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Mgd vs ThePep. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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*mgd* washed up eh? thats why i took #1 on E last week and dms had #1 on every
major site? :)
*mgd* only traded 4 days too rofl
*thepep* washed up :)
*thepep* still a loser:)
*thepep* dev wouldnt even take you back, class laughed at you:) later:)
*mgd* never asked class... never asked dev
*mgd* never asked neone but DMS / XF
*thepep* and you have no BALLS you will last a month then dies out, you have a
shit track record:)
*mgd* im only here cuz the gaming scene is boring now :)
*mgd* kicked everyoens ass:P
*thepep* dms did not have #1 you dick i found 3 sites already you liar
*mgd* what 3 sites?
*mgd* im talking about major sites.
*mgd* hence e mp sth hds fs
*mgd* sorry but face it... no matter how much hardware you supply risc... how
much money you waste... they still sux0r nads
*thepep* and o does your mom:)
*mgd* stop begging sites to join dod btw
*thepep* noone is dick they want to dump their groups to join lame ass
*mgd* not what i heard
*thepep* you still are a dick later
*mgd* a dick that made you what you are
*thepep* you know shit and you are a joke
*mgd* a joke? to risc maybe ... to dev maybe... i could give a rats ass what
anyone else thinks cept XF / DMS
*thepep* just cuz xf was desperate and needed you go fuck off"_
*mgd* xf isn't desperate
*mgd* its called loyalty
*mgd* maybe you should try it 1 day
*thepep* lester needed help so he always takes losers grad now you fucknuts
*mgd* losers? losers that can rock risc single handedly?
*mgd* uh yea thats it
*thepep* you left dev where the loyality you dumb fuck
*thepep* later dick
*mgd* i left because corps retired
*mgd* he was the one who wanted me to join... why should i stay
*mgd* he was the only reason i joined
*mgd* trix too
*mgd* both retired
*mgd* i left
*mgd* duh?
*mgd* literacy maybe?
*thepep* face it your jealous risc wouldnt take you so you need to go on some
sick ego trip another loser wannabe
*mgd* ha
*mgd* i quit risc
*mgd* the only reason i joined risc
*mgd* was to get revenge at lester
*thepep* you were kicked dickwad
*mgd* and see what it was like
*mgd* kicked for what?
*mgd* i left to go to dev
*mgd* cuz corps asked me to join dev
*thepep* literacy you need the dictionary dick now later loser
*mgd* rofl
*mgd* some nice kiddie comeback
*mgd* are we 5?
*mgd* chinablue obviously kicked ur ass by taking all ur crackers away rofl
*thepep* i think you wouldnt apologize to someone as you are an egotistical
loser so you were kicked . get over it your a loser still are always will be
noone cares. later:)
*mgd* rofl
*mgd* i left cuz i didnt like homos like archvile etc
*mgd* i liked like 2 ppl
*mgd* in risc
*mgd* outa 500 lamers
*thepep* we have 12 you lame fuck again you know shit as usual
*mgd* i dont take orders from some fat fuck named eagle_1
*thepep* damn you have shit resources and shit for brains:)
*mgd* hes only got 1000 zits on that pic up on bacids page
*mgd* w000 go bacid
*mgd* everyone has known ive always been anti risc since day 1... it was riscs
stupidity to ask me to join
*mgd* as far as egoistical goes.. im only egoistical to the ppl who r lame etc
or who i dont like etc
*mgd* every1 else is equalto or better then i am :)
*thepep* EVERYONE is better than you:)
*thepep* later lamer tell it to someone who cares
*mgd* you obviously do care you said later waht 10 min ago and you keep replying
*mgd* rofl
*mgd* hypocrite
Session Close: Sun May 31 05:21:29 1998

Session Start: Sun May 31 05:26:20 1998
*thepep* what nothing about razor. or is that because you arent in class. Seems
you are so mentally disturbed you need to play mine is better than yours. i
think you still need more therapy as you are still suffering from a superiority
complex mental disorder. you really are lame. I like the way you make up
bullshit tho must be the medication they have you on:)
*mgd* make up bullshit? thats why i can backup everything ive said?
*mgd* uh yea thats it buddy
*mgd* you got me
*mgd* maybe you were dropped on ur head as a baby too much
Session Close: Sun May 31 05:32:18 1998
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