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Unprotect California Games. by Independent (IND)

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This routine is a patch which breaks the copy protection
of Epyx's California Games (version 1.01) for the IBM PC.

Written by Kent Briggs  9/23/88

** Do not modify your original disk **

Copy all your files to another disk or to a subdirectory
on your hard disk and put the original disk away in a safe place.

California Games shows a version number of 1.01 and the file size
for CALGAMES.EXE should be 63467 bytes.  The copy protection scheme
looks for a bad sector on drive A.  We will patch the call to this
routine with NOP's (no operation).

Put DEBUG.COM (from your DOS disk) in the same directory or make sure
it is in the DOS path.  Type the following commands:

Command                                  Comments
=======                                  ========
ren calgames.exe x.x                     Rename program for debug
debug x.x                                Load debug
e 0482 90 90 90                          NOP the 3 byte call
w                                        Write file back to the disk
q                                        Quit debug
ren x.x calgames.exe                     Restore file name
=======                                  ========

Now run CALGAMES and confirm that the patch works.