14:57] <inphi> Caserd: since yesterday?
[14:57] <inphi> Caserd:doyou BRAG about how long you been doing this SHIT?!
[14:57] <sugar_> inphi just sto talking please.. unless you have something
people want to hear.
[14:57] <Bones-> acid-rein what do u need
[14:57] <Caserd> yesterday eh? wow, sorry about being in the scene for 4 yrs how
long have you been here mothafucker
[14:59] <inphi> sugar_: and why the hell are you? and why the hell do you think
you can order people around? and why the hell cant you use a normal language?
are you a fucking hell moron?
[15:00] <sugar_> inphi, none of that made sense.. why do I need to aruge with
you? Your an insignificant piece of shit.
[15:00] <sugar_> luv getting people wound up :)
[15:00] <inphi> hahahah....DMS...
[15:00] <inphi> i pity digger...
[15:01] <sugar_> inhpi, you don't even know anything about dms.
[15:01] <Bones-> quite the ego u have there caserd
[15:01] <inphi> sugar_: what? you do other things then use CAPS key and curse?
[15:01] <Caserd> and whenever i look on the greets
[15:01] <Caserd> it saddens me
[15:01] <Caserd> IT SADDENS ME
[15:02] <Caserd> when i dont see my name on the BACiD Gr33tz
[15:02] <sugar_> when have i used cap's key?
<BlackAcd> Caserd, hehehe
[15:02] <Caserd> i want to see Ca$erd with tha DOLLA SIGN
[15:02] <Caserd> i use CAPS for EFFECT
[15:02] <Caserd> hehEHEHhehEhe
[15:03] <Caserd> RCN - RCN - RCN - RCN
[15:03] <Caserd> Who are you.. who are you REALLY?
[15:03] <Caserd> What the hell do you mean? I'm frost, the greatest trader in
the god damn world!
[15:03] <inphi> Caserd...are you ripping my head off soon?
[15:04] <inphi> kids who LIVES on inet...
[15:04] <Caserd> inphi: if i ever saw your fat ass in person, i would rip your
fucking head off pull down my pants and take a smelly shit down your fat ass
[15:04] <Caserd> you fucking homo motherfucer
[15:04] <Caserd> fucker
[15:04] <sugar_> inphi, heh why are you even in this channel, you don't even
know what falsehood is.. probably just in here because you need a way to boost
your ego.
[15:04] <inphi> Caserd: how old are you?
[15:05] <Caserd> older than your pre-teen ass
[15:05] <inphi> sugar_: FH? nope...what was FH...i heard romours about it when
we were setting a box up in old AOD...think it was called FH...not sure.....
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