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USBAdvance. by Ps2scene

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   ____  ____ ____      ____                      
  |  _ \/ ___|___ \    / ___|  ___ ___ _ __   ___ 
  | |_) \___ \ __) |___\___ \ / __/ _ \ '_ \ / _ \
  |  __/ ___) / __/_____|__) | (_|  __/ | | |  __/
  |_|   |____/_____|   |____/ \___\___|_| |_|\___|

                  -= Presents =-


> Release Infos <

  Released..: April 1st 2005
  Platform..: PS2
  Origin....: NTSC/USA
  Size......: 1x672kb
  Filename..: USBAdvance.Cracked-PS2Scene.rar
  Format....: .Bin/.Cue

> Software Infos <

  USBAdvance allows you to copy your PS2 games to USB HDD and run directly from
  the USB HDD connected to your console. It is compatible with ALL version of PS2!


  o Games are stored on a standard USB HDD rather than a IDE HDD so you can
    now play games from HDD even on the new slim PS2 consoles which cannot
    have IDE HDD connected!
  o Installation is done from the PC so you dont even need to burn your
    warez, just copy straight to HDD!
  o Excellent compatibility, USBAdvance is compatible with ALL PS2 Consoles
  o User Friendly Graphical Interface
  o Support 40G to 2T HDD
  o Keep all your games on a HDD so you dont need to carry around all your
    game discs - very convenient!
  o Save your laser
  o "HDLoader" equivilant for slim PS2 consoles
  o Its FREE!!!

> Credits/Greetz <

  Brought to you by the good peopole at PS2-Scene.org, kicking ass once more by
  releasing cool shit to make piracy easier than ever! Feel free to drop by our
  forums if you have any questions or problems relating to this release, we'll
  be happy to help.
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