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Hunted The Demons Forge. by Psfr33

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$$$$$$$$$ ????????? 33333333
$$     $$ ??    F R E E   33
$$     $$ ??              33
$$$$$$$$$ ?????????   333333
$$               ??       33
$$  F R E E      ??       33
$$        ????????? 33333333

 Title/Serial ID.......... BLUS-30406                                                                                                        
 Internal HD........Yes[X] No[ ]
 External HD........Yes[X] No[ ]
 Region.............USA[X] EU[ ] JP [ ]
 Notes.............. fw3.60 required, use patch tested and works cfw3.55
                     in the wake of L.A Noire and other mishaps of Sony. We tested the updated pkg and yes it was not sdk360.
                     Sony has since removed the .pkg ; So we packed it in the release.
 Patch Instructions: Unrar, install the .pkg, open and play with Multimann
 Patch Notes.......  the patch was a offical Sony .pkg and intended for USA region.
                     Since this is the USA update it will ONLY work with the USA game :o OMG!!!
                     BUT, IF YOU MUST PLAY DUPLEX version with this USA update you must edit several factors of the param.sfo (dumb)

PSFR33 bringing you prestreet retail always ;)

From PSFR33:
Looking for .eu sites. 
no colos.
hunted.the.demons.forge.usa.ps3-psfr33.nfo 141x26 Font