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-+- Bad Sector -+- Hello everybody, This is iRoN FoRCe, One of the Co-Sysops of The Bad Sector. Well after a few days of the text released about the bust occured to Bad Sector. After a few investigations with BELL CANADA and even with the RCMP, we reached to the final truth. The Bust of the BBS was a fake. Due to the pressure from some other members of the scene, the sysop of Bad Sector, The Bug, decided to close the BBS because of the threats he received. He did that without even telling his co-sysops. We tried to contact him but we can't get a hold of him but we are 100% positive that the bust was a fake, there was no bust he decided to take the BBS down. For the present time, we are not sure if the BBS will be up again without The Bug as Main Sysop. But we want to assure everybody who contributed to the BBS that if the board opens again, everything will get back to normal. Give us just a few days so we can figure out what to do and we'll give you a soon update on the BBS. From the whole crew of Bad Sector.
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