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Mossyoak vs tdpriest. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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Session Start: Sun May 03 22:21:18 1998
[22:21] <MossyOak> what's this  (c) DMS shit ?  wants nothing to do with .. nor
has any like for them
[22:21] <MossyOak> but then again.. does anybody.. bwhahahahaha
<tdpriest> blahblah blah
[22:26] <MossyOak> whats up with (c) DMS bs ?
<tdpriest> whats with you bugging me over bullshit?
[22:26] <MossyOak> because I can
<tdpriest> last time i checked, i had the right to whatever tagline i wanted?
[22:26] <MossyOak> yeah.. but I dunno what it means
<tdpriest> keep me out of weektop and you won't ever see it, but i don't see
that happeneing anytime soon
[22:27] <MossyOak> ewww
[22:27] <MossyOak> damn pftp'rs
[22:27] <MossyOak> we can see why
<tdpriest> haha
<tdpriest> yeah, i'm a pftper dude...
<tdpriest> you need to check your own group, you are the ones who let in
pftper's who were forced out of dms
<tdpriest> you pick up our scraps, then you claim we are the cheaters.. bah
[22:28] <MossyOak> we are ?
[22:28] <MossyOak> which were forced out ?
[22:28] <MossyOak> which are pftp'rs  also
[22:28] <MossyOak> please tell me
<tdpriest> lets see, PSYBER?
[22:29] <MossyOak> psyber was forced outta DMS ?
[22:29] <MossyOak> is that what them lamers are telling you now ?
[22:29] <MossyOak> lets just say
[22:29] <MossyOak> I stold him from DMS ?
[22:29] <MossyOak> bwhahahahahaha
<tdpriest> uhm
<tdpriest> i was there when he was forced out stupid
<tdpriest> so no one has told me anything, i saw it myself
[22:30] <MossyOak> HE WAS NOT FORCED OUT <- he or she? jeezuz
[22:30] <MossyOak> who said psyber was forced out
[22:30] <MossyOak> if he was forced out
[22:31] <MossyOak> then wtf did DMS bitch at me for 3 weeks for stealing their
main gun ?
[22:31] <MossyOak> damn.. you all are so fucking jealous of everybody else
<tdpriest> haha
<tdpriest> yeah, i'm jealous
<tdpriest> we're so lucky to have losers like you w/ nothing better to do,
hassleing us
<tdpriest> just go away will ya?
[22:32] <MossyOak> no.. I'm not hassleing anybody
[22:32] <MossyOak> I just wanna know what your unfo means
[22:32] <MossyOak> and loosers ?
<tdpriest> did you read it?
[22:32] <MossyOak> you wish you could lose like this newbie
<tdpriest> i owned  last week, what do you think it means
<tdpriest> hahahah
[22:33] <MossyOak> maybe you did well
<tdpriest> yeah, call me newbie all you want
[22:33] <MossyOak> but DMS doesn't own
[22:33] <MossyOak> and that's why it looks like your saying
[22:33] <MossyOak>  has no respect for DMS
[22:33] <MossyOak> they turned em down like 20 times
<tdpriest> cuz no one wants to trade there since it fuckin let MNM in as whq
[22:34] <MossyOak> ummm.. infact.. a lot of DMS trade
[22:34] <MossyOak> that that really made no since
<tdpriest> yeah, they sure as hell wanted MNM, thats why zer0t quit staff right
when he got back from vacation... he was just so shocked and happy that MNM
joined and he thought his work with the scene was done
[22:34] <MossyOak>  turned DMS down 20 times because it was MNM WHQ
<tdpriest> dude, no one from dms trades to
[22:34] <MossyOak> when DMS was asking ..  was END
[22:34] <MossyOak> after APOC died foolio
<tdpriest> 200- The following users are in group 'dms':
<tdpriest> 200- /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
<tdpriest> 200-  Fallen    JJJ       ahncd     badass    buglord   caserd
<tdpriest> 200-  lester    gross     hfb       lethal    mavian    mister
<tdpriest> 200-  redtea    riches    stix      sugar     tdpriest  tsut
<tdpriest> 200- /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
<tdpriest> those are the people from dms currently on
<tdpriest> last time i checked, Lester and I are the only ones who trade there
<tdpriest> thats not a whole lot of dms support
[22:36] <MossyOak> buglord trades there
<tdpriest> buglord rarely trades, so wtf you talkin about?
<tdpriest> and even if he did, that'd give you 3
<tdpriest> thats not what i'd call dms support
[22:38] <MossyOak> i just don't understand why you consider DMS owning  ?
<tdpriest> its just a tagline man, get over it, and get over yourself already
[22:40] <MossyOak> it's just no approite
<tdpriest> who are you to decide whats apporpriate?
[22:40] <MossyOak> laff
[22:40] <MossyOak> you egoistic as hell
[22:40] <MossyOak> who you think you are anyways ?
<tdpriest> i'm egotistical? just because i don't wanna change my tagline?
[22:41] <MossyOak> i didn't tell you to change it
<tdpriest> then wtf is this about?
<tdpriest> who cares it's just a tagline
[22:41] <MossyOak> that's what I was asking you
[22:42] <MossyOak> well.. I don't think the siteop would like it much
<tdpriest> i haven't heard anything yet
[22:42] <MossyOak> actually you have
[22:42] <MossyOak> I'm a  siteop
<tdpriest> you think i care what you think?
[22:42] <MossyOak> you should Mr Ego
[22:43] <MossyOak> whoever you think you are
[22:43] <MossyOak> man with no power
<tdpriest> i know who i am, i'm a courier for dms.. no more no less
[22:43] <MossyOak> or boy more then likely
<tdpriest> yeah
<tdpriest> i turn the big 1 3 tomorrow
[22:43] <MossyOak> laff
[22:43] <MossyOak> not surprised
[22:44] <MossyOak> apparantly you have little warez past ?
[22:44] <MossyOak> to be talking to me the way you are ?
<tdpriest> yup
<tdpriest> only 5 years or so
<tdpriest> see
[22:45] <MossyOak> how come I've never seen you before ?
<tdpriest> this shit is funny to me, cuz i've been through it before.. you think
"Oh i'm tough shit, so i'm gonna talk shit to this courier"
<tdpriest> becuz i retired for 3 years?
[22:46] <MossyOak> i'm not talking shit
[22:46] <MossyOak> I just think your a little egoistical
<tdpriest> i could say the same about you
[22:46] <MossyOak> when you have absolutly no say so over anything that happens
in the scene
[22:46] <MossyOak> no.. I haven't said anything about myself
<tdpriest> and the only thing i said about myself, is that i owned last week,
and you didn't like the fact that my tagline was displayed on the weektop
[22:47] <MossyOak> but you say lines such as "who do you think you are to tell
me about my unfo line"
[22:47] <MossyOak> etc..
[22:47] <MossyOak> I'm  siteop.. that's who I are
[22:47] <MossyOak> it's my job to show concern about such things
<tdpriest> i thought the whole point of a siteop was to have people who trade to
their site?
<tdpriest> thats what i do, so why bother me about such a stupid thing?
[22:48] <MossyOak> then you think your big and bad and don't have to change it
and stuff
<tdpriest> i don't have to change it
<tdpriest> if you don't like it, you do what you want
[22:48] <MossyOak> well... it's not respectful to  thats for sure
[22:48] <MossyOak> that's my only concern
<tdpriest> no, its not respectful to MNM
[22:48] <MossyOak> DMS owns Hades
[22:48] <MossyOak> now
[22:48] <MossyOak> now = not
<tdpriest> its no disrespect to  in anyway
[22:48] <MossyOak> no..  also
[22:48] <MossyOak> because  has no care for DMS
<tdpriest> why  ? it shows that we respect and trade there
<tdpriest> well, some of us anyway
[22:49] <MossyOak> it does ?
<tdpriest> how doesn't it?
[22:50] <MossyOak> it shows that DMS thinks they own  when they don't if I'm not
<tdpriest> 50 MNM traders trading to  , 3 (not even that) dms traders trade
there.. and we still probably should've won last week.. so prove to us 3 dms
traders that we don't ;)
[22:51] <MossyOak> 50 MNM ?
[22:51] <MossyOak> their was no more then 5
[22:51] <MossyOak> sitez
[22:51] <MossyOak> moomoo
[22:51] <MossyOak> myself
<tdpriest> i count 34 in the MNM group list
<tdpriest> and i can find quite a few that have traded
<tdpriest> more than 5 thats fo rusre
[22:52] <MossyOak> laff
[22:52] <MossyOak> I did a stat on MNM at the end of last week for our emag
[22:52] <MossyOak> I know how many had over 5 megs
[22:52] <MossyOak> it was 6 ppl
[22:53] <MossyOak> and one had 11 megs
[22:53] <MossyOak> woo
<tdpriest> alrite fine, you got 6 whole people, to our 2 that traded there last
[22:53] <MossyOak> their is about 8 shell admins on  from MNM
[22:53] <MossyOak> doobie and union.. leaders
[22:53] <MossyOak> other seniors
[22:53] <MossyOak> telnet traders (6)
[22:53] <MossyOak> so.. their is no point to this argument
[22:54] <MossyOak> DMS still didn't own
[22:54] <MossyOak> DMS had all your megs.. and even still
<tdpriest> i agree, i've said that the whole time, there's no point to this
[22:54] <MossyOak> I dunno if you had pre's
[22:54] <MossyOak> or did a cleanup
[22:54] <MossyOak> or what
<tdpriest> i had no pre's last week
[22:55] <MossyOak> well.. a lot of the shit you traded was crap
[22:55] <MossyOak> but who cares
<tdpriest> yeah
<tdpriest> it was all crap, so why wasn't it nuked?
[22:55] <MossyOak> I just think it's a unfo line of no respect
<tdpriest> fine, if you wanna take action go ahead
[22:55] <MossyOak> I will goto Hades and put  (c) MNM
<tdpriest> do what you will
<tdpriest> go for it
<tdpriest> i don't give a fuck, and i'm sure no one will come crying
[22:56] <MossyOak> haha.. you pasted
[22:56] <MossyOak> bwhahaha
<tdpriest> pasted what?
[22:56] <MossyOak> that could be a big big mistake
<tdpriest> i haven't pasted anything yet
[22:56] <MossyOak> omfg
<tdpriest> but if you'd like i will
[22:56] <MossyOak> then why is digivamp msging me ?
<tdpriest> <tdpriest> dgi
<tdpriest> <tdpriest> mossyjoke is givin me shit about the tagline you told
me to put on
<tdpriest> cuz
<tdpriest> i said that
[22:57] <MossyOak> laff.. you think your hot shit
<tdpriest> no, you do
<tdpriest> i'm just a courier trying to have fun
[22:57] <MossyOak> i do ?
[22:57] <MossyOak> who you calling mossyjoke ?
<tdpriest> hmm
<tdpriest> let me think...
[22:57] <MossyOak> Mr Powerful
<tdpriest> haha
<tdpriest> i've said about a dozen times so far, all i do is courier.. i've
never said anything about having any power
<tdpriest> i do what i do, and thats all..
<tdpriest> are you done now?
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