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1994 November 17

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ROM 1911 : Razor 1911 CD-ROM Division ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Proudly Presents : SLOB ZONE (c) DEEP RIVER PUBLISHING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SUPPLIER : ZEUS NUMBER OF ZIPS : 8 CRACKER : None ZIPPED SIZE : 9mb PROTECTION : None INSTALLED SIZE : 16mb ====================================================================== SLOB ZONE is an interesting new CD release. It is similar to Doom, but tailored more for the younger audience, as the object of the game has nothing to do with death & carnage - far from it, as your goal is to keep from getting dirty. Its not easy. Numerous villians make nasty attempts to cover you with muck as you cavort through the realms of the unknown in the SLOB ZONE. Don't just play it, wallow in it! GREETS : Razor 1911, The Firm & Budgetsis ====================================================================== * ROM 1911 is dedicated to bringing you the best CD titles available on PC, with a catch : we must be able to zip these games down to 10 1.44 meg files or less, or we won't release it. We know that a large portion of the scene would like to play these games, but the size of many CD titles is prohibitive to the pirate gamer. But not all games are too big to release! Which brings us here .. * ROM 1911 will NEVER release a CD title if there is a disk version available or in the works. We just want to present you with more good games to play, not spoil someone's release or substitute a current favorite for a souped-up one with speech. * Although ROM 1911 is affiliated with Razor 1911, Razor 1911 does not WANT or EXPECT credit for these quality CD releases. We are not putting them out to wow the scene with our releasing prowess, but to bring them to the pirate scene for you to play & enjoy. * In future you will be able to discern a ROM 1911 CD release from ANY other releases, by Razor 1911 or otherwise, because all of our quality CD titles will have the ROM extension at the front, ie 'ROM-SZ*.ZIP' - if you don't want 'em, don't leech 'em. All our FILE_ID.DIZ's will NOT be using ANY Razor 1911 logos or text, so there will be no way to confuse them with other releases. * ROM is looking for couriers & distribution boards. Get in touch with a member for more information. Find ROM Releases FIRST On : ================================================ INDUSTRY STANDARDS WORLD HQ 4 NODES ??? YOUR BOARD ??? DIST SITE 3+ NODES ================================================ ROM Members : ================================================ The Renegade Chemist & Zeus. ================================================ ROM Couriers : ================================================ YOU ?? ================================================ ====================================================================== Support the companies that produce quality software! If you liked this game, please buy it! Software authors deserve support! ======================================================================
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