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Scenet, 28. by Scenet

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      /   |___          -  - --------------------------------------╖
    _/    |  /los endos bbs                                       /|__
    \     |__\             located in a strange world called scene\  /_ _
     \____|    - -- -----------------------------------------------\

                           _  _ ______   _______
                     _____            \ _\   __/_____
                     \    | _____   _\ \  \_____    /
                     /___ l/    /______/____   /   /
                         \_____/           /______/
             _____      ______       _____ _ ____   _______
           __\   /___ __\     \ _ ___\  _/.      \ _\   __/_____
           \   __/   \   \     \ /     /  |    _\ \  \_____    /
           /___\      \ __\     \     /___|_______/____   /   /
               /______/   /_____/_____\               /______/

_____          _____   ____  _____  ______
\  _/____ __ _ \   /_ _\   \ \   /_ \    /__
 \___   / __/ \  __/ \  \   \  __/ \     __/
__  /  /__\    \ \    \ _\   \ \    \ ___\ .
 /____/   /____/ /____/  /___/ /____/      :
.                                          :
:                                          :
:                                          :
:DIAL NOW http://www.hackerland.de/scenet/ :
:_________                              ___:
 dip/a! )/------------------------------\(


                            [- --- SCENET --- -]
 __ __ _ ____ ______ ____ _____ ____ _____ ____ _____ ____ ____ ___ ___ __ __
  _ __ __\_ (_ __ ___\_ (_ _ ___\_ (_ _ ___\_ (_ _ ___\_ (_ _ __\ (_ __ __ _ 
      _) _/__/____)   /__/___)  _/__/___)   /  /___)  _/__/___)   _/___      
     _\_____    /    /     /     _/   /    /     /     _/   /     \   /      
     \__   /    \___       \____      \____\     \____      \___      \      
       \ ________\ \ _______\c!\ ______\mSSs\ ____\  \ ______\ \ ______\     
        \/          \/          \/           \/       \/        \/           


                                 (v0L 28 )

 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -

            ____________________________  ____________________ _
           /       /_____ \   ________  \ \___/ _____/  _____ _
          /    l__/  ___/ /  ____)   |\  \|   |   |  \____  \
          \    /  \  \_   \      \_  l/   \_  |   | _/   |   \_
           \_______\__|    \______/________/  |___| \_________/
                      |     \             |   |
     COMPILED BY      : Ghandy of Darkage, Faith, Gods & Chemical Reaction 
     HOMEPAGE DONE BY : Evrimsson of Nuance
     HOMEPAGE GFX     : Leunam of Network

     ASCII SUPPORT    : Messy/Dkb, Cnr/Agravedict, Dipswitch/a!^aHS^100%
                        & Mr.Vain of ex-Artcore

     THANKS TO        : All supporters!
                        Smacks to Lord/Impulse & Curt Cool of Depth
                        Thanks to Psychic Symphony of Evolve (demonews)
                        Adok of Hugi (Hugi is a good source for urls)
                        Network - http://www.scene-central.com - 
                        the place to be scene - for all stuff I`ve got from them!

 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -

                        easy rules for easy people!

            Send your support-emails in the english language! 
     For email addies, don`t forget to mention your handle & location!
For homepages, please note us to which group or person this homie belongs to!

        Don`t use too many special chars for your handle or group!


                     Where to get the latest updates:

- Ghandy                   ghandy@neuss.netsurf.de

- Visit our homepage at: http://www.hackerland.de/scenet/ to leech the
  latest issue! (as textfile/lha archive)
- It`s also online at 3D Addict`s great GFX ZONE! Enter it at:
  http://www.inf.ml.org/scenegfx/gfxzone.hmtl (offline at the moment)

- On any Aminet site: docs/misc
- Mama ftp-site (ftp.pc23-c801.uibk.ac.at - path is:pub/jungle)

- it`s spread worldwide on the Amiga boards! Can you help us spreading it
  on the PC/C64/Mac related bbs systems?

- the most clever way, the cheapest way! Register at our homepage to get it
  regulary! Is 4 free cheap enough for you?! ;-)

           |                                                  |
           |-] CHECK OUT AT THE BOTTOM FOR:                   |
           |                                                  |
           | - HOMEPAGES - Groups                             |
           | - HOMEPAGES - Persons of the Scene               |
           | - HOMEPAGES - other scenerelated things          |
           | - HOMEPAGES - Computer parties                   |
           | - HOMEPAGES - Diskmags & Online Magazines        |
           | - HOMEPAGES - Hacker`s pages                     |
           | - Other usefull Amiga sites                      |
           | - FTP-SITES mit scenestuff online                |
           | - TELNET-boards with a STATIC-24 hours IP        |
           | - List of SceneRelated IRC channels              |
           | - Scenerelated NEWSGROUPS                        |
           |                                                  |

                                Last note:

We  are doing this list in order to make it possible for you to contact old
friends and *NOT* to spread around votesheets, especially *NOT* in order to
                spam in masses commercial advertisments !!!

The  only officially allowed "abuser" for spamming votesheets is Curt Cool,
        responsible for the Amiga demoscene`s chartsmag Eurochart!




         _________________ /                             _______________
      _________   s  ╖  c  ╖  e  ╖  n  ╖  e  ╖  t            ______
     / ___     \           _________    ________  _________ /     /c&r.
 .---\ \ /_____/---------//  __     \--/        \/  __     \\    /-------.
 |    \           ______/    \/_____/    __         \/_____/             |
 |           _    \/                     \/                     __       |
 `-----------/             /-------------/      /-----------/   \/-------'
     _______/    \\_______/             /______/           /           \
    /             \                                        \            \
   /              /                                #28      \____________\
  /              /    _____________________
 /______________/                         /_____________________
                                         //                     \\_____

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

What kind of creation/building/element/organisation is the SCENE?

Maybe  you  remember the colorful C64 intros which crackers put in front of
the  games  to  tell  you who brought it to you?  The computer-scene can be
compared  with  the  music-scene.   There are groups of artists who are all
doing  different  things,  like  making  computer  GRAPHICS, either a logo,
fonts,  entire screens or even animations.  Then there are artists who make
computer  MUSIC.   At  the  demoscene  we  also  have  diskmags that can be
compared to newspapers in real life.  Magazines-on-(hard)disk try to inform
the sceners what`s going on, but they should normally also reach their goal
in entertaining the readers.

Cracking Scene:
Members  of  the  cracking  scene  try  to  get  games  or tools as fast as
possible, remove the copy-protection and release it.  Now everybody can use
that  program  for  free  without buying it.  Of course this is illegal and
many  people  dislike  their work because it doesn`t make the gamecompany`s
life  easier.  A lot people from inside and outside the scene said that the
Amiga  market  was  also  mainly  destroyed  by the crackers.  Can`t say if
that`s  true  or  not,  but  it`s a fact that many people gave up producing
Amiga  programs  because  they didn`t get enough income for all their work.
On  the PC market the number of games/tools/utilities coming out is so high
that  all  groups  together  cannot  release everything that is sold.  With
about  300-400  Megabytes  of  stuff beeing spread daily at good PC boards,
nobody is able to have a look at every single file that came out.

Also the number of "normal" users that are willing to buy the software they
use  is  a  lot higher so there are still good chances to earn some dollars
with your PC-software.

Ascii/Ansi Scene:
That  are creative people that design logos out of the aviable ascii-chars.
(of  the keyboard) It`s really ram-hard to make a goodlooking logo...  Most
Ascii/Ansi  Sceners  try  to  introduce their own style.  You won`t get any
applause for a plain copy of someone elses style.

What makes a person to call himself a Scener?

A  Scener  is a person that playes his little own role in the scene.  He or
she  is  in  contact  with  other sceners, he supports scenish productions,
visits  computer  parties  etc.   But  many  people  only  spend their time
watching the demos that came out or hang out in the different IRC channels.
That  won`t  be  a way that will save the scene but it`s also a way to be a
scener.   The  scene doesn`t have rules, it doesn`t have any laws or courts
telling  you  if  you  are  worth to call yourself a scener or not.  It`s a
totally  anarchy.  And that`s what many people enjoy, they can do what they
want without beeing punished for anything.  hehe

However  for  nearly  everybody  in the scene it`s important to have an own
HANDLE, crackers from the past introduced them because it was too dangerous
to  use the real name...  nowadays it would be totally strange to everybody
if  a person that calls himself a scener wouldn`t use a handle.  That`s why
we sorted out the entries in every category after the handle of the scener.

What is SCENET?

It  was  created  as  helpful  tool for the sceners of all kind of computer
platforms.   It  wants  to  give  you the possibility to find your good old
contacts from the past days.  Maybe their email adress has changed and they
didn`t  inform  you,  maybe you`ve been mailtrading with them years ago and
you  don`t have their internet datas or simply maybe you want to search for
the homepage of the group X or the ftp server Y to download the latest demo
productions/cracks etc.  Then SCENET should fullfill your needs!

The first email database was created by I-go/TBL (the RAW-Online chief) and
Cesium  of Session.  Later Lord of Impulse^Crimson Jihad^ex-Absolute!  took
over  their work and released about 20 issues under the label of SCNET.  In
1998  Lord  became quite lazy; after waiting several months for any sign of
him  or  an  update  of  SCNET I (Ghandy) decided to take over his work and
renamed  it  into  SCENET.  In December 1998 Evrimsson of Nuance created an
own  homepage  for  us including the fabulous graphics painted by the Amiga
pixeler  Leunam  of  Network.   Since  December `98 we had about 1700 hits,
people  began  to  recognize our homie and started to send us their support
via homepage directly.  That is what we wanted.

A  database  like this is never finished, it can`t contain enough adresses.
The  more  scenerelated  emails,  homepages, ftp servers, irc channels, the
better.  P.S.:  We plan to add icq adresses of sceners inside our list.

What  we need is your support, give us anything that`s not inside our list.
Without YOU we will vanish the sooner or later.

                            ___  _                    
         _________________ /                             _______________
      _________   s  ╖  c  ╖  e  ╖  n  ╖  e  ╖  t            ______
     / ___     \           _________    ________  _________ /     /c&r.
 .---\ \ /_____/---------//  __     \--/        \/  __     \\    /-------.
 |    \           ______/    \/_____/    __         \/_____/             |
 |           _    \/                     \/                     __       |
 `-----------/             /-------------/      /-----------/   \/-------'
     _______/    \\_______/             /______/           /           \
    /             \                                        \            \
   /              /                                #28      \____________\
  /              /    _____________________
 /______________/                         /_____________________
                                         //                     \\_____

                            scener`s email adresses

2ge aka Dvage - React                           dvage@usa.net 
3x3 - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                       GLOSTCK@aol.com
49┤er - Ex-S8                                   profex@baden-online.de
$volkraq - Gollum (PC)                          hoem@ikke.no
3D Addict - Digital Nerds (Gfx Zone master)     dmgfx@vip.cybercity.dk
911 - ex.Movement                               martyn@n-l.com
A Life in Hell aka ALiH - WOW - James           a_life_in_hell@mindless.com
                                                or alih@wow64.org
A-Move - Tokyo Dawn Records (Music Group)       hstoeteler@aol.com
Aahz the Demon - Carcass, C64                   D.Fitches@CIMtegration.COM
Aakee - Emperor                                 ritmusfaszi@hotmail.com
Aaron - FairLight                               105472.3530@compuserve.com
Abaddon - Damage                                abaddon@dlc.fi
AbcuG! - Newcomers                              abcug@hotmail.com
Aboy - D-eyes                                   aboy@d-eyes.jpte.hu
AC - Rebels                                     rwo@post8.tele.dk
Abnormal Music Productions Email Addy           music@abnormal-music.org
Abomp - Comic Pirates, C64                      abomp@scene-central.com
Abort Party Email Adress                        Spi98@hotmail.com
Aboy - D-eyes                                   aboy@d-eyes.jpte.hu
Accolyte - Cydonia                              accolyte@wr.com.au
Ace - Palace, Intruders, Eurasia, C64           ace@kolumbus.fi
                                                or ace_of_palace@yahoo.com
Ace - Phase Truce                               jakec@pertus.com.pl
AceMan                                          pvulpi@cosentini.com
Acid - Nah Kolor                                kajzerea@wizard.ae.krakow.pl
Acidchild - Triad, Indigents, Taboo, C64        wolfram.hess@sz-online.de
Acidhead - Rave Network Overscan                bengtje@online.no
ACiDdRiP (gfx group)                            aciddrip@hotmail.com
Acryl - Scoopex ^ Abyss                         acrylo@hotmail.com
Action - Anadune (pc)                           action@invarnet.inwar.com.pl
Action Jackson - SCS*TRC, FSS, The Spench, C64  action_jackson@scs-trc.net
Actraiser - Dextrose (N64 scene)                actraiser@dextrose.com
Adam Davidson - GRF, Fireland Quality Designs   absolute@mail.datanet.hu
Adam - Dual Crew Shining                        adam@amigascne.org
                                                or antrita@cc.jyu.fi
Adamsoft - Pic Saint Loup                       adamsoft@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
                                                or adamsoft@optimus.wroc.pl
Addeman - Tulou                                 emb552k@tninet.se
Adder - Siesta                                  tf9@irz.inf.tu-dresden.de
Addict - Topaz Beerline, C64                    piiraine@lut.fi
Addy - 4 Amigos                                 achenadr@et.bocholt.fh-ge.de
Adok - Hugi                                     hugi@netway.at
Adolf - CD, Victims, Paramount, Motion, Galaxy  adolf@censor.net
                                                or mirco@innocent.com
Adt - Absolute!                                 adt@inorbit.com
Aerobas - Delirium & Hooligans                  aerobas@uni-bremen.de
Agamemnon - Limited Edition                     aga@led.org
Agemixer - Scallop, ATL, Astral, C64            agemixer@c64.org
                                                or agemixer@pp.inet.fi
Agnus - AUGWI                                   agnus@t-online.de
Agravedict                                      neuroup@dom.vr.pl
Airwalk - Polka Brothers                        7789@e.aarhus.ih.dk
Aivo - Mellow Chips                             phakkine@cc.hut.fi
Ake - Priority                                  priority@freemail.c3.hu
Akku                                            akku@hempseed.com
Akos - Jungle                                   izsoakos@mail.matav.hu
Al-One - Up Rough                               ahagerius@hotmail.com
Alchemist - SCS*TRC                             alchemist@scs-trc.net
Alchemist                                       alchy@cris.com
Alchemy - TSR                                   Ben.Bishop@harpercollins.com.au
Alectronic - Warp 9                             alectronic@gmx.net
Alex - IQDepo                                   alex@nostromo.jpte.hu
Alfatech aka Alfa - Byterapers Triad CD         alfatech@censor.net
Alien - Virtual Dreams of Fairlight             Alien@cray.tuug.utu.fi
Alien                                           aln@ii.uni.wroc.pl
Allanon - Depth & SidCrew                       allanon_dph@hotmail.com
Alli - SCS*TRC Citadel Death Trash              xsvar04@sorry.vse.cz
                                                or xsvar04@vse.cz
Aln! - Appendix + Mawi                          aln@amigascne.org
Alpha - Legend Design (PC)                      rohrbach@nacamar.net
Altera - Xenon DCT Slash Design (or WVL)        wvloo@wi.leidenuniv.nl
Altruist - Tulou                                altruist@canit.se
Alvak - Cosmic                                  alvak_frf@hotmail.com
Alvin                                           alvin@amigascne.org 
Amadeus - Shelter                               amdmj@softhome.net
Amalgamate - Hge                                amgat@hotmail.com
Ambience Party Email Addy                       ambience@coollist.com
Amenophis - Cheyens X-Factor                    alstrup@diku.dk
Amiflash - Nah-Kolor                            afi@dom.pl
                                                or nah@dom.pl
Amigo                                           amigo@dom.vr.pl
AMJ - Topaz Beerline Side B Byterapers          juhilpin@freenet.hut.fi
Amon - Mindkiller Systems                       amon@geek.rcc.se
Amorphous (Group Email)                         willhelp@freenet.hut.fi
Anadune (Group Email)                           anadune@geocities.com
Anchor - Therapy & Cdi                          anchor@rocketmail.com
Andre(AS) - Trans-X Gloom House Designs Antic   andre.as@emm-ell.net
                                                or andre.as@c64.org
Andreas - SHAPE                                 andreas@shape.tm
Andreas Viklund - KFMF (pc)                     andreas@energymusic.com
Android - (no group)                            jk@analogue.org
Androo - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                  androo@come.to
Andy - AEG Soft                                 aegsoft@hotmail.com
Andy - Anadune                                  andy@optimus.wroc.pl
Andy - Banal Projects                           ankujanp@freenet.hut.fi
Andy - Contract                                 andy@libra.bibl.u-szeged.hu
Andy - Nuance (Amiga), Sympathy (PC)            McAndy1@aol.com
Andry - Pegas                                   andris@seznam.cz
Animalo - Laxity Nostalgia                      animalo@c64.org
anonym - padua                                  anonym@padua.org
Anorganic                                       anorganic@musician.org
Ant - Hack and Trade                            anton_halldin@hotmail.com
Ant - Strange Intelligence                      antx@gmx.de
Anti G - 100%                                   anti.g@usa.net
Antibyte - Scoopex                              antibyte@amigascne.org
Antichrist aka OMG - G*P Amok                   gspz@aol.com
Antichrist - Craze                              anti@craze.nu
Antifan - Equinoxe                              gruenc@hbi-stuttgart.de
Antifeel - Quasar                               antifeel@usa.net
Antitrack - F4CG TSK Cosmos Legend              antitrck@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Anvil - Topaz Beerline                          anvil@modeemi.cs.tut.fi
Anxiety - Hoaxers                               lt@nextel.no
                                                or lars.thingstad@maxware.no
                                                or ltingsta@online.no
AP - The Smirnoff Squad                         pagocs@larix.efe.hu
Apollo - Hypnotic                               apollo@hypnotic.de
Apollo - Royal                                  apollo@introweb.nl
Apollon - Giants                                rolfhansen@get2net.dk
Aquanaut - Cromatics                            Aquanaut@cromatics.dk
Arcane - Royal & Mystic & Digital Corruption    arcane@most-wanted.com
Archangel - AFL SCHN+EXON CPX                   aniolek@zero.bg.po.opole.pl
Archangel - Trsi                                ronnilse@online.no
Archee - Contract                               soltesz@hotmail.com
Argon - Extend                                  tastikai@kruuna.helsinki.fi
Argon - Polka Brothers                          argonpb@usa.net
Armitage                                        pawel.defee@cc.tut.fi
Arn - #scene                                    arn@tng.fido.hu
Arnd - Radwar                                   Arnd@Radwar.com
Arnie - DXS The Chip Crunchers                  heitkamp@fh-dortmund.de
Aron - Contract                                 gombasa@almos.vein.hu
Arpi - ESP Team^Astral                          arpi@banki1.banki.hu
Arrakis - K!prod & Arf!STudios                  arrakis@netexit.fr
Arrow - Triad                                   arrow_triad@hotmail.com
Arson - Cryogen (pc)                            arson@amber.bti.pl
Artic - Palace Collision                        pasiah@evitech.fi
Artie - eMBASSy                                 webmaster@vub.textil.cz
Artifex - Complex                               henrijl@evitech.fi
Artix aka Dominant - Powers Of Pain Paradize    n.eijk@flash.a2000.nl
Artlace - Active Lethargy Trias Rebels          Artlace@usa.net
ARTuro - TAT Crash United                       markus@reality2.com
Arx - Abnormal (Musicgroup)                     arx@abnormal-music.org
Asarhad - Corrosion                             alx@galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Assign - Tokyo Dawn Records (Music Group)       assign@usa.net
Asti - Absolute!                                asti@hu.bonus.com
Atari News email Addy                           xonline@atari-computer.de
Ates - Emperor                                  ates@goodline.fido.hu
                                                or ates@p13.tng.fido.hu
Atex - CLS                                      atex@tiszanet.hu
Atheist - Balance                               atheist@freenet.hut.fi
Athelstane - Atomik                             zkovacs@ejg.hu
Atom - PTN                                      atom1@friko2.onet.pl
Atom - Suspect                                  at0m@priv.onet.pl
Atx - Chrome & Label Zero                       atx@labelzero.pganet.com
Avalanche aka MIP - ATL CFA T'Pau               A.Roth@openinfo.ch
AVENG3r                                         aVENG3r@gmx.net
Avran - Exmortis                                avrxms@polbox.com
Awe - Dimension (pc)                            awe@cyberdude.com
                                                or awe@kki.net.pl
A.W.G. - 4 Amigos                               awginf@uni-koblenz.de
Axeman - Beyond Force                           timo.toivonen@cc.tut.fi
Axl - Hellfire                                  gkc92@dial.pipex.com
Axon - The Experience                           mathomps@dove.net.au
Ayatollah - Fairlight                           Roland.Fauster@uibk.ac.at
Azazel - Tbl                                    azazel@orion.boden.se
Azlan                                           cj@cybernet.dk
Aztec - Sector 7/Ram Jam & Absurd               prbverlo@online.no
Azure - Dilemma                                 kolesarova@dekan.sjf.stuba.sk
Azzaro                                          zorka19@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
b195 - The Experience                           davew@smug.adelaide.edu.au
B'stard - TempesT                               SpaceRogue5@yahoo.com
b (nup!) - DCS                                  b@amigascne.org
Babbage - Digital                               babbage@babnet.foobar.co.uk
Bacchus - Fairlight                             bacchus@fairlight.org
Bacillus - SCS*TRC                              xrezj02@st.vse.cz
Bacs aka Black Adder - XAKK                     c95johlu@ida.his.se
Bacsi - Ideal                                   bacsi@freemail.c3.hu
Bad Peon - Underground Empire (PC)              bad.peon@launet.baynet.de
BadSync - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                 badsync@abnormal-music.org
Bagder - Horizon                                daniel.stenberg@sth.frontec.se
Bakerman - Depth                                bakerman@image.dk
Baldric - Velvet                                patrik.oscarsson@usa.net
BaLi - ProPeller                                szabobali@hotmail.com
Balrog - Tpolm                                  balrog@tpolm.com
BamBam - Softrunner Group HTL Bros Paninaro     bambam@daxis.nl
Bandit - Tex                                    bandit@hysteria.dssd.sub.org
Bano - Absolute!                                bano@null.net
Banshee - tdr (PC)                              banshee@vegadome.ping.de
Barbatron - Syntax Terror (PC)                  barbatron@home.se
Barfly - Extend Ziplers Alpha Genius            henri.lauronen@siemens.fi
Barfly - Powers Of Pain                         marco.kramer@nipo.nl
Barman - Capsule & Centolos                     marcos@ramos.net
Barog - Napalm, Tesko & Nothing                 Barog@barog.globalnet.co.uk
Bartman - Abyss (PC)                            barto@gmx.net
Basehead                                        basehead@lemon.ice.org
Basq - TSi                                      basq@eurotrend.hu
Bass-Cadet - Phd, Embassy, Wb, Yle, Mgd, Dvs    bass.cadet@sci.fi
Battle Angel - Underground Empire (PC)          battle_angel@gmx.net
Bay - TekMawi                                   baytek@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
Bay Tremore - Haujobb                           btremore@hotmail.com
Baze - Zyrox Brutal Legend ILS                  Zyrox@Rocketmail.Com
BBT - Breeze Eura                               bbt@c64.rulez.org
                                                or ptotha@mzsg.sulimail.iif.hu
Beach Boys (Musicgroup) Email Addy              diszkocsaszar@usa.net
Beam - Strange Intelligence                     bertmittelstedt@bigfoot.de
Bearsoft - Agravedict                           bearsoft@algonet.se
Beast - Crescent                                beast@c64.org
                                                or cthulhu_fhtagn@geocities.com
                                                or leventp@doruk.com.tr
Beast - Kangooroo                               beast@mosogep.rulez.org
Beat Lord                                       smolensk@eunet.yu
                                                or smolenski@setnet.co.yu
Beatmaster - Classic, Therion & Noize           bmaster@elender.hu
Beatnik - Plant (PC)                            nik@cute.fi
Beeker                                          beeker@gmx.net
Bee-Man - Sanction (PC)                         beeman@abo.rhein-zeitung.de
Belos - Mawi                                    belos@dino.wsi.edu.pl
                                                or belos@wsi.edu.pl
Ben - Absolute!                                 pben@wth.datanet.hu
Bert - ex-Criminal Gang                         bert@mensa.hu
Beton                                           betonos@zeus.polsl.gliwice.pl
Bfa - Pic Saint Loup                            bfa@termit.art.olsztyn.pl
Bhack - Panic!System                            bhack@cyberdude.com
Bhodi-Li - TRiAL                                bhodil@hotmail.com
Bigdaddy - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                  bd_okapi@gmx.net
Bigfoot - Breeze                                bigfoot@c64.rulez.org
Big-Rat - Nuance & X-Files ed.                  bigrat@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Bimbas - React Nausea                           eymaja@netlab.sk
Bimber - Arise PTG                              bimber@gss.abis.lodz.pl
Binar - Chloride                                BINAR@KKI.NET.PL
Binjinx - Motiv8                                bj1nx@voicenet.com
Biondi - Elysium                                biondi@pol.pl
Biotek - Damage & Zymosis                       biotek@amigascne.org
Biotek aka Eritemaster - Damage                 jaheikka@cc.spt.fi
Bird - Scoopex                                  birdtoo@hotmail.com
Bird - Pentagram Productions Motiv8             bird-m8@post3.tele.dk
                                                or fugl@hotmail.com
Birdie Party email                              marcus@birdie.org
Bismarck - Triad                                Bismarck@hem1.passagen.se
Bisnoid - Nuance                                BisNoiD@Intercom.es
BitBuster - Rawhead The Shadows                 ivarr@ifi.uio.no
Bitman - F4CG                                   domin@dei.unipd.it
Biz Kid - CML Blaze Oxyron                      bizkid@koolex.net
                                                or bizkid@post5.tele.dk
Bizarre - Onslaught                             carlos@hum.de
Bjoern - Prodigy                                bjoern@neuss.netsurf.de
bjSebo - Venus Art                              bjsebo@delta.ii.tuniv.szczecin.pl
Black Artist - Heretics (PC)                    cs328964@student.uq.edu.au
Black Dragon - Honoo & Limited Edition          ppacheco@club-internet.fr
Black Duke - Excess                             schuetz@informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Black Rainbow Mailinglist                       black_rainbow@abacus.scene-hu.com
Black Shadow - Fairlight                        christian@glunet.se
Blackdog - UiT                                  bldone@freemail.c3.hu
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Blackice                                        av@dynavis.com
Blacklite - Maximum                             blt@maximum.demon.nl
Blackwine - Anadune                             blackwine@optimus.wroc.pl
Blacky aka Blackfire - Indy                      ritter-webdesign@t-online.de
Blade - Bomb Squad                              blade@psynet.net
Blade - Up Rough                                pero@dds.nl
Blade - Emperor                                 e.blade@sc.bme.hu
Blala - Byteam                                  blala@eo.battanet.hu
Blaze - Floppy&Nah-Kolor&Appendix&Endzeit       kharma@kki.net.pl
                                                or blaze@yahoo.com
Bleze - Brutal                                  jacobp@geocities.com
Blitter - X-Trade                               thomas.froehlich@uibk.ac.at
                                                or blitter@pc23-c801.uibk.ac.at
Bloodstone - Tulou                              bstone@walrus.megabaud.fi
Bloodwolf - Ex-Trsi, sysop of Mortuary BBS      bloodwlf@flash.net
Bloody - Netzone Party Organizer                brunel@quaternet.fr
BLT - Relentless                                jopko@hotmail.com
Blueberry - Efreet & Loonies & Fnuque           aske@daimi.aau.dk
Blue Deville - Talent                           tpongrac@fly.cc.fer.hr
Blunt - Trsi                                    blunt-@dds.nl
Boa Constrictor - Sapphire                      escarlse@online.no
Bob - Censor Design                             robertg@algonet.se
                                                or bob@censor.net
Bod - Talent & X-Ikari & Talent & X-Hotline     darren@talent.demon.co.uk
Bodzio - The Edge                               zabinski@ae.katowice.pl
Bogy - Sunrise                                  bogy@owl-online.de
Boheme - Bombsquad & Style & 2000AD             anssitj@evitech.fi
Bombe - Smash Designs                           leben.exe@gmx.net
Bomber - Vrt                                    bomber_vrt@post.cz
Bonestripper - Omni ex-Revenge                  jgvotour@flash.lakeheadu.ca
Bonzaj - Plastic & EndZeit & DCS                bonzaj@abyss.lodz.pdi.net
Boo - Talent (PC)                               uldahl@online.no
Boobba - Sector5                                bba@post.pl
Boogaloo - Horizon                              linus.nielsen@sth.frontec.se
                                                or erenie@ere.ericsson.se
Booger - Abstract                               booger@topnet.pl
Booger - Factor                                 boog@hem2.passagen.se
Boogeyman - Scoopex                             wildt@post5.tele.dk
Boogie - ESP Team                               bar_and@sparta.banki.hu
Boon - Legacy                                   istvan.horvath@informatik.tu-clausthal.de
Boone - Faction                                 boone@telia.com
Boosta - Session                                boosta@osnabrueck.netsurf.de
Booster - Cromatics & Loonies & Agravedict      7yheine@horsensamts-gym.dk
Booze - Empire Prosoft Napalm                   Booze@Videotron.CA
Bordeaux aka Bordo - Active Overkill Cross      bordeaux@c64.org
Boss - Beyond Force                             vanhanen@snakemail.hut.fi
Boz - DCS run dmc AOM SCCS ROLE HIT             boz@c64.org
Bozo - Flava (PC)                               boz@gim.net
Brace - Consub (PC)                             00HOTTE@DDENSITY.HEIDE.DE
Brach                                           elamed@gapp.pl
Braindead - Scoopex                             brd@icon.fi
Brainsaw - Success (PC)                         ddijkman@fwi.uva.nl
Brainstorm - Paranoids (PC)                     esap@cs.tut.fi
Brainstorm - Depth                              sork@hotmail.com
Brainwasher - Eremation (Rage Coder)            brainwasher@compuserve.com
Break-d                                         break-d@lesti.kpnet.fi
Brekke - Contraz                                espenbr@ifi.uio.no
Brett - Hornet (PC)                             gd@scene.org
Brian - Axioma                                  axiomabrian@hotmail.com
Brian - Graffity                                audiosim@techno.org
                                                or audiosim@mail.matav.hu
Bridgeclaw - Gods                               henning@macbye.no
Brite-Lite - Dekadence                          peter.halin@abo.fi
Brix - Dilemma                                  brix@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Brix - Plush Comic Pirates                      w_gayk@bielefeld.netsurf.de
Bruce - DefJam                                  bruce@defjam.in-berlin.de
Brush - Elysium Parados                         brush@elysium.pl
Bucko - Depth & Area51 & Vortex                 Bucko@amigaville.u-net.com
                                                or M.A.Buxton1@student.derby.ac.uk
Bud - WOW Hellfire Turtles Slita Designs        danny506@usa.net
Budda - Ex-Nfa, Progress                        mike.carter@bigfoot.com
Burglar - SCS*TRC Powers of Pain                burglar@scs-trc.net
Burn - DXS HIT                                  thomas.koncina@do.netsurf.de
Burning Horizon - The the Ashes & NOT           mseelye@yahoo.com
Buster - Augwi                                  buster@okay.net
Buzz - Maniacs                                  buzz@prodigy.jilted.com
                                                or buzz@amigascne.org
BX - Origo Dreamline                            pvenalai@lut.fi
Bytebreaker - Looker House                      udma@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de (often invalid, try it again!)
Bytex - Seasons                                 tom-rf@online.no
C-Frog - Nature                                 cfrog_nat@hotmail.com
Cache - Digital                                 cache@digitalnx.force9.net
                                                or cache@amigascne.org
Caine - Creatures Purple                        psy94emb@studserv.uni-leipzig.de
Caisson aka Moloch -Ascraeus CRS Bronx Thunders caisson@c64.org
                                                or ascraeus@hotmail.com
                                                or moloch@turk.net
Calt - Graffity Brazol Ruler The Force          multico@mail.datanet.hu
Camel - Pulse                                   camel@ds2.pg.gda.pl
Campino                                         campino@gmx.net
Candyman - Hellfire                             mj24140@janus.swipnet.se
Cantona - United                                evesthei@online.no
Caprice Design - Plush                          caprice@plush.de
Caramel - Ex-Gods & Fascination                 jhegstad@online.no
                                                or jhegstad@online.no
Carcass - Venom, CCS, Armageddon, Arcane        carcass@arkanixlabs.com
                                                or petars@arkanixlabs.com
Carebear - Orange                               carebear@scene.org
Carnage - ROLE U-Turn                           andre.maassen@alg.el.wau.nl
Carnifex - Damonex & Faith                      carnifex@damones.net
Caro - ex-Mystic                                caro@pertus.com.pl
Carp - Apathy                                   steve@bond107.freeserve.co.uk
Carrion - Elysium                               mielnik@polo.po.opole.pl
Carry - IQDepo                                  kerik@tki.jpte.hu
Carson - Appendix                               carson@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Cascade - Megaunit                              gy95maek@timra.se
Case - Entropy Cabana Excess XentriX TAT Eden   case@logik.demon.co.uk
Case - Faith & Lightforce                       Powerjak@freenet.hut.fi
Case - CnCd                                     mphuhtam@cc.helsinki.fi
Castrum Doloris Group Email Addy                cmds@abacus.scene-hu.com
Caustic - Interceptors                          caustic@kki.net.pl
Cavey aka Caveman - U-Turn Panic Designs        cavey@passion.gimmie.tudelft.nl
CB - Digital Creatures                          cb@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Cba - Trc & Scs                                 cba@utopia.hacktic.nl
Cedar - SoftOne (PC)                            Raffaello.Bartocci@usa.net
Cedyn - Monar                                   cedyn@amber.bti.pl
Celic - ex-Faith, ex-Anadune                    celic@pironet.netsurf.de
Celsius - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                   ngaeggel@worldcom.ch
Celtic - No Name                                ctcofnn@hotmail.com
Centauri - Legend Design (PC)                   centauri@nacamar.de
Cerber - Appendix                               cerber@key.net.pl
Cesium - Session                                ferikson@visuality.no
Cevin aka Kreator or Shoot - Ionix Vision       juchem.i@metronet.de
Chameleon - Renegade Programming Group          chameleon.csd@juno.com
Chance -  - Renegade Programming Group          cplatt@ossm.edu
Chandra - Orange Juice Maineditor               ojuice@citeweb.net
                                                or chandra@mail.dotcom.fr
Chaos - Feb                                     d_ohlerich@vcc.de
Charon - Absolute!                              pannonline@mail.matav.hu
Cheesion - Graffity                             a.rafas@mail.atlanticit.com
Chaotic - Mekka & Symposium Organizer & Padua   chaotic@ms.demo.org
Chasm - Horde & Diverse                         chasm@klinja.fipnet.fi
                                                or mental@freenet.hut.fi
Chauple - Contraz & Mantra                      amigo@online.no
Chavez - Faith                                  chavez@pironet.de
                                                or kdp@gmx.net
Cheetah - Ephidrena                             Trovik@online.no
Chelsea - Hellfire                              Chelsea@dial.pipex.com
Chicken - Fake That (PC)                        chicken@space.ch
Chief - Padua                                   tonycl@msi-uk.com
                                                or chiefy@padua.org
Chip - The Fun Factory                          tffchipp@freemail.c3.hu
Chomma - HT                                     chomma@ced.chalmers.se
Chotaire - Alpha Flight 1970                    chotaire@chotaire.net
Chris - Asphyxia Parados                        gubala@silesia.top.pl
                                                or gubala@ae.katowice.pl
Chris - Gods                                    chris@idf.net
Chris - ex-NorthStar                            chris@speed.eik.bme.hu
Chris - Power Team                              kovacsl@toledo.koranyi.hu
                                                or chris@elfiz2.kee.hu
Chris Holland - Maggie Diskmag maineditor       maggieteam@zetnet.co.uk
Chris Hⁿlsbeck aka Chippie                      chris@huelsbeck.com
Chrisse - Arise                                 chrisse@cbox.domino.de
Chromag - ex-Essence                            Timm.Albers@stud.uni-hannover.de
Chronic - Zenon & Depth                         chrnic@hotmail.com
Chuck - Cdi                                     chuck@slave.pganet.com
Chulo                                           freimann@mail.easy-online.net
Chunky - Uhf & Rave Network Overscan            bjelland@online.no
Cibi - S8                                       CiBi.S8@gmx.net
CiDER - n-Factor (PC)                           THiEL@hermes.fho-emden.de
Civax - Moon Hunters, Movement Party Org.       civax@beit-eli.gov.il
                                                or mov98@beit-eli.gov.il
Clarence - Graffity                             clarence@ludens.elte.hu
Clary - Drifters & Crux                         claree@worldnet.fr
ClassyK - Padua                                 classyk@padua.org
Claw - ex-Mystic                                ricke@sdf.se
CLF - Origo Dreamline                           villeven@mbi.fi
Climax                                          ujhr@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Clive - Motiv8                                  rmesuere@unicall.be
Clo! - Honoo & Limited Edition                  ppacheco@club-internet.fr
Cloo - Pic Saint Loup                           cloo@inet.com.pl
Clone - Effect & Un(F)iX                        emiel@clone.demon.nl
Cluster - Insane                                cluster@canit.se
Cnr - Agravedict                                cnr@plearn.edu.pl
C0dy                                            Cody@cybercomm.nl
Codeorgo - Black Rainbow                        codeorgo@freemail.c3.hu
Cobolt - Triumph                                cobolt.berg@triumph.no
Codeorgo - Black Rainbow                        codeorgo@freemail.c3.hu
Codex - Paranoids (PC)                          terop@modeemi.cs.tut.fi
Codex - Steroid                                 homay@ludens.elte.hu
Cody - ASC ACY Bronx '64                        bekir@bytesoft.com
Cohnen - Sanction (PC)                          cohnen@informatik.uni-koblenz.de
Coke - Hellfire & Intellect & Virtual Trap      cokehf@hem2.passagen.se
Comanche - Amnesty & Agony (c64)                c0manch3@amigascne.org
Compile                                         compile@xs4all.nl
Compman - CLS                                   comp@zpok.hu
Con aka Generic - Triad Leader Xymox Exact      con@c64.rulez.org
                                                or generic@d-eyes.jpte.hu
Confidence - Balance                            confidence@mailbox.kdtnet.se
Contagion - ex-Massive (PC)                     msv_user@knoware.nl
Contract group e-mail (PC)                      contract@tng.fido.hu
Control - Trsi & Paradox Console                control@trsi.de
Cool T.J - Sapphire                             flekkeru@online.no
Coolhand - Axioma                               coolhand@mail.datanet.hu
Coolhand - SCS*TRC                              coolhand@kaiwan.com
Coolhand                                        coolhnd@starbase.globalpc.net
Conan - Rebels                                  ngc@image.dk
Conqueror - C^Z                                 e5peter@etek.chalmers.se
Contract - TNG Team                             tr@tng.fido.hu
Cope - Giants & Depth                           cope@geocities.com
Cop Eater - Underground Empire (PC)             cop_eater@hotmail.com
Corial - ex. Focus Design                       corial@post.tele.dk
Cork - Poro Productions                         cork@freenet.hut.fi
Corrosion Group email                           corrosion@matgnet.com
Corrosion - Darkage&Elven11                     casalengo@chivasso.alpcom.it
Cortez - Anadune & Omnicolour                   cortez@irc.pl
Cosmic Trance - Logic                           c_trance@dds.nl
Cosowi - Plush                                  cosowi@t-online.de
                                                or enno.coners@stg2.sni.de
Count Dan - Keks Design, Real Illusions Design  dan@vossnet.de
Count Zero - TRC*SCS Talent Cyberpunx RSI       count0@mail.netwave.de
Covenant - Link 124                             bogus@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
Coyote - Mocean Sector 90 Tronix                micael.malmberg@swipnet.se
cP! - oMEN/DKB (die kranken bomber)             intolerance@betaweb.net
                                                or hesselba@cchost.sican.de
Cqbs - Oldskol & Evolute                        cqbs@hotmail.com
Craft - Fudge (PC)                              u950710@daimi.aau.dk
Craft - Pangalaktik Agency                      craft@pganet.com
Craid - Rave Network Overscan                   craid@amigascne.org
Craig - Fusion                                  craig.wright@virgin.net
Crampus - Englihtenment                         attila@jgi.bme.hu
Cranx - Rhyme                                   cranx@biosys.net
Crash! - Nerve Axis                             crash@tcp.co.uk
Crashlander - The Exterminators & SHD           Sysop@Hysteria.dssd.sub.org
Crasz - Moons                                   crasz@kki.net.pl
                                                or crasz@kki.net.pl or crasz@friko2.onet.pl
Crazy - TRSI                                    crazy@amigascne.org
CreaMD aka Roman - DMAgic Studio Style          creamd@studnet.sk
Credo - SCS*TRC Majic 12 Lethargy Accuracy      credo@scs-trc.net
CreeP - Latex                                   creep@munkedal.mail.telia.com
Creeper - DCS (C64)                             creeper@c64.org
Cremax - Nothing (PC)                           np26dh@mail.telepac.pt
Cresh - Taboo                                   cresh@pol.pl
Crew^one - Myth                                 pilon@cs.utwente.nl
Crisp                                           crisp@unicall.be
Crivit - Broken                                 CRiViT@EarthCorp.com
Crm - Absolute!                                 crm@inorbit.com
                                                or pedison@mail.matav.hu
                                                or crm@pannonline.hu
Crom - Extend                                   crom@freenet.hut.fi
Crony - Origo                                   jpjuntun@snakemail.hut.fi
Crossbow aka Xbow - Crest                       toegelrd@trick.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
                                                or toegelrd@rupert.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Crossfire - FairLight & Motiv8                  crossfire@fairlight.org
Crown - Cryptoburners                           crown@cyberjunkie.com
                                                or khaarla@cc.helsinki.fi
                                                or crown@amigascne.org
Crump - Craze                                   crump@craze.nu
Crude                                           crude@sf.telia.no
Crusader - Hellfire                             mj24140@janus.swipnet.se
cRuShEr - bItrAidErS                            bitraiders@scene-hu.com
Crusher - TempesT & Angry                       jch@dds.nl
Crusoe - Anadune (pc)                           crusoe@box43.gnet.pl
Cruzer aka Shroomer X - Camlot Demotion Bonzai  cruzer@c64.org
                                                or cruzer@diku.dk
Cry - The Xperience                             cry4txp@aol.com
Crypt - D-eyes                                  crypt@nostromo.jpte.hu
CSA - Byterapers                                f93-caa@nada.kth.se
Ctp - Mawi & Link124                            zorka19@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
Cube - SCS*TRC Palace                           tlonnber@cc.helsinki.fi
Cupid aka Bauknecht - Padua, Hitmen, Extacy,FLT cupid@padua.org
                                                or cheilmann@metronet.de
Curlin - Hitmen, Action, AFL, Vision, Triad     curlin@hotmail.com
Curt Cool - Depth                               curtcool@image.dk
                                                or curtcool@amigascne.org
Cyber Pirate - ex-Axis, ex-Cytax & ex-PMC       godwind@keyworld.net
CyberAd - RPG                                   ppritcha@acs.ryerson.ca
Cyber - Freezers                                cyber@c64.org
Cybernoid - Storm                               cyb@hwcn.org
Cyborg - AVT, F4CG & DOM                        shawn@data-point.com
Cyborg - Industry                               cyborg@alife.dv.co.yu
                                                or cyborg@oasis.co.yu
Cycleburner - Contex & Megastyle Prod.          cycleburner@c64.org
Cyclone - Fresh                                 cyclone@pader-online.de
Cygnes - Logic                                  cygnes@cygnes.demon.nl
Cyke - Megaunit                                 rokar96@ite.mh.se
                                                or marrob@swipnet.se
Cypur - Deefuse                                 toal@mi.stud.pmmfk.jpte.hu
Cyrex - Fusion & Logic                          cyrex@dds.nl
Cyryx - ex-Eremation, ex-Dylem                  cyryx@roxxthe.net
Cytron - Depth                                  cytron@gmx.net
Czar - Mystic                                   ns96cjny@utb.gymn.leksand.se
D-Lee - Exceed                                  d-lee303@mailcity.com
d'Arc - Topaz & Beerline                        jani.hirvo@fimit.mail.abb.com
D.I.S.C-team - diskmag staff                    disc_team@hotmail.com
da Blondie - Wish, Xymox & Singular             db@tvnet.hu
Da Jormas (Group Email)                         jormas@da.jormas.com
dAb - Promise!                                  szitas.k.wt.hu@vogel-noot.com
Dago - Amiga Club Leipzig                       dgolle@yahoo.com
Dadsleg - Autopsy                               zsila@neu2.njszki.hu
Daeron - Stellar                                amlaukka@cc.helsinki.fi
                                                or daeron@horus.co.jyu.fi
Daiz'l - Mystic                                 kenjon@ebox.tninet.se
Dake - Calodox                                  dake@omedia.ch
Dale - Resource                                 dale@inf.bme.hu
Dale Bryant                                     dbryant@ccsnet.com
Dali - Unique PC                                dali-u@usa.net
Dalthon - Joker                                 wzolkiew@sparc10.ely.pg.gda.pl
Damion - Artwork (Generation Maineditor)        Artwork@eure.de
Da Radical Ray - Logic                          radicalray@freemail.nl
Dan - Lemon.                                    dan@nlights.demon.co.uk
DaN DeE - nOSTALGIA & Laxity (C64)              dandee@c64.org
                                                or heinzelm@stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Dar Ek - Illusion                               nierada@usctoux1.cto.us.edu.pl
Dane - Crest & Triad                            stnaon96@student.umu.se
Danger - DCS                                    d96hensa@isy.liu.se
Dangermouse                                     doneil@central.co.nz
Dangermouse - Archeron Art Scene maineditor     acheron@acheron.org
Daniel - Smash Designs                          daniels@uni-koblenz.de
Danko aka Starchild - CD, Shadi Software, S451  danko@censor.net
                                                or starchild@techno.org
Dano - Padua, Rebels & ATL                      dano@padua.org
Danzig - AFL, CP, GLT, X-rated & BB             danzig@datenautobahn.de
Daredevil - Tulou                               dare_devil53@hotmail.com
Daredevil                                       ddevil@freemail.it
Dark Angel - Gore Design                        wir96fme@studserv.uni-leipzig.de
Dark - Cdi & Crimson Jihad & Trsi Recordz       Dark@bull.jozsef.kando.hu
                                                or Dark@k2.jozsef.kando.hu
DarkCoder - Morbid Vision                       darkcode@sgol.it
Darken - ex-Haujobb                             nilsson@fiifo.u-psud.fr
Darkhawk - IRIS                                 Darkhawk@gmx.net
Darklon - Scoopex                               klehocz@mindmaker.kfkipark.hu
                                                or darklon@usa.net
Darklord - Avantgarde                           Darklord@ipf.de
Darkman - Triumph                               nc@pctvnet.no
Darkness - Imphobia (PC)                        darkness@ping.be
                                                or darkness.imphobia@interweb.be
Darkness - Atlantis Active                      darkness@deathsdoor.com
Darkus - Rebels & Poise Records                 darkus_dtl@hotmail.com
Darkxceed - Quad                                darkxceed@quad98.net
Dascon - ex-Essence                             Dascon@cww.de
Daybreaker - Englihtenment                      jsziklai@ludens.elte.hu
Dave - Haujobb                                  dave@amber.bti.pl
Dave - IQDepo                                   dave.dt@usa.net
Dave - PhyMosys                                 dave@bglinks.com
Daze - Phuture 303                              daze.phuture303@bigfoot.com
Daze - Nah-Kolor                                dazee@friko6.onet.pl
Daw - Triad CD                                  md95-dfa@nada.kth.se
                                                or hundbajs@usa.net
                                                or daw@follower.com
Dazzler - Effect                                dazzler@xs4all.nl
Dc1 - Digital Corruption                        dc1@digital-corruption.net
Dcs Mailing list                                dcs@filadelfia.tky.hut.fi
DDG - Ramses                                    damien.giffar@emi.u-bordeaux.fr
Ddt - Accession                                 lennu@cute.fi
Deadbeat - The Sharks                           deadbeat@iwn.fi
                                                or deadbeat@freenet.hut.fi
Deaf_Aid - Phonetics                            deaf_aid@gmx.de
Deansdale - Exceed & Exact                      ddale@scene-hu.com
Death Demon - FBR                               dthdemon@slip.net
DeathAngel's Shadow - Carcass                   cliff@gridpoint.com
Deathlok - Style                                armegeddon@aol.com
Decca - Lego                                    decca@hamburg.roses.de
Decibel - Damage Abomination                    decibel@gnwmail.com
Decibel or dB - Darkage                         deebee@mail.bip.net
                                                or db@amigascne.org
Decker - Brutal                                 decker@online.no
Decibel - Darkage                               decibel@2.sbbs.se
Decomp  - Style                                 decomp@efo.org
Decoy - Banana Dezign                           stianol@ifi.uio.no
Decoy - Puzzle & Scoopex                        dbhansen@post10.tele.dk
Deejay - X-Ample, Architectures & Triad         Fraeder@aol.com
DeeKay - Crest                                  deekay@ns.dfu.de
Deemphasis - Ukonx                              bastien@ucfma.univ-bpclermont.fr
Deep Freezer - Fuel (PC)                        han.welvaarts@ping.be
Def - Floppy                                    def@amber.bti.pl
                                                or floppy@friko2.onet.pl
Defcon MAGazine by K prod email addy            arrakis@hol.fr
Del - Lemon                                     del@nlights.demon.co.uk
Deltaray - indy                                 deltaray@t-online.de
Demis - Degeneration                            dgallist@atlantis.it
Demobit Party Email                             demobit@demobit.sk
Demonger                                        jasonw@igateway.net
DemoJournal Subscribe Service email             demojournal-subscribe@egroups.com
Demol - Tazadum                                 d98anton@dtek.chalmers.se
Demolee - Abuse                                 demolee@sci.fi
Demoporto Party email addy                      demoporto99@hotmail.com
Demotion aka Disckiller - Demotion, Kill Line   demotion@ircoholics.dk
                                                or dean@dkdata.dk
Dendrite - Hugi                                 srj22@hermes.cam.ac.uk
Dental - Cromatics                              dental@cromatics.dk
Deone                                           tobbe.w@ljusdal.se
Depeh - Dcs (C64)                               goran@awesume.se
Depth - Mawi                                    depth@diku.dk
Der HM - Complex                                msalmine@cc.hut.fi
Derbyshire Ram - AFL, Remember, Ikari, Deadline barry.joynes@virgin.net
Derethor -  Centolos                            derethor@redestb.es
Derrow - Decision Fame Design                   Derrow@ibm.net
Deskline - Desaster                             gonzo@tronet.de
Despair - DMX                                   mikael.larsson@mbox347.swipnet.se
Destino - Origo, Dreamline                      trpeki@uta.fi
Detail - Clique                                 plana@prizma.net.tr
Destop - Cncd                                   destop@hybrid.org
Detoxcaso - Crimson Jihad                       detoxcaso@winnie.obuda.kando.hu
                                                or detox@mosogep.obuda.kando.hu
Deuterium - Pool Position Partyorganizer        deuterium@pool-position.pp.se
Deviant aka HighTower - Chromance,  Accept      deviant@v-wave.com
Develin - Oops!                                 develin@alfaskop.net
Devil - Ex-S8                                   assengajmer@baden-online.de 
Devil - 100%                                    devil@p-lost.franken.de
Devil - F4CG, Noice                             devil@mindless.com
Devious - HeatWave                              devious@xs4all.nl
Devotion - Fake                                 elev.1414@hule.harryda.se
Dexter - Abyss                                  100.17637@germanynet.de
                                                or Dexter.Abyss@iname.com
Dexter - Active                                 dexter@c64.org
dfj - dinasty                                   dfj@scene-hu.com
Dgazz - Plush                                   goederei@ino.de
Diablo - Myth & Roadhogz & Accession            diablonl@xs4all.nl
Dice - Megaunit                                 todi@canit.se
Diddle - ex-Sanity                              M.Vasters@Verkehrswesen.FH-Wolfenbuettel.DE
Didi - Laxity Atlantis                          didi@c64.org
Diesel8 - Razor 1911                            matjo816@student.liu.se
Digahole - Onslaught & Accuracy                 digahole@geocities.com
Digger - IRIS                                   mniepyta@elektron.elka.pw.edu.pl
Digiman - Hellfire                              Digiman@Lords.com
Digiscream                                      digiscream@delphi.com
Digisnap - Matrix (PC)                          digisnap@cs.tu-berlin.de
Digistorm - Logic                               digistorm@poboxes.com
Dim - Embassy (pc)                              smakelai@cc.helsinki.fi
Dip - Darkage                                   mdipieri@dsi.unive.it
Dipswitch - Writaz Express & 100% & DkB         dipswitch@losendos.ourfamily.com
Dire - Eremation, Cologne Conference organiser  nico@barbat.de
dIS - Nukleus                                   diss@algonet.se
Diskmaster  - From The Ashes                    jcompton@xnet.com
Disney - ex-Alcatraz & Sanity                   farin@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Dissident                                       dissident@mail.telepac.pt
Distance - Orange, Tpolm & Monotonik            esaruoho@dlc.fi
                                                or esa@scene.org
Diverse aka Fugazi - FairLight, Hitmen          nephilim@figaro.ae.katowice.pl
                                                or blazejs@gronet.pl
Dixan - Ram Jam & Spinning Kids                 dixan@freenet.hut.fi
Dixy - Up Rough                                 hqm@hem.passagen.se
Dj Flava - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                djflava@abnormal-music.org
DJ Mellow Noise - ex-Infect                     Mellow@mellow.de
Dj_regal                                        sucharp@grafit.mp.pw.edu.pl
Dj Bobo - Power DAncer DHQ                      Bobo^TMS@t-m-s.demon.nl
Djinn - Wrath Designs                           jfsebastian@hotmail.com
Djinn - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                     fam.safstrom@stockholm.mail.telia.com
Djzip - Fade Studio & Abnormal (Music Group)    jacob@fade.org
Dlux - Hydrogen                                 dlux@sch.bme.hu
DM aka Mr. Pro - Victory, SBC, THP & Transcom   dm@bozic.co.yu
DMC - Genetix F4CG                              dmcgen@globalnet.co.uk
dNk - nEVERmIND                                 dnk@eunet.yu
DNS - Hooligans Crew                            dns@hooligans.umszki.hu
Doc D - Digital                                 digital@ssmedion.de
Doc Holiday - Wildfire                          frank@wysiwyg.de
Dodger - Ex-Essence                             dodger@canta.gun.de
Dodger - Philosophy                             sballing@mayn.de
Dodger - Dytec, ONS & HIT                       the_dodger@hotmail.com
dOGGYdOC - eXLEx                                doggydoc@nwn.de
Doh - Dreamdealers                              doh_drd@yahoo.com
Dokken - Electron                               bob.stoner@mci.com
Dominator - Zenon                               jani.tertsonen@mbnet.fi
Domin8r - Corrosion                             domin8r@amigascne.org
Doom (PC)                                       mpesonen@orion.pspt.fi
Doom - Onslaught & WOW                          doom@post5.tele.dk
Doomed - Padua & PTG                            doomed@padua.org
Dork - Craze                                    dork@craze.nu
Dose - Radio (PC)                               dose@dlc.fi
Dow Jones - Plush, Maitec & Cream               dowjones@plush.de
Down and Under + V-Kid (MusicGroups) email      v.kid@pp.inet.fi
Dozig - Damage                                  dozig@otitsun.oulu.fi
Dr.Acid - Extend                                seamus@sci.fi
Dr.Astic - Contract (PC)                        drastic@telnet.hu
Dr.Avalanche                                    dr.avalanche@gmx.net
Dr.Awesome - Crusaders                          lynne@lynnemusic.com
Dr.Badvibes (Bizarre party organizer)           mike@concepts.nl
Dr.Blitz - The Fun Factory                      kkasila@students.cc.tut.fi
Dr. Dick - Byterapers                           drdick@cc.tut.fi
Dr.Dreyer (the demoguide maineditor)            Dr_Dreyer@hotmail.com
Dr.Eher - Delon Dizayn                          homay@ludens.elte.hu
Dr.G - Ram Jam                                  dr.g@ssnet.it
Dr.Ice - Seasons                                kaarej@barentsnett.no
Dr. Kaos - Reflex, Agony & Excess               richtarsky@bigfoot.com
Dr.Outtasight - Crusaders                       dr.outtasight@crusaders.no
Dr.Robotnik - Movement                          u950318@daimi.aau.dk
Dr.Soft aka GotH - Albion                       Gothrek@artemida.amu.edu.pl
Dr.Strangelove - Tulou                          a96andny@ida.his.se
Dr.Slump - Capsule                              al004046@alumail.uji.es
Dr.Victor - ex-Impulse                          drvictor@freeside.elte.hu
Dr. Zoom aka The NetPirate - ATL, Rebels, Eqx   dz@profzone.CH
Draft - ISKTR Prods.                            draft@freenet.hut.fi
Dragon - Incal, Hellfire, Brainfart mag         riba@brain.on-luebeck.de
Drareg - Ozone                                  drareg@bcn.servicom.es
Drax - Vibrants, MON & Crest                    tmog98@hum.auc.dk
Draz - F4CG Noice                               mathias_hedblom@hotmail.com
DrD - Deefuse                                   dan@ank.isk.huninet.hu
DreamHack Party Email                           martin@paragraph.se
Dreamer aka drm - 100%                          d.R.m.@gmx.de
Dreamer - Nah-Kolor                             adrag@okwf1.fuw.edu.pl
Dreamer - ex-Zenon                              dreamer@iki.fi
Dreams Day Group                                dreamsd@hempseed.com
Dreamwave - Abnormal (MusicGroup)               dreamwave@abnormal-music.org
Druid aka Orujo - AGY, FLT, Phuture, AVT & AFL  druid@bb.onet.pl
Duce - Extend                                   ari.seppa@aol.llaky.fi
                                                or covercorner@geocities.com
                                                or ari.seppa@vskol.fi
Duet - Embassy                                  duet@sci.fi
DuffE - Sardonyx                                duffe@thefeeling.net
Duke - FLT & Dominators                         Duke@FairLight.org
Duken - Digital                                 tjarvela@pp.htv.fi
Duncan - Damones                                duncan@damones.net
Dundee - Frame18                                dundee@marr.irisz.hu
Dune - Orange (PC)                              dune@funkis.lib.hel.fi
Dunse - Latex                                   dunse_man@hotmail.com
Durandal - Interactive & Bsp & Decision         durandal@asylum.domino.de
Dusty - Japotek (PC)                            alexdusty@usa.net
Dutch - DCS, Triad, Flash Inc. Antic Cult Sccs  z1@hem.passagen.se
Dvize - LED & Planet.Jazz                       dvize@ozramp.net.au
DW  - Style                                     agonzalez@nlaredo.globalpc.net
Dylotic - Xenon, Line design, Demention Design  dylotic@hotmail.com
Dynamic - Triad                                 jonas@arosnet.se
Dyziotox - Whelpz                               dzx@friko3.onet.pl
Dzieciuch                                       bkid@quest.pl
E-Moon - Endzeit                                e-moon@swipnet.se
E$G - ex-Italian Bad Boys & 4wd & Delight       sturaro@araxp.polito.it
Eartoaster - Consub (PC)                        EARTOASTER@DDENSITY.HEIDE.DE
Echo - Diffusion & Level-D (PC)                 echo@topnet.pl
Echo - Escape (PC)                              echo@globalserve.net
Echo - F.C.I.                                   sq3dzk@ampr-gate.netvision.net.il
                                                or sq3dzk@gw.ab6qv.ampr.org
Ecr Networks - ex-S8                            uks3@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Ed - Exotic Men                                 trinne@cs.joensuu.fi
Edhellon - Resource                             edhellon@c64.rulez.org
Eddie - PTG, M8, Presence, Epic Coderz          eddie@hannover.sgh-net.de
Ede K. - Sunrise & Nyarlathotep                 moosbach@t-online.de
Edo - Astral                                    edo@prins.externet.hu
Eft - Kangooroo                                 eft@musicbox.hu
                                                or regenyi@ludens.elte.hu
Egoloop - Ex-Darkage                            castronuovo@chemna.dichi.unina.it
Einstein - W.O.W., FFT, Genetix & Cult          einstein@skynet.be
Eivind Sommersten - SHAPE, Full Force           eivind@bgnett.no
Eksotic - Dynamic Traders                       samppa.teemu.ronka@mbnet.fi
ELA aka Takpapp - Antimon SPL Cosine            eardem@online.no
Elban aka El Banditos - SCS*TRC, Unreal,Tubular elban@ornak.waw.pdi.net
                                                or elban@hotmail.com
Electric - Extend                               electric@freenet.hut.fi
                                                or tommi@tietovalta.fi
Elf - Limited Edition                           elf@led.org
Elitegroup - Group Email                        elitegroup@gmx.net
Eliza - Maximum                                 e-liza@maximum.demon.nl
Elohim - Depth                                  ronnirj@hotmail.com
Elric - DCS                                     m-22408@mailbox.swip.net
Elusive - Smoke & Up Rough                      elus@musician.org
                                                or elusive@one.se
Elvin - The Sharks, Savage & Pulsar             elvin@cin.de
Elwix  - Style                                  sakers@ai.org
Emers - Cinergy & Plastic                       emers@polbox.com
Eminent - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                 eminent@abnormal-music.org
Encore                                          rehlers@hem1.passagen.se
Endor - Flava (PC)                              jonas_karlsson@gim.net
Engine - ex-Dream-Sequencer                     engine@okay.net
Enter - Mawi & Appendix                         random22@friko.onet.pl
Epsilon - The Experience                        sjeffery@dove.net.au
Erik Lyden - Komplex (ex-Carebear - Orange)     carebear@scene.org
Erno - Absolute!                                ern0@uniontext.arrabonet.gyor.hu
                                                or zalkae@rs3.szif.hu
Ervin - Abaddon                                 ervin@sch.bme.hu
                                                or ervin@sch.bme.hu
Erwin - Black Rain (PC)                         nhaatain@niksula.cs.hut.fi
Eryk aka Einstein - Chrome                      musician@rainbow.agn.net.au
Esbam - Retro 64                                j.metcalfe@arnprior.com
Esc                                             esc@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Eschaton Group Email (PC)                       chaz@eschaton.demon.co.uk
Estrayk - Capsule & NahKolor & Iguana (PC)      calamo@vlc.servicom.es
Ettore Perazzoli                                ettore@comm2000.it
Eureka                                          biuro@eureka.com.pl
Euskal Party Email                              sabino@euskal.org
Euzkera - Censor Design                         euzkera@censor.net
Evade - Flava (PC)                              rob@gim.net
Evan - Nah-Kolor                                evan@polbox.com
Evoke Party Email                               evoke98@gmx.de
Evrimsson - Nuance                              evrimsson@teucom.xnc.com
exa - T'Pau                                     Karl-Heinz.Wind@fh-kempten.de
Exalt - Antic                                   kjellin@whoever.com
Excel - Balance & Trauma (PC)                   excelblc@hem.passagen.se
Exilon - Horizon                                gustavss@cs.chalmers.se
Exon - Faith, Riot & Da Jormas (Los Endos BBS)  exon@jormas.com
Exorcist - Ex-S8                                metis-shop@t-online.de
Exotic - Clique                                 ender@farmanet.net.tr
Expert - Agravedict                             Expert@kki.net.pl
Explorer - Three Little Elks                    md6ts@mdstud.chalmers.se
Eyeth                                           dragoner@aol.com
Ezah - Dilemma                                  ezah@d-eyes.jpte.hu
F.Ultra - AEON & Dreamscape + Immortality       fultra@hem2.passagen.se
Facet - Lemon. & TBL                            martijn.vanmeel@student-kmt.hku.nl
Factor Group                                    factor@hem.passagen.se
Faith Group Email (Amiga)                       info@faith.faithweb.com
Falch - Triumph                                 oyvind.falch@triumph.no
Falcon - Pulse (PC) & Tokyo Dawn Records        flnpls@hotmail.com
Falcon - Applause                               falcon@zeus.polsl.gliwice.pl
Fantastronicum - Amicas                         c.blaha@cso.at
Fanthomas - Unique PC                           fanthomas@geocities.com
Fasix - Cromatics                               fasix@cromatics.dk
Fate - Faculty, Absolute!, Fatal Connexxion BBS fate@freemail.c3.hu
Fate - Quartex                                  randy@giga.com.ar
Faust - Indy                                    petter@sdf.se
Fazee - Taboo                                   fazee@mat.uni.torun.pl
Fazion - Impact DK                              jonf@post3.tele.dk
FCS - Finnish Gold                              granju@objectsoft.fi
Fear - Tbl (PC)                                 fear@penti.sit.fi
fEliX - MaSSiVE                                 felix@amigascne.org
Fester - Absolute!                              fester@inorbit.com
Fighterwriter - Teklords                        fighterwriter@teklords.org
Firefoot -  - Style                             firefoot@omni.voicenet.com
                                                or firefoot@style64.org
Firefox - Axicon, Willow+Tum                    ffxaxc@gmx.de
Firehawk - Hoaxers                              stianrol@idi.ntnu.no
                                                or stianrol@stud.ntnu.no
Firestalker  - From The Ashes                   squash@inlink.com
Firestarter - Phase Truce                       RHedum@softhome.net
Fishwave - Scoopex (Seenpoint editor)           Fishwave@t-online.de
Fist - Illusion, Enigma                         haralde@pvv.org
Fitzroy - Kore                                  fitzr0y@friko6.onet.pl
Flame - Pygmy Projects                          flame@stekt.oulu.fi
Flamingo - Light                                oskar@ot.se
                                                or d93-ost@nada.kth.se
Flap - Capacala (PC)                            hylinen@cc.hut.fi
Flapjack - Appendix                             flapjack@optimus.wroc.pl
Flash - Radwar                                  flash@trade.gun.de
Fleg - ex-TDD                                   frommfeld@tu-harburg.d400.de
Fletch - Ex-S8                                  sk85@e-technik.uni-rostock.de
Flex - Frame 18                                 kopacsi@kornel.szif.hu
                                                or flex@k2.jozsef.kando.hu
Flim Flam - Comic Pirates                       flim@comic-pirates.org
Flip - indi                                     asebastiani@mail.compy-net.com
Flip - Risiko                                   EH205@mail.compy-net.com
Floppy Robby - Royal & Eurotraders              robbyboy@dds.nl
Flop - Indy                                     gemini@mail.compy-net.com
flow - ihana                                    flo@sci.fi
Floyd - Crusaders                               floyd@crusaders.no
Floyd - TempesT, Willow, Ascraeus & Panic       floyd@koolex.net
                                                or floyd@iname.com
                                                or stewes1970@aol.com
Fnorf aka Dario - Nitros, Ascraeus & EQX        roger.ferm@telerymd.com
Flu - The Cosmic Force, The Danger Zone         flu16@hotmail.com
Flubba - Ward & Up Rough                        flubba@hem2.passagen.se
Flynn - Energy                                  c950158@zipi.fi.upm.es
FMode - AUGWI                                   sflick@stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Fndr - sONIK cLIQUE                             fender@one.se
Folcka - Depth                                  folcka@image.dk
Fraggle - Moving Pixels                         fraggle@ncarrier.leine.de
Frame - C-Lous (No Sense Maineditor)            egoben@algonet.se
Franky - phase^D. (Music Group)                 franky@unicall.be
Freak - Mad Virgin                              freak@EUnet.yu
Freak of Nature - Contraz                       jts@online.no
Fred - Legion & Ztockers                        fred@powerwebs.nu
fred - calodox                                  fred.roth@urbanet.ch
Freddie aka Backviper - Laxity, TCD, Hearbeat   a_ryom@hotmail.com
Freezer - Maximum                               freezer@maximum.demon.nl
French Hawk - Time                              efh@pci.net
                                                or den@po.cwru.edu
                                                or fh@stratos.net
Frenzy - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                    rb-@rocketmail.com
Frequent - Ephidrena                            fqt_eph@hotmail.com
FreqVibes                                       freQvibez@lumon.com
Frib or FRB - Accuracy & RIA                    rh@pop.soz.uni-linz.ac.at
Fro-D - Contraz                                 iulsund@online.no
Froyd - Deathstar                               froyd@nigma.it
Frozen Fire - NARC, PSI, PhiberOptic Phreakers  frozen_fire@hotmail.com
Ftngating Robot                                 ftngate@kki.net.pl
Fubar                                           fubar@netaxs.com
Fugitive - F4CG                                 hpa@netpower.no
Fulcrum - Chalice                               d95-she@nada.kth.se
Fungus                                          fungus@eskimo.com
Fungus - F4CG, REM, CPX, Chromance, TSD & CCS   fungus@c64.org
Funnel - Flava (PC)                             funnel@post1.tele.dk
Funxilla - SCS*TRC                              edwin.de.nijs@tip.nl
Fury - Prestige (Dial Hard BBS)                 furee@bluewin.ch
Fuzz - PSW & Retro 64                           chambers@compmore.net
Fuzzel - Haujobb (PC)                           fuzzel@uni-paderborn.de
Fuzzy - ex. Death Row                           fuzzy@amiga.dk
G-Day - Quad                                    gday@quad98.net
G.d.m - Looker House                            goa@ropnet.ru
G.o.d - AbaddoN                                 god@balu.sch.bme.hu
Gafkhan - Cromatics                             gafkhan@cromatics.dk
Gakko                                           gakov@hotmail.com
Galax-e - Phonetics & Cellblock4                R.Harneit@BBrandes.Berlinet.De
Galet - Anarchy buthaz (PC)                     galet@ibm.net
Gameland Party Email                            dan.kjellgren@p47.gate.cx
Gandalf - Phantasm (Symposium Mainorganizer)    f1@vcc.de
Gandalf - Pulse (PC)                            christophe.yvon@cnet.francetelecom.fr
Ganja - Nerve Axis                              mcastren@saunalahti.fi
Gardner - Anarkata                              gardner@friko6.onet.pl
Garfield                                        garfield@friko.onet.pl
Gato - ex-Impulse                               gato@tvnet.hu
GCS - Ideal                                     qgegcs@gold.uni-miskolc.hu
Geezer - Mystic                                 ns96cfas@utb.gymn.leksand.se
Geggin - Censor Design                          geggin@censor.net
Gekko - CLS                                     gekkouno@hotmail.com
Gemini - Blackhole & Abnormal                   gemini@techno.org
Gemini - System                                 gem@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au
Gene - ILS, ACE, BROS, Dominators & Legend      laran@innocent.com
General Lee - Ram Jam & 2000AD & Freezers       general@ramjam.org
Generat                                         generat@union.org.pl
GEneric - Exact                                 generic@d-eyes.jpte.hu
Genius - Palace                                 veli-matti.jokela@pcb.compart.fi
Gentech - Logic                                 gentech@techno.org
Genetix - Independant                           DUNNY@telinco.co.uk
Gerdin - Ctrl H                                 k152351@proffa.cc.tut.fi
Gerpsnot - Venom                                bill@thevision.net
Gerry - Tempest & Motiv8                        gerry@koolex.net
GiZM0 - fRAME 18                                gizmo_@FREEMAIL.C3.HU
Gizmoduck - Depth                               leopold@diku.dk
Gfx-Twins - Independant                         SKOTNIK@quantum.de
                                                or Calvin.Golkowski@quantum.de
Ghandy -Darkage, Faith, Gods, Chemical Reaction ghandy@neuss.netsurf.de
Ghostrider - Ex-S8                              hascit00@fht-esslingen.de
Ghostrider - No Name                            u962391@daimi.aau.dk
Gizmo - Ultima                                  gizmo@ultima.enta.net
Glen Pawley - Shock Sector (PC)                 overload@kemmunet.net.mt
                                                or glen_pawley@hotmail.com
Glenn Rune Gallefoss aka GRG - SHAPE, FLT       glenn.rune.gallefoss@bi.sn.no
Glenn - Impulse                                 s748@ii.uib.no
Globe - ex.dcs                                  richard.larsen@himolde.no
Glut - Agony Aspheron                           glut01@kki.net.pl
Gnu - ACiDdRiP                                  gnugfx@hem.passagen.se
Goa - Cdi & Faculty & Mango                     yucca@szabinet.hu
Goat - Laxity, Acrise, FLT, EQX & M8            goat@c64.org
Goblin - Light Tronix, Agile & FLT              jochnick@diku.dk
Goblin - Xtatic                                 ssb@student.unsw.edu.au
God - Cataclysm                                 whutchin@ucsd.edu
Gonzo - Animators                               uzsc63@uni-bonn.de
Goofy - Loop                                    _goofy@hotmail.com
Goon - Exceed                                   luka@pensa.hr
Goopin - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                  goopin@abnormal-music.org
Gosiek                                          gosiek@bet.po.opole.pl
Gospos                                          madgosp@polbox.com
                                                or gospo$@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Goto80 - HT                                     fam.carlsson@mbox319.swipnet.se
GOZ - F4CG 15                                   ei29577@ios.chalmers.se
Grabba - Fatum                                  grabba@mat.uni.torun.pl
Grace - Nuance                                  grace@cs.Tu-Berlin.de
Grafee - ONS, Equinoxe & Feniks                 grafee@ons.gdansk.tpsa.pl
Graham - Oxyron                                 j.selck@flensburg.netsurf.de
Grape - Factor                                  grapeman@hem.passagen.se
Grapple - Warriors of Wasteland                 mt26511@tellus.swipnet.se
Grass - CDI                                     grass@mail.matav.hu
Gravedancer - Desaster, Protest, Neutron        gravedancer@gmx.net
Grayghost                                       stanl@wr.com.au
Green-Beret - AFL                               Barry.ODonnell@CIE.IE
Greenfrog - Motiv8                              Christian.Wolf@arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de
GreenT - Nevermind                              greent@eunet.yu
Grego - M8                                      Greg@philatelic.com
Gremlin - Beyond Force                          oauvinen@niksula.cs.hut.fi
Grendel - Byterapers                            jkauppin@jmp.fi
Grey - bABE!                                    grey@gmx.net
Griffin - Corrosion                             griffin@afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.yu
Groepaz - Hitmen, ICE, DFT, Vision, Triad, AFL  groepaz@geocities.com
Grogon - Pic Saint Loup                         grogon@box43.gnet.pl
Growl - Apathy                                  gwlofapathy@hotmail.com
Gryzor - ex Dreamdealers                        gryzor@club-internet.fr
Guardian                                        davidwu@hemlock.cs.berkeley.edu
                                                or davewu@uclink2.berkeley.edu
Guffaw - Giants & RNO & t13n                    guffaw@hem2.passagen.se
Gum aka Gummit - ALTER                          gummit@hotmail.com
Guran - Censor                                  goran.granstrom@ffvaerotech.ffv.se
Guru - Sahara Surfers                           p153737@cc.tut.fi
Gustaf Grefberg                                 gustaf.grefberg@pp.itv.se
H-Bloxx - Excess, ROLE, Cadgers, F4CG & SCS*TRC hbloxx@netcologne.de
H.O. - Science 451                              malo@ctrl-c.liu.se
h0l (ex. hollywood) - mono211 (music group)     h0l@mono211.com
h7 - Save our Souls, Freedom Archive Adin       j_oasis@mindless.com
Hagar - TST                                     hagar@mip.ou.dk
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Hall - Bofl                                     xhall@cyberdude.com
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Harti - Vermes                                  harti@plearn.edu.pl
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Hash - die kranken bomber,aerosouls bbs         hash@sci.fi
Hasi - Real                                     hasi@dame.de
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Hei-di - Digital                                hei-di@amigascne.org
Hein Design aka HPH - HSP Orion Vision Density  h.holt@tip.nl
Hej - Digital Creatures                         james@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Hellflip                                        moudin@club-internet.fr
Hellrazor - Giants                              rbrattas@online.no
Hepla - Bingo e.V.                              hepla@bingo.baynet.de
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Hires                                           tomek@conecta.com.pl
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Hitmaster - Xtacy (PC)                          u951425@daimi.aau.dk
HLSP aka Slender - Siesta                       henrik@cosmigo.com
Hoax - Fauve                                    hoax@hotmail.com
Hobbit - Venom                                  bcotton@mscomm.com
Hobbit - FairLight & Transcom                   a.jansen@ping.be
Hoffi - Bloodsuckers                            hoffi@iwn.fi
Hoffman - Carcass                               hoffman0fs@AOL.COM
Hogan -  ex.Ladybird Design                     hogan@termit.ie.tu.koszalin.pl
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Horatiuz - X-Zone                               horatiuz@swipnet.se
Hornet - Escape & Padua                         knoeske@uni-sw.gwdg.de
Horus - ex-Essence                              pernot@gril.jussieu.fr
Hotblack - Dextrose (N64 scene)                 hotblack@dextrose.com
Hotblack - Klf (PC)                             i202@informatik.fh-wiesbaden.de
Hotman - Dreamsequence & Augwi                  sub-zero@acs.dame.de
Hotwire - Tesko                                 DavidM@Soundtracs.co.uk
Howler - Fobia Design (PC)                      howler@pcuf.fi
Hp - Honoo & Limited Edition                    ppacheco@club-internet.fr
Hp - Micropyle                                  hamzap@dragon.klte.hu
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Huezo -                                         huezo@dlc.fi
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hund. - Depth                                   hund@image.dk
                                                or d971362@iae.dtu.dk
Hunkpapa - Birdhouse Projects                   Bodo.Hinueber@ux-2s02.inf.fh-rhein-sieg.de
HybridX - Amphibic Entertainment                hybridx@hotmail.com
Hydra - Lsd                                     dom@dsltd.force9.net
HyperBaba - Nevermind                           hyperbaba@frontier.nvm.co.yu
Hypnos - Axioma                                 hypnos@ludens.elte.hu
I-go - Tbl & Raw staff (Raw Online)             blahh@xs4all.nl
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Ib - Depth                                      ibben@mail.danbbs.dk
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Icarus - Paradox Console & Lightforce Amiga     icarus@gmx.net
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Id - Vrt                                        rihoseto@spse.cz
Ideall                                          joker@interkom.pl
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Ijs - Maximum                                   ijs@amigascne.org
iklett - iNFERNO dLIGHT                         iklett@hvymetal.u-net.com
Ilke - Embassy                                  ilke@mindless.com
Illegal - Contract                              illegal.diak.mutf@mutf2.mutf.hu
Illuminator  - Accession                        illu@cute.fi
Illusion - Dylem & Accession                    illusion@logic.helvetica.ch
Imode - Exceed                                  myee@hawaii.edu
Immortal Rat - Black Rainbow                    immortalrat@wem.date.hu
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Inferno - CLS                                   i303@freemail.c3.hu
Inferno - Swedish Cracking Crew                 togero@bigfoot.com
Informer - ex. Appendix                         informer@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Inikep - Suspend (PC)                           inikep@mail.com
Injun - Active Triad Light                      injun@swipnet.se
Inqu - Stellar                                  alehtine@lut.fi
Insane - Mawi                                   slt@motyl.tsb.tarnow.pl
Insider - Abnormal                              insider@abnormal-music.org
Intruder - F4CG & AVT                           Intruder@central.europe.de
Invoker - Indy                                  jannilse@stud.ntnu.no
Ionic - Astroidea                               ionic@labor.obuda.kando.hu
Iopop - Triad                                   iopop@swipnet.se
Ipsvi                                           psv@union.org.pl
Ironangel                                       iron@wlkp.top.pl
IronEagle - The COEXiSTENCE (PC)                eagle@uni-paderborn.de
Ironfist - Lightforce & Digital Corruption      ironfist@antisocial.com
Ironfist - Laser, Zenith, Electric Boys         snake@snakepit.net
Isaac - Contraz                                 isak@nl.telia.no
Iso - Axis                                      christiaan.unck@student-kmt.hku.nl
It - Independent                                sindre@online.no
Itchi - THP                                     itchi@iname.com
Ivan Moen - Triumph                             ivan.moen@triumph.no
Jabberwock - Crash Orchestra                    jabber@btkstud.jpte.hu
Jabbur                                          jabbur@cc.uni.torun.pl
Jace - Logic Design (PC)                        eykelhof@sci.kun.nl
Jack Daniels - F4CG                             tobias.richter@okay.net
Jack Miller                                     jack.miller@t-online.de
Jack - Mirage                                   pullens@cs.utwente.nl
Jacko - Mawi                                    jacko@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
Jackobe - Oxygen, Interludium, Super Bros.      jackobe@venus.amu.edu.pl
Jadawin - Padua, Vision, 3AD, Warriors of Time  jadawin@padua.org
Jaffa - Depth                                   galaen@stud.ntnu.no
Jagu - PoWeR Team                               jagu@FREEMAIL.C3.HU
Jaguar Speed - Ultra Sonix & Intensity          cyberwlf@wr.com.au
Jal - Nostalgia (PC)                            jal@hacom.nl
Jam & Spoon - Nerve Axis                        kristjs@hengill.rhi.hi.is
James - Ubn & Bomb Squad                        junkyard@iki.fi
James Baud - Liquid Sounds                      james@datanet.hu
Janitor - Triad                                 zell@alyx.com
Jason - Antic                                   ulfa@mbox301.swipnet.se
Jason - ONS, Laser Inc., Unicess, Epic Mayhem   onslaught_dk@hotmail.com
Jawlog - Flood & Creed & Vodka & Sceptic        Jawlog@post4.tele.dk
Jaws aka Sjaak - Boys Without Brains            sjaak@euronet.nl
Jay - Rave+Beats+International+ex-explizit      jay@nl.scene.org
Jaydee - Chromance, Resource, Trias, Exile      jaydee@c64.rulez.org
                                                or jaydee@inf.bme.hu
Jaywolf - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                   Juliuswolf@hotmail.com
Jazz - Haujobb & Smoke                          jazz@dinet.de
Jazzcat - Pic Saint Loup                        jazzcat@neo.iz.wsp.zgora.pl
Jazzcat - Onslaught, Legend, AFL, Rebels, BCT   jazzcat@cyberdude.com
JB - TempesT, HIT, No Name, Lepsi Developments  jbtmp@iname.com
JCH - Vibrants                                  jchuus@dk-online.dk
Jcs - Haujobb & RamJam                          jcs@amigascne.org
Jean - ex-Chromance & ex-Scoopex, Absolute!     jean@c64.rulez.org
                                                or jean@winnie.obuda.kando.hu
Jean Nine - Abnormal (MusicGroup)               j9@abnormal-music.org
Jean-Luc - Three Little Elks                    d96sten@dtek.chalmers.se
Jedi - Hoodlum & Rebels & Swat & Shape          hpa@netpower.no
Jemo - Agravedict                               oniel@intercity.dk
Jer - Panic, PTG, Mango, LXT, NN                jer64@hotmail.com
                                                or jer64@sci.fi
Jerry - Rebels                                  jerry@online.no
Jerry - Inquisition (PC)                        jerry@iwn.fi
Jerry - Triad, P&P Studios                      jerrykal@algonet.se
Jester - Pygmy Projects                         tripp@uni-muenster.de
Jetboy - Elysium & Parados                      jetboy@mindless.com
JFK - Triad, Nortrax, MiniPirates, Pirates SD   jfk@publicis.no
Jhl - Complex                                   jhl@niksula.hut.fi
Jihad - Hitmen, Action & Vision                 psx_@hotmail.com
Jim - Hornet (PC)                               trixter@oldskool.org
Jim - Mawi                                      jimmawi@kki.net.pl
Jim Jack - Reflex                               gerste@rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de
JJ the Breaker - UCF, TSC, Archive Network      jjucf1@home.com
JLD - Warriors of Wasteland                     jld@dalnet.se
JMF - Deep Thought                              front@icon.fi
Joco - ex.Guru Team                             laszlo.jozsef@matav.hu
Joe Forster - Sta                               sta@ludens.elte.hu
Joe T - Emperor                                 joet@hotmail.com
Jogeir Liljedahl - Pulse & Noiseless            jogeirl@online.no
John                                            john@careston.freeserve.co.uk
John Iannetta                                   76703.4244@compuserve.com
John W Dudley - Dudley Hearing Aids             hearingaid@usa.net
Jonny - Criminal Gang                           JLAJKO@FREEMAiL.C3.hu
Johan                                           youzzir@algonet.se
Johnny Turbo - Digital Access                   John.Bus@syd.dcet.csiro.au
Joint - ex-Gods                                 joint@st.telia.no
Joker Group                                     wzolkiew@sparc10.ely.pg.gda.pl
Joker - Tulou                                   petter@tob1.telemedia.se
                                                or petter@passagen.se
JOL005X - Illusion                              jleino@cs.joensuu.fi
Jolz - Onslaught Shazam!                        jolz@hotmail.com
Jon - Crimson Jihad                             simon@tancs.isk.huninet.hu
Jon Lennart Berg - Triumph                      Lennart.Berg@triumph.no
Jonathan Dunn                                   jon.dunn@ocean.co.uk
Jonek                                           jonek@zsb.wloc.ids.pl
Jonny - Ideal                                   jonny_ideal@hotmail.com
Joo - Toytools                                  joo@iwn.fi
Jordan - DCS (C64)                              jordan@c64.org
Jorgen Hegstad                                  jhegstad@online.no
Jork - HT & Yogert                              sam.ranger@swipnet.se
Joru - Nukleus                                  thor@mailbox.swipnet.se
Josef - CDI                                     dei@mail.matav.hu
Joseph Hodge - Author of Amiexpress             hodgej@worldnet.att.net
Joule - Independent                             jouel@freenet.hut.fi
Jovan - Carcass                                 Rick.Mosdell@horizon.to.org
Joyce - Logic probe                             joyce@sam.canit.se
Joyride - Noice & Chromance                     sy96mne@blg.du.se
Json - Creed                                    json@post2.tele.dk
JTM - Visual Reality, Dom. Design, Daniax Chey. jda@post3.tele.dk
JTP - Byterapers                                jtp@dlc.fi
Judas - Appendix                                judas@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Judas - Endzeit                                 kustom@ciberia.es
Judge Brad - Black Rainbow                      judge.brad@mailexcite.com
Judge - Horizon & S451 & Vortex                 dat94pal@ludat.lth.se
Jugi - Complex                                  jusaka@jyu.fi
Juggler - Xtacy (PC)                            u940469@daimi.aau.dk
Juhani Front                                    front@icon.fi
Juice - phase^D. (Music Group)                  juice@fly.cc.fer.hr
Juliet - Cncd                                   jtrasane@vipunen.hut.fi
Julius & Kinet - Rebound                        q-mar@dlc.fi
Juma - Appendix                                 juma@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
                                                or juma@optimus.wroc.pl
Jump - Autopsy                                  jump_ay@hotmail.com
Junglizt - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                  junglizt@islandia.is
Junk - Highlight & Resistance Inc.              junk@xs4all.nl
Junk - IRIS                                     kimst@mailcity.com
Junkie - Extend, Doom, Patrol Palace            pvainonen@hotmail.com
Justin Case - Session                           jenkur@dph.no
Kage                                            kage.hinfe@dinet.de
Kakka - Damones                                 Kakka@damones.net
Kaktus - Triumph                                abn@tde.lth.se
Kal - Astroidea                                 bgyenge@interm.gtk.gau.hu
Kala (Fish17) - Grif (PC)                       kala@dragon.cz
Kalf - Absolute!                                kalf@freenet.hut.fi
Kalikone - ex-Darkage, Nuance                   sabral@span.ch
Kamikaze                                        kamikaze@airi.plukwa.pdi.net
                                                or kamikaze@airi.org.pl
Kaosmaster - Rebels (TSP maineditor)            kaos@neomedia.it
Karl - Nooon (PC)                               alexandr@irit.fr
Karnister - PSB                                 gonzo@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
Karo - Kns & Supplex & Extensors & Steel        karo@artcom.de
Karon - Absolute!                               karon@pannonline.hu
Karpow - Scoopex                                karpow@kauhajoki.fi
Kata - ex-Balance                               jgr@doc.ic.ac.uk
Kazik - Anadune (pc)                            kazik@optimus.wroc.pl
KB - The Obsessed Maniacs                       kb@nwn.de
KBS - Laxity Scene + Nerds, Pandora, Regina ONS kbs@daghojskolen.dk
Kci - Chrome                                    kci@adam.hu
Kei - Carnage                                   keiofcarnage@geocities.com
Kelson - Ramses                                 kelson@i-france.com
Keksi - Cool Productions & Wunderbaum           jpolkki@iwn.fi
Keith303 - Tokyo Dawn Records (Music Group)     kperusic@aol.com
                                                or michael.spang@ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Keldon - Hellfire & Up Rough                    keldon@gmx.net
                                                or keldon@hotmail.com
Kempy - Veezya, K0re & Twilight                 kempy666@hotmail.com
                                                or inferno@student.uci.agh.edu.pl
Ken  - Renegade Programming Group               ken@slip.net
Kerberos -áVirtual Dreams                       maza@iscape.fi
Kerk - Albion Radial&Color7                     kerk@termit.ie.tu.koszalin.pl
Kermit - Indy                                   eklund@sdf.se
Kermit                                          guru@tin.it
Kernal - Faith & Lightforce                     kernal@brb.snafu.de
Kervin - Scania                                 da96mojo@ing.hj.se
Kevin - Trust                                   kevin@freemail.c3.hu
Kgd - Schizophrenia & Onyx                      gurgel@lysator.liu.se
Khax - Whelpz                                   khax@friko6.onet.pl
                                                or khax@alpha.net.pl
Kickback - Venom                                bpjamesm@ix.netcom.com
Kidney - Sug R÷r Assocition                     kidney@techno.org
Killraven - ex-Mystic                           klr@xs4all.nl
Killsquad - Triad                               geiry@publicis.no
Kilroy - Sanction (PC)                          kilroy@informatik.uni-koblenz.de
Kilroy - G*P, ILS & 2000 AD                     scatt3r@hotmail.com
Kilroy - No Name                                kilroy@www.uni2.dk
Kindergarden Party Email                        dbruvoll@online.no
King Arthur - The Magic Guild                   tom.evensen@ah.telia.no
King Fisher - Triad                             triad@df.lth.se
King - Eurasia                                  Khamra@prodigy.net
Kingpin	- former sysop of Checkpoint BBS        kingpin@netpower.no
Kingsmurf,- Cromatics                           kingsmurf@cromatics.dk
KiP -  P.P.H.U.                                 kip@kip.com.pl
KithKanan - LoA                                 thorntas@deeptht.armory.com
Kjer - Horizon                                  Kjell.Ericson@sth.frontec.se
Kjf - Philosophy                                kjf@turtle.insider.org
Klod - Nah-Kolor                                klodnah@polbox.com
klone - Cromatics                               klone@cromatics.dk
Klorathy - Rebels                               martin@xponential.net
Klott - Sug Ror                                 N96MAGAD@midgard.liu.se
Klumpa - Deeefuse                               klumpa@ludens.elte.hu
KMEG - Albion Radial&Color7                     ptracz@biotop.umcs.lublin.pl
                                                or ptracz@ajax.umcs.lublin.pl 
Knatter - XAKK                                  bjorn@fogelberg.com
KnightCoder - XLCUS                             killilea@indigo.ie
Konus - Whelpz                                  konus@infeco.pb.bialystok.pl
Kosmo - Overdoze                                Kosmo@SKYNET.BE
Kostek - Royal & Insane                         kostek@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
Kox - Brave Lamers                              kox@ludens.elte.hu
Kram - Cromatics                                Kram@Cromatics.dk
Kranix - Creators                               olajacob@pvv.ntnu.no
                                                or olajacob@stud.ntnu.no
Kraut - Excidium                                kraut@wolfsburg.de
Kriffin - Agravedict                            ilpo.karkkaine@mbnet.fi
Krii - Tokyo Dawn Records                       kriffin@dlc.fi
Krion - Cydonia                                 krion@wr.com.au
Kris - Clique & ACY                             kris@clq.com
Krishna - Scoopex                               sebastien.spagnolo@int-evry.fr
Kristian R░st░en - SHAPE, Hitmen, Bluez, Muz    kristian@define.no
Kristjan aka Mad Hatter                         kris@iceonline.com
Kro - Phase Truce                               jakec@pertus.com.pl
Kryptonite - Inhumans                           krave@ihug.co.nz
Kryptonite - Logic                              kryptonite@forpresident.com
KSL - The Smirnoff Squad                        ksl@antiq.pganet.com
Kunci - Hooligans Crew                          kunci@umszki.hu
Kure4Kancer - RNO, Whelpz & Phase Truce         tuanle@mantta.fi
Kustinyen aka aLEX - PTG, Ascraeus & WOW        ozgurgultekin@usa.net
Kustom - Abyss                                  kustom@ciberia.es
KZzx - Anadune                                  kazik@optimus.wroc.pl
L'Trimm - SCS*TRC, Remember, CPX, Dualis, WOW   ltrimm@scs-trc.net
L.A.Style - HIT, X-Large, LXT, Excession ONS    la-style@usa.net
Laban (PC)                                      tstaffan@aton.abo.fi
Labbe - Depth                                   labbetiss@hotmail.com
lACOSTE! - Alpha Flight, Section 6 & Hotline    lacoste@home.se
Lahve - Horizontal Lamerz                       lahve@brandysnlab.cz
Lanch - Darkage                                 Lanch@mail.caribusiness.it
Lando - ex-Silents, ex-Spirit, Hooligans        Lando@swipnet.se
Larry - Motiv8                                  gflecke840@aol.com
Lars Haugseth - Triumph                         lars.haugseth@triumph.no
Larsen - Tng team (PC)                          larsen@uniontext.arrabonet.gyor.hu
La Shawn - Up Rough                             lashn@rocketmail.com
Latex Group Email                               latex@mail.bip.net
Laud - Emperor                                  laud@goodline.fido.hu
                                                or laud@scene-hu.com
Lawb - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                      lawb@cyberdude.com
Lawbreak - Voxel Team                           lawbreak@freemail.c3.hu
Lawnmover Man - Birdhouse Projects              lawnmower.man@gmx.net
Lax - WOW                                       Lax@wow64.org
Laxical - Scoopex                               Laxical@gmx.net
Laxity - MON, Vibrants, Wizax, Zetrex, 2000AD   thoege@udd.aardassem.dk
Lazoor - PSB                                    bogus@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
Lazur - Pulse (PC) & Scoopex                    lazur.pulse@usa.net
                                                or Lazur@kki.net.pl
Lazy - Absolute!                                laslotar@westel900.net
Lazy Jones - Vertical                           lazy@telecom.cz
                                                or Lazy@tc.intell.cz
Lazzer - Faction & Lsd & Digital Corruption     Lazzer-dc@usa.net
Leembo - CLS                                    palinkas@disorder.pganet.com
Leader[ - Black Rainbow                         leader@nostromo.jpte.hu
Leaderc -  Castrum Doloris                      leaderc@freemail.c3.hu
Legacy                                          legacy@iglou.com
Legalh                                          legahl@polbox.com
Legend - Parallax                               legend@avalon.merikoski.fi
Lego - Deefuse                                  csaby@ank.isk.huninet.hu
Leia - Apathy & Giants                          Leia_APT@hotmail.com
Lemming - Orange (PC), AFL                      lemming@solutions.fi
Lens & Yode - Ramses                            yode.lens@wanadoo.fr
Lentium - Network & ex-Essence                  escivi@usa.net
                                                or gotterdamerung@usa.net
Leo                                             leo@compsoc.net
Leo II - The Dark Demon                         5rahn@informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Leppy  - Retro 64                               leppy64@hotmail.com
Letharic - Twilight, Intellect, Dynamic Traders Letharic@amigascne.org
Leto - Calodox                                  jpilet@worldcom.ch
Leto - GeNeSis                                  alex.pag@usa.net
Leunam - Network & Haujobb                      network@redestb.es
Lexi - FLT, Legend, GA's Dualis Device          lexi@kdt.de
Lexus - Enenzi                                  lexus@kki.net.pl
Lfo - Phuture 303                               lfo.phuture303@ebox.tninet.se
LfoRate - Intense                               ChLeroux@nordnet.fr
Lgb - Digital Creatures                         lgb@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Light - Omni                                    dwhite@twave.net
LightSide - AWT & FLT                           Hinrichs@iname.com
Lion - Chromance, Chaos Resource                lion@c64.rulez.org
Livefire - Scibax                               livefire@hotmail.com
Lincoln - ex-Trsi, ex-Paradox                   koeter@gmx.net
Linus - Mono211 (Music Group)                   Superlinus@T-Online.de
Lion - Chromance                                lion@inf.bme.hu
                                                or lion@c64.rulez.org
Lippi - Acid Trackers                           lippaizs@dragon.klte.hu
Liquid - Bofl                                   liquid.bofl@usa.net
Littlebit - InMotion                            libjbereny@ns.c3.hu
Lizardking - Fashion8                           gustaf.grefberg@pp.itv.se
Lloyd Rosen - Megastyle Prod.                   seasons@softhome.net
Loaderror - Ephidrena                           AAmodt@online.no
Local H - Bad Coders International & PSW        localh@intermediatn.net
Loden - D-eyes                                  loden@d-eyes.jpte.hu
Logger aka Stockarn - Triad, Asgaard Designs    md97-aho@nada.kth.se
Logiker - Tiger Crew, Genlog                    mroscher@edu.uni-klu.ac.at
Lolo - WOW                                      ovaert@mail.esiea.fr
Looza -  Comic Pirates                          looza@scene-central.com
Lord - Atlantis                                 drakolus@hotmail.com
lORD - kANGoOROo, cRiMSOn jiHAd                 lordie@freemail.c3.hu
                                                or lord@amiga.rulez.org
Lord B - Aion                                   lordb_@friko.onet.pl
Lord Chaos - Lightforce                         LORDCHAOS_@ROCKETMAIL.COM
Lord Crucifier - SCS*TRC, F4CG, Chromance, AFL  lcf@scs-trc.net
Lord Epithal - Limited Edition                  den.lilla.fisken@chromedia.se
Lord Helmet - Spaceballs                        bbrunes@waco.no
Lord of the Earwigs - Matrix                    michael.pohle@e-technik.tu-chemnitz.de
Lord Red aka Utne - CTR                         lord_red@hotmail.com
Losiu - Anadune                                 losiu@hotmail.com
Louise - Amiga Only, NHL                        louise_ao@YAHOO.COM
Lovelace - Mawi                                 eide@ite.dk
Low aka Lowlife - ROLE                          low-role@writeme.com
Lowlife - Hotline & Tbl                         angelob@eidos.co.uk
                                                or angelo.bod@eidos.co.uk
Loy - Crimson Jihad                             loy@goliat.eik.bme.hu
Lubber - Padua, Flash Inc.                      lubber@padua.org
                                                or lubber_screech@yahoo.com
Lucas - Lightforce                              LUCAS1@USA.NET
Lucifer - Coderz, ILS, Trance                   larry@ram-rom.com
Lucky - Albion & Radial&Color7                  domel@matinf.pcz.czest.pl
Luke - Hitmen, X-Rated, Vagabonds, Rebels       schmiade@uni-duesseldorf.de
Luke - The Obsessed Maniacs                     luke@uelzen.net
Lucy - Philosophy                               lucy@acity.dame.de
Luk - Phase Truce & Linear                      lukpht@pertus.com.pl
Lunar - Rave Network Overscan                   moonwalk@plpuam11.amu.edu.pl
Lunix - Whelpz & Latex                          lunix1@algonet.se
Lussar'n - Craze                                lussarn@craze.nu
Lutra - Indi                                    lutra@tigress.com
Lxk - Indi                                      lxk@uni.de
Lynchbit - AFL, Lepsi Developments, ALTER -     lynchbit@stacken.kth.se
                                                or e97_maa@e.kth.se
Lysy                                            lysy@do.poznan.tpsa.pl
M-Plant - Hellfire                              M-Plant@gmx.net
Macbeth  - PSW                                  macbeth@tbaytel.net
Macgyver - Lightning Productions                macgyver@k2.jozsef.kando.hu
MacGyver - DMAgic, FairLight, AWT, Phoenix Fou. Maccie@iname.com
Macl - Lobocom Demoworld homepage editor        unknown@lobocom.es
MacMagic - MON, BML, Scoop, Paradize & TRC      prevue@bart.nl
Macho - Skid Row                                macho@online.no
Macx - Onslaught                                macx1@hotmail.com
Madbart - Appendix & Teklords                   madbart@optimus.wroc.pl
                                                or madbart@jormas.com
Made - Bomb                                     Made_bomb@hotmail.com
Madel - Rave Network Overscan                   madel.pl@iname.com
Madman - Appendix                               madman@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
                                                or madman@optimus.wroc.pl
                                                or nuttyslack@hotmail.com
Madd - ex-Mystic & Cruel Bros.                  madd@friko.onet.pl
Maduplec - Nato & Crest                         martin@fbc.keio.ac.jp
Maf - Silicon                                   charcoss@club-internet.fr
Magellan - Royal (PC)                           magellan@hackerz.zzn.com
Magic - Amiga Only                              magic_ao@YAHOO.COM
Magic - Astral                                  bjg@mail.datanet.hu
Magic - Nah-Kolor                               111334@coopheao.hva.nl
                                                or magic_mi@mail.dds.nl
                                                or buzka@offline.nl
Magic Man - Crazy, HIT, AVT, Enigma, Array Yazz stephan@nordrhein.net
Magiel - Liquid & Pic Saint Loup                magiel@amiga.org.pl
Mahomet                                         michal@WWW.KOR.COM.PL
Maja - F4CG                                     maje@plearn.edu.pl
Majic Mushroom - Tesko                          tlake@scentral.demon.co.uk
                                                or mjm@scentral.demon.co.uk
Major Sam - ex-Faith                            majorsam@nwn.de
Makke - Comic Pirates & Hugi (PC)               makke@scene-central.com
Makno - Crux                                    colargol@unicall.be
Maksiu - Venture                                maksiu@safona.tuniv.szczecin.pl
Maktone - Superstars                            maktone@chipmusic.nu
Man - Fit                                       man@sci.fi
Man - Biohazard                                 man@fiktiv.szgtikol.kando.hu
Mange - Scania                                  e9430@hktecfs.hkr.se
Manka - Exceed                                  manka@felix.lovassy.vein.hu
Map - Plush                                     matthias.pohl@privat.kkf.net
Maq - Endzeit                                   maq@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Marc - Alpha Flight 1970                        marc@alphaflight.c64.org
Marcin                                          dynio@friko.onet.pl
Marko MΣkelΣ                                    marko.makela@hut.fi
Markus - DCS                                    thomas.willberg@mbnet.fi
Maresking - Hyperopia (PC)                      mdimitrijevic@sezam.co.yu
Mark ryder - ex-Mo-souls                        mark@newmedia.no
                                                or mark@idgonline.no
Marktom                                         tomek@marktom.com.pl
Marley - Infect                                 marley@csmd.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Mars - (left the scene)                         mars@panda.bg.univ.gda.pl
Marshall                                        marshall@softhome.net
Martin - Digital Creatures                      martin@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Marve - WOW                                     atortsch@pap.univie.ac.at
Marvin - Dark Star                              MARVin@Crazy.inka.de
Marwic - Craze                                  marwic@craze.nu
Marx - Insane                                   marx@canit.se
Mash - United Force                             deepcore@MAIL.DATANET.HU
MASL - AUGWI                                    marcel.de@t-online.de
Mason - Motiv8                                  mason@one.se
Massive Onslaught  - Style                      massive@netcom.com
Master - Clique                                 hallac@boun.edu.tr
Masterix - Diskcharge                           martjo@algonet.de
Mastermind - Horizon                            hal9000@canit.se
MasThor - Clique, Zombie Boys, Bronx            mvhallac@usa.net
                                                or hallac@boun.edu.tr
Mat - Elven11                                   Mat-vrn@freenet.hut.fi
Matarazzo - Giants                              fregor@algonet.se
Mats Hansen - Triumph                           mats.hansen@triumph.no
Matt - Scandal                                  T.Ernst@ping.de
Max - Defect & Cryogen (pc)                     maxxl@friko2.onet.pl
Max - Alpha Flight 1970                         max@alphaflight.c64.org
Max Headroom - The Exterminators                maxheadroom@hysteria.dssd.sub.org
Maxime - The Spooky Fellows                     maxime@webzone.it
Maxwood - Majic12 (PC)                          antala@rs1.szif.hu
Maytz                                           martin@pixeline.dk
Mayumi - Commodore Fan Club Japan               george@gcoj.com
Maz                                             maz@fh-zwickau.de
Maza - Static Dekadence                         maza@mbnet.fi
                                                or maza@dlc.fi
                                                or maza@surfnet.fi
Mazy - Noice                                    Mazy@noice.org
Mcphoton - Faculty                              szolim@dragon.klte.hu
Mdb - Ex-Alcatraz & Ex-Bonzai Bros.             lewan@gmx.de
Mc H - ProPeller                                mhelfrich@hotmail.com
Mckracken - Two Headed Squirrel editor          2Squirrel@xoommail.com
Mcr - Mawi                                      slt@motyl.tsb.tarnow.pl
                                                or mcr@wsz.tarnow.pl
Mcs - Up Rough                                  d96sten@dtek.chalmers.se
ME - PK Enterprises                             mepk@rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Meecash - TheFect                               meecash@polbox.com
Meegosh - The Movement                          jkavalef@alpha.hut.fi
                                                or jkavalef@delta.hut.fi
Meeku - Illusion                                john.hankinson@digitec.co.za
Megamaster - Triad                              sdw@lysator.liu.se
Megmyx  - Storm                                 shinjoji@aol.com
Melan - Astroidea                               melan@telnet.hu
Melcom - Nebula & Hoax Arts                     melcom@traxinspace.com
Melfis - Cider                                  bjornjo@algonet.se
Melkor - LoA                                    suzpaulp@cruzio.com
Melomaniac - Puzzle                             melomaniac@hotmail.com
Mendrake - Laxity, FLT, M8, Acrise, WOW, HIT    mendrake@hotmail.com
Mentz - Tokyo Dawn Records (Music Group)        the_mentz@hotmail.com
Mercenary - Extend                              jsiitone@niksula.hut.fi
Mercenary - Neurotoxin                          mercenary@smurfs.fido.hu
Merko - Indy                                    jrblom@mtek.chalmers.se
Merlin - Sonik Clique                           mikkokn@evitech.fi
Merlin - JAM, TGT, X-Rated, ATL                 johng@eunet.no
                                                or tunge@c2i.net
Merlin M! - Nuance                              merlin@teucom.xnc.com
Merlyn - IceBird                                leppin@zfn.uni-bremen.de
Mesh - The Experience                           moebius@acay.com.au
                                                or mesh_exP@hotmail.com
Mesh aka Fletch or Motive - Chrome              fletch@wantree.com.au
                                                or fletch44@hotmail.com
Meson - Nerve Axis (Pressure Maineditor)        gary@batesg.demon.co.uk
                                                or pressure@batesg.demon.co.uk
Metal - Insane                                  metal@canit.se
Metal - Parallax                                stschuma@freenet.hut.fi
Metal - Vibrants & Camelot                      vibrants@stud.i4.auc.dk
Metal Designer - Nah-Kolor                      designer@freenet.hut.fi
Metal Maniac - Dual Crew-Shining (C64)          mm@c64.org
                                                or mm@algonet.se
MFM - F4CG                                      mfm@c64.org
                                                or mfm@info.clarinet.fi
Miao - Nuance                                   Miao@swol.de
Mic Flair - Eltech                              eltech@warp.co.uk
Michael Winterberg                              michael.winterberg@do.netsurf.de
Mickey - ex-D÷d÷m Tφm                           mickey@usa.net
Mickut - Embassy (pc)                           kuntsi@cc.helsinki.fi
Micro - Digital Corruption                      micro@digital-corruption.net
Micronix aka Double-T - Red Sector and Tristar  micronix@gmx.de
Midfit                                          midfit@midfit.ruhr.de
Mig - Weird Magic (PC)                          m.a.helsloot@student.utwente.nl
Mightyone - Inferno Destruction                 Mightyhalf@reaperman.demon.co.uk
Mikael - Pretzel, Logic & Whoop                 mikael.dunker@c64.org
Mik - Plant (PC)                                msairio@niksula.cs.hut.fi
Mike - Crusaders                                mike@crusaders.no
Mike - Dual Crew-Shining                        mikael.koark@mailbox.swipnet.se
Mike - Sunrise, Duplex & Oregon                 st003461@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de
Mike D. - Chalice                               roland.kletzing@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Milas - Independant                             milas@kki.net.pl
Mim - Plastic                                   mim@abyss.lodz.pdi.net
Mindflow - Laxity, Padua, FLT, M8 & Tempest     fredrik.hedvall@swipnet.se
Mindmixer aka MDX - Siesta                      mt60519@uta.fi
Mindwalker - Suburban Creations                 mindwalker@mail.telepac.pt
Minstrel - Englihtenment & Fiction              minstrel@gemini.ektf.hu
Miracle - 1oo%                                  miracle@toxic.franken.de
Mirage - Focus                                  mirage@freemail.nl
Miron                                           miron@SUN10.CI.PWR.WROC.PL
MirrorMan - Onixs                               mirrorman@avd.nl
Misery - Motiv8                                 msy-m8@post3.tele.dk
Misfit - WOW, HIT, Pioneers                     misfit_1@hotmail.com
Misran - D-eyes                                 misran@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Mister No - Insane, Point & Rock mag            Thunus.Raphael@ping.be
Mistry - SCS*TRC                                nnmec@westminster.ac.uk
Mitch - Crest                                   rolf.nilsson@lm.lrf.se
Mithris - Flava (PC)                            mithris@hotmail.com
Mitron                                          mbendure@infinet.com
Mittag Leffler - Nosebleed                      d95duvan@dtek.chalmers.se
Mixer - Origo, Dreamline, Power Division        jounoi@ifi.uib.no
                                                or ib94joik@mikkeliamk.fi
MJ - IRIS                                       hbrede@online.no
MJK                                             mjk@c64.org
                                                or mjk@rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
MK_Base - Craze (pc)                            mk_base@craze.nu
MM-3o3 - Bionix, Oct, r4k & Vitttu              michael@octlabs.de
MMS - Taboo                                     marekm@zeus.polsl.gliwice.pl
                                                or marekm@taboo.eu.org
Model - Up Rough                                sverker28@hotmail.com
Modem - Darkage                                 granata@mail.caribusiness.it
Mogwai - Impact Dk                              prdk@imv.aau.dk
Moloch - Arcane                                 jonm@arkanixlabs.com
Moniq - Cromatics & Agravedict                  moniq@cromatics.dk
Mono211 or Monotonik Email addy (Music Group)   mono@scene.org
Mood - Limited Edition                          moOd@abc.se
Mool - writaz express                           mool_wx@hotmail.com
Moon - Abyss                                    moon@salzburg.co.at
Moon - Flash Inc.                               anel@algonet.se
Moondog - poets of decay (Atari)                Moondog.pod@t-online.de
Mondo                                           rmandom@u.washington.edu
Mopz - NC Gamez                                 Marjoh@algonet.se
Moraff - Panic Productions & Energy             moraf@freenet.hut.fi
Moren - SCS*TRC, The Warriors, Electric Boyz    moren@scs-trc.net
                                                or moren@xs4all.nl
Morgan - Criminal Gang & Fiction                morgan@gemini.ektf.hu
Morhith - Castrum Doloris                       mozy@freemail.c3.hu
mOrPh (Morphey)- ACiDdRiP & NMd & Dynamic Tr.   morph@antisocial.com
Morpheus aka Morph, Morfar, Moffe or Morpheine  andreas.wallstrom@pilot.stjarntv.se
Morphfrog - Hitmen                              Morphfrog@writeme.com
Morris - F4CG, Agony & Extacy                   morris@arka.szczecin.mtl.pl
                                                or morris@pol.pl
                                                or morris@elysium.pl
Morten Johnsen - Triumph                        Morten.Johnsen@triumph.no
Mortician - Shadow                              s.wichers@idi.nl
Mortimer Twang - Royal                          mortimer.twang@amigascne.org
Mosher - Massive                                mosher@online.no
                                                or efossen@usa.net
Mosquito                                        agedal@stud.ntnu.no
Motion - Hitmen, Noice & Chromance              motion@webservices.se
                                                or motion@hack.dk
                                                or motion@geek.rcc.se
Motiv8 (Ex-Scoopex)                             gat14a@altenforst.su.nw.schule.de
Motley - F4CG, G*P, Vision, TRSI, DSR, Royalty  motley@algonet.se
                                                or tony@whattodo.se
                                                or tony@blinddates.com
Mps                                             mikros@ispid.com.pl
Mpython                                         mpython@vgernet.net
Mr.Alpha - F4CG & Nostalgia                     mra@c64.org
                                                or mralpha@gmx.net
Mr.Ammo - SCS*TRC, Triad, Blaze & Xentax        ammo@scs-trc.net
Mr.Ben                                          ppc@mooseshaver.u-net.com
Mr.Brain - Onslaught                            mrbrain@hotmail.com
Mr.C - Floppy & Subspace                        oanhauge@online.no
Mr.Chaos                                        mrchaos@idg.hu
Mr.Cross - XAKK                                 Fredrik.Persson@edt.ericsson.se
Mr.King - Trsi (PC)                             goedden@mail.regio.rhein-ruhr.de
Mr.L - Renegade                                 tbrandt@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mr.Lee - Cascade, Vislogic, Single              ximi@bigfoot.com
Mr.Lou - Dewfall Productions                    Mr-Lou@post7.tele.dk
Mr.Mouse - Xentax & Blaze                       michael@xs4all.nl
Mr.Real - Craze                                 mr.real@craze.nu
Mrk - Limited Edition                           mrk@led.org
Mr.Pixel - ex-Impulse                           mrpixel@softhome.net
Mr.Seq - Hugi                                   daniel.tuecks@t-online.de
Mr.Sex - Byterapers                             mrsex@cc.tut.fi
Mr.SID                                          e9426444@stud1.tuwien.ac.at
Mr.Spiv - Complex                               jikorhon@cc.helsinki.fi
Mr.W - Nevermind                                mr_W@tanja.nvm.co.yu
Mr.Wax - Chromance                              mrwax@c64.rulez.org
                                                or mrwax@c64.org
Mr.X - Flava (PC)                               telis@k12a.irrblosset.se
Mr.X                                            morten.bolstad@login.com
Mr. Young - Silicon                             boilet@wanadoo.fr
Mr.Z - Extasy                                   mrz_xts@FREEMAIL.C3.HU
Mr.Zip - Paranoia                               antal_buri@ccmail.oai.hu
Mr.Zool - iES                                   mr_zool@hotmail.com
Mrz - Astroidea                                 rajnai@mail.datanet.hu
M.S. Druid - Whelpz                             sumila@alfa1.it.pw.edu.pl
MSK - Starion & Crest                           msk@post8.tele.dk
Mty - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                     mty@abnormal-music.org
Muffler - Dual Crew Shining                     konsta.mikkonen@mbnet.fi
                                                or muffler@dlc.fi
Mulder - BCI                                    mulder@c64.org
                                                or wmcinnis@execpc.com
Murk - Sonik Clique                             murk@icon.fi
Musashi - Ced & Flm                             musa.shi@usa.net
Musli - Tulou                                   olov.lindberg@digital.com
Myrel - Contract                                myrel@freemail.c3.hu
Mysdee - The Sharks & Byterapers                mysti@stekt.oulu.fi
Mystical - Purple (PC)                          mystical@inet.uni-c.dk
Mystra - Ram Jam                                Kpeders@krs.hia.no
N.c.s - Legend                                  cerberus@wirehub.nl
N.r.t.h. - HeadCrash                            nrth@club-internet.fr
Naksahtaja - Da Jormas                          nax@da.jormas.com
Nail - Tokyo Dawn Records (Music Group)         nail@crypt.ruhr.de
Nao - Darkage                                   marcos@guest.net
Nap - Dilemma                                   nagypc@rs3.szif.hu
Napoleon - Ex-Dreamdealers (Rage Maineditor)    emmarnaud@avignon.pacwan.net
Narn - Enlightenment                            miklos@mte.hupe.hu
Nasty - Contract                                nasty@drmland.prima.de
Nastyboy - Syndrome                             nastyboy_syndrom@hotmail.com
Natas  - Carcass                                natas@c64.org
Nate - Digital Audio Concepts                   natedac@southwind.net
Nature - Logic                                  waanders@euronet.nl
Ndk (Gfx Zone Master)                           Ndk@bart.nl
Ndos - Rave Network Overscan                    ndos@friko2.onet.pl
Necrophobic  - Carcass                          necro@dreamlabs.com
                                                or necro@c64.org
Ned - Alpha Flight 1970, Accept & ONS           ned@alphaflight.c64.org
                                                or ned@hybrid.to
                                                or ned@ThePentagon.com
Negspect  - Storm                               negspect@runandgun.com
NeitherNor Party Email Addy                     605@f-t.de
Nemesis - Zenon                                 ari.luukonen@visionaari.fi
Nemesis1                                        aaj@centrum.is
Neo - Energique                                 henced@algonet.se
Neotec - F4CG, ACY & Rebels                     neotec@c64.org
Neptune aka Delete - CML X-Factor               delete@post8.tele.dk
Nero - Matrix                                   nero@cs.tu-berlin.de
Nerves aka mjh - Omni                           nerves@c64.org
Net - Chrome                                    net@adam.hu
Network (Group Email Addy)                      network@redestb.es
Networkxx - Style Council (PC)                  networxx@usa.net
Neure - Agravedict                              neure@mindless.com
Neure - Embassy                                 tksuoran@cc.helsinki.fi
Neurodancer - 1oo%                              neurodancer@another.gun.de
Neuroup - Agravedict                            neuroup@DOM.VR.PL                                        
Neutron - Unique PC                             neutrn@hotmail.com
Neverhood                                       Viewermail@Neverhood.com
Nevermind - Post Mortem (PC)                    nmd@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
New Design - Excess                             andydirr@inf-ga.uni-paderborn.de
New Millennium Disciples (christian group)      nmd@kurir.net
Newlocal - VIP                                  newlocal@ursus.bke.hu
Newscopy - F4CG & Genesis*Project               newscopy@algonet.se
Newt                                            njut@freenet.hut.fi
NEX - Shrimps Design Console Section            nex@hysteria.dssd.sub.org
NF - Abaddon                                    bugyor@hotmail.com
Nico - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                      nico@geecs.org
Nicko - Twilight                                nick@plastique.dk
Nigel                                           nigel@nigel.dk
Night Owl - Noice                               owl@lysator.liu.se
Nightmare - WildSide                            nghtmare@arrabonet.gyor.hu
Nightprowler - Hoodlum (New Order BBS)          sysop@neworder.spb.ru
Nightraver - Contraz                            nightraver@fix.no
Nightsight - Depth                              tim-poulsen@vip.cybercity.dk
                                                or tim.poulsen@hotmail.com
Nihil - LameOver                                nihil@makosteszta.sote.hu
Nik - Ikari                                     nik@geek.rcc.se 
Nikdom - Morbid Visions                         nikdom@sgol.it
Nike - TRSI & Craze                             nike@craze.nu
Nike - Triton Technology, Danish Gold, Upfront  eco912371@ecostud.eco.aau.dk
Nimrod - Raw Staff                              sk@nvg.unit.no
Ninja - The Dreams                              Ninja@the-dreams.de
N.N.S. - Exceed                                 nns@mailcity.com
NM.G - Exceed                                   ng210@hszk.bme.hu
Nme - Insanity                                  ki97052@unidhp.uni-c.dk
No-xs - Oxyron                                  M.A.H.VanDenBovenkamp@Student.Utwente.Nl
Nobbie - Defect (pc)                            nobbie@pro.onet.pl
Noe - Venus Art                                 noe@dedal.man.szczecin.pl
Nomad - Sunrise                                 bbrueckn@uni-bielefeld.de
Nomad - Scoopex                                 nomad501@hotmail.com
Noname - Haujobb & RamJam                       lop@gmx.net
Noname - Talent                                 pallo-scene@orakel.ntnu.no
Noodle - Cavey                                  staff@pigforce.ml.org
Noogman - Endzeit                               Noogman@Waf-online.de
Norby - Trsi                                    norby@priv.onet.pl
                                                or norby@friko.onet.pl
Norby - AstroideA                               norby@freeside.elte.hu
Nork - Network, Darkage & Poises Records        network@redestb.es
Norm - Agravedict                               norm@wsm.szczecin.pl
Norman - Anadune                                norman@alpha.pl
Norman - Relentless                             norman@sparta.banki.hu
Nose - Stellar                                  jxsaarin@cc.helsinki.fi
Nosferatu - Offence                             geirsk@ifi.uio.no
Noster - Venture                                noster@delta.ii.tuniv.szczecin.pl
Nostrum - Logic Probe                           nostrum@swipnet.se
Nuance - Group-eMail                            nuance@innocent.com
Nucleus - TempesT, WOW, SHAPE, EQX, Deathray    nucleus@koolex.net
Nujack - Amiga Club Leipzig                     101.28503@germanynet.de
Nukid - HXS ROLE                                yspjelkavik@hotmail.com
Nurgle - Obscene                                patrik.palm@swipnet.se
Nutman - IRIS (Miracle editor)                  nutta@get2net.dk
Nuttin - Pwa                                    jparrish@iol.ie
Nylon                                           bufemc@trick.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Oakgroove - Embassy                             vi7mlata@kyamk.fi
Obligator - Dual Crew-Shining                   mkolsi@cc.hut.fi
                                                or markus.kolsi@hut.fi
Oca - Palace                                    oparviai@snakemail.hut.fi
Octane - Rave Network Overscan                  copperfan@aol.com
Oder - Embassy                                  oder@softhome.net
Odi - Masters' Design Group, SDS, Presence,     klee@sunrise.informatik.uni-bonn.de
Odie - Wrath Designs                            ei944@el.haninge.kth.se
Odie - Craze                                    odie@craze.nu
Odin - Gods                                     odin@worndnet.fr
Odin - Nuance                                   orpalc@AI-LAB.FH-Furtwangen.DE
Ody - Cromatics                                 Ody@Cromatics.dk
Oley - Independant                              lee@hoth.amu.edu.pl
Olle Omen - Planet + Jazz + Latex + Craze       olle2@hem2.passagen.se
Omani - Independent                             omani@Informatik.Uni-Bremen.de
Omega Supreme - Panoramic Designs, The Shadows  olav@funcom.com
Oops - Capsule                                  LBarrachina@abonados.cplus.es
Opi - Plastic & PalimyTrafke                    opi@amigascne.org
Optic -  Trsi, Tokyo Dawn Records (Music Group) optic@os.telia.no
Optima - Scoopex                                tora@post11.tele.dk
Orb - Ultima                                    orb@enterprise.net
Orb - Cosine, Mesmery & Lithium                 gfennell@maths.tcd.ie
Orbis - Extend                                  pora@lut.fi
Orbital - Nah-Kolor                             colorize@friko6.onet.pl
Orchid - Craze                                  orchid@craze.nu
Orhan - Powerline & Giants                      orhank@novastorm.com
Oriol                                           osp@tinet.fut.es
Orion - Ex-S8                                   trudle@online.no
Orlingo - Divine Stylers & Stoer & Nuttenlos    orlingo@publishnet.nl
Orome - Darkage & Astroidea                     oromert@online.no
Oscillator - Opium                              c5majger@gyakg.u-szeged.hu
Oswald - Coma & Pulse                           oswald@c64.rulez.org
Otto Chrons - Virtual Visions (PC)              otto.chrons@cs.tut.fi
Outasync                                        outasync@ao.net
Outbit - Void (PC)                              outbit@iaehv.nl
Overload & Buzz                                 o.b@swipnet.se
Owl                                             timo.nuotio@pp.inet.fi
Owl - Fiction & Digital                         owlfcn@kurir.net
Oxbow - Xenon & DCT                             xener@dds.nl
Oxidy - Wrath Designs & FLT                     mikael.sjoberg@sindas.se
                                                or oxidy@hotmail.com
Oxygener - Superstars+XMP+X-Pression            oxygener@chipmusic.nu
Oxymoron - Tdr (PC)                             daniel@vegadome.ping.de
P&A - Deefuse                                   pandaa@ko.stud.pmmfk.jpte.hu
Pablo - Caution                                 williams@krysia.uni.lodz.pl
Paco - Dinasty                                  paco@vili.pmmf.hu
Pad - Limited Edition                           pad@led.org
Paddywack - Giants                              paddywack@amigascne.org
Paddywack - Immune                              ovogt@online.no
Paden - Craze (pc)                              paden@craze.nu
Pain - Palace, Intruders & Eurasia              sritola@freenet.fi
Painelf - Fnuque                                painelf@it-college.dk
Paithan - Depth                                 ptn@studparl.hials.no
Paladin - Forces of Evil                        lien@why.net
Palomar - Voxel Team                            palomar@profi-media.com
Paniq - Tokyo Dawn Records (Music Group)        paniq@gmx.net 
Pantaloon - Triad                               corsair@xs4all.nl
Papaj                                           g.taffi@fastnet.it
Paranoia - Pulse                                alex@distorsion.cnam.fr
Paranoid - Agravedict                           raytracer@usa.net
Paranoid - Corrosion                            laki@matgnet.com
Parody - Hoaxers                                torgerk@stud.ntnu.no
Parrot - Black Rainbow                          prophet@balu.sch.bme.hu
Pas - Scape                                     pas_scp@freemail.c3.hu
Pasy - Fresh!                                   makacs@poliod.hu
Pat - Frame18                                   zalkaferi@usa.net
                                                or zalkaf@oki.hu
Patko - Reality                                 hrvoje.zlatar@public.srce.hr
Patriot - Scoopex & Mentasm                     ses@progranet.com
Patrzala - Ozone Free                           patrzala@kki.net.pl
Pawlo                                           mpawlo@algonet.se
Peacemaker - Hitmen                             peacey@bumbam.goerres.de
Peachy - Haujobb                                peachy@uni-paderborn.de
Peer - Phase Truce                              lukpht@pertus.com.pl
Pegasus  - Renegade Programming Group           pegasus@planet.earthcom.net
Pekka Pou - Da Jormas                           pekkapou@da.jormas.com
Pengu - Digital                                 pengu@amigascne.org
Perff - No Name                                 u962380@daimi.au.dk
                                                or kap@imf.au.dk
Pernod - Horizon                                dat92dla@ludat.lth.se
Pernot Laurent                                  pernot@gril.jussieu.fr
Peskanov - Capsule                              malemana@nexo.es
Petroff - Absolute!                             w@automex.hu
Peter Steiner                                   p.steiner@t-online.de
Pezac - Nature                                  pezac@c64.org
                                                or pmats@algonet.se
                                                or pmats@algonet.se
PFK - WOW, Demotion, Varsity & Mayhem           perkva@stud.ntnu.no
                                                or perkva@itk.ntnu.no
                                                or perkva@unik.no
PG aka Gash, Yaa or Induct - Excellence In Art  peter.andersson@pop.landskrona.se
PG aka PseudoGrafx - Unreal                     pseudografx@post.cz
PG - Limited Edition                            pg@led.org
PgA - Maximum                                   pga@maximum.demon.nl 
Phantom Lord - Corrosion                        phl@anarchy.crsn.com
Pharao - Cromatics                              pharao@cromatics.dk
Phase - Surround & Style + Music                phace@the.scene.org
Phaser - Mawi                                   phaser@bbs.chip.pl
Phazzer - Intellect                             thony.lundin@swipnet.se
Pheeos - Style Council (PC)                     pheeos@usa.net
Phenomena Productions Demoscene email addy      webmaster@phenomena.org
Phobia - Aurinko & Twilight                     phobia@amigascne.org
                                                or phobia@saunalahti.fi
Phoenix - Cdi & Cj                              phoenix@master.fok.hu
                                                or torokl@alpha.dfmk.hu
Phoenix - Genesis                               matped@usa.net
Phoenix - Kosmic Free Music Foundation (PC)     vossa@rpi.edu
          & Hornet                              xproject@erols.com
Phonetic (left scene)                           sousa@dk-online.dk
Phornee - Network & ex-Essence                  gotterdamerung@usa.net
                                                or escivi@usa.net
Phred - Bad Coders International                phred@internetpro.net
Phume - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                     phume@bambooprod.ml.org
Phuzzy Logik - Corrosion                        phuzzy@galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Picard                                          picard@scene-hu.com
Picard - Rhyme                                  picard@telnet.hu
Picasso  - Retro 64                             robert.bradley@digital.com
Pigeon - Craze                                  pigeon@craze.nu
Piirakka Munalla - Da Jormas                    pam@da.jormas.com
Pike - Energique                                pike_energique@hotmail.com
Pila - ESP Team                                 pila.1999c.piar@email.piar.hu
Pilu - ESP Team                                 gpilaszy@goliat.eik.bme.hu
Pim - Hornet                                    mun@wxs.nl
Pina - Torture Of Music                         martin@ryston.cz
Pinball Wizard  - Carcass                       pwizard@rbdc.com
Pink - Abyss                                    Manfred.Linzner@munich.netsurf.de
Pinker - Sanction (PC)                          kueppers@informatik.uni-koblenz.de
Pinocchio - Contraz                             kristiaf@ifi.uio.no
Pipe - Nature                                   pipe_nat@hotmail.com
                                                or pipe@c64.org
                                                or pipe@algonet.se
Pirat - phase^D. (Music Group)                  postmaster@dages.inka.de
Pirate Queen - Underground Empire (PC)          piratequeen98@yahoo.com
Pirlaga - TheSpookyFellows                      pirlaga@ermes.it
Pit Bull - Legend Design (PC)                   molitor@stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Pj Dynamix -  Comic Pirates                     pj@scene-central.com
PK  - Style                                     pkeane@wilkes1.wilkes.edu
                                                or pk@style64.org
                                                or patrick@cs.pitt.edu
Pl - Imphobia (PC)                              ploef@vpresence.com
Plasm - Embassy                                 kkarila@hit.fi
Playboy                                         corelli@udphvx.fisica.uniud.it
                                                or adebbs@hydrus.cc.uniud.it
                                                or corelli@alfa.conecta.it
Plus8 - Up Rough                                lars@xnet.se
Poet - Abyss                                    simon.finkenstaedt@munich.netsurf.de
Pogi - Crimson Jihad                            pogi@goliat.eik.bme.hu
Poko - Lamer Crew, Absolute!                    poko@freemail.c3.hu
                                                or poko666@usa.net
                                                or poko@szabinet.hu
Point - Apathy                                  svgustav@online.no
Pol Pot - AFL & Arcade                          daver@dis.org
Polarn - Sedge                                  marcus@grub01.physto.se
Poldi                                           dallmann@heilbronn.netsurf.de
Polonus - Padua                                 polonus@padua.org
Polyfemos - Agony                               pt96bto@student.hk-r.se
Pompi - Hooligans Crew                          pompi@elender.hu
Porsche - Nukebusters                           paulowen@ihug.co.nz
Pot-Noodle - Anthrox                            leo.davidson@ox.compsoc.org.uk
Poti - Black maiden                             stefan.kesseler@dialup.soco.de
Pow - Poise Records (Music Group)               tskaara@online.no
Powdi - Ambrosia                                cac@post4.tele.dk
Powerslave - Tronix, AltoBrows, Genesis         per.karlsson@tidaholm.mail.telia.com
Power Supply - Delon Dizayn                     h430827@stud.u-szeged.hu
Powl - Bonzai Bros. Revival                     powl@gmx.net
Prc - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                     komersiell@abnormal-music.org
Preacher - Aurinko                              preacher@dystopia.fi
Prefix - Appendix                               filipiuk@zt.szczecin.tpsa.pl
Presence - Depth & Fnuque                       presfnuq@hotmail.com
Pret - Ex-Fear                                  Pret@Amigascne.org
PRI - Oxyron & TIA                              hasihdih@sp.zrz.tu-berlin.de
Pride - Trsi (PC)                               pride@pride.dk
Primal - Nostalgia (PC)                         hbcsc386@huey.csun.edu
Primeevil - Ddd (PC)                            rfreeman@netaxs.com
Primon - Radio                                  hehalme@freenet.hut.fi
Primus - Lithium Chrome                         primus@lithium.org
Pro - Urinate                                   pro@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Probe - Dcs (C64)                               probe@c64.org
                                                or ie96_raz@isk.kth.se
                                                or probe@dcs.org
Probe - Virtual Dreams of Fairlight             probe@techno.org
Prodigy  - Retro 64                             d.lewis@arnprior.com
Prodigy - Oops!                                 prodigy-@dds.nl
Profile                                         BHanham944@aol.com
PROGENiTOR - ACiDdRiP & Arcade & NMd & DT       mc_@hotmail.com
Programmer - Universe                           unv@chat.ru
ProphecY - Amnesia                              antoine@stack.nl
Prophet (ex-Subject) - Impact & Passion         d96429@nt2.lyngbyes.dk
Protas - Nah-Kolor & MaWi                       protas2@friko2.onet.pl
Provocator aka Provee                           provee@dr.pl
Prowler - Scoopex                               e6pwr@etek.chalmers.se
Prowler - Dark Lords of Chaos                   prowler@one.net
Proxyon - Nukleus                               zubzec.2000@motala.mail.telia.com
Psalt - Dnf                                     psalt@hotmail.com
Psb - X-Trek                                    psb_x@gmx.net
PsoftD - Emperor                                psoftd@falunet.gyor.hu
PSV - UnioN                                     PSV@union.org.pl
Psion - Mawi                                    psion@amigascne.org
PsoftD - Emperor                                psoftd@goodline.fido.hu
Psychic Symphony - Evolve                       ec97104@crazy.fe.up.pt
Psychik - Ascraeus Miracles                     psychik@aurora.put.poznan.pl
Psycho - Loonies                                psycho@mail.org
Psycho - Appendix & Endzeit                     psy@post.netlink.se
Psychoman - Craw Productions (PC)               Bc456@freenet.carleton.ca
Psyko - Vajrayana                               psyko@nigma.it
Public - Overdose                               skesic@alf.tel.hr
Puh - Agony (Oepir Risti maineditor)            alvar@one.se
Pulse - Coffin Break, Liquid member             pulse@venture.fipnet.fi
Pulse - Logic Probe                             pulse@home.se
Pupu - Urinate                                  pupu@adam.hu
Pure Bollocks Online mag email addy             pb_diskmag@hotmail.com
Purple Group Email Addy (PC)                    purple@diku.dk
Puryx - Relish & Maximum                        puryx@pip.dknet.dk
PVCF - Reflex                                   pvcf@rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de
Pyc - Hyperopia (PC)                            pyc@osmeh.fon.bg.ac.yu
Pyromaniac - Beyond                             bragiel@uiuc.edu
                                                or bragiel@students.uiuc.edu
Qed - Triangle & Pulsar                         kwed@pip.dknet.dk
Qen - Sunshine Productions                      qen@canit.se
Qix - Nah Kolor & Pic Saint Loup                hamer@wsm.szczecin.pl
                                                or +48601945320@text.plusgsm.pl
QT                                              qt@telerama.lm.com
Quac - No Name & Projectile                     j.olling@vip.cybercity.dk
Qicksilver - Image & Insight                    quicksilv@hotmail.com
Quad Group Email                                handle@quad98.net
Quamus - Albion                                 zs2@vena.telbank.pl
Quartz - Mystic & Style & Da Jormas & Bomb Sq.  quartz@sci.fi
Quartz - Officium                               wally@italymail.com
Qubix - Architects                              kircher@ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Quedax - Depth                                  kennypoulsen@get2net.dk
Questor aka Tomprofit - Oneway & FairLight      partybooper@hotmail.com
Quetzal - Chrome, Oregon, Honour, Paralax       dmartin@lin.cbl.com.au
Quiss - Reflex                                  quiss@t-online.de
Quorthon - Triad, Delta, Ambient                utv96ljo@mail.student.hk-r.se
Qvas - Atomik                                   h13722kov@ella.hu
Qwan - Up Rough                                 qwan_up@usa.net
Raatomestari - Da Jormas                        raato@da.jormas.com
Rachy - Bi0Hazard                               racs@fs2.bdtf.hu
Rack - Absolute!, Majic 12                      rack@pannonline.hu
Rackler/ex-Wildfire/ex-Absolute!/ex-Lego        r!@wtal.de                                 
Racoon - Hitmen & Red Sector                    racoon_hitmen@hotmail.com
Racoon - C-Lous & Fcn                           racoon@amigascne.org
Rad Man - TSM, NEPA & TSI                       mhillmer@isd.net
Radavi - Appendix, Effect & Royal               radavi@xs4all.nl
                                                or radavi@xs2.xs4all.nl
Radi - InterroR                                 radi@irc.pl
Radiators - Chemical Reaction                   radiators@creaction.com
Radio24 - Calodox                               radio_24@rhone.ch
Radium - Oops!                                  lrvk@euronet.nl
Radix - Limited Edition                         radix@led.org
Radmar                                          radmar@box43.gnet.pl
Rag - Dive                                      di94rgu@pt.hk-r.se
RagOON - Fade Studio (Music Group)              opus@stockholm.mail.telia.com
Rahiem - ex-Essence (Rom Team)                  frank.meister@duesseldorf.netsurf.de
Raider - Digital Creatures                      raider@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Raider - Lsd                                    gbowden@plymouth.ac.uk
Rainbow - Chromance                             rainbow@bull.jozsef.kando.hu
Rainy - Cromatics                               Rainy@cromatics.dk
Raistlin aka Kipperman - G*P, Rough Trade Inc.  za68@dial.pipex.com
Ramone - Mono211                                ram0ne@hotmail.com
Rambones aka Nmioaon - Flash Inc. & TST         rambones@get2net.dk
Ramirez - Trance, SCS, AFL, Talent, Hardcore    underscore60@hotmail.com
Ramonster - Digital Corruption worldleader      ram@digital-corruption.net
Ramboy - Warp9                                  ramboy@usa.net
Ramosa - ex.Passion                             ramosa@get2net.dk
Ramses - Remedy ^ Dynamix ^ Delirium            ramses@papst.de
Randy - Zenon                                   tkoivuni@pomo.pooli.fi
Randy  - Style                                  randy00@gwis.com
Ranger aka Vogue - Plasma                       siebold@primus-online.de
Rappid - Suspend                                rappid@friko2.onet.pl
                                                or rappid@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
                                                or rappid@optimus.wroc.pl
Rascal - Fascination (PC)                       rascal@freenet.hut.fi
Rascal - Radial&Color7                          kania@ci3ux.ci.pwr.wroc.pl
Ratman - Crimson Jihad, The Bitch BBS           ratman@amiga.rulez.org
                                                or ratman@alpha1.obuda.kando.hu
RaTT - GRiF                                     ratt@egon.gyaloglo.hu
RattleSnake (ex-Century)                        j_rattlesnake@hotmail.com
Raud - Agressive Giants                         raud@kalmar2.kalmar.hu
RaveAce - Loop!                                 raveace@bigfoot.com
Ravemax - Dextrose (N64 scene)                  ravemax@dextrose.com
Raven - Nuance                                  RavenNCE@gmx.net
Rave Network Overscan (RNO) Group email addy    rno@kameli.yok.utu.fi
Rave Network Overscan Polish Division           poland@rno.w.pl
Raver - Phantasy                                SJ50191@lanet.lv
Raver - Laxity                                  egons@re-lab.net
                                                or egon@ogre2vsk.edu.lv
Revisq - Nah-Kolor&Floppy&Anadune&Mawi&PSL      kkom@bydnet.com.pl
Ravrot - Whelpz & Absurd & Reality              ravrot@zst.swidnik.pl
                                                or ravrot@priv.onet.p
Raw Style - Lego (Symposium Organizer)          m.krause@tu-harburg.de
Ray - Nuance                                    ray@berlin.snafu.de
Ray - Cascade                                   D-MGF@panduit.de
Ray - Therapy & CDI                             ray@radiolink.net
                                                or ray@freemail.c3.hu
Ray  - Style                                    TOPAZ22@aol.com
Ray - Unreal Area Team                          Ray@mpro.cz
                                                or Unreal64@mpro.cz
Ray Howitt                                      rayh@wr.com.au
Rayden - Alpha Flight 1970                      zeh@kommtech.uni-wuppertal.de
Raz - Camelot                                   helix@diku.dk
Raze - Nah Kolor                                i63@rb.hsrds.dk
Raze - Hitmen                                   pfi@sbk-ks.de
Razorback - Tulou                               razorback.tulou@swipnet.se
Razorback aka RZB - Topaz & Beerline            antpol@jytol.fi
RCC - Spirit                                    tiw4vobe@ti.fht-esslingen.de
React - Exceed                                  react@freemail.c3.hu
Reactor - Caterpillar                           g3racmat@gyakg.u-szeged.hu
Reality '97 (Party Email)                       reality_97@hotmail.com
Rebel aka Bart - BI, WOW & F4CG                 bart.becks@skynet.be
Rebels Group email addy (PC)                    mood@abc.se
Red Cheese - Passion                            cheese@image.dk
RedDragon                                       reddragon@amigascne.org
Redskull - Digital Corruption                   RedSkull@digital-corruption.net
Reactor - Caterpillar                           g3racmat@gyakg.u-szeged.hu
Redlight - Dreamdealers                         llaubin@soleil.dir.univ-rouen.fr
ReeL - Tazadum                                  thomas.frossman@swipnet.se
Reflect - Tulou                                 yngvedal@c2i.net
REivER - Legion & Ztockers                      danel@kurir.net
Relax Magazine Staff (C64)                      relax@online.no
Relief - Puzzle, Mono211 & Impact (PC)          daniel@rhythm.dk
Remage - Fresh!                                 remage@makacs.poliod.hu
Remix - Clique, Echo Crew & Bronx               remix@clq.com
Remo - The Supply Team & The Softeaters         sappel@netzservice.de
Rendall (left the scene)                        regenyi@ludens.elte.hu
                                                or rendall@ludens.elte.hu
Repe - Style                                    style@saunalahti.fi
Repe & Ransu - Style & Rrr                      karvakuo@klinja.fipnet.fi
                                                or repe@xgw.fi
Reptile - AstroideA                             reptile@d-eyes.jpte.hu
Reset - Transcom                                transcom@mira.net
Respose  - Style                                aa601@ccn.cs.dal.ca
                                                or aa601@chebucto.ns.ca
                                                or bowes3@concentric.net
Reverend D - (Trespass BBS)                     jimmyh@algonet.se
Revi - Whelpz & Kore & Link 124 & Tresoree      revi@mailcity.com
Reward - Complex                                Sami.Vanhatalo@hut.fi
Rex - Nature                                    rexmailbox@hotmail.com
Reynolds - Flash                                reynolds@MAIL.AGRIA.HU
Rhetoric - Logic                                rhetoric@club.tip.nl
Rian - Contract                                 rian@different.hu
Ricky - Bonzai, Starion, Conic Laser Inc.       hekke@daimi.aau.dk
                                                or henrikj@dfi.aau.dk
Rickz - Divine Stylers                          rk@bastad.se
Rico - Pretzel, Logic, Agile, Triumph           pretzel@algonet.se
Ricochet - Acme (PC)                            rpasschier@econ.vu.nl
Riddler - Active, The Lost Souls, Maniax        riddler@ludd.luth.se
Rio - Elven 11                                  rio.elven@usa.net
Ripper - Nah-Kolor                              rip@kki.net.pl
Rise - Eternal                                  rise_stop@hotmail.com
Risque - Klf (PC)                               i631@informatik.fh-wiesbaden.de
Ritari Jointti - Da Jormas                      hoffi@da.jormas.com
Ritus - Exact                                   ritus@lord.banki.hu
Roadruner                                       noelc@australiamail.com
Rob - D-eyes                                    rob@d-eyes.jpte.hu
Rob Hubbard                                     rhubbard@ea.com
Robin - Steroid                                 robin@augusta.inf.elte.hu
                                                or robin@csomavax.csoma.elte.hu
Robin - Ex-S8                                   tristan@owl-online.de
Robocop - ATL, Roses & Splash                   dschroeter@access.ch
Robomop - ex-Essence & Rom Online Team          mop@ThePentagon.com
Robson - Astral                                 robson@freemail.c3.hu
Robymus - Byteam                                robymus@augusta.inf.elte.hu
Rocketeer - The Spooky Fellows                  lacioppa@dm.univaq.it
ROJ - Spiders-Crew U-turn                       rojspiders@hetnet.nl
Rokdazone - Artwork (Generation Maineditor)     Brau@dov.net
Rogu3 - Network                                 iprado@ctv.es
Rolex - Depth                                   vaags@riksnett.no
Roman Soft - Llfb                               roman@www.esi.us.es
Rommel - Revelation                             kal@otol.fi
Romrunner - Ex-S8                               romrunner@gmx.net
Roover - Decree                                 roover@free.com.pl
Roppe - Paradox                                 rlilland@shs.shh.fi
                                                or robin@digicron.com
Rorschach - Padua, NoName, Powercraft & P7P     rorschach@padua.org
Rough aka Adamsky - Chromance, PC New, GCS      rough@c64.rulez.org
Rowdy - FLT, 3AD, Life-Riffs, Heptagon          a95andla@ida.his.se
Roy aka Joker or Madmix - Entropy, WOW, Akrak   gavin@warez43.freeserve.co.uk
Roz - Rave Network Overscan & Fit               roz@sci.fi
Rrr - Oxyron                                    sw0484@uni-essen.de
                                                or relax@c64.org
                                                or rrr@amigascne.org
Rude aka Kharn the Betrayer- ROLE & WOW         kharn@flashback.net
Rug Rat                                         rug-rat@cris.com
                                                or rugrat@voicenet.com
Rune - Talent                                   rchg@nvg.unit.no
Rune - Hoaxers                                  rune@langtind.no
Rustybrain - Giants                             eunderli@online.no
Ruuvvi - Da Jormas                              ruuvvi@da.jormas.com
RvO - Maximum                                   rvounik@xs4all.nl
Ryg - Chrome Design (PC)                        fabian.giesen@t-online.de
                                                or gfabian@jdcs.su.nw.schule.de
Sachy - Appendix                                sachy@delta.ds2.pg.gda.pl
Sagacity - Quad                                 sagacity@quad98.net
SAINT- kING's cROWn bBS * X-tREk!               saint_x@gmx.net
Salami_                                         nick.dinges@mannheim-netz.de
Sal-One - Trsi & Hellfire & LSD, Boondocks Bbs  sal-one@usa.net
Sam Curry                                       sam_broadway@hotmail.com
Samael - Mist (PC)                              4aduris@ganga.gjh.schools.sk
Samer Mirdawi                                   sm95ao@badger.ac.BrockU.ca
Samurai - Inter Jam mainorganizer               info@interjam.inka.de
Sandman - Cromatics                             sandman@cromatics.dk
Sandroz - 4 Amigos                              SandroZ@gmx.net
Sane - Scoopex                                  pieterk@cybercomm.nl
Sante - Absurd                                  dvorak@sjfnov.tuke.sk
Sapphire -  Centolos                            ostenero@mx3.redestb.es
Saracen - Talent                                arstokke@online.no
Sarix - Quad                                    sarix@quad98.net
Sauron - Tulou                                  daniel.hjalm@swipnet.se
Saxon - The Exterminators                       saxon@kdt.de
SB - Contract                                   sb_remal@arrabonet.gyor.hu
Scandal - S2 & Void                             jarnobos@dds.nl
Scandic - Decision & Motion (Fast File S. BBS)  Scandic@tronet.de
Scarface                                        scf@xs4all.nl
Schindler - Craze                               schindler@craze.nu
Schulli - Strange Intelligence                  michaelschulz@bigfoot.de
Official Scoopex email address                  Scoopex@Amigascne.org
Scorpie - Bruno Mastyn                          bmastyn@be.stortek.com
Scorpik - Pulse (PC) & Noiseless                planet@polbox.com
                                                or scorpik@kki.net.pl
                                                or longsoft@mtl.pl
Scorpion - Silicon                              scorpion@amigascne.org
Scoundrel - Emperor                             scoundrel@p3.goodline.fido.hu
                                                or scoundrel@falunet.gyor.hu
Scourger - Talent                               torkildl@pvv.unit.no
Scout - C-Lous + Appendix + TBL + Network       mikael@kalms.org
Scout - Success (PC)                            rolando@knoware.nl
                                                or roland@westlake.nl
Scudy - Overdoze                                scudy@skynet.be
Scraby - ex.Old Bulls & Massive                 ZA032023@novci2.ae.poznan.pl
Scrag - Atomik                                  balassa@ejg.hu
Screeny - Axioma (PC)                           screeny@hotmail.com
Scribe - Faculty                                raganyl@kuka.nyaf.hu
                                                or poko666@usa.net
S.Duvan - Citron (Oepir Risti Maineditor)       d95duvan@dtek.chalmers.se
S.m.m                                           smyr@algonet.se
S.U.C.K. - ROLE, Sataki, Lepsi, EQX, Error 2000 suck_xdome@hotmail.com
                                                or armannew@hotmail.com
Sagacity - Cosmique WOW Excess                  sagacity@stack.nl
Sage - Beyond Force                             matronka@utu.fi
Sailor - Triad & Wrath Designs                  sailor3ad@rocketmail.com
Sam - Cult Scum                                 valis@decef.elf.stuba.sk
Sam - Beyond Force                              kare@cc.hut.fi
Sauron - ILS, The Last Science , Future Enigma  olegr@pvv.org
Savage - Light, FLT, G*P & Ai                   Savage@algonet.se
                                                or Dennis@konsult.net
Scapegoat - Topaz, Beerline & Extend            skape@sci.fi
Scare aka Fleance - Active Nostalgia            Scare@c64.org
                                                or phi97bit@studserv.uni-leipzig.de
Scarface - Place to Be Partyorganizer           mips@wanadoo.fr
Scooby - Light                                  d94fa@hh.se
Scorpion aka Artline Designs - Ziplers, Contex  scorpion@stekt.oulu.fi
                                                or antti.kangas@nmp.nokia.com
Scorpy - Replay, Death Zone & Fun Factory       scorpy@gamf.hu
Scroll aka Stubbscroll - Megastyle Prod.        rspaans@c2i.net
Seb - Scoopex                                   Sebastien.Spagnolo@int-evry.fr
Seba - Plush                                    s.bach@usa.net
                                                or seba@dive.informatik.fh-schmalkalden.de
Seduck - Down and Under Records                 seduck@hotmail.com
Senguine - Independent                          senguine@home.se
Sentinel - Excess & Acrise                      ehrenbri@st-oneline.de
Sergeant Pepper - Triad                         gastronaut@hotmail.com
Serkul - Cydonia                                kymtosh@smug.student.adelaide.edu.au
Servo Party Email addy                          info@mars-eyes.org
Seven                                           Stefaan.VanNieuwenhuyze@rug.ac.be
Seven - Digital Excess & Hitmen                 seven@crypt.ruhr.de
Seven - Ramses                                  labayrade@laurel.salles.entpe.fr
Shade - Dilemma                                 ns204@ural2.hszk.bme.hu
Shadow - Skytech                                steenln@post1.tele.dk
Shadow Man ex-S8                                Matze.Ja@swol.de
ShadowLight - INOX                              Onur_Twilight_Buyukcaglar@Yahoo.com
                                                or buyukcag@teos.isikun.edu.tr
Shadowmaster  - Carcass                         stepbeyond@globalserve.net
                                                or carcass@gridpoint.com
Shadowolf aka Cat - Paralyze, Star Cracks Int.  rriedel@amiga.on-luebeck.de
Shady - Crusaders                               Shady@Crusaders.no
Shaftman                                        shaft@fidalgo.fidalgo.net
Shag - Oops!                                    laurent.delayen@epita.fr
Shako - Jello (PC)                              swart300@hio.tem.nhl.nl
Shaman - ex-Loop                                shaman@stud.bke.hu
Shane                                           Shane@Amitar.com.au
Shane - Crux                                    shane@netwings.ch
Shape - Mocean, Tronix & Sector90               isterbuk@hotmail.com
Sharp - Anadune & Neon Bros.                    elear@bet.po.opole.pl
                                                or sharp@biosys.net
Sharra - CLS                                    manoka@gte.net
Sh`ar - Forsaken                                agoutsou@cc.hut.fi
Shawn - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                   shawn@abnormal-music.org
Shd - (left the scene)                          heorsila@learnet.freenet.hut.fi
Shin - Looker House                             shin@redline.ru
Shine                                           beam.mag@gmx.de
Shocker - Legend, Hysteric, SCS, F4CG, ONS      bernardo.ugidos@okay.net
Shockwave - System PDC, Lithium, Washers        j6878291@ironbark.bendigo.latrobe.edu.au
Shrimp - amour_64                               olaiho@pcuf.fi
Shroom  - PSW                                   shroom_psw@juno.com
Shuze - AFL & Laser Chromance                   shuze_afl@hotmail.com
                                                or csypnc@scs.leeds.ac.uk
Sibannac                                        beeker@gmx.net
SID6581 - Graffity                              absolute@mail.datanet.hu
Side - HTL, Sphinx & TFF                        hirsfeld@cybercomm.nl
Sido - Depth                                    sido_dph@hotmail.com
Sierra                                          Sierra@kki.net.pl
Silf                                            wboenisch@t-online.de
Siliconvention Party Email Adress               siliconvention@siliconvention.com
Silmarillion - Omni Megaunit                    silmarillion@hotmail.com
Silver - Scandal (ex-Faith) (PC)                silver@therapy.ruhr.de
Silver Eagle - Pygmy Projects                   silvere@freenet.hut.fi
Simon King - The Loop                           simon_k@friko.onet.pl
Simply - Parallax                               jjuhola@ratol.fi
Sind - Pdg                                      sind@vip.fi
Sinbad - Image (PC)                             johndon@sci.kun.nl
Sinuhe - Down and Under Records                 irie@netti.fi
Sir Maniac - Sunrise, Duplex, Hysteric & RSI    SiR@gmx.net
Sir Monkey - Chrome                             k140734@cs.tut.fi
Siro - Overdoze & Datatypes                     Siro@village.uunet.be
Sivic - Emperor                                 sivic@p1.goodline.fido.hu
Sixpack - Haujobb (Jurassic PackMag Mained.)    plinge@plinge.com
SiXX - F4CG & G*P                               jarlsmark@hotmail.com
                                                or badmf@hell.com
Size - Andromeda                                jopeders@online.no
Skate aka Boarder - ASC, PTG & Thunders         skate_asc@hotmail.com
Sketch - Pulse (PC)                             sketch.pulse@usa.net
Sketch - Bad Coders International               byrnee@db.erau.edu
Skid - Ozone                                    skid@bcn.servicom.es
SkidRow - Alpha Flight 1970 & Chromance 08      skidrow@alphaflight.c64.org
Skin - CDi                                      skin-cdi@FREEMAIL.C3.HU
Skin - Quad                                     skin@quad98.net
Skinner                                         kjell.espen.johansen@stud.hibo.no
Skize - Limited Edition                         skize@led.org
Skizo - Scum                                    skunc@filon.filg.uj.edu.pl
Skjeggspir (SP!) - Contraz                      runebs@ifi.uio.no
Skoofy - Digital Creatures                      skoofy@hal2000.hal.vein.hu
Skope - Up Rough                                skope_@hotmail.com
Skrapi - Moons & Sector5                        skrapi5@kki.net.pl
Skull - Eremation                               skull@club-internet.fr
Skunkmasta - Poise Records (Music Group)        skunkmsta@hotmail.com
Skutt - Limited Edition                         skutt@led.org
Sky - Ex-Faith                                  104074.3663@compuserve.com
Sky - Legend Design (PC), Xography              sky@hhouse.owl.de
Sky - Philosophy                                lutz@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Skyflash - Oneway Zoom                          dan.hovang@usa.net
Skyfly - Indi                                   skyfly@teucom.xnc.com
Skynet Ftp Server email                         ftp@skynet.stack.nl 
                                                or redhound@scene.org
Skywalker - Genesis                             eesposito@usa.net
Skywalker - Septic                              skw@home.se
Skywave - Cosine, Sonix Systems                 marcf@rocketmail.com
Slam - Universal                                slam@redline.ru
Slammer aka DarkCamel - Camelot & Demotion      slammer@diku.dk
Slapshot - Shelter, Die Kranken Bomber          slap.slt@usa.net
Slavefriese - Accept & EQX                      slavefriese@thepentagon.com
Slayer - Faculty                                sagrath@hotmail.com
Slaygon - Censor Design & Triad                 slagge@c64.org
Sledge - FLT & HIT                              sledge@algonet.se
Sleipner - Nukleus                              sleipner.musician@swipnet.se
Slide - Oxyron                                  slide@foni.net
                                                or slide@microdata.de
Slimak                                          warrior-r@usa.net
                                                or slimak@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Slime - Birdhouse Projects - ex-Homeless BBS    saufen@beer.com
Slimer - Creators                               tommen@mix.hive.no
Sliver - F4CG, SHAPE, Sun Designs, Agony, AFL   sliver@c64.rulez.org
                                                or sliver@f4cg.conecta.it
                                                or sliver@shape.tm
Slowhand - Liquid Sounds                        slowhnd@hotmail.com
Sly - Embassy                                   taurto@hit.fi
Smack - Infect                                  epgbd@cluster1.urz.uni-halle.de
Smartass - Haujobb                              abstinence@mailbox.hogia.net
Smasher - F4CG                                  smr@ticino.com
Smc - Abyss                                     101675.424@compuserve.com
Smeagol - Triumph                               carla@ifi.uio.no
Smiley - Hoaxers & Traxion                      frank@langtind.no
Snacky - G*P, TRC, Mafia & Excess               snacky@c64.org
Sneaper - Miracle Designs & F4CG                sneaper@usa.net
snifFA - sukKAZ                                 sniffa@gmx.net
Sniper - Nuance & Lightforce                    ehrich@fh-brandenburg.de
Sniper - Skytech                                skytech@post1.tele.dk
Snowcat                                         snowcat2@rocketmail.com
Snowman - Hornet (PC)                           r3cgm@rworld.org
Snusbuske - DCS (Remedy party mainorganizer)    snuskis@dcs-graphics.se
Sobol                                           sobol@friko.onet.pl
Soda - Instinct                                 zerling@hotmail.com
Soda - Darkage (Retro Maineditor)               retro@softhome.net
Sodapop                                         sodapop@club-internet.fr
SOL - Anadune (pc)                              sol@soft.com.pl
                                                or soland@kki.net.pl
Solar - F4CG                                    lsmets@eduserv1.rug.ac.be
Soldier - Kangooroo                             Soldier_IMS@hotmail.com
Soldier Boy aka Blessing - Infinity'98, ICC     shawnbless@mindspring.com
                                                or shawnbless@knology.net
                                                or blessing@trentech.com
Solnova - Movement & [(oo)]                     karsten@funcom.com
                                                or karsten@funcom.no
Solo - Depth                                    jordan76x@hotmail.com
Solomon - Beyond Force                          mheiskan@snakemail.hut.fi
Solon - Fudge (PC)                              solon@inet.uni-c.dk
Some1 - Rebels & Poise Records                  mfyrek@hotmail.com
Somewhere In Holland Party Addy                 sih@pi.net
Sonic - Waterworld                              sonic@hit.handshake.de
Sonik - Hellfire                                sonik@proweb.co.uk
Sorex - Nukleus                                 sorex@hotmail.com
Sorex - Warriors of Wasteland                   sorex@c64.org
                                                or sorex@skynet.be
Sounx - Xenon, SCC, TOE, Collusion, Manowar     the_sounxer@hotmail.com
Soup - Bamboo                                   ben@jock.demon.co.uk
Souri - Cydonia                                 souri@wr.com.au
Sp - Contraz                                    rstensland@hatleberg.sib.hl.no
Spaceman - Lemon.                               del@nlights.demon.co.uk
Spaceroy aka Rotteroy - Megastyle Prod.         rotteroy@hotmail.com
                                                or roy.widding@riksnett.no
Sparcus - Nostalgia (Takeover Party organizer)  sparcus@takeover.nl
Spark - Nah-Kolor                               spark@uwleg.legnica.ids.edu.pl
Sparky - Mawi                                   sparky@diku.dk
Spectator aka Spek - SCS*TRC, Xenon & AFL       spectator@scs-trc.net
Spector - Eltech                                spector@mail.microserve.net
Spectre - RPG                                   wootton.1@osu.edu
                                                or mwootton@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Speed-head - Byterapers Inc.                    damaskus@algonet.se
                                                or xaxx@dataphone.se
Speed Devil - Lightforce                        MORTENM@SANDSLI.VGS.NO
Speedo                                          skinnune@orion.pspt.fi
Speedwolf - The Exterminators                   speedwolf@hysteria.dssd.sub.org
Speedy - Jewels & Rusty Freaks                  Speedy@post8.tele.dk
Speedy - Corrosion                              speedy@afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.yu
Spengler - Cromatics                            spengler@Cromatics.dk
Sperm Whale - Aur & Nko & Ruma                  SIN.FAME@VENTURE.FIPNET.FI
Spey Bonden - Nevermind                         spey.b0nden@etno.nvm.co.yu
Spide - Craze                                   spide@craze.nu
Spiderman - X-Factor & Dominators               bo@skivekommune.dk
                                                or brian_olesen@hotmail.com
Spike - Inferno Destruction                     DreamRaver00@yahoo.com
Spin - Abyss                                    ut3h@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Spin Dizzy - Giants                             joeraase@online.no
Spinball - Excess                               spinball@iname.com
                                                or christian_voss@deltacity.net
                                                or spinball@uni-muenster.de
Spirou - Fairlight                              d95-jbr@nada.kth.se
                                                or jb@jole.com
Spite - Subspace                                spite@dds.nl
Spiv - Infect                                   spiv@hgb-leipzig.de
Splash - Eltech & Megastyle                     jthorsen@netpower.no
Splatterhead - Scoopex                          Splatter@sci.fi
Splatterhead - SCS*TRC, Cyberpunx, Sacred       rjanssen@plex.nl
                                                or splatterhead@scs-trc.net
Spleen - Kloon (PC)                             david.prothais@etu.univ-compiegne.fr
Spockie - Tpau                                  spockie@giga.or.at
Spook - Powerzone & Amok                        frech@stud.uni-frankfurt.de
                                                or mail@frech.net
Spot - Up Rough                                 spot@ebox.tninet.se
Sprocket - Depth                                madsjm@colargol.tihlde.hist.no
Spruce                                          jn@earthling.net
Squash - Ozone Free                             mateo@owl.au.poznan.pl
Squidgalator 2 - Heretics (PC)                  sq2@sv.net.au
ST News Lamentation Page email addy             karies@wxs.nl
ST+ Atari online mag email addy                 rich10.hel@zetnet.co.uk
Stablizer - Longshot                            stablizer@rocky.orci.com
Stage2 Acorn news email addy                    janunger@jurs1.jura.uni-osnabrueck.de
Stake - SCS*TRC                                 pallai@dab.iit.uni-miskolc.hu
Stan - Hitmen, TRSI, X-Rated, Equinoxe, RSI     Stan64@hotmail.com
                                                or Stan@beer.com
Stan - Giants                                   oreppe@online.no
Starbug - Voxel Team                            starbug@freemail.c3.hu
Starix - Psychik Link                           AJBE2@hermes.cam.ac.uk
Starlight - Mawi                                vookafc@sun1.wil.pk.edu.pl
Stash - Chromance, WD, Active & AFL             laszlo@kajen.com
Stasi - F4CG & Noice                            phira600@student.liu.se
Stasis - Relentless                             stasis_rel@hotmail.com
Staticelevation - Bamboo (MusicGroup)           hiski_valli@hotmail.com
Steeler - Phantasm (Symposium organizer)        e.brueggemann@stud.uni-hannover.de
Stef - Eternal                                  stef@dame.de
Stefan Danes - Inertia (PC)                     sdanes@marvels.hacktic.nl
Steam - Legend Design (PC)                      limburg@stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Steff - Shining^8                               rockenbach@baden-online.de
(ex-Shining^8 worldleader)
Stephen Judd                                    judd@stratus.esam.nwu.edu
Stephen L. Judd                                 sjudd@nwu.edu
Sternone - Razor (PC) & Outlaws (Tribe BBS)     yves.soete@ping.be
Steve - Laser, Zenith, SCS*TRC & AVT            steve1@ndirect.co.uk
Steve - X-Factor & Camelot                      jack_pot_dk@hotmail.com
Stile9 - RamJam & Genesis                       nar4780@iperbole.bologna.it
Stirf - Spiders-Crew, ROLE, DMAgic & U-turn     rojspiders@hetnet.nl
Stojg                                           stojg@geocities.com
Stone - Matrix                                  stone@cs.tu-berlin.de
Stone - Motiv8 & Riot                           stone@berlin.snafu.de
Storm - Cydonia                                 storm@ar.ar.com.au
Storm - Digital Corruption, Tbf, P^d            st0rm@freenet.hut.fi
Stormlord - Warriors of Wasteland               stormlord@skynet.be
Stranger                                        ihaaland@netpower.no
Street Raider - DDT. Entertainment              streetraider@usa.net
Street Tuff - Ultimate C64                      tuff@c64.org
Strider - FairLight                             strider@fairlight.org
Strife - Apathy                                 strifeapt@hotmail.com
String - ex.Chaos                               string@etno.nvm.co.yu
Strobe - Menace, Oregon, WOW, Lithium           errol@ros.com.au
Stu - Cleveland Cracking Service                Stuart.Morton@CableInet.Co.Uk
Style - Prodigy & Fairlight                     style@logic.helvetica.ch
Style Council Group E-mail                      style-council@usa.net
Style - Chrome                                  simon.scott@flexiplan.com
                                                or style@omen.net.au
StyX - Headcrash                                andi.schilling@gmx.de
                                                or nrth@club-internet.fr
Styx - AFL, Sacred & G*P                        styx@alphaflight.c64.org
Substance (Kuu) - Subspace, Mono211 & Voodoo    kuu@union.sci.fi
Substanza - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                 subsize@dlc.fi
Suffocator - Corrosion                          raja@fon.fon.bg.ac.yu
Suicyo                                          mreblaub@easynet.fr
Sultan - Teklords (Mekka&Symposium Organizer)   sul@gmx.de
                                                or Sultan@teklords.org
Sun Dancer - Raxor 1911, The System, FLT        sun_dancer@fairlight.org
Sunny - Nuance                                  S.Felber@gmx.net
Superfml - Pic Saint Loup                       superfml@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Suraklin - Millenium                            jay64738@hotmail.com
Surfer - Active                                 coolness@torget.se
Surfing - Ram Jam                               surfing@c64.org
Swag - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                      jarnow@netsonic.fi
Swapping - XAKK                                 AndreasO@connect.lindab.se
swaxi - fnuque                                  fungal_farm@hotmail.com
Swaz (Homer Author)                             swaz@ait.ac.nz
Sweeper - Excite (PC)                           sweeper@horus.ch
Swoffa - Noice                                  simon.oscarsson@mbox200.swipnet.se
Swoop - Rebels                                  swoop@freenet.hut.fi
Syco - Chromance                                syco1@wxs.nl
Sylicon - Intense                               Sylicon_its@yahoo.com
Sylwek - Appendix                               sylwekc@key.net.pl
                                                or procable@micronet.com.pl
Synapse - MindProbe (PC)                        synapse@pcb.mpoli.fi
Syntax - Sardonyx (Seenpoint coder)             syntax@one.se
Syntic - Teklords                               syntic@teklords.org
Syrinx - D-eyes                                 syrinx@btkstud.jpte.hu
Szab - PRIDE                                    szab@k2.jozsef.kando.hu
Szali - Exceed                                  szalicil@inf.bme.hu
Szczepan                                        szczepan@STUDENT.MAN.BIALYSTOK.PL
Szum - Cryogen                                  szum@amber.bti.pl
T.M.R - Cosine & CCS                            tmr@cosine.demon.co.uk
                                                or tegan@babylon.org
Tactica - Puzzle                                martin@diku.dk
Tai-Pan - Complex and Black Kangaroos           taipan@niksula.cs.hut.fi
Talmir - Rave Network Overscan                  henri.hakkinen@suensaari.tornio.fi
Talpa - IRIS                                    talpa@mip.ou.dk
Tang - Rave Network Overscan                    tang_rno@yahoo.com
Tao - Triad                                     tao@acc.umu.se
Tape - Extend                                   Tape@thepentagon.com
                                                or tapio.viitanen@nmp.nokia.com
                                                or viita@smek.fi
Taper - TRIAD                                   mystique@algonet.se
                                                or marxistleninist@hotmail.com
Tapp - Clique                                   cenkb@rorqual.cc.metu.edu.tr
Tarmslyng - Loonies                             madsl@mdb.ku.dk
Tarnow - Digital Nerds                          karsten@eyeone.no
Tarzan Tuotanto Group Email Addy (PC)           jjl@pcuf.fi
Taskmaster - Fascination (PC)                   jumild@freenet.hut.fi
Taxi                                            klemmetj@c2i.net
TBB - Extend, Side B, Dynastar, Traxion, Motion hilipili@freenet.hut.fi
TBH - ONS, GPG, The Digital Underground, MSR    mwalters@attila.apana.org.au
                                                or ddmw@hunterlink.net.au
Tbyte - Systeam                                 tbyte@eik.bme.hu
Tcb - ex-God                                    tcb@Scenelink.com
Tech - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                      tekleash@rocketmail.com
Tecmo - Plush, Lower Level, TMMB                tecmo@usa.net
Tecon - Planet Jazz                             per.kristiansen@hig.no
Tee-Dee - Dekadence                             tricky.dick@venture.fipnet.fi
                                                or theik@netlife.fi
Teevan - Talent                                 teevaan@openeyes.com
Telemach - Psyba Solutions                      psyba@iprolink.co.nz
Temal - Tulou                                   temal@hotmail.com
Temen - Embassy                                 tryynane@hit.fi
Tempest - Damage                                jasuni@tiira.cedunet.com
                                                or tempest@koolex.net
Ten - Pioneer Design & Element                  tnygard@online.no
teo.p3 - Magnesium                              teo@ond.vein.hu
Teorist - Mad Virgin                            teorist@afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.yu
Terminal Storm aka TST - Pulse                  simamov@jagor.srce.hr
Terrox - ex.Fairlight                           kents@visuality.no
Tesla - Digital Audio Concepts                  tesla@southwind.net
tFt - Mantra & Rave Network Overscan            Tft@c2i.net
Tharsis - Thaumaturge (PC)                      ijede300@et.tem.nhl.nl
The Alien - WOW, Chalice, Lore of Arts, Arcoss  skonarkows@aol.com
                                                or the.alien@cww.de
The Audience - Sunrise                          Yeeak@aol.com
The Baron - Defjam                              matsn@tripnet.se
                                                or thebaron@hotmail.com
                                                or uvdman@datortek.educ.goteborg.se
The Beast - Toxic Team                          beast_typhoon@hotmail.com
The Blue Ninja aka TBN - Demons Of Sound, AWT   hutzelm@fh-worms.de
The Board Rier                                  TheBordRid@aol.com
The Bright Lion aka TBL - Abnormal, S451        stj@mix.hive.no
The Champ - Ex-8                                champ2000@gmx.net
The CLub - Scenenet                             ilroese@metronet.de
The Communist - X-Ray, F4CG, Talent, RS         kickback@owl-online.de
The Dancing Fool- Epsilon                       idr@cs.pdx.edu
The Dark Judge - Analogue (PC)                  v922530@si.hhs.nl
                                                or tdj@bart.nl
The Doominator - Maxeline                       tdmr_mx@interj.datanet.hu
The Dr. j - The Force                           markg@netvision.net.il
The Elevatorman                                 the-elevatorman@teucom.xnc.com
The Falcon - Pentagram                          thefalcon@c64.org
                                                or tfc@free.efes.net.tr
                                                or the_pentagram@usa.net
The Fatman                                      fatman1@airmail.net
The Feeling Party Series Email Addy             info@thefeeling.net
The Firestalker aka Squash - FTA & TFF          squash@inlink.com
The Flash Party Email Addy                      Theflashparty@hotmail.com
The Fly aka Mort - Atrix, LCP, The System       thefly@danbbs.dk
                                                or morten.lassen@stofanet.dk
                                                or morten.lassen@danbbs.dk
The Forbidden One - Logic                       theforbiddenone@hetnet.nl
The Fugitive - The Nuzzels & Satanic Surfers    Fugitive@lindesign.se
The Gambler - Electron                          kmckinne@nyx.cs.du.edu
                                                or kevin@pcmi-ict.com
The Guardian aka TGD - Camelot                  erik@idecnet.com
The Heavyweight - Broken                        hweight@opera.iinet.net.au
The Hegg - WOW, Chrome, Rotec, Suicide, Rebels  np@xtra.co.nz
The Hell Hacker - TSM, TSI, NEPA & ESI          hhtsm@usa.net
The Heretic -  - Renegade Programming Group     ed.slavin@loewengroup.com
The Human Autofire - Bonzai & The Black Lords   jelle@mi.aau.dk
The Infiltrator - Arcane                        zak@mimir.net
The Kerp - G.C.C.                               rkoerper@ezl.com
The Kid DLH - Infinity'98, ICC, The Softrunner  haynesdl@nwfl.net
The Lawnmover Man - Darkage & Network           lawnmoverman@amigascne.org
The Logic's                                     The-Logics@usa.net
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The Loop - ex-Artwork                           trainee10@izet.de
The Mad Guy - The Exterminators                 exterminate@gmx.net
The Meatball aka TMB - Triad, Tommyknockers     oyvindan@online.no
The Mighty Sci - Underground Empire (PC)        bsa6745@yahoo.com
The Paradroid - The Sharks                      ralf_wilhelm@hotmail.com
The Party Series Party Email                    theparty@theparty.dk
The Phantom - Millenium                         ericc@ais.net
The Pman - Sinex Illusion (PC)                  4923780@ibk.fnt.hvu.nl
The Reaper - GOD, TAT, Electric Boyz            Reaper@headbanger.mayn.de
The Rew - Nostalgia (PC)                        therew@ns.intermedia.nl
The Ripper - Endzeit                            thripper@tin.it
The Rival - Ravishing Records                   therival@xs4all.nl
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The Scene Homepages/ftp servers/irc channel     staff@scene.org
The Shark - INC                                 shark@dhp.com
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The Sorceress - G*P & Debbie                    DebGspz@aol.com
The Spooky Fellows Group E-mail                 tsf@sgol.it
The Spy - Flash Inc.                            fhi@hem2.passagen.se
The Swatch-man - Trsi                           schmhen@uni-muenster.de
The Syndrom - TIA, Crest, Sunrise, Padua        matthias.hartung@sz-online.de
                                                or audiosim@cosmigo.com
The Unholy                                      unholy@netcom.ca
                                                or demonix@usa.net
The Welder - Faith                              welder@celebre.net
The Whistle - Passion                           tsa@intercity.dk
The Wiz  - Style                                chrismcb@microsoft.com
Thecerw - Bofl                                  thecerw.bofl@usa.net
TheCure - Exodus, ILS, Random                   drake@cisco.com
Therion - The Smirnoff Squad                    csicsok@mail.matav.hu
Thor - Extend                                   thor@freenet.hut.fi
Thoron                                          thoron@iki.fi
Thorr - Whelpz                                  thorr@tk.sprint.com.pl
Thorus - Floppy                                 Pwalek@elka.pw.edu.pl
Throne aka Thor-Erik - Panic, Earthborn, Damage Janne_Turunen@hotmail.com
                                                or northernl@yahoo.com
Thrym - Iris                                    efossen@usa.net
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Thunder - Scoopex                               THUNDER.SCX@WANADOO.FR
                                                or jflopez@nordnet.fr
ThunderBlade aka Vectrocon - DMAgic, FairLight  thunderblade@iname.com
Thunderstrike - Logic                           ths@dds.nl
Tiamat                                          shaunc@microsoft.com
Tiger - Spreadpoint                             Tiger@mirage.cvut.cz
Tiger - Warp9                                   tiger_w9@gmx.net
Tim - Fiction                                   bankat@dragon.klte.hu
Timi - Dinx                                     dxptimi@free.polbox.pl
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TMR  - Carcass                                  tmr@cosine.demon.co.uk
TMU - Rave Network Overscan                     tmu@sci.fi
Tng team group e-mail (PC)                      tng@tng.fido.hu
Tnt - Scoopex                                   tobi@vip.cybercity.dk
TNT - Beyond Force                              tenu@sci.fi
Toast - Scarab Corpse                           shirazi@rocketmail.com
Tobias Jansson - Citron. & Sardonyx             toj@one.se
Toci - LPi                                      toci@usa.net
Todi - Tulou                                    todi@canit.se
Tohe - Zenon                                    ttohe@tlti.tokem.fi
Tolkien - Embassy                               tolkienf@altern.org
Tool - Rave Network Overscan                    mitoivo@freenet.hut.fi
Tom - TNF'77, TAT, Vision, HIT, Depredators     Tom.Egg@Student.Uni-Augsburg.De
Tomcat - Controlled Dreams                      engineer@inf.bme.hu
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TomSoft - None                                  Tomsoft@worldnet.net
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Tomika - Dinasty                                hegedus@mszi.pmmf.hu
Tommy - Noice & Dual Crew Shining               tommy@noice.org
Tommy Schlott - Nerve Axis                      tommy@schlott.demon.co.uk
Tonid                                           tonid@tonid.com.pl
Toorec                                          toorec@friko5.onet.pl
Top Secret - WOW, Cult, Trash, Rush Division    smutny@aiten.sk
Tornado - Panoramic Designs, TGT, The Shadows   henning@innerloop.no
Total Chaos - F4CG                              chaos@algonet.se
Touchstone - Ex-Essence                         jansen@bonn.edu
Toxic - Abyss                                   toxic@dinet.de
Toxic - Neoplasia Cream                         toxic@t-online.de
Toxin - CDI                                     horvathm2@cle.dnet.ge.com
Tranziie aka Dr.Trazan - Hitmen, DCS & Triad    trazan@c64.org
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Trap - Bonzai                                   trap@diku.dk
Trasher - Active                                trasher@ludd.luth.se
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Trax - SCS*TRC, Taxi, Array, ATG                trax@xs4all.nl
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Trance - Lightforce                             trance@mindless.com
Tranquilizer - Secretly                         tranquilizer@mike.ruhr.de
Trash - Indy                                    s0410@goblin.pjwstk.waw.pl
Traven - Ramses                                 traven75@hotmail.com
Traxx                                           Traxx@gmx.net
Trent - Hoaxers                                 okey@nvg.unit.no
Trez - Fnuque                                   trez@post3.tele.dk
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Trillian  - From The Ashes                      kati@nwu.edu
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Trooper                                         trooperbill@hotmail.com
Trump -  Giants                                 rlunder@hem2.passagen.se
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TS - Exceed                                     myee@hawaii.edu
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TSR                                             tsrken@voicenet.com
Tudor - The Black Lotus                         tudor@dalnet.se
Turbo - Ex-Nerve Axis                           turbo@cyberspace.demon.co.uk
Tweak - Craze                                   tweak@craze.nu
Twilek - Ram Jam                                twilek@thepentagon.com
Twilight (musician)                             dvzteut@fh-duesseldorf.de
Twilight                                        linden@cs.uni-bonn.de
Twilight - Arcade                               uwemichel@t-online.de
Twilight - Die Kranken Bomber                   sw.@cyber.fipnet.fi
Twilight - Wildfire                             juice@gmx.net
Twinny - Gollum (PC)                            espeng@nano.no
Twk - Anthrox                                   twk@anthrox.com
Twoflower - Triad                               sce97mbd@mds.mdh.se
Twynn aka RDB, TPB - Acrise, Silicon Ltd.       twynn@telebyte.nl
                                                or r.denbekker@hsbos.nl
Tycoon - Reality, Oops!                         bernold@dds.nl
Tygrysek                                        tygrysek@friko.onet.pl
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Tyrant - Therapy                                szistvan@gemini.ektf.hu
Tyron - Hitmen                                  tyron@goerres.de
U-Gene - Agt                                    ugene@afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.yu
                                                or ugene@utfbbs.utelfla.com
Udd - Bad Coders International                  pln5970@montana.com
Ubermensch  - Renegade Programming Group        uber@wizvax.com
Ufo - Limited Edition                           ufo@led.org
Ufok - Faith & LSD & Appendix                   andkow@priv.onet.pl
Ukko - Live! (PC)                               christophe.douy@ace.epita.fr
Ukulele - Banal Projects                        mleinone@tetra.ratol.fi
Ultimate Warrior                                uw@it-college.dk
Ultravox - ex.Majic12                           ultravox@tvnet.hu
Uninvited - GdF                                 gz578@bingo.baynet.de
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V.O. - Plush                                    skluge1@rz.htwk-leipzig.de
Vague - Excess, Cream, Paradox, AWT, No Name    vague@hildesheim.sgh-net.de
Vamp - InterActive                              vamp@hysteria.dssd.sub.org
Vandrup - Polka Brothers                        kvandrup@inet.uni-c.dk
Vauhtiveikko - Kanisteri                        neemo@zumzum.tky.hut.fi
Vega - Ram Jam                                  vega@ssnet.it
Vegas - Outlaws & Supplex                       md95-lgr@nada.kth.se
Vein - Oops!                                    guc@varberg.se
Velikani - Save our Souls, Freedom Archives Adm j_oasis@mindless.com
Velociraptor (markku halinen)                   markku.halinen@sci.fi
Velvet - Tokyo Dawn Records (Music Group)       kperusic@aol.com
Venom - Agt                                     mmilan@afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.yu
Venturus - Damage, Vandals & Abomination        tepkei@cedunet.com
Verdun - Triad                                  dte96mcn@mds.mdh.se
Vergo - Therapy                                 heimsbak@online.no
Vermillion - Broken                             vrmllion@iinet.net.au
Verox                                           verox@gliwice.pl
                                                or verox@kaisa.tagor.com.pl
Vesuri - Da Jormas                              vesuri@da.jormas.com
VIC - CML                                       vic@scientist.com
Vic - Coma                                      gergely@iit.uni-miskolc.hu
Vick - D-eyes                                   vick@d-eyes.jpte.hu
Villain - Reality                               pascal@xs4all.nl
Vinzi - Mo'soul                                 vinzi@varberg.se
Violator - AFL & Triad                          martin@kajen.se
Vip                                             vip@rubikon.net.pl
Vip - ROLE & Padua                              Vincent.Merken@student.kuleuven.ac.be
Viper - Access Control                          viper@freemail.c3.hu
Virago - Level-D                                virago@level-d.com
Virgill - Scoopex & Endzeit                     virgill@bnet-ibb.de
Virne - Coma                                    virne@sci.fi
Virtual Cowboy - Philosophy                     vic@gmx.net
Virtual Killer - Underground Empire (PC)        armageddon.one@gmx.net
Virtual Mind - Unique PC                        virtmind@sch.bme.hu
Virus - ex-Arise                                virus@nettz.com
Viscid - Neoplasia                              Viscid@tek.dontpanic.sub.org
Vision Fx - Valhalla (PC)                       i.j.woodall@wlv.ac.uk
Visionmike - Sympathy (PC)                      visionmike@vegadome.ping.de
Visionx - Indipendent                           vision-x@freenet.hut.fi
Visitor - Lsd & Corrupt & Flood                 visitor@algonet.se
Visualize - Jamm (PC) & Scoopex                 vsz@sci.fi
Vital - Mindkiller Systems                      vital@geek.rcc.se
Viti - Absolute!                                nusiviti@moha.szikszi.hu
Vivid - Mono211 (Music Group)                   vivid@kosmic.org
Vizz - Empire, 2nd Dimension, TSC Prosoft       vizz@micro-intel.com
Vlad - Alpha Flight & Satanic                   nocta@hem1.passagen.se
Vodka - Saturne (Saturne Party organizer)       oneto@grolier.fr
                                                or vodka@grolier.fr
                                                or vodka@club-internet.fr
Vodka aka VDK - FLT, Promega, Cult, Antic       edvin.zetterberg@dlog.se
Volmer - Agravedict                             volmer@vip.cybercity.dk
Voodoochile - Eleven11                          nunnari.fabrizio@educ.di.unito.it
Vortex - Cryptoburners                          hhioh@hf.uib.no
Vouckster - phaseD. & arcade                    gerd@magic.east.de
Voyager                                         voyager@nidus.mi.com.pl
                                                or voyager@irc.pl
Vultan - Flood                                  flood@starmail.com
W!g - Total Deliverance                         sammis@algonet.se
Wacek aka Wacol - Arise, Albion, Lepsi, Oxsid   wacek666@polbox.com
WaD                                             wadmoose@hotmail.com
Wad - CLS                                       wad.cls@usa.net
Wade - ex-Darkage & ex-Nerve Axis               wadedkg@softhome.net
Wain - Jello                                    Wain@hotmail.com
Walek - Indy                                    walekmst@polbox.com
Walker - F4CG, Nostalgia, Oneway, Warrant       jn@flashback.net
Walking Stress - Clique                         emre@gandalf.physics.metu.edu.tr
Walter - Voxel Team                             walter@freemail.c3.hu
Wanagi - Davinci                                Ott@DaVinci.EICS.COM
Ward - Enlightenment                            t_mort@ludens.elte.hu
                                                or ward@mail.digitel2002.hu
Warez - Extasy                                  extasy@tande.com
Warhawk - ex-S8                                 acid303@gmx.de
Warhead - Trsi & Trsi Recordz                   recordz@trsi.de
Warlock                                         TBEDNARZ@ucinvl.uci.agh.edu.pl
Warp - GiGA Prod.                               faa@networkers.dk
Warp - Equinoxe                                 Markus.Peter@rphc1.physik.uni-regensburg.de
Warp 8 - Flash Inc.                             sa5@irz.inf.tu-dresden.de
Warrior                                         warrior@pironet.de
Wasi - Amiga Circle & Network                   wasi@mundivia.es
Watchman - FairLight                            watchman@ludd.luth.se
Waterhead - Ozone Free                          wthd@Amiga.org.pl
Wave - Logic                                    mon@xs4all.nl
Wavemaker - Centolos                            wavemaker@mx3.redestb.es
Wax - WOW                                       velta@online.no
Wayne - Taboo                                   wayne@linux.ae.katowice.pl
                                                or wayne@taboo.eu.org
Wayne Mendoza - Masque (PC)                     wayne@msq.ruhr.de
Weasel - Hitmen, FTL, Matrix, Crazy+Lotus, RSI  Weasel@muenchen.org
Weed - Digital Corruption                       weed@digital-corruption.net
Weed - Coral                                    weed@pcuf.fi
Weetabix - Scumbags                             weeta@usa.net
Weirdo - Network                                weekid@freenet.hut.fi
WEPL - indi                                     wepl@kagi.com
Whale - Reality                                 whaley@dds.nl
Wheels                                          Wheels2@juno.com
Whiskas                                         danielhansen@hotmail.com
Whiskas - Mono                                  whiskas@geocities.com
White - The Judges                              bartm@iae.nl
White Lion - CD, Warrant, Triumph, Omega        whitelion@deathsdoor.com
White Shade - Chaotic Order, Plastik            dgarlans@tasis.com
Whizzkid - Oops!                                whizzkid@amercom.nl
Whizzy - HT                                     whizzy@toosexyforyou.com
WHW Design - WOW, Entropy, Siesta               whw_@yahoo.com
                                                or whw@twinkle-toes.demon.co.uk
Whyj                                            tylipaav@ee.hit.fi
Why J - Embassy                                 webgod@why.productions.fi
Wide - Extend                                   wide@rocketmail.com
Wide Load  - Carcass                            brendanr@voyager.co.nz
Wiggen - Accept Alter                           wiggen@wineasy.se
Wiktor - IQDepo                                 wiktor.dt@usa.net
Wildthing - Corrupt & Insane & Appendix         Wildie@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Wile Coyote - Entropy WOW Angry EQX Feniks      wec@wweecc.demon.co.uk
Willy - Silicon Ltd.                            willem@stack.nl
Wilson - Triad                                  henrik.bergstrom@mbox319.swipnet.se
Wincle - vrt (amiga)                            wincle@tc.intell.cz
Wind - Network                                  network@redestb.es
                                                or nolimits@redestb.es
Wing - AlanGroup                                ser@aenet.ru
Wingo - Triad, WD, OXY & Asgard                 wingo@hotmail.com
Wintermute - Crimson Jihad                      wintermute@amiga.rulez.org
                                                or lay@dspnet.hu
Wipe - Darkage                                  wipe@hedemora.mail.telia.com
Wisdom - Crescent                               wisdom@c64.org
Wiseguy - Giants                                wsg@hm.telia.no
Witchcraft - Liquid Dreams                      witchcrft@cyberjunkie.com
Witness - ex Cryptoburners                      notteghe@supaero.fr
Witsflow - Logic                                witsflow@deridder.demon.nl
Witty - Oxygen, ROLE,  Oregon, WOW & ONS        bradwightman@hotmail.com
Wivern - Oops!                                  wedin@hem1.passagen.se
Wizard - Aurinko                                wizard@mbnet.fi
Wizard - Demos of the World                     jorgen_p@algonet.se
Wizard - Giants                                 giants@hem.passagen.se
Wizex - Oxygen                                  d94-ebr@nada.kth.se
Wizkid - #amigadk                               wizkid@it-college.dk
Wizz - TST, Wize, Zetrex 2005, 2000 AD          cassidy@supermall.dk
Wog - Orange (PC)                               wog@netlife.fi
Wohnzimmersoft - Venom & Sid Davis              sid@thevision.net
                                                or 102541.420@compuserve.com
Woise - Maniax                                  ostman@algonet.se
Woland - Exhumers                               exhumers@usa.net
Wolf - X-trade & Imphobia (PC)                  wolf@karkis.canit.se
Wolfman aka Palla - Chrome                      ppalla@omen.net.au
Wolle - Deranged                                wolle@stetic.net
Wolverine - Active                              dva95rkn@cs.umu.se
Wonders - independent                           wonders@nostromo.jpte.hu
Wondrous aka Leewise - CLQ & Range              wondrous@clq.com
Woober - Darkage, Faction, X-Trek               woober@online.no
Woodpecker - Zenon                              jamo.tikkala@kemi.fi
Workbench - Calodox                             amarchal@ulg.ac.be
Wotnau - DMAgic, Slaves of Sid Studio Style     xmazj06@st.vse.cz
WOTW - DCS                                      drop-out@home.aragon.de
Wowbagger - ex.Session                          no.online@online.no
Wox - The Black Lotus                           d95mjo@Borlange.DU.SE
Wraith - RPG                                    wraith@voicenet.com
Wrec - Zymosis Boozing Soc. & Da Jormas         wrec@jormas.com
WrEcK - Knip + Plak                             hof700@tem.nhl.nl
Wrong Way - Forces of Evil                      wrongway@ais.net
WSoft                                           102541.420@CompuServe.COM
Wybrova - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                 wybrova@abnormal-music.org
X-Ceed - Endzeit                                x-ceed@union.org.pl
X98 Party Email Addy                            x98@scs-trc.net
Xad - Nightfall                                 xaddy@usa.net
Xanth                                           xanth@mragowo.net
Xenox - AFL, Excess, The Charges, Lore of Arts  Xenox@Salzgitter.Netsurf.de
                                                or xenox@alphaflight.c64.org
                                                or Xenox@Braunschweig.netsurf.de
Xevious - Ozone                                 ami22@mx2.redestb.es
Xfactor - Cheyens                               alstrup@ask.diku.dk
Xlcus aka Paulk - xlcus software and design     paulk@rangercom.com
                                                or xlcus@rangercom.com
XmikeX                                          S0621126@dominic.barry.edu
Xtoto - Valhalla (PC)                           gloth@uni-muenster.de
Xtro - Contract (PC)                            xtro@usa.net
                                                or xtro@opnt.optimus.wroc.pl
Xtro - Rhyme                                    xtro@d-eyes.jpte.hu
XXX (Triple-X) - Haujobb                        xxx.hjb@gmx.net
Xyltburk - Bamboo (MusicGroup)                  xylt@hem.passagen.se
Xyz - Fudge (PC)                                u950710@daimi.aau.dk
Yabba - The Andromeda Crew, The Defiers,        stefan@omnipresence.com
Yaneq - Rave Network Overscan, Linear & Pat     yaneq@friko5.onet.pl
Yann - Iguana (PC)                              jon@bips.bi.ehu.es
Yavin - Heatwave, The Sixth Sense Internal Aff. heatwave@xs4all.nl
Yaz - Digital                                   yaz@yazbo.demon.co.uk
Yitzhaq - tpolm                                 yitzhaq@hempseed.com
Yomat - Nature                                  d92jma@csd.uu.se
Yop - Decent                                    YOP@hysteria.dssd.sub.org
Youth aka Mad B. - HeatWave, The Sixth Sense    Youth@olohof.et.tudelft.nl
Yoyo - Silesia                                  yoyo@silesia.top.pl
Ytok                                            ytok@kki.net.pl
Yucca - CDI                                     yucca@szabinet.hu
Yup - Offence!                                  yup@mindless.com
Yure - Degeneration                             yurex@tin.it
Zaac - Ramses                                   zaac@provnet.fr
Zabora - Old Bulls, Web404, PLCA & TWL          zabora@kret.ifd.uni.wroc.pl
                                                or zabora@bratek.ift.uni.wroc.pl
Zack - Darkage & Spaceballs                     zack_spb@hotmail.com
Zados - Damones                                 zados@damones.net
Zagor - Horizon                                 bjorn.stenberg@sth.frontec.se
Zakk - No Name, Chromance & ONS                 zakk@hem.passagen.se
                                                or c.hjalmarsson@araby-dalbo.com
Zalacka - Unique (PC)                           zalacka@geocities.com
Zalo - Subspace                                 zalo@one.se
Zan - Down and Under Records                    zangb@vei.net
Zandax - Damage                                 lambmika.98.m@jypoly.fi
Zanone! - Cellblock 4                           vass@stud-mailer.uni-marburg.de
ZanOne                                          zanone@hotmail.com
Zaphod Beeblebrox - Antimon                     zaphod@online.no
Zapotek - Alpha Flight 1970                     zapotek@alphaflight.c64.org
Zarch - Passion & Royal & Hellfire              matzen@conta-aabenraa.dk
Zardax - Origo, Dreamline, Side B & Hype        appaljak@cc.helsinki.fi
Zaz - Dual Crew-Shining                         pontus@lysator.liu.se
                                                or zaz@dcs.org
                                                or zaz@c64.com
Zealot - Wrath Designs                          zealot@wrathdesigns.org
Zed - Ex-S8                                     zedskij@hotmail.com
Zed - Exceed                                    mrzed@mail.matav.hu
Zeg1                                            richard.wagenfuehrer@munich.netsurf.de
Zeldin - Cascade                                themelid@wiwi.uni-frankfurt.de
Zelow - Contraz                                 martinzl@ifi.uio.no
Zerk                                            rw014ns@munich.netsurf.de
Zero - Digital Corruption                       zer0@mentasm.com
Zero - Extend                                   hoikka@lut.fi
Zerox - Gods                                    stud4022@student.uib.no
Zest - Spirit (PC)                              MB360@hi.ft.hse.nl
Zibi - Flying Cows Inc.                         redakcja@gazetatargowa.pl
Zig - Floppy                                    zigcoder@kki.net.pl
Ziggy - ex-Faith                                ziggy@netcologne.de
Zik - Craze                                     zik@craze.nu
Zike - C & Z                                    Zike@c64.org
Zila - Fade Studio (Music Group)                djzila@rocketmail.com
Zin! - Metallians/Origin/Tz-design              michael@algonet.se
Zinko - Polka Brothers (Northern Palace BBS)    ZiNKO@TRSi.DE
Zippy - Hugi & The Utopians                     demoscener@hotmail.com
Zirco  - Carcass & Storm                        zirco@nycmetro.com
Zito - Zetec                                    zito@gmx.net
                                                or Zito@Amigascne.org
Ziutek - Appendix & Royal                       ziut@kki.net.pl
Znorro - Shape                                  ee41sn@ee.surrey.ac.uk
ZNY - Palace                                    zny@cute.fi
Zodiac - TSK                                    pegasus@bbs.iddc.via.at
Zodiac - Flash Inc.                             md3hfk@mdstud.chalmers.se
Zoid - Abnormal (MusicGroup)                    zoid@abnormal-music.org
Zoltrix - Faction, Lightforce & Trsi            ZOLLY@DIAL.PIPEX.COM
Zone - Nerve Axis                               zone@dial.pipex.com
Zoo - CLS                                       zooo@freemail.c3.hu
Zooley - Contract                               zooley@mail.datanet.hu
Zoon - Silicon                                  zoon@alpes-net.fr
Zorb - HT                                       jonas.petersson@hyperisland.se
Zorka19 - Psb                                   zorka19@puma.tu.koszalin.pl
Zorlac - G*P ATTacker                           lars@etoy.com
Zozo - PoWeR Team                               zozo_pwr@FREEMAIL.C3.HU
Zteel - Diffusion (PC)                          rvc@downstairs.dk
Zulu - Ex-Rebels                                vogel@ba-loerrach.de
Zuulkuul - Embassy                              lauri.ahonen@pp.inet.fi
Zygote                                          d.roden@plymouth.ac.uk
Zynx - ArcEmpire                                ehagen@inmet.com
Zynx (Mitwinter Party Mainorganizer)            tobias.ander@amiga-cg.se
Zyron - F4CG, Nostalgia, Oxsid, Planetary       zyron@algonet.se
Zytech - The Exterminators                      Zytech@gmx.net
Zzap - Noice                                    toblerone77@hotmail.com
                                                or zzap@hem.passagen.se


                                ::  :::  ::
                                 :: ::: ::

         _________________ /                             _______________
      _________   s  ╖  c  ╖  e  ╖  n  ╖  e  ╖  t            ______
     / ___     \           _________    ________  _________ /     /c&r.
 .---\ \ /_____/---------//  __     \--/        \/  __     \\    /-------.
 |    \           ______/    \/_____/    __         \/_____/             |
 |           _    \/                     \/                     __       |
 `-----------/             /-------------/      /-----------/   \/-------'
     _______/    \\_______/             /______/           /           \
    /             \                                        \            \
   /              /                                #28      \____________\
  /              /    _____________________
 /______________/                         /_____________________
                                         //                     \\_____


 ----------------------[ SCENISH GROUP HOMEPAGES ]--------------------

100% Group                               http://home.pages.de/~1oo 
Abnormal (MusicGroup)                    http://www.abnormal-music.org 
Absence Group (PC)                       http://www.silesia.ternet.pl/~shadow/absence.htm 
Absense Group (Atari)                    http://www.netwave.de/users/stallion/index.html 
Absolute Group                           http://www.adt.base.org/Fabs/ 
Abuse Group                              http://www.sci.fi/~lagers 
Abyss Group                              http://www.abyss.home.ml.org 
ACiDdRiP (gfx group)                     http://come.to/aciddrip 
Accession Group                          http://www.megabaud.fi/~lennu/ 
ACF Design Team (Atari)                  http://rzserv2.fh-lueneburg.de:8080/ 
Acme Group                               http://www.acme.scene.org 
Action Group Memorial Page               http://www.members.xoom.com/dubiOus/ 
Addict Group (PC)                        http://www.lut.fi/~piiraine/ 
Adrenaline Group (Atari)                 http://www.cyber-espace.com/mangue/ 
Aggression Group (Atari)                 http://www.sci.fi/~poppa/aggro.htm 
Agony Group                              http://www.rby.hk-r.se/~pt96bto 
Alpha Flight 1970 Group (c64)            http://www.fly.to/the_flight_society 
Ambrosia Group                           http://www.home5.inet.tele.dk/mikkelbs/ 
Amphibic Entertainment Group             http://www.amphibic.com 
Anaconda Group                           http://www.robin.no/~kRYTEC 
Anadune Group                            http://www.anadune.optimus.wroc.pl/ 
Analogue Group (PC)                      http://www.analogue.org 
Animal Mine Group (Atari & PC)           http://www.roses.de/~strata/ 
Anthrax Group -PC Cracks-                http://www.anthrax.com 
Anthrox Group                            http://www.anthrox.com 
Antic Group C64                          http://www.antic.c64.org 
Apathy Group                             http://www.home.sn.no/~svgustav/apathy.htm 
Appendix & Psl Groups Site               http://www.appendix.optimus.wroc.pl 
Appendix Group (Amiga)                   http://APPENDIX.ml.org 
Arcane Group C64                         http://www.arkanixlabs.com 
Area 51 Group (Amiga)                    http://web.ukonline.co.uk/s.smith3 
Arf!Studios                              http://ArfStudios.cjb.net 
Artificial People Group                  http://www.hut.fi/~mkalline/ap/ 
Astral Group                             http://astral.scene-hu.com 
Atari Dream Machine (Group)              http://www.netwave.de/users/t_gietschel/ 
Astroidea Group                          http://www.astroidea.scene-hu.com 
AtomiK                                   http://www.extra.hu/atomik 
Aura Group (Atari)                       http://www.brainbug.ch/aura 
Avena Group (Atari)                      http://www.avena.com/ 
Axidental Group (PC)                     http://www.io.org/~andrewm/ 
Balance Group                            http://hem.passagen.se/excelblc/ 
Bamboo MusicGroup                        http://bambooprod.ml.org 
Baroque Group                            http://www.icon.co.za/~gametronix/brq/brqmain.htm 
Beam Group (PC & Music Group)            http://www.home.sol.no/morild/beam 
Beyond Group (PC)                        http://www.mcs.com/~beyond 
Birdhouse Projects Group                 http://www.birdhouseprojects.hypermart.net 
BlaBla Group                             http://blabla.citeweb.net 
Black Maiden Group                       http://privat.schlund.de/blackmaiden/files/ 
Black Rainbow Group (PC)                 http://delta.bay-gyula.hu/~aries/ 
Black Void Group (Amiga & PC)            http://www.aso.edu.stockholm.se/~mp94ahla/ 
Blackbag Group - Nintendo64 stuff        http://www.blackbag.com 
Blockhole Musicgroup                     http://blackhole.interspeed.net 
Blackout Group                           http://fly.cc.fer.hr/~ld/blt.html 
Blacktron Music Production               http://www.d-zign.com/bmp 
Blasphemy Group (PC)                     http://www.blasphemy.dk 
Bomb (PC)                                http://bomb.citeweb.net 
Bonzai Group (PC)                        http://chrom.imbg.ku.dk/bonzai.html 
Broadcast Group                          http://www.daimi.aau.dk/~newton/broadcast.html 
Broken Group                             http://www.iinet.net.au/~hweight/index.html 
Brainlez Coders Group (PC)               http://brainlez.home.ml.org/ 
Brothom States Group                     http://www.brothomStates.scene.org 
Buzz Group                               http://www.buzz.scene.org 
Byte Demo Compo                          http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Dunes/6771/256comp/ 
Byterapers Group                         http://www.byterapers.scene.org/ 
C-Lous Group                             http://www.algonet.se/~egoben/c-lous/index.html 
Calodox Group                            http://www.home.ch/~spaw1004/ 
Capsule Inc Home                         http://www.capsule-inc.org 
Capsule Group                            http://www.rigel.deusto.es/~jarnesto 
Carebears Group (Atari)                  http://hem1.passagen.se/carebear/ 
Carlos Group (PC)                        http://www.nexus.hu/carlos 
Carnage Group                            http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/4500/  
Cdi Group                                http://www.cyber-dreams.netopia.com 
Cellblock4 Recordz - Music, Tools & Chat http://www.Cellblock4Recordz.de 
Centolos Fun House - Centolos Group      http://www.personal.redestb.es/marco 
Chaotic Visions Group (PC)               http://www.logicom.it/personal/Chaotic_visions 
Charlie Brown Records (Music)            http://www.cbr.avnet.it 
Chiparus (PC)                            http://www.home.pi.net/~bluenose 
Chrome Group                             http://chrome.scene-hu.com 
Circle of Tyrants Group (PC)             http://www.alienconnection.demon.nl/s-cot.htm 
Classic - CLS Homepage (PC)              http://abacus.vaciut.elender.hu/CLS/ 
Collapze Group (Atari)                   http://collapze.atari.org 
Complex Group (PC)                       http://www.jyu.fi/complex/ 
Contraz Group                            http://www.cais.net/whisper/ctz/index.html 
Corrosion Group (Amiga)                  http://amigascne.org/corrosion 
Cosmic Pirates Group (Atari)             http://www.scene-central.com 
Craw Productions Group (PC)              http://www.magi.com/~craw/craw.html 
Craze Group                              http://www.craze.nu/ 
Cream Group (Atari)                      http://cream.atari.org 
Creed Group                              http://www.angelfire.com/biz/crd 
Crimson Jihad                            http://members.tripod.com/~Peter_Labos/cj.html 
Cromatics Group                          http://www.cromatics.dk/ 
Crusaders Group                          http://www.crusaders.no/ 
Crux^Bad Karma Groups                    http://www.space.ch/scene/crux/ 
Crystal Group                            http://crystal.home.pages.de 
Cubic & Seen Group (PC)                  http://www.cubic.org/ 
Cybernetics Group (Atari)                http://www.efrei.fr/~jacques/cyber.html 
Cydonia Group (Amiga)                    http://www.ar.com.au/~storm/ 
Cryonics Group                           http://www.hem.passagen.se/cryonics 
Crystalic Group (Atari)                  http://hem.passagen.se/cac 
DAMN Group (Music & PC)                  http://wchat.on.ca/public/archmage 
Damones Group (Amiga)                    http://www.damones.net 
Dawn3                                    http://dawn3.cjb.net 
Da Jormas Group                          http://www.jormas.com 
Da Passive! Group                        http://www.sci.fi/~flo/ 
Darkness Group                           http://www.giga.com.ar/randy/darkness.htm 
Decision Group (Amiga)                   http://www.home.tronet.de/scandic/ 
Darkage Group (Amiga)                    http://www.darkage-amiga.home.ml.org 
Darkness Group                           http://www.giga.com.ar/randy/dks.htm 
Dead Hackers Society (Atari)             http://dhs.atari.org 
Death Parrot Society Group (PC)          http://www.ida.his.se/ida/~a94matpe/r_dps/dps.chtml 
Deathstar Group (PC)                     http://www.nigma.it/deathstar/ 
Defy Group (PC)                          http://www.su.swin.edu.au/~hector/defy.htm 
Delta Force Group (Atari)                http://www.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/~brandtf/ 
Dentifrice Group                         http://www.chez.com/remdy 
Depression Group (Atari)                 http://depression.atari.org 
Depth Group Norway                       http://www.colargol.tihlde.hist.no/~madsjm/depth/ 
Deranged Group                           http://welcome.to/deranged 
Desire Group (PC)                        http://student-kmt.hku.nl/~rene8/dsr/ 
dEUS Group (PC)                          http://Fryni.physics.upatras.gr/~gmanol/ 
Dextrose Group -THE Nintendo64 HOMEPAGE- http://www.dextrose.com 
Dfi (Acorn) Group                        http://www.foobar.co.uk/dialin/utopia/DFI.htm 
Diffusion Group (PC)                     http://www.vision.auc.dk/diffusion/ 
Difteria Group (PC)                      http://www.fut.es/~gbr/difteria.htm 
Digital Corruption Group (Amiga)         http://www.digital-corruption.net/ 
Digital Group                            http:amigascne.org/digital/ 
Digital & Magnetic Fields groups homie   http://www.digitalnx.force9.co.uk 
Digital Chaos Group                      http://www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/6438/ 
Digi Tallis Group (Atari)                http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/6273/ 
Digital Underground Group (PC/C64)       http://www.dug.home.ml.org/ 
Disciples of Ageema - Musicgroup         http://pigforce.warande.net/bgirl 
Down and Under Records (MusicGroup)      http://personal.inet.fi/surf/dau 
Dps Crew (PC)                            http://www.his.se/ida/~a94matpe/r_dps/dps.html 
Drifters Group                           http://www.planete.net/~apagnott/ 
Dual Crew-Shining Group (Official)       http://www.dc-s.com 
Dual Crew-Shining (Amiga & C64)          http://www.hut.fi/~mkolsi/dcs.html 
Eastgate Group (PC)                      http://pancevo.bozic.co.yu/~dm/eastgate/ 
Echo Group (PC)                          http://www.kki.net.pl/echo 
Effect Group (Amiga)                     http://www.xs4all.nl/~radavi/effect/effect.html 
ElectroMotive Force Group (PC)           http://www.niksula.cs.hut.fi/~jmattsso/emf/emf.html 
Embassy Group                            http://www.helsinki.fi/~apjhamal/embassy.html 
Empathy Group                            http://www.iwt.nl/empathy 
Endzeit Group                            http://come.to/endzeit 
Enigma Group (PC)                        http://www.mds.mdh.se/~dal95aam/enigma.htm 
Epical Group (PC)                        http://hoffi.hamkk.fi/~skapanen/epical.htm 
Erratic Group                            http://www.adam.hu/erratic 
Escape Group (Atari)                     http://escape.atari.org 
Ethos 9 (PC)                             http://www.kaoz.org/ethos9 
Ewox Group (PC)                          http://pe049.persbraten.vgs.no/~ewox/ 
Exceed Group                             http://www.inf.bme.hu/~exceed 
Excellence In Art Group (Atari)          http://hem.passagen.se/xia/ 
Excite Group (PC)                        http://www.igaia.ch/excite 
Explizit (PC)                            http://www.explizit.org 
Expulsion Group (PC)                     http://www.upihome.com/expulsion 
Extend Group                             http://www.hepo.cc.lut.fi/~hoikka/Extend/ 
Factor Group                             http://www.hem2.passagen.se/boog/factor/ 
Fade Studios (MusicGroup)                http://www.fade.org 
Fake Group                               http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~d96shade/fake.html 
Fairlight Group (Amiga, PC, C64)         http://www.fairlight.org 
Faith 2000 PC Cracks                     http://www.faith2000.com 
Faith Group (Amiga)                      http://official.faithweb.com 
Fantasy Group (Atari)                    http://www.semaphore.fr/fantasy/ 
Fashion8 Group                           http://www.fashion8.scene.org 
Finesse Group                            http://www.ljusdal.se/~p0013/finesse.html 
Fit Group (PC)                           http://kameli.yok.utu.fi/ 
Five Musicians                           http://www.fm.org 
Fleet Group (PC)                         http://mofile.fi/demog/demo2.htm 
FLiP Group (PC)                          http://www.science.wayne.edu/~cganir/flip.html 
Flood Group                              http://www.home3.inet.tele.dk/svg/flood/index.htm 
Fobia Design Group                       http://www.fd.scene.org 
Food Group (PC)                          http://www.zip.com.au/~gyr 
Forces of Evil (c64)                     http://www.cl.ais.net:80/wrongway 
Frame 18 Group                           http://www.fenyjel.hu/frame18 
Freezers Group                           http://www.free.polbox.pl/f/frsfrs/ 
Frozak Group (PC)                        http://members.xoom.com/frozak 
Fudge (PC)                               http://www.inet.uni-c.dk/~solon 
Fun Group                                http://www.freenet.hamilton.on.ca/~ah765/Profile.html 
Fun Group (Atari)                        http://www.xs4all.nl/~bonus/ 
Future Crew (PC)                         http://www.mpoli.fi/~fc/ 
Gardner                                  http://www.gardner.z.pl 
Gemini, Blackhole & Abnormal Group       http://www.gemini.bhangra.net 
Generation X Cracks                      http://www.members.xoom.com/twaddlenow/files.htm 
Giants Group (Amiga)                     http://www.hem.passagen.se/hawkgts/giants.html 
Gigatron Group                           http://www.hgs.se/~kp95nks/gt/gigatron.html 
Gollum Group (PC)                        http://www.nano.no/~espeng/gollum/ 
Grabule                                  http://members.xoom.com/grabule 
Grashoppers Development Group (Amiga)    http://www.huizen.dds.nl/~nakeda 
Gods Homepage -Olympe- (Amiga & PC)      http://www.idf.net/gods/ 
Green Group (PC)                         http://studwww.rug.ac.be/~svvooren 
Grif                                     http://arrabonet.gyor.hu/~rattgrif 
Grotesque Group (PC)                     http://members.xoom.com/grotesque 
Halcyon Group                            http://www.halcyon.scene.org 
Haujobb Group (Amiga & PC)               http://www.plinge.com/sixpack 
Headache Project Group (Atari)           http://www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/way/8171 
Headcrash Group (PC)                     http://members.xoom.com/hcr 
Headsoft Group                           http://www.onelist.com 
Hitmen Group                             http://hitmen-psx.ml.org 
Hoonoo Group                             http://perso.club-internet.fr/ppacheco/honoo/index.html 
Horizontal Lamerz (Amiga)                http://members.xoom.com/horizontal 
Hydroxid Group (Atari)                   http://www.imaginet.fr/~arto/ 
Icebird (Acorn) Group                    http://www.germany.net/teilnehmer/100,160485/ 
Ihana Group                              http://www.sci.fi/~flo/ 
IlliCiT Group (PC)                       http://fbma.tuwien.ac.at/~e9225889/illicit.html 
Immortals Group (PC)                     http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/4443/ 
Impact Dk - The Amiga Scene Homepage     http://www.hjem.get2net.dk/Impact 
Imponance Group (Atari)                  http://wombat.ludvika.se/ 
Impulse Group (Amiga)                    http://members.tripod.com/~Peter_Labos/ims.html 
Impulse Group (Atari)                    http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~d4reine/imp_hp.html 
Infuse                                   http://www.infuse.org 
Insane Group                             http://www.ping.be/~pin10450/index.html 
Insomnia Group (PC)                      http://door.hookon.be/~pecosman/Insomnia/insomnia.html 
Inter Group (Atari)                      http://www.inka.de/~samurai/inter.html 
Interactive Group                        http://www.rz.uni-frankfurt.de/~fxwvs315/interactive 
IPIR Group (Atari)                       http://ipir.home.ml.org/ 
IRIS Group (Amiga)                       http://www.home3.inet.tele.dk/barkholt/index.html 
Ivanopulo Cracks (PC)                    http://www.artcon.ru/cracks/ 
Jam Group (PC)                           http://www.pcug.org.au/~adc/jampage.htm 
Jay Group + International Rave Betas     http://surf.to/musicstation 
JustUs Group (PC)                        http://huizen.nhkanaal.nl/~justus/ 
Kangooroo                                http://members.tripod.com/~Peter_Labos/kng.html 
Keso Group                               http://www.welcome.to/keso 
Kinetic Group (PC)                       http://www.hut.fi/~ksaarila/ 
Kinky Group                              http://amigascne.org/kinky 
Klaxon Group                             http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/8722/ 
Kloon Group (PC)                         http://www.kloon.dyadel.net 
Kolor Group                              http://kaoz.org/kolor 
Koma                                     http://www.hut.fi/~vrantane 
Kosmic Free Music Foundation (PC)        http://www.kosmic.org 
Kvark Group (PC)                         http://home.sol.no/~titane 
Kyd Group                                http://www.kyd.scene.org 
Label Zero Group                         http://labelzero.pganet.com 
Latex Group                              http://www.latex.fsn.net 
Lazer Group (Atari)                      http://stud1.tuwien.ac.at/~e9327376/harald.htm 
Legend Design (PC)                       http://www.demoscene.nacamar.de/groups/LD/index.html 
Les Shadock Group (Amiga)                http://www.perso.wanadoo.fr/ck/Amiga.html 
Less Music Productions                   http://freespace.virgin.net/mark.dunn/index.htm 
Level-D                                  http://www.level-d.com 
Leviathan                                http://www.ews.uiuc.edu/~ajcarlso 
Lightstorm Inc. Group                    http://www.snafu.de/~ray/ 
Lightforce Group                         http://www.thelightforce.home.ml.org 
Lime Group (PC)                          http://www.scene.de 
Limited Edition Group                    http://www.led.org 
Loonies Group                            http://www.loonies.home.ml.org 
Lost Patrol Group (PC)                   http://www.lostpatrol.home.ml.org 
Luzak Team Group (Atari)                 http://venus.amu.edu.pl/~karvatka/_main_.html 
Mad Virgin Group                         http://www.bozic.co.yu/~teorist/mv/ 
Mandula                                  http://www.inf.bme.hu/~mandula 
Maniacs Group - Exotica Homie            http://exotica.amigascne.org/ 
Manitou Group                            http://www.stud2.tuwien.ac.at/~e9526353/hp2/welcome.html 
Matrix (Acorn) Group                     http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~jahn/ 
Maximum Group                            http://amigascne.org/mxm 
Maximum Group                            http://www.maximum.demon.nl/ 
Melcom - Nebula & Hoax Arts              http://www.center-nebula.com/melcom 
Melon Design Group                       http://www.citeweb.net/melon/ 
Members of Progress (Music Group)        http://www2.arnes.si/~ljrzzoelj3/progress/ 
Mephisto                                 http://www.chez.com/shiva 
Microcracks Group                        http://www.angelfire.com/ms/microcracks/ 
Milk                                     http://milk.sgic.fi 
MiND Design Group (Atari)                http://www.algonet.se/~deez/ 
Mindkiller Systems Group                 http://www.mindkiller.rcc.se 
Mode XiX Group (PC)                      http://www.netforward.com/audiophile/?jotun 
mono211/monotonik homepage               http://www.mono211.com 
Moottori Group                           http://www.moottori.scene.org 
Mushroom Brothers Group (PC)             http://surf.to/mushroom 
Mystic Group Homepage                    http://amigascne.org/mystic 
Nah-Kolor Group                          http://www.nah.dom.pl 
Napalm Consoles Group                    http://napalm.intelient.com  
Nature Group Homepage (Atari)            http://nature.atari.org 
Nature Group (C64 & Amiga)               http://move.to/nature 
Neithernor Group (PC)                    http://www.neithernor.org 
n-faCToR Group (PC)                      http://www.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE/~bexxx/ 
Nerve Axis Group (Amiga)                 http://www.dspace.dial.pipex.com/zone/ 
Nevermind Group                          http://www.members.xoom.com/nvm 
New Beat Group (Atari)                   http://www.kuai.se/~dhedberg/ 
New Millennium Disciples (christian grouphttp://come.to/christianz 
Nogsf                                    http://www.saers.com/~nogsf 
Noice Group                              http://www.ts.umu.se/~gnilk/ 
N.o.i.s.e (PC)                           http://www.noisemusic.org 
Nologic Group (PC)                       http://nologic.home.pages.de 
New Core Group (Atari)                   http://hem1.passagen.se/newcore/ 
NeXT Group (Atari)                       http://wwwperso.hol.fr/~mpointie/ 
Nhl Group                                http://www.amigaonly.ahol.com/NHL 
Nico                                     http://geecs.org/~nico 
No Crew Group (Atari)                    http://www.nocrew.pp.se/ 
No Fear Productions (Music Group)        http://www.hjem.get2net.dk/fasix/n4p/ 
Nocturnal Group (PC)                     http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/4934/ 
Noon Group (PC)                          http://perso.club-internet.fr/nooon/ 
Nostalgia Group (PC)                     http://pitel_lnx.ibk.fnt.hvu.nl/~therew/Nostalgia 
Nothing Group                            http://www.nothing.scene.org 
Nuance Group (Amiga)                     http://nuance.home.pages.de/ 
Obscene Group                            http://www.home3.swipnet.se/~w-31404/obscene.htm 
Offence Group                            http://www.privat.swol.de/AndreasSchneider/ 
One Group Homepage                       http://www.users.one.se/alvar 
Oops! Group                              http://www.oops.in.nl 
Oranje Juice                             http://citeweb.net/~ojuice 
Oxyron Homepage (Amiga)                  http://www.microdata.de/user/michael 
Padua Group Homepage                     http://www.padua.org/ 
Panda Group                              http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/7587/ 
Paradox Consoles                         http://www.paradogs.com 
Pandemia Group (Musicgroup)              http://listen.to/pandemia 
Paranoia Group (Atari) (by Mr Future)    http://hem1.passagen.se/mrfuture/ 
Paranoia Group (Atari) (by Paranoid)     http://www.uni-mainz.de/~heuno000 
Paranoids Group (PC)                     http://www.modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~esap/paranoids/paranoids.html 
Paranormal Group                         http://www.pommi.eu.org/pdg/ 
Parenthesis Group (PC)                   http://parenthesis.isCool.net 
Phoenix Group (PC)                       http://www.bastad.se/~jonatan/phoenix/ 
Persistence of Vision Group (Atari)      http://www.fatal-design.com/pov/ 
PHF Group                                http://www.homeusers.prestel.co.uk/phf/ 
phase^D. - Music Homepage                http://pigforce.warande.net/phd  
phokuz Group                             http://www.phokuz.scene.org 
Phuture 303 Group                        http://www.user.tninet.se/~nbf690v/ 
Poise Records (Music Group)              http://www.Poise-records.home.ml.org 
Popsy Team Group (Atari)                 http://popsyteam.rtel.fr/boub 
Pow                                      http://home.sol.no/~tskara 
Powerline Group                          http://www.theend.net/~mdr/pwl/ 
Prime Group (PC)                         http://modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~prime 
PTC Mirror                               http://www.scene.org/ptc/ 
PSRC Group (PC)                          http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/3871/ 
PSW (c64)                                http://www.tbaytel.net/macbth 
Pulse Group                              http://www.mygale.org/03/ace 
Purple Group (PC)                        http://www.diku.dk/students/purple 
Puzzle Group                             http://www.home7.inet.tele.dk/pzl/ Puzzle 
Pyrodex Group                            http://www.i.am/pyrodex 
Quad Group (PC)                          http://www.quad98.net 
Quantum (Acorn) Group                    http://www.sidonie.imag.fr/AcornDemos/Qtm/ 
Quartex Group                            http://www.giga.com.ar/randy/qtxmain.htm 
Radical Rhythms                          http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/merrelli/rr 
Rage Group                               http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~d3mikael/rage.html 
Ram Jam Group Homepage                   http://www.ramjam.org 
Ram Jam Group                            http://www.algheronet.it/ramjam/ 
Rave Network Overscan Homie              http://www.amigascne.org/rno/ 
Razor 1911 Group                         http://www.laric.com/razor/index.htm 
Raybiez PC Cracks                        http://www.come.to/rbz98/ 
Real Group                               http://www.tu-harburg.de/~seog0111/real.html 
Real Illusions Design Website            http://pages.vossnet.de/rid/ 
Reality Group                            http://www.et-phone.home.ml.org/ 
RealTech Group                           http://www.realtech.scene.org 
Reaver Tong                              http://www.members.tripod.com/~Reaver_Tong/Reaver_Tong.html 
Rebels Group                             http://www.uib.no/people/oodkr/Rebels/index.htm 
Rebound Group                            http://rbd.ml.org 
Regression Therapy Group (Atari)         http://muguk.atari.org 
Replay Group (PC)                        http://www.torget.se/users/g/gooofy/ 
Reservoir Gods Group (Atari)             http://rg.atari.org/ 
Resource Group (C64)                     http://c64.rulez.org/resource/ 
Retro 64 (c64) Group                     http://www.compmore.net/~chambers/retrop~1.htm 
Rhyme                                    http://rhyme.scene-hu.com 
RiOT Group (PC)                          http://www.borg-graz.ac.at/~riot/ 
Rod                                      http://www.inf.bme.hu/~rod 
Ruff Engine                              http://members.xoom.com/ruff_engine 
S2 Group                                 http://www.dra.nl/~macron 
Sapphire Group                           http://www.home.sn.no/~escarlse/sapphire.html 
Scoopex Group Worldwide Web Page         http://www.Amigascne.org/Scoopex 
Scoopex Homie no.2                       http://www.angelfire.com/ok/scoopex/ 
Sector One Group (Atari)                 http://www.mygale.org/01/sct1/ 
Sector 5 Group                           http://www.freestyle.ceti.com.pl/sector5/ 
Senior Dads Group (Atari)                http://grelb.src.gla.ac.uk:8000/~mjames/senior/ 
SenSeR`s Hideout (Atari)                 http://www.mygale.org/11/senser/ 
SEPTIC Productions Group (PC)            http://www.kiss.uni-lj.si/~k4ef0755/index.htm 
Session Group                            http://www.algonet.se/~psy-ssn/index.html 
Shining^8 memorial page                  http://www.user.baden-online.de/~vrockenb/ 
Shock! Group                             http://www.freeside.elte.hu/~tarby/shock.htm 
Silicon Group                            http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Park/2814/ 
Singularity Group (PC)                   http://www.brewman.com/singularity 
Sirius Cybernetics Corp. Group (Atari)   http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uno4/ 
Skytech Team                             http://Skytech.cjb.net 
Smellon Design Group                     http://www.dra.nl/~smellon 
Sonique Group                            http://www.sonique.scene.org 
Spaceballs Group                         http://www.arnold.hiof.no/~spb/ 
Spirou & Cuddley Productions Group       http://www.members.xoom.com/yuri_g/SC/SC.htm 
Spooky Fellows Group                     http://www.sgol.it/amiga/tsf.html 
Spreadpoint Group                        http://www.spreadpoint.com 
Stax Group (Atari)                       http://stio1.sari.fh-wuerzburg.de/student/i381/ 
Stellar Group                            http://www.saunalahti.fi/~stellar/stellar.html 
Steps of Change Group                    http://www.dtvm31.demon.co.uk/soc/ 
ST Knights Group (Atari)                 http://stknights.atari.org 
Stoned Brain Records (MusicGroup)        http://sbr.home.ml.org 
Storm Group (c64)                        http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/2914/ 
Style Group                              http:amigascne.org/style 
Style Group (c64)                        http://www.style64.org 
Success Group (PC)                       http://www.casena.net/~rolando 
Sunshine Productions                     http://www.ssp.campus.luth.se 
Sunflex Inc. Group                       http://www.hrz.uni-paderborn.de/~q29689/tk 
Superstars Group                         http://www.chipmusic.nu/superstars/ 
Supplex Group                            http://www.supplex.com 
Supremacy Group (Atari)                  http://members.tripod.com/~supremacy_atari/ 
Surround Group                           http://www.listen.to/srd/ 
Suspect Group homepage                   http://www.kompit.com.pl/joker/sct/ 
Suspect Records (MusicGroup)             http://www.tande.com/sr 
Suspend Group                            http://www.optimus.wroc.pl/Frappid/ 
Sync Group (Atari)                       http://www.lysator.liu.se/~celeborn/sync  
Synergy Group                            http://www.wkweb4.cableinet.co.uk/synapse/ 
Syntax Group                             http://www.home.sol.no/~stgenius/index.html 
Talent Group                             http://www.pvv.unit.no/~pallo/talent/ 
taQuart Group (Atari)                    http://calia.daewoo.lublin.pl/~nic0/klub.html 
Team Hoi Group                           http://www.stampede.demon.nl/ 
Teenage Group (Atari)                    http://tnh.atari.org 
Teklords Group                           http://www.geocities.com/~teklords 
The Black Lotus Group                    http://www.tbl.org 
The Experience Group                     http://www.smug.adelaide.edu.au/~davew/TheExperience/ 
The Exterminators Group                  http://www.exterminate.home.ml.org 
FIND HERE YOUR PC *CRACK*/SERIAL NUMBER  http://www.hackers-supply.com/exterminate/ 
The Fun Factory Group                    http://www.mtesz.hu/glowl/c1/tff 
The Jormas Group                         http://www.jormas.com/ 
The Lightforce Group                     http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/flats/2042/amiga.html 
The Lost Souls                           http://www.tls.no 
The P.H.F. Group (Atari)                 http://www2.prestel.co.uk/phf/ 
The Silents DK Group                     http://www.home3.inet.tele.dk/master! 
The Sirius Cybernetics Corp. (Atari)     http://tscc.atari.org 
The Spooky Fellows Group                 http://www.sgol.it/amiga/tsf.html 
The Xperience (Acorn) Group              http://www.stud.uni-hannover.de/~bcl/Xperience/ 
Theralite Group                          http://theralite.ml.org 
TheREW                                   http://home.wxs.nl/~therew 
THP Group                                http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/6517 
TiLDE Group (PC)                         http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/6171/tilde.html 
Tokyo Dawn Records Group (Music Group)   http://www.tdr.scene.org 
Tokyo Dawn Records Group (Music Group)   http://www.kaoz.org/tdr 
Total Deliverance Group                  http://www.dlv1997.home.ml.org/ 
Total Disaster                           http://www.totaldisaster.w.pl 
Toxic Cracks                             http://www.heph.chaosnet.nu/~toxic/ 
TOYS Group (Atari)                       http://toys.atari.org 
TPOLM Group                              http://www.tpolm.scene.org 
Trauma Group (PC)                        http://sauna.net/trauma 
Trebel Group (PC)                        http://www.trebel.org/ 
Triflex Design & Scandinavia             http://www.come.to/triflex/ 
Trinity Demo & Music Group               http://listen.to/trinity 
Trisomic Development Group (Atari)       http://www.iut-orsay.fr/~e5172/trisomic_development.html 
Triumph Group                            http://www.triumph.no/ 
TRSI Group                               http://www.trsi.de/ 
TRSI Fame & /X Innovation                http://www.trsi.de/inno/ 
TRSI Recordz Poland                      http://www.arra.com.pl/deejay/trsirecordz.htm 
TS Group                                 http://www2.hawaii.edu/~myee 
Tuhb Group (PC)                          http://www.tuhb.org 
Tulou Group                              http://www.canit.se/~todi/tulou.html 
Tulou Group                              http://www.canit.se/~todi/tulou/index.html 
U-Foes Group (Atari)                     http://hem2.passagen.se/sonorou/ 
UltraBeat                                http://www.innerverse.com/ub 
Underground Empire (PC)                  http://www.ue.home.pages.de 
Underground Tracker Scene (music homep)  http://www.overflow.scene.org/uts/ 
Un(F)iX Group                            http://www.unfix.org 
United Trackers (MusicGroup)             http://united-trackers.org 
Universe Group (PC)                      http://www.chat.ru/~unv 
Urinate Group                            http://www.automex.hu/urinate 
Valhalla Group (PC)                      http://www.brad.ac.uk:80/~jestorer/index.html 
Venom Group (c64)                        http://members.xoom.com/c64venom/NOFRAMES.HTM 
Venus Art Team                           http://www.dedal.man.szczecin.pl/~calf/venus_art.html 
Vertical Syndicate hp (vrt)              http://web.iol.cz/vertical 
Vibrants MusicGroup                      http://www.vibrants.dk 
Vivid                                    http://www.klangstabil.com/vivid 
Void Group (PC)                          http://www.cs.utwente.nl/~engeland/ 
Wain                                     http://zevs.ifi.ntnu.no/~frankwer/gfx/gfx.htm 
Ward Group                               http://www.home2.swipnet.se/~w-20762/ward/ 
Warp 9 (Group)                           http://www.w9.org 
Way-x Group (PC)                         http://www.digitalprojects.com/way-x 
Whelpz Group (Amiga)                     http://www.kki.net.pl/whelpz 
Wildfire Group (Atari)                   http://www.canit.se/~baggio/wf.htm 
WRC Group (Atari)                        http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/1576/ 
Xmen Group                               http://members.xoom.com/powah 
X-tREk Group                             http://xtrek.cjb.net 
XeNoGenesis Group (PC)                   http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/4440/ 
Xography Group (PC)                      http://rzstud1.rz.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uke4/ 
Xtensive Group (PC)                      http://www.firemedia.de/xts/ 
Xylem Group (PC)                         http://sub-zero.mit.edu/loki/xylem.html 
Yes Group (Atari)                        http://capybara.sk-pttsc.lj.edus.si/yescrew/ 
Yoe Group (PC)                           http://www.actcom.co.il/~eshet/yoe/yoe.htm 
Zenon Group                              http://tlti.tokem.fi/~ttohe/zenon.html 
Zero Defects Group                       http://zerodefects.babylonet.com/ 
Zero - Extend                            http://www.hepo.cc.lut.fi/~hoikka/ 
Zoon - Silicon                           http://www.chez.com/zoon 
Zor`s Crack Links - good for PC cracks!  http://www.zor.org 


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[--------------------[ HOMEPAGES FROM/ABOUT SCENE PERSONS]--------------------]

Aboy -  D-eyes                           http://www.d-eyes.jpte.hu 
Acorn demos & scene infos                http://www.sidonie.imag.fr/AcornDemos 
Adagio                                   http://www.adagio.home.pages.de 
Adt - Absolute                           http://adt.base.org
Aln! - Appendix + Mawi                   http://www.tempus.ii.uni.wroc.pl/~aln 
An Cool (Atari)                          http://home.earthlink.net/~chhome/ 
Andy - Nuance & Sympathy                 http://members.aol.com/mcandy1/index.htm 
Alta - ex-Rbs & ex-Tsl                   http://www.torget.se/users/p/PabloE/scene.html 
Alvin - Outlaws                          http://www.come.to/alvins 
Android -ex Three Little Elks            http://www.mdstud.chalmers.se/~md6jk  
Andy - Nuance (Amiga), Sympathy (PC)     http://www.members.aol.com/mcandy2/index.htm 
Ant - Strange Intelligence               http://www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/way/1942/ 
Apollo - Hypnotic                        http://www.hypnotic.de 
Apollon - Giants                         http://www.hjem.get2net.dk/apollon 
Arcane - Royal & DC                      http://www.ifi.uio.no/~oysteis 
Aries - Black Rainbow & Castrum Dolories http://www.abacus.scene-hu.com/~aries 
Armoric - Arm`sTech                      http://www.sidonie.imag.fr/elisei 
Arn                                      http://fps.rulez.org 
Aron - Contract                          http://www.vein.hu/~gombasa 
Artie - Embassy                          http://www.usti.cz/artie 
Artifex - Complex                        http://www.evitech.fi/~henrijl/ 
Atx - Chrome . Label Zero                http://www.labelzero.pganet.com/atx 
Awg - 4 Amigos                           http://www.uni-koblenz.de/~awginf 
b (nup!) - DCS                           http://www.come.to/pappy/ 
Bad Peon - Underground Empire            http://www.i.am/badlands 
Bakerman - Depth                         http://www.image.dk/~kasperh 
Barog - Napalm, Tesko & Nothing          http://barog.webjump.com/psx 
Bartman - Abyss                          http://www.abyss-online.cx 
Bass-Cadet - Phd, Emb, Ww, Yle, Mgd, Dvs http://www.basscadet.home.ml.org/ 
Beam - Strange Intelligence              http://www.home.htwm.de/flindema/s1/index.html 
Bert - Criminal Gang                     http://www.cab.u-szeged.hu/~jzp2106/jzp2106.html 
Black Dragon - Hoonoo & Limited Edition  http://perso.club-internet.fr/ppacheco/honoo/index.html 
Black - Twilight                         http://www.s-sser.lj.edus.si/tpetric 
Blunt - Grashoppers & Talent             http://www.noord.bart.nl/~coolio 
Boheme - Bombsquad, Style & 2000Ad       http://www.evitech.fi/~anssitj 
Bombe - Smash Designs                    http://www.bombe.home.pages.de 
Boo - Talent (PC) & Spaceballs (ami)     http://www.home.sn.no/~uldahl 
Brewman                                  http://www.brewman.com/evoke98 
Budda - Progress                         http://www.fly.to/BuddasWurld 
Buster - Augwi                           http://www.members.xoom.com/amihardhacks/index.html 
Buzz - Buzzami                           http://www.huizen.dds.nl/~uc2_ins/buzzami.htm 
C-Frog - Nature                          http://www.algonet.se/~sgp/ 
Carebear - Orange                        http://www.scene.org/~carebear 
Chaos - Desire                           http://www.snafu.de/~primel 
Chavez - Faith                           http://www.listen.to/chavez 
Chrisman                                 http://www.starmag.8m.com 
Coke - Hellfire                          http://hem2.passagen.se/cokehf/ 
Colorbird (ex-Scoopex)                   http://www.target.se/ia/europa.htm 
Conan - Rebels                           http://www.datashopper.dk/nclarke 
Count Dan's Website: Dan's House         http://www.danshouse.de.cx 
Craft - Pangalaktik Agency               http://www.pganet.com/craft 
Cranx - Rhyme                            http://www.biosys.net/cranx 
Creon - Contortion                       http://www.pt.hk-r.se/~pt96bka/index.html 
Crude                                    http://www.2577.telia.com/~u257700041 
Crusader - Hellfire                      http://www.hem2.passagen.se/crusse/ 
Cyberfish - The Lost Souls (PC)          http://www.idb.hist.no/~torbjorv/aquarium/aquarium.html 
Cycleburner - Contex & Megastyle Prod.   http://www.cycleburner.c64.org 
Dake - Caladox                           http://www.omedia.ch/pages/dake/ 
Dave - Phymosys                          http://come.to/davecorner 
Danaxe - Independant                     http://www.tcp.co.uk/~danaxe 
Darkman - Triumph                        http://www.ifi.uio.no/~oyvindfa/Triumph 
Darkwing - Element                       http://www.inet.uni-c.dk/darkwing/ 
DaVinci - Ice & Phrozen Crew (PC)        http://davinci.ice.org 
Deadbeat - The Sharks                    http://www.stekt.oulu.fi/~mysti/the_sharks 
Deaf_Rid - Phonetics                     http://musik.freepage.de/deaf_aid/ 
Deltaray - Indi                          http://www.home.t-online.de/home/deltaray/ 
Demol - Tazadum                          http://tazadum.cjb.net 
Demolition (PC)                          http://www.cyberway.com.sg/~nickybay/demo.htm 
Dep - Dfx                                http://www.canit.se/~dep 
Develin - Oops!                          http://www.alfaskop.net/~develin 
Digger - IRIS                            http://www.free.polbox.pl/d/digger2 
Digisnap - Matrix                        http://www.user.cs.tu-berlin/~digisnap 
Dire - Eremation                         http://www.barbat.de 
dIS - Nukleus                            http://www.algonet.se/~diss 
Dixy - High Quality Models               http://www.hqm.base.org 
Dj Mellow Noise - Ex-Infect              http://www.mellow.de 
Dmaster - Commodore Fan Club Japan       http://www.ctc.Amiga.co.jp 
Doomsday (PC)                            http://www.lut.fi/~piiraine/doomsday 
Dr.Avalanche                             http://privat.schlund.de/avalanche 
Dr.Awesome - Crusaders                   http://www.lynnemusic.com 
Dr. Ice - Seasons                        http://www.barentsnett.no/~kaarej 
Dr. Zoom aka The NetPirate - ATL, Rebels http://www.profzone.ch-products/dt     
Dragon - Incal & HF (Brainfart mag)      http://www.brainfart.home.ml.org 
Dweezil - Complex (PC) & Cncd            http://www.evitech.fi/~marks 
Easy Rider - Mystic (Io3)                http://www.medianet.com.pl/~abfri 
Edo - Astral                             http://w3.externet.hu/~edo 
Elector - Nps                            http://www.image.dk/~elector/ 
Energie - Inmotion                       http://www.d-eyes.jpte.hu/~holdfeny/ 
Engine - ex-Dream Sequencer              http://www.organisationen.fucepage.de/d-s/ 
Eric Lyden - Komplex (PC)                http://www.scene.org/~carebear/music/ 
Erno - Absolute                          http://www.nexus.hu/ern0 
Ervin - Abaddon                          http://www.sch.bme.hu/~ervin 
eVRIMSSON - Nuance, CC98 organizer       http://www.wwx.home.pages.de 
Fantastronicum - Amicas                  http://www.amicas.at 
Fishwave - Scoopex - Seenpoint homie     http://www.home.t-online.de/home/fishwave/ 
Fletch - Ex-S8                           http://www.d3.net/film 
Fndr - sOOnik clique                     http://users.one.se/fender 
Franky - Crux & Badkarma (Symposium'97)  http://www.uc2.unicall.be/franky/symposium 
Freak - Mad Virgin                       http://www.SOLAIR.EUnet.yu/~freak/ 
Fred - Legin & Ztockers                  http://karkza.just.nu 
Gato - ex Impulse                        http://www.tvnet.hu/~gato 
Geist & Gern Homepage                    http://www.home.worldnet.fr/geist/ 
Generic - Exact                          http://d-eyes.jpte.hu/~generic 
Gnu - ACiDdRiP                           http://hem.passagen.se/gnugfx 
Goblin- X-Tatic                          http://www.hello.to/gobz 
Grace - Nuance                           http://www.autos.cs.Tu-Berlin.de/~grace 
Gravedancer - Desaster, Protest, Neutron http://i.am/gravedancer 
Ground Zero - Amicas                     http://www.amicas.at 
Grza - Desire                            http://www.cosmicfly.de 
Guild (PC)                               http://www.execpc.com/~inc/ 
Guybrush - Hydrogen                      http://www.goliat.eik.bme.hu/~korn/ 
h7 - Hirmu, Karma, F00d, SOS & Zymosis   http://www.come.to/johnoasis 
Hanx - Urinate & Label Zero              http://labelzero.pganet.com/hanx 
Hardfire - Spaceballs                    http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/5984 
Heatwave - Depth                         http://amigascne.org/~heatwave 
Hotline's Elitendo/Elite homepage        http://www.web.inter.NL.net/users/Sledge.hm/ 
Hp - Micropyle                           http://www.klte.hu/~hamzap 
Humphrey - Centolos                      http://www.redestb.es/personal/humphrey 
Hunz & Wayfinder                         http://www.kosmic.org/members/wayfinder/ 
HybridX - Amphibic Entertainment         http://listen.to/hybridx 
Hydra - Insane & (former) Dd author      http://www.vaala.fi/~hydra 
Hydra - Lsd                              http://www.homepages.force9.net/dsltd 
I-go - The Black Lotus                   http://www.thies.net 
I/o's Demo Group Links                   http://www.hi-net.or.jp/~lordjr/links.htm 
Icarus - Trsi, Lightforce & Fusion       http://www.members.xoom.com/lfc1987 
Icebreaker - Depth                       http://amigascne.org/~icebreaker 
Illegal - Virtual Crew                   http://www.sch.bme.hu/~illegal 
Infant - Oops!                           http://www.k-power.demon.nl/infant 
Invoker - Maniacs                        http://www.stud.unit.no/~jannilse/ 
Jack - Faque & Strange Intelligence      http://www.home.htmw.de/flindema/ 
Jack Miller                              http://www.Amiga-revolution.8m.com 
Jack - Mirage                            http://www.edu.cs.utwente.nl/~pullens 
Jean - Absolute! & Chromance             http://www.agt.bme.hu/hof/ 
Jerry - Rebels                           http://www.home.sol.no/~jerry 
Jerry - Rebels modulepage                http://www.home.sol.no/~jerry/Mod/ 
Jimbeam - Real!                          http://www.mgeocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/8307/ 
Joe Foster - STA                         http://ludens.elte.hu/~sta 
Jogeir Liljedahl archive                 http://www.colargol.tihlde.hist.no/~madsjm/mod/jogeir/ 
Jugi - Complex                           http://www.math.jyu.fi/~jusaka/ 
Juhani Front                             http://home.icon.fi/~front/ 
Julius + Kinet - Rebound                 http://rbd.ml.org/julius 
K.Ylikulju                               http://www.think.scene.org 
Kalikone - Nuance & Fun                  http://www.home.ch/~spaw1173 
Kaosmaster - Rebels                      http://www.atmedia.it/KAOS 
Karo - Kns,Spx,Extensors & Steelsub      http://www.artcom.de/~karo/ 
Kei - Carnage                            http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/4500/ 
Kingpin	- former sysop of Checkpoint BBS http://www.kingping.com   
Klumpa - Deefuse                         http://www.extra.hu/deefuse 
KSL - The Smirnoff Squad                 http://antiq.pganet.com/~ksl 
Larsen - TNG Team                        http://www.nexus.hu/larsen 
Leo                                      http://www.compsoc.net/~leo 
Lgb - Digital Creatures                  http://www.hal.vein.hu/~lgb 
Leonard - Oxygene (Atari)                http://www.mygale.org/09/leonard/ 
lORD - kANGoOROo, cRiMSOn jiHAd          http://members.tripod.com/~Peter_Labos 
Lothar Fjano - Black Rainbow & Graveyard http://www.bay-gyula.hu/~fjano 
Lutra - Indi                             http://www.tigress.com/lutra/ 
Lxk - Indi                               http://www.cbm.notrix.de 
M-Plant - Hellfire                       http://www.members.tripod.com/~M_Plant 
Mad Druid - Powerline                    http://www.theend.net/~mdr/ 
Madd - Mystic                            http://sobieski.ml.org/joker 
Majic Mushroom - Tesko                   http://www.scentral.demon.co.uk 
Marwin - Noice                           http://www.cs.umu.se/~c97ihn 
Mase - Tsf                               http://www.sgol.it/amiga/tsf.html 
Matarazzo - Giants                       http://www.algonet.se/~fregor 
Matt - Scandal                           http://www.ping.de/sites/jetleg 
Maxime - The Spooky Fellows              http://www.sgol.it/amiga/tsf.html 
Mayumi - Commodore Fan Club Japan        http://www.gcoj.com 
Maz                                      http://www.fh-zwickau.de/~maz/ 
Maza - Static Dekadence                  http://www.hyl.hanko.fi/~maza/ 
Mazzachre - X-Stream                     http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/2527/                                          http://www.sgol.it/amiga/main/maxime.html 
Md - Fm & Appelsap (Music Page)          http://www.fm.org/appelsap/ 
Melcom (Music Page)                      http://www.melcom.cjb.net 
Memon - Moppi                            http://www.lpt.fi/~mmononen 
Mindwalker - Suburban Creations          http://www.members.tripod.com/~mindwalkr/home_e.htm 
MM-303 - October+Labs+rendering+corp.    http://www.octlabs.de 
Modem - Darkage                          http://www.sexpicsandpiss.it/modemdkg 
Mordred                                  http://members.tripod.com/~mordreds/ 
mOrPh (Morphey)- ACiDdRiP & NMd & DT     http://come.to/morphey 
Mortimer Twang - Royal                   http://members.xoom.com/ageemanation 
Mrk - Limited Edition (Amiga)            http://hem1.passagen.se/hollmo/mrk 
Mr. Lou - Dewfall Productions            http://www.home7.inet.tele.dk/mr-lou/ 
Mr.l - Renegade                          http://www.frankfurt.germany.net/teilnehmer/100/95077/ 
Mr.Lou - Dewfall Productions             http://www.home7.inet.tele.dk/mr-lou/ 
Msx Snaps                                http://www.pi.net/~blahh/MSX/MSX.html 
Mux                                      http://home.wxs.nl/~mux 
N.r.t.h. - Headcrash & The Utopians      http://perso.club-internet.fr/nrth/ 
Narn - Enlightment                       http://sprite.hupe.hu/multim 
Newlocal - Vip                           http://www.goliat.eik.bme.hu/~newlocal 
Nicko - Twilight & Shelter '97           http://www.home8.inet.tele.dk/nco/ 
Nigel                                    http://www.nigel.dk 
Nik - Ikari                              http://mindkiller.rcc.se 
Nobbie - Defect                          http://www.kki.net.pl/nobbie/ 
Nujack - Amiga Club Leipzig              http://www.private.freepage.de/nujack/index.html 
Nurmi - Indi                             http://www.members.corinthia.com/hvaschauner/ 
Obligator - Dcs Sysop of Filadelfia Bbs  http://www.hut.fi/~mkolsi/ 
Olle Omen - Planet + Jazz + Latex + Crazehttp://hem2.passagen.se/olle 
Omani - Independant                      http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~omani 
OPi - Plastic & PalimyTrafke             abyss.lodz.pdi.net/~opi 
Orbis - Extend                           http://www.lut.fi/~pora 
Otis - Dream4 Music                      http://www.xs4all.nl/~perseus 
Oxygener - Superstars (partyreports etc.)http://hem2.passagen.se/oxygener/ 
P242 - Mystic                            http://www.friko.onet.pl/gd/p242 
Paithan - Depth                          http://www.interlink.no/~paithan/ 
Paranoid - Eclipse                       http://amnesia-dist.future.easyspace.com 
Phoenix - Cdi                            http://www.fok.hu/~phoenix 
Pekka Pou - Da Jormas                    http://www.jyu.fi/~deetsay 
Pengu - Digital                          http://www.enjoy.jointnet/pengu 
Peter`s Page -PC Cracks-                 http://www.come.to/shcracks/ 
Pezac - Nature                           http://www.algonet.se/~pmats/ 
Phobia - Aurinko & Twilight              http://www.saunalahti.fi/~phobia 
Ph÷nix - Cdi                             http://www.fok.hu/~phoenix 
Piirakka Munalla - Da Jormas             http://www.jormas.com/~pam 
Posdnuos - Tsf                           http://www.sgol.it/amiga/tsf.html 
Pot-Noodle - Anthrox                     http://www.users.ox.ac.uk/~kebl0364 
Pow - Poise Records (Music Group)        http://www.home.sol.no/~tskara 
Pride - TRSI                             http://www.pride.dk 
Programmer - Universe (PC)               http://www.chat.ru/~unv/ 
Prophet - Wizzcat                        http://www.prima.ruhr.de/intern/homepage/wizzcat/ 
Psb - X-Trek                             http://www.x-trek.home.ml.org 
Puh - Agony                              http://www.users.one.se/alvar 
Pukmaxi - Blasphemy                      http://www.blasphemy.dk 
Pyromaniac - Beyond                      http://owl.frc.wmich.edu/axia/ 
Raatomestari - Da Jormas                 http://www.jyu.fi/~raato 
Rackler - Grandpa`s & Yakitorih          http://www.home.wtal.de/yakitorih/index.htm 
Radavi                                   http://www.xs4all.nl/~radavi/radavi/radavi.html 
Radium - Oops!                           http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk 
Ramosa - Ex-Passion                      http://www.hjem.get2net.dk/ramosa 
Rappid - Suspend & Appendix              http://www.optimus.wroc.pl/rappid 
Ratleto - Sidcrew                        http://www.login.eunet.no/~ratleto/ 
Raven - Nuance                           http://www.home.pages.de/~Wittmaack/ 
Raver - Phantasy                         http://www.10mb.com/raver/phantasy/ 
Raw Style - Lego (Mekka & Symposium'98)  http://ms.demo.org 
Reddragon                                http://www.kastelli.edu.ouka.fi/~karisu/index.html                                          http://www.tu-harburg.de/~semk2104/ 
Relief - Mono                            http://www.icon8.dk 
Remdy - Dentifrice                       http://www.multimania.com/remdy 
Reward - Complex                         http://www.matserver.math.jyu.fi/complex/complex.html 
Ritus - Exact                            http://www.shadow.banki.hu/~drno/ritus.htm 
Robymus - Byteam                         http://ludens.elte.hu/~robymus 
Roland - ex-Balance                      http://www.kauhajoki.fi/~roland 
Romrunner - Ex-Shining Eight (S8)        http://www.user.baden-online.de/~vrockenb/s8/www.magic-web.net/home/shining8/
Roover - Decree                          http://www.free.com.pl/roover 
Rvo - Maximum                            http://www.xs4all.nl/~rvounik/index.htm 
Sal One - Sysop of Boondocks BBS         http://www.home.pi.net/~blahh/ 
Sane - Scoopex                           http://www.insite.cybercomm.nl 
Sante - Absurd                           http://www.members.xoom.com 
Schulli - Strange Intelligence           http://www.home.htmw.de/flindema/s1/index.html 
Scope - Scoopex                          http://www.bergsoe4.dk/jg 
Sdi                                      http://www.demo.org/sdi/ 
Seduck - Down and Under Records          http://members.tripod.com/~seduck 
Shade - Trsi                             http://www.bowe.no/~ahaakens 
Shag - Oops!                             http://www.chez.com/shag/ 
Sharp - Anadune & Neon Bros.             http://kaktus.punkt.pl 
Silk - Digital                           http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~silk/ 
Sind - Paranormal                        http://www.vip.fi/~sind/ 
Sixpack - Haujobb                        http://www.plinge.com/sixpack 
Sky - Philosophy                         http://www.sbox.tu-graz.ac.at/home/lutz 
snifFA - sukKAZ                          http://sniffa.notrix.de 
Sniper - Nuance & Lightforce             http://www.zeus.fh-brandenburg.de/~ehrich 
Snowcat                                  http://www.mld.home.ml.org 
Soul - Movement                          http://www.ts.umu.se/~dave                                          http://www.mld.base.org 
Spiv - Infect                            http://www.hgb-leipzig.de/projekt/student/spiv/opposite.htm 
Splash - Eltech & Megastyle              http://www.netpower.no/~jthorsen/ 
Sprocket - Depth                         http://www.colargol.tihlde.hist.no/~madsjm/ 
Sting - ex-Alcatraz & Abyss              http://www.privat.schlund.de/Keep-on-Movin 
Stone - Matrix                           http://www.cs.tu-berlin.de/~stone 
Strider - FairLight                      http://www.fairlight.com 
Substance - Subspace, Mono, Voodo        http://www.union.sci.fi/~kuu/ 
Sunblock                                 http://www.geocities.com/wallstreet/market/4517/ 
swaxi - fnuque                           http://www.undergrunden.dk/fungalfarm 
Tanic - Orca                             http://www.hem.passagen.se/tanic 
Taxi                                     http://www.home.c2i.net/w-222446/ 
Thain - Artificial People                http://www.netlife.fi/users/thain/ 
The Baron - Defjam                       http://www.bip.concept.se/user/thebaron 
The FoxII                                http://www.alles.home.ml.org 
The Fugitive - The Nuzzels/SF            http://www.users.lindesign.se/~fugitive 
The Lawnmover Man - Darkage              http://www.club.idecnet.com/~jreyes 
Theralite                                http://altern.org/willbe 
Thoron                                   http://iki.fi/thoron 
Tiger - Spreadpoint                      http://www.warthole.rz-berlin.mpg.de/~tiger 
Toast - Scarab Corpse                    http://come.to/toast 
Tomcat - Abaddon                         http://www.rs1.szif.hu/~tomcat 
Touchstone - ex-Essence                  http://www.titan.cs.bonn.edu/~jansen 
Trajic - AstroideA                       http://www.pganet.com/scene 
Traxx (Music Page)                       http://www.traxx.cjb.net 
Trendy Dealer - Ram Jam                  http://www.fol.it/~trendy 
Tycoon - Oops!                           http://www.stack.nl/~villain/reality/tycoon/index.html 
Twilek - Ram Jam                         http://www.thepentagon.com/twilek 
Twk - Anthrox                            http://www.anthrox.com 
U4ia - ex.CryptoBurners                  http://www.sw.cse.bris.ac.uk/public/u4ia.html 
Uninvited - GdF                          http://www.bingo.baynet.de/~gz578 
United Cracking Force - UCF              http://www.ucf2000.com 
Unlock - Albion & Vantage                http://www.profzone.ch/unlock 
Unreal - Dive (PC)                       http://www.fly.cc.fer.hr/~unreal 
Unreal - Faculty & Nah-Kolor             http://www.info3.tech.klte.hu/~unreal 
Valdimar - ex-Neuralgica                 http://www.ifi.uio.no/~valdimar 
Vesuri - Da Jormas                       http://www.jormas.com/~vesuri 
Villain - Reality                        http://www.stack.nl/~villain 
Viron Tullimies - Da Jormas              http://www.jormas.com/~vtm 
Visualize - Jamm R. & Radio              http://www.kouvolaregion.fi/tietopaja/Timo.htm 
Vortex - Cryptoburners                   http://www.uib.no/people/hhioh 
Wanagi - DaVinci                         http://www.therapy.eics.com/ott 
Warrior                                  http://www.koeln.netsurf.de/~hermann.muenchrath/welcome.html 
Wasp - Powerline                         http://www.felix.polhem.educ.goteborg.se/~wasp 
Wepl - Indi                              http://www.fh-zwickau.de/~jah 
White Shade - Chaotic Order & Plastik    http://www.ws.bizuk.net 
Whizzkid - Oops!                         http://www.amercom.nl/users/whizzkid/ 
WitchCraft - Liquid Dreams               http://www.cyberjunkie.com/witchcrft 
Wivern - Oops!                           http://www.home2.swipnet.se/~w-27651/amisoft 
Wizard - Demos of the World              http://www.algonet.se/~jorgen_p/dotw.htm 
Wolle - Deranged                         http://welcome.to/deranged 
Wonders - Independant                    http://nostromo.jpte.hu 
Xtro - Rhyme                             http://d-eyes.jpte.hu/~xtro 
Yomat - Nature                           http://www.csd.uu.se/~d92jma/ 
Yure - Eleven11                          http://www.space.tin.it/io/giorsign 
Zalacka - Unique (PC)                    http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/5593 
Zen - Tracking                           http://surf.to/the-imm 
Zike - C & Z                             http://www.imr.c64.org/zike/ 
Zinko - Polka Brothers & LKR & Trsi      http://www.home1.inet.tele.dk/zinko/ 
Zoon - Silicon                           http://www.chez.com/zoon 

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 ---------------------[ URL`S FOR OTHER SCENERELATED THINGS ]--------------------

#amigadk channel                         http://www.image.dk/~kasperh/amigadk.htm 
#coders                                  http://coderz.cjb.net 
#Pixel - the homepage of the irc         http://pixel.scene.org 
channel #pixel                           http://fsk.home.ml.org 
#thescene                                http://www.the.scene.org 
Abacus Hungarian Scener`s Database       http://www.abacus.scene-hu.com 
Acheron (Graphics art)                   http://www.acheron.org 
Amicrawler Search index (old legends)    http://www.melizo.com/area52/amicrawler/search.cgi 
Amigascne Online                         http://www.amigascne.org 
AmiScenePage (News, Charts, Results)     http://www.kompit.com.pl/~joker 
ArmOric's demo server (Acorn demos)      http://sidonie.imag.fr/AcornDemos/ 
Artpacks Acid (Ascii/Ansi/Gfx art)       http://www.artpacks.acid.org 
Ascii Art Page by Avenger                http://come.to/FAveng3r 
Asm Pro Assembler Page by Genetic        http://surf.to/asmpro 
Atari 8-big Resort                       http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~Marek.Tomczyk/8bit.html 
Atari Demo Scene                         http://grelb.src.gla.ac.uk:8000/~mjames/computers/atari/ 
AURAs - Best of Atari ST                 http://www.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/~knaus/bestof.html 
Big Atari 8bit Hoome Page                http://student.uci.agh.edu.pl/~tatar/Atari/fr_main.html 
C64 Banner Exchange                      http://www.aniston-park.de/banner/ 
C64 Demo page                            http://www.diku.dk/students/delerium/c64 
C64 (General) Page                       http://www.c64.org 
C64 Based Address Links                  http://www.home.sol.no/~zapotek 
C64 List - mailinglist for C64 sceners   http://admin.hehe.com/c64list/ 
CCS - C64 Emulator for Windows & Dos     http://ccs64.fatal-design.com 
Chipmusic Site                           http://www.chipmusic.nu 
Commodore64 FTP-Search                   http://www.pulse.no/~mepk/cfs.html 
Console site - PSX & N64                 http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/5043/                        
dAdX - Abyss` demoScene Ad Exchange      http://dadx.home.ml.org 
Demos - Introduction to the demo scene   http://www.globaldialog.com/~jer/demos.html 
Demoscene Grouplist                      http://www.algonet.se/~network/demos/main.htm 
Demoscene lot of infos                   http://www.demoscene.nacamar.de/ 
DemoScene Ad Exchange                    http://www.abyss-online.cx/dadx 
Demo Scene Homepage (Amiga)              http://www.cucug.org/amiscene.html 
Digital Candy Bbs                        http://www.dcandy.demon.co.uk/ 
Dreams2 - the ultimate demoscene CD-ROM  http://nl.scene.org/dreams2 
Finnish Scene Archive                    http://www.scene.org 
Flan Modfiles                            http://www.error-404.com/modsfiles/flan 
Fornax Slovakia Demo Archive             http://fornax.elf.stuba.sk/pub/scene 
FREAX Home Page (book about the scene)   http://freax.scene-hu.com 
Freedom Chipmusic Archives               http://www.freedom.lpt.fi 
Gfx Zone (Scene gfx, stuffs etc.)        http://www.inf.ml.org/scenegfx/gfxzone.hmtl
Greek PC scene                           http://www.pieria.forthnet.gr/demo-gr 
Hackerland - Book about the Scene!!!     http://www.hackerland.de 
Hall of Fames (visit c64 legends!)       http://www.agt.bme.hu/hof/ 
Hamus - Hungarian Amiga Users            http://www.spike.fa.gau.hu/amiga 
HarvestR`s Archive Page (PC cracks)      http://www.surf.to/HarvesR/ 
Hensa Acorn Site                         http://sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk/pub/computing/systems/archimedes/collections/hensa/riscos/ 
Hornet Archives (good 4 older PC demos)  http://www.hornet.org 
Hugi Size Coding Competition             http://home.pages.de/~hugi-compo/ 
Hungarian Scene Page                     http://www.pganet.com/scene 
Hungarian Main Scene Page & Archive      http://www.scene-hu.com 
In Medias Res (really worth visiting!)   http://www.imr.c64.org 
Inner Circuit Explorers Group (Atari)    http://www.cd.chalmers.se/~tobban/ 
Imperial College London Mirror (Atari)   http://sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk/computing/systems/atari/umich/ 
Korean Demoscene                         http://www.kol.net/~k2demos 
Linux Demoscene                          http://www.linux.scene.org 
MAZ`s Sound homepage                     http://www.th-zwickau.de/~maz 
Mega CD Online -PC Cracks-               http://www.go.ca/~bouncer/index.html 
MODPlug Central (MODplug software etc.)  http://www.castlex.com/modplug/ 
Musicline                                http://www.musicline.scene.org 
Oh No More Mods/Demos                    http://www.amazed.nl/~chris/ 
Overflow - news & more for dutch sceners http://overflow.concepts.nl/ 
Overflow Scene Archive                   http://www.overflow.scene.org 
Pan - Gods Music Hq                      http://www.cyber-espace.com/pan/ 
PC Demos Explained (good for newbies!)   http://www.oldskool.org/demos/explained/ 
PC Demos Fanclub                         http://www.radix.net/~brett/jer/fanclub/ 
Phenomena Productions Demoscene.dk       http://www.phenomena.dk 
Polish PC Scene                          http://www.silesia.top.pl/~shadow 
PRAETONIC - World of Modules             http://www.xs4all.nl/~rutgervd/praetonic/
Scene Central - the place to be Scene    http://scene-central.com 
Scenelink                                http://www.scenelink.org 
SceneNet - IRC Network                   http://www.scenenet.scene.org 
SCENET - Sceners Emails & more homie     http://www.hackerland.de/scenet/ 
Serial Number Heaven (PC Cracks)         http://www.piratez.com/sn/index.html 
Soundstate! (free samples for musicians) http://www.soundstate.demon.co.uk 
Spankerz Heaven                          http://www.scs-trc.net/apply.html 
ST2Disk (Atari)                          http://www.mygale.org/~indus/ 
ST Sound Pleasuredome (Atari)            http://www.brainbug.ch/stsound 
System 16 Emu DirectX                    http://www.abyss-online.cx/s16w32.html 
The Badlands BBS Webpage                 http://www.i.am/badlands 
The C64 Banner Exchange                  http://www.aniston-park.de/banner/ 
The Club International Demoscene Network http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/8105 
The Demoparty Linkpage                   http://members.xoom.com/demoparty/ 
The Demo Scene Hall of Fame              http://www.agt.bme.hu/hof 
The Gfx Project - for graphicians!!      http://www.mygale.org/06/project 
The Little Green Desktop - Atari ST Gameshttp://www.fatal-design.com/desktop/ 
The Mod (Modules) Archive                http://www.modarchive.com 
The Project - all about computer gfx!    http://bezine.rez-gif.supelec.fr/Escape 
The Snelle Compos                        http://www.overflow.scene.org/snellecompos/ 
The Swiss List -swiss scene & email list http://www.profzone.ch/vantage/list 
THX Sound System by Abyss                http://thx.home.ml.org 
Tiefsee Music Studios by Rokdazone       http://www.tiefsee.de 
Trebel PC Demo Scene Archive             http://trebel.quad98.net 
Underground -N64 Manuals-                http://www.Underground64.dyn.ml.org 
V64 - the page for Nintendo64 freaks     http://www.v64.com 
W56 PC Cracks                            http://www.w56.ml.org
WarezSlutz -1000 Links for PC cracks-    http://www.warezslutz.com/ 
Wild Palms Bbs (Radavi)                  http://www.xs4all.nl/~radavi/wildpalms/wildpalm.html 
WWW.C64.ORG - C64 domain on the net      http://www.c64.org 
Zen of Tracking (Music homepage)         http://www.surf.to/the-imm 
Zor`s Crack Links - good for PC cracks!  http://www.zor.org 

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-- -------------------------[ COMPUTER-PARTY HOMEPAGES ]------------------------

Abort Party in Slovenia                         http://www2.arnes.si/~ssdatori/abort.htm 
Ambience `99 in The Netherlands                 http://www.ambience.nl 
Analogue in Poland                              http://www.promail.pl/~analogue 
Arf!Party in France                             http://Arfparty.citeweb.net 
Assembly Party series in Finland                http://www.assembly.org/ 
Bang! 2000 party in the USA                     http://www.scene.org/bang!/ 
Birdie party in Sweden                          http://www.birdie.org 
Bizarre party in the Netherlands                http://bizarre.concepts.nl 
BSE - Belgian Scene Event                       http://uc2.unicall.be/crisp/menu98.html 
Cache Party in Hungary                          http://www.datanet.hu/cache98:http://www.datanet.hu/cache98 
Campus Party                                    http://www.campus-party.org 
Cologne Conference homepage                     http://www.academicus.de/cc98 
Compusphere X in Sweden                         http://www.compusphere.org 
Contest in Hungary                              http://scenest.scene-hu.com 
DejaVu Partyhomepage in Great Britain           http://www.dejavu.org.uk 
Deja Vu Picture Gallery                         http://www.scentral.demon.co.uk/dejavu98/gallery.htm 
Demobit party in Slovakia                       http://www.demobit.sk  
Density party                                   http://www.gathering.org/kandu/ 
Dialogos in Germany                             http://www.kassablanca.de/dialogos98/index.html 
Distance Scene party seriess in Norway          http://www.distance.home.ml.org 
dot party in Finland                            http://main.fiiu.org/dot 
DreamHack'98 party                              http://www.dreamhack.org 
Drome `98 Site                                  http://www.drome.demon.nl 
EarthQuake `99 in Russia                        http://www.crosswinds.net/russia/~earthquake/ 
Elevator Party in Finland                       http://www.elevator.labra.com 
Error in Line `99 in Germany                    http://eil.atari.org 
Euskal party in Spain                           http://www.euskal.org 
Evoke Party in Germany                          http://www.kaoz.org/evoke 
Evroparti in Sweden                             http://come.to/evroparti 
Fiasko in Czech Republic                        http://vyhen.site.cz/fiasko98 
Freeside Party in Poland                        http://freeside.dr.pl 
Gameland Party in Sweden                        http://www.gameland.eu.org 
Gravity party series in Poland                  http://www.gad.com.pl/gravity 
Icing scene party series in Sweden              http://www.icing.net/ 
Inscene `99 in Belgium                          http://Inscene.home.ml.org 
Inter Jam in Germany                            http://home.pages.de/~interjam 
Jumper Party in Hungaria                        http://scene-hu.com/~jumper 
Kindergarden in Norway                          http://kg.portveien.to/ 
Kosmo/Neithernor`99 in Germany                  http://neithernor.demo.org 
LAN Party organizing                            http://karkza.just.nu 
Lucky & Tigrou Party in France                  http://ltp.planet-d.net 
Mekka & Symposium party series in Germany       http://ms.demo.org 
Midwinter `99 in Sweden                         http://hack.amiga-cg.se/midwinter 
Motorola Inside'97 - Amiga-only!                http://www.sci.fi/~rajis/motorola-97.html 
Movement Party in Israel                        http://www.mov98.movement.org 
Nederkomst in Holland                           http://www.tuhb.org 
Neithernor in Germany                           http://neithernor.demo.org 
Netzone in France                               http://www.quaternet.fr:8082/users/b/brunel/np97.htm 
Nuance Barbeque Convention (Party)              http://www.Barbeque.home.pages.de/ 
Orneta Atari Parties                            http://wombat.ludvika.se/~ae/orneta/ 
Place To Be 5 Party (NetZone Party'97)          http://www.mygale.org/05/dadu/ptbinvit.htm 
Pool Position party in Sweden                   http://www.pool-position.pp.se/ 
Radwar/Rainbow Party in Germany                 http://www.radwar.com 
Rage '97 - scene party in Hungary               http://www.rage.telnet.hu 
Remedy in Sweden                                http://www.remedy.dcs-graphics.se/ 
RTS Party in France                             http://RTS-Party.imag.fr
Satellite'98-99 party in Poland                 http://appendix.ml.org 
Saturne Party series in France                  http://www.saturne.org/ 
Scenery '97 - scene party in Australia          http://www.post1.com/~scenery 
Scene Strike party series in Yugoslavia         http://www.crsn.com/ss3  
Siliconvention `97 party in Germany             http://www.siliconvention.com/ 
Slach#2 in France                               http://www.mygale.org/~myke666 
Spring Break in the USA                         http://www.crl.com./~god/sb98/ 
Symposium Party series                          http://www.ms.demo.org/ 
Summer Computer Conference `97 in Sweden        http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/5760/ 
Takeover in The Netherlands                     http://www.takeover.nl  
The Demoparty `99                               http://www.demoparty.com 
The Convention in Norway                        http://www.convention.com:http://www.convention.com 
The Feeling Party in Sweden                     http://www.thefeeling.net/ 
The Flash Party in Argentina                    http://www.theflashparty.home.ml 
The Gathering party series in Norway            http://www.gathering.org 
The Italian Gathering                           http://www.metro.it/tig98   
The Meeting in France                           http://www.fil.univ-lille1.fr/EVENEMENTS/coding/ 
The Party Series in Denmark                     http://www.theparty.dk/ 
Trip `99 in Italy                               http://www.nigma.it/trip99 
Volcanic `99 in France                          http://www.volcanicparty.com 
Wired Party                                     http://nl.scene.org/wired98 
X98 Party in The Netherlands                    http://www.scs-trc.net/x98/ 





----------------------[ DISKMAG HOMEPAGES - ONLINE MAGAZINES]-------------------

3w:ROM - ROM diskmag online                     http://ROM.amigascne.org/midmenu.html 
Amber diskmag                                   http://amber.bti.pl/di_mag 
AmigaOnline                                     http://www.abol.it/tekne/amigaonline 
Amiga Report (very, very usefull!!)             http://www.cucug.org/amiscene.html 
Amiga Scene - Austria`s first Amiga Online mag  http://www.amigascene.com 
AmigaScne Worldwide                             http://www.amigascne.org/ 
Aniston*Park - News Press Online (C64)          http://www.aniston-park.de/ 
AnotherMAG by DANCE & TPF                       http://dance.groove.org/amag.html 
Beam by Black Maiden (ANSI)                     http://kaoz.org/beam 
Brainfart by Paralyze Dopeline                  http://brainfart.home.ml.org 
Coders                                          http://www.codersger.home.ml.org 
Cream/X                                         http://rzaix340.rz.uni-leipzig.de/~wir91dsh 
Da Press! Online (by ROM Team)                  http://www.sgol.it/amiga/main/scene/dapress.html 
defCon Mag (Atari & PC)                         http://www.citeweb.net/defcon/ 
Demojournal                                     http://demojournal.planet-d.net 
Dragon - Incal & HF (Brainfart mag)             http://www.brainfart.home.ml.org 
Error404 Onlinemagazine                         http://www.error-404.com 
Eurochart Online by Depth (Amiga)               http://www.image.dk/~kasperh/ec.html 
Fatal News by Euzkera/Censor Design             http://home4.swipnet.se/~w-47749/fnews 
Generation Online                               http://www.ssmedion.de/generation 
GFX Zone - the online mag for Graphicians       http://www.hornet.org/info/gfxzone/scene.html 
GO64! Papermag by CoSoWi Verlag                 http://www.go64.c64.org 
Hall of Fame by Chromance                       http://www.funet.fi/pub/cbm/c64/demos/hof/ 
Hardcore On-Line Magazine                       http://www.crsn.com/hc 
Heroin mag                                      http://www.heroin.net 
House of Insanity (P&R mag)                     http://www.ping.be/insanity/ 
Hugi Diskmag Online                             http://home.pages.de/~hugi/ 
Imphobia Diskmag (PC)                           http://www.infomaniak.ch/~imphobia/ 
Inside Online                                   http://overflow.scene.org/insight/index2.html 
Jurassic PackMag Online                         http://www.home.sn.no/~terjjoha 
Lookain Fanz                                    http://www.mygale.org/~lookain/ 
Maggie Diskmag (Atari)                          http://users.zetnet.co.uk/zmoe3/maggie/maggie.htm 
Network magazine Online                         http://www.scene-central.com/ 
No Sense Diskmag Online                         http://www.one.se/nosense/ 
Oepir Risti Online                              http://www.one.se/oepir/welcome.html 
Orange Juice Onlinemag by Chandra               http://ojuice.citeweb.net/ 
Pain                                            http://www.space.ch/scene/pain 
Pure Bollocks Disk Magazine (Atari)             http://grelb.src.gla.ac.uk:8000/~mjames/pb/default.html 
PhyMosys                                        http://moon.inf.uji.es/~phymosys/ 
Pressure Diskmag Online                         http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/zone/ 
R.A.W. Online magazine                          http://rrm.net 
Relax Online (leading c64 mag)                  http://home.sol.no/~zapotek 
Restless Diskmag - North American scenemag      http://www.opiate.home.ml.org/restless 
Scriba Diskmag (Atari)                          http://www.scriba.org/scriba.zip/ 
Seenpoint Diskmag Homepage                      http://home.t-online.de/home/fishwave/ 
Shine                                           http://www.shine.scene.org 
Showtime (the older one by RamJam)              http://www.algheronet.it/ramjam/ 
StagE2 by silicon bay interactive - Acorn news  http://silicon-bay.chiemgau-online.de 
Static Line                                     http://www.ic.i7.net/statline 
ST News (Atari)                                 http://www.scriba.org/stnews/ 
ST News LAmentation Page                        http://stnews.atari.org/ 
Stosser Diskmag (Atari)                         http://www.accrington-web.co.uk/stosser/home.htm 
St Plus (Atari)                                 http://www.accrington-web.co.uk/stp/index.html 
ST+ Atari related online mag                    http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/paxton/stp 
The DemoGuide Online (Amiga)                    http://www.ssmedion.de/generation 
The Lobocom Demoworld by Unknown (PC)           http://www.lobocom.es/unknown/ 
The Utopians News (Zippy - Hugi & Utopians)     http://bigfoot.stones.com/~zippy 
The Word Online (by Carnage)                    http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/4466/ 
The X Online Atari news                         http://xonline.atari.org/ 
ToxicMagazine by Toxic Team (Atari)             http://www.chez.com/toxicmag/ 
Trip!                                           http://www.webtrip.ch 
TUHBzine                                        http://www.tuhb.org 
Two Headed Squirrel - Onlinemagazine            http://demo.cat.hu/2hs.html 
UE Metal Magazine                               http://www.truemetal.org/ue 
Undercover by Poets of Decay (Atari)            http://undercover.home.ml.org/ 
United Trackers News                            http://www.united-trackers.org 
Woezine (ANSI)                                  http://www.wasted.nu/wz/ 
X-Files Diskmag                                 http://userpages.fu-berlin.de/~bigrat 



     -------> Sites dealing with hack`n phreak stuff: HACKER`S PAGES <-------

2600 Hackers                                   http://www.2600.com
80`s Hacker Textfiles                          http;//dsl.org/m/doc/arc/index.html
Anarchist Hacker Klan                          http://www.angelfire.com/ar/ahk5
Anonymizer                                     http://www.anonymizer.com
Chaos Computer Club                            http://www.ccc.de
Computer Hacking Forum                         http://www.sotmesc.org/gcms/hackbb/wwwboard.html
Cosmos` Underground                            http://www.eden.com/~cosmos/ug/underground.html
Crackstore                                     http://www.crackstore.com
Cyberheads Hack Page                           http://ns.mtinter.net/~marcust/hack.html
Dark Secrets                                   http://www.dark-secrets.com
Elite Hackers                                  http://www.elitehackers.com
Elite Social Club                              http://www.sotmesc.org/gcms
German Software Revenge                        http://come.to/GSR
Gnome Project                                  http://www.gnome.org/hacker.shtml
Hackers 101                                    http://www.hackers.com
Hackers Heaven                                 http://www.voicenet.con/~jackal
Hackers Supply                                 http://www.hackers-supply.com
Hackerz Hideout                                http://www.hackersclub.com
Hackerz Island                                 http://www.xs4all.nl/~lord
Hacker`s World                                 http://home.t-online.de/guys-underground-files
Happy Hacker                                   http://www.happyhacker.org
Happy Hopeless Hacker House                    http://www.hhhh.org
Itaiamir                                       http://www.angelfire.com/il/itaiamir/index.html
Little Cyberia                                 http://start.at/lc
Mega Phreakers Homepage                        http://pages.prodigy.com/hell/hackerz
New Hack City                                  http://www.newhackcity.net
Philadelphia Hackers                           http://www.hackerz.org/~professr
Phreak33                                       http://home.spynet.com/sprynet/dukenuke/phreak33.htm
Secret Hacker Page                             http://www.vmed.com.br/crack.html
Swiss Cracking Association                     http://www.sca.ch
The Darklord                                   http://people.a2000.nl/hliss/index.html
WAre`Zz sLuT`zz                                http://www.warezsluts.com

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                                    ::....... .  .    .

   --------------------[ USEFUL AMIGA RELATED HOMIES] ------------------

=-] Here you find *ALL* important Amiga related links: http://www.cucug.org/amiscene.html 

AID Home Page (meeting point for programmers    http://www.zen.it/~lcs/aid.html 
Amazing Web Links (1000 Amiga related links)    http://www.kernersville.com/videoworks/ 
Amiga Internet & Network News                   http://www.computerfinesse.com/news/ 
AmigaOS papermag                                http://www.AmigaOS.com 
The Amiga at NASA                               http://www.iam.com/amiga/nasa/ 
The Amiga Assembler Page                        http://home.sol.no/~tj1040/assem/ 
Amiga Business Homepage                         http://huizen.dds.nl/~drluurve/amigabus.htm 
Amiga Coding Excellence Scheme                  http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/ee61cj/ 
The Amiga Computer Page (good introduction!)    http://www.ringlord.com/platform/amiga/  
Amiga Data (News`n more)                        http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/plaza/xfg39/data/temp.htm 
Amiga Decade (News`s more)                      http://www.rust.net/~mignash/decade.html 
Amiga East (Amiga from Japan`s side of view)    http://www.cris.com/~jws/AmigaEast.html 
Amiga Emulation Resource                        http://www.emulnews.com/aer/index.html 
Amiga Emulators Central                         http://www.ldngedge.demon.co.uk/AEC/ 
Amiga - for the creative minded                 http://home3.swipnet.se/~w-31858/Amiga.html 
Amiga Quake Mercenaries (quake sucks anyway!)   http://home4.swipnet.se/~w-46939/AQM/ 
Amiga Radiologist                               http://www.octet.com/~mikety/ 
Behind Amiga (history & more)                   http://www.farthq.demon.co.uk/ 
Coding Tips & more                     
Amiga Browser Watch                             http://browserwatch.internet.com/ 
Computer `98 exibition series                   http://www.computer98.de/ 
Emulators for the Amiga                         http://www.pncl.co.uk/~martinc/emulators.html 
Gamemaking on Amiga                             http://home.sol.no/~rkjeldse/agm/ 
How to get those old Amiga games working        http://web.ukonline.co.uk/Members/gc.yuen/gamesfixes/ 
The Juggler Animation (from 1986)               http://www.access.digex.net/~erniew/juggler.html 
Meteroro - An Amiga Recording Studio            http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/8034/ 
Amiga & Linux M68k Support                      http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Haven/3202/ 
MP3 on the Amiga                                http://www.terravista.pt/guincho/1139/amiga_mp3.html 
PowerUP - All info`s about PPC cards etc.       http://hem.passagen.se/studiox/powerup/ 
Real Music - Amiga musicians                    http://nickerne.nome.no/rm/ 
The Unofficial Eric Schwartz Web Page           http://www.compsoc.net/ericschwartz/ 
Amiga Aktuell, Amiga & Internet                 http://pages.vossnet.de/cptiglo/ 


Send us your usefull PC, Mac etc. related homepages and we`ll include them!




 ----------------------[ 24 HOURS STATIC TELNET BOARDS ]-------------------

Ain`t we cool    aintwecool.ml.org port:666 (PC Demos related bbs system)

Canadian Mist    look in #amielite (irc.net) for Flux` ip

Deathrow BBS     deathrow.xmission.com  port 23
                 ask Shadower in #amielite for an account
                 *offline at the moment*

The Bitch        amiga.rulez.org (very slow connection but often online)

    ( & ----------------------------------------------------------------- & )

                         .   . ...:. .
                                  :.::.. .
                                    ::....... .  .    .

    ( & ----------------------------------------------------------------- & )

                        Internet Relayed Chat Channels:

     Servers for example: irc.stealth.net / irc.webbernet.net / irc.gmd.de

               #thescene     - chat with sceners from all computer platforms!
               #amigascne    - communicate with Amiga demoscene people
               #amielite     - meet the Amiga modem surfers and sysops!
               #amycoders    - chat with the Amiga coders!
               #amigadk      - Amiga Denmark
               #amigano      - Amiga Norway
               #ascii        - speak with the ascii mates!
               #ansi         - ansi talents here...
               #acorn        - for Acorn users
               #atari        - international Atari channel
               #atariscne    - Atari demoscene people online
               #ataride      - german Atari sceners online!
               #atarifr      - french Atari sceners online!
               #atariswe     - swedish Atari sceners online!
               #coders       - PC coders on chat!
               #pixel        - mostly PC graphicians online!
               #demoscene    - the place for hungarian demosceners
               #c-64         - users of Commodore 64
               #c-64scene    - C64 Sceners!
               #dcs          - official DCS channel also mostly C64 sceners!
               #partyname    - if it`s available (e.g #TP8, TG98, CC98 etc.)
               #am!ga        - founded by the sysops of Digital Candy bbs
               #amisia       - polish sceners avaiable.
               #amiga        - place for Amiga owners worldwide!
               #amiga(your countrysign) e.g #amigahu for hungarian sceners
               #chscene      - irc-channel for all swiss sceners & platforms!
               #polishscene  - also for polish sceners!
               #trax         - international music channel
               #SceneChat    - chat about demos & the scene
               #bC!          - the Brainlez Coders channel
               #nvx          - Nerve Axis online!
               #comicpirates - Cosmic Pirates Chat Room
               #demobr       - Brazilian Demoscener`s
               #hitmen       - Hitmen64/Playstation, ask for invitation at #c-64

                            Local scene IRC channels

         British ........... #ukscene
         Czech ............. #scene.cs
         Danish ............ #dk-scene
         Dutch ............. #nlcoders
         Finnish ........... #suomiscene
         French ............ #demofr
         German ............ #coders.ger, #kotraum
         Hungarian ......... #scene, #coders.hu, #demoscene, #SceneChat
         Israeli ........... #ilcoders
         Norwegian ......... #daskmig
         Polish ............ #polishscene
         Slovak ............ #scene.cs
         Slovenian ......... #scene.si
         Swedish ........... #scene.se, #swedescene

            Servers: for example irc.chat.org, rc.elitenet.org

                 #coders - chat with PC coders 
                 #elitecafe - chat with Amiga modem surfers
                 #trax - international musicians scene
                 #Belgianscene - A local Belgian scene channel
                 #scene.ar - Argentinia`s scene channel

                     Servers: for example irc.undernet.org

                              #coders - see above
                              #trax - see above

    Servers: for example irc.scene.org / irc.eu.scene.org / irc.us.scene.org

          use /list command to see a complete list of active channels

                      ELITENET by Digital Corruption

                    Servers: jp.elitenet.org          
			     | `-operserv.elitenet.org


                            RED HISPANO NETWORK
                          - spanish irc network -

         Servers: irc.redestb.es, irc.mad.servicom.es, irc.jet.es


    ( & ----------------------------------------------------------------- & )

                         .   . ...:. .
                                  :.::.. .
                                    ::....... .  .    .
                           .   . .....

    ( & ----------------------------------------------------------------- & )

                 Scenerelated ftp sites - support them please!

               ACID2.STACK.NL - for Amiga & PC

               AMBER`S DISTRO

               AMIGASCNE - the world biggest & best Amiga demoStore!
               ***offline since two months***

               AMINET (everything for the Amiga!)
               ftp.uni-paderborn.de  -  [wustl.wuarchive is offline at the moment]
               (or any other Aminet mirror)

               BRAINLEZ CODERS - PC ftp server

               DC-1 - the DEMO CAT !
               (also Amiga & Atari Stuff)
               or /new/


               E-Mag Network
               PC Diskmags only

               FTP.SCENE.NSS.NU (Music & more)

               FUNET FTP ARCHIVE (for Amiga & Atari) 
               or /pub/atari/

               GOING FOR GOLD
               Padua C64 ftp site

               HOSAKA SAMPLESITE
               (a lot of samples in .wav format for musicians here!)


               MAMA (only Amiga stuff)
               path is: pub/jungle


               Another slovak demo scene site

               NET SESSION
               (Musics, Party prods: Amiga & Pc)

               or http://overflow.scene.org

               PASSION (Mirror of the Pigforce archive)

               PIGFORCE (Music server, Amiga & PC stuff online)

               POLISH ftp server (name unknown)

               RAYMOND or called SDC
               (music ftp server)

               SCENE EMPORIUM (largest c64 NTSC ftp server)

               SCS-TRC Archive (great C64 ftp server)

               Demos, Intros, Diskmags, Music & more for all kind of Scenes
               Mirror : ftp.au.scene.org
               Mirror : ftp.livewire.com.au
               Mirror : ftp.us.scene.org

               SKYNET (PC demos & music ftp server)

               SOME MORE C64 STUFF (real great archive for older C64 files)


               TEN Site (PC diskmags)

               THE DIGITAL DUNGEON (C64 related only!)

               TROOP`S archive!

               UNIVERSITY OF KARLSRUHE FTP SERVER (Atari only)

               UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN (UMICH) FTP (Atari only)

               WOWAREZ FTP SERVER (C64 only)

    ( & ----------------------------------------------------------------- & )

                         .   . ...:. .
                                  :.::.. .
                                    ::....... .  .    .
                           .   . .....

    ( & ----------------------------------------------------------------- & )

                          Scenerelated Newsgroups

          dealing with C64 Emulators


          General c64 Newsgroup


          Acorn Announcements - comp.sys.acorn.announce


          Applications - comp.sys.acorn.apps
          Handling applications (a very hard job)!


          Arm - comp.sys.arm
          All about acorn heart - the arm chips!


          C64 Binaries (moderated)


          C64 Emulator related discussion


          C64 Discussion


          Dedicated demoscene newsserver! - news.scene.org

          extra cpus - comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpu
          all around Arcorn`s 2nd cpus!


          Games for Acorn - comp.sys.acorn.games


          German Talk - maus.sys.archimedes
          German acornrelated newsgroup!


          Hardware (Acorn) - comp.sys.acorn.hardware


          Misc about Acorn - comp.sys.acorn.misc
          All you want to talk about around acorns!


          Networking on the Acorn - comp.sys.acorn.networking


          Programmer - comp.sys.acorn.programmer
          Programming, tricks
          Scene:  acorn


          C64 Discussion (German)


          C64 Binaries (German)


          C64 discussion (German)


          C64 sources (German)


          TRebel Newsgroups - alt.trebel
          sub newsgroups: party, demo, music, countries.... 
          Scene(s):  pc


          C64 discussion (German)


          C64 binaries (German)


          C64 discussion (German)


          C64 sources (German)


          C64 discussion (German)


          C64 hardware discussion (German)


          C64 programming discussion (German)


          C64 games discussion (German)


          C64 viruses discussion (German)

    ( & ----------------------------------------------------------------- & )

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                      FAITH - the only way to survive!
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