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Session Start: Wed Jun 10 07:18:55 1998 [7:18] <coup> you got a lot to learn my son <GeeMonie> oh yeah but not from you [7:19] <coup> exactly [7:19] <coup> you jsut learned lesson one [7:19] <coup> don't take tips form strangers [7:19] <coup> they may give you spoiled candy with razors1911 in them <GeeMonie> lesson #2 dont fuck with ppl you dont know REMEMBER THAT [7:19] <coup> nope [7:20] <coup> I will follow lesson #1 son [7:20] <coup> and ruin you in a game of showdown101 <GeeMonie> sure [7:20] <coup> I am a known man <GeeMonie> so? [7:20] <coup> I am known in all 5 buroughs <GeeMonie> i known man with no life and no respect <GeeMonie> my dead cat trade better then you do [7:21] <coup> I respect lamahs liek you hwo can't take my jokoing! if you took me seriuos you got what I call nerditos <GeeMonie> i dont care what you say or do and if i am lame what are you ? [7:22] <coup> your supirior son <GeeMonie> my fader is dead he died in a overdose so your back from the dead u ugly fuck? now its time to pay back [7:23] <coup> pay back is a bithc son [7:23] <coup> try it [7:23] <coup> play my game [7:23] <coup> you will lose <GeeMonie> come to sweden and we can see <GeeMonie> i would love to smack your ugly face [7:23] <coup> no need <GeeMonie> and gice your little penis to my dog [7:23] <coup> I am a chick <GeeMonie> or well there is no need to give that small shit [7:23] <coup> no penis on me son <GeeMonie> better give your fat ass to her [7:24] <coup> you in dms I bet right? <GeeMonie> does it matter? [7:24] <coup> by our behavior of course it does my love <GeeMonie> oh really so you didnt do anything? [7:25] <coup> I was joking around and I still am [7:25] <coup> I get a kick out of you [7:25] <coup> you funny fuck <GeeMonie> little pussy cree [7:26] <coup> mahaha son <GeeMonie> i am not so funny when you meet me [7:26] <coup> no? [7:26] <coup> you ugly? <GeeMonie> come and see me <GeeMonie> i get more girls then u got hair on your head [7:26] <coup> bahahahahahahah [7:26] <coup> mahahah [7:26] <coup> I ma bald [7:27] <coup> bahaha <GeeMonie> oryeha i forgot u got no hair [7:27] <coup> I shave it <GeeMonie> yeah hahahaha u dont [7:27] <coup> like Micheal JOrdan <GeeMonie> oh really so your THAT ugly dont tell me ytour a nigger to? [7:27] <coup> niggeR? whats that? <GeeMonie> go check your mirror nigger [7:28] <coup> I am 100% Italian son <GeeMonie> jesus your a spaggy [7:28] <coup> 100% son <GeeMonie> yuck [7:28] <coup> Gambino supprted [7:28] <coup> Gotti lover <GeeMonie> kinda strange that i am white and your a spaggy [7:29] <coup> DelaCroce cousin <GeeMonie> u cant be my fader [7:29] <coup> white? [7:29] <coup> whats white? [7:29] <coup> you Aerian? [7:29] <coup> one of those NAzi's? <GeeMonie> i am not a nazi but i am white. blond blue eyes and dont like niggers and spaggy's [7:30] <coup> what is a spaggy? [7:30] <coup> you bigit fuck <GeeMonie> italian ppl etc [7:31] <coup> I don't liek NAZI's and Socialist fuckers who live off the USA [7:31] <coup> damn baby eating fucker <GeeMonie> like i care what you like or not? <GeeMonie> this will be a cool log at TCA [7:31] <coup> liek I care what oyu liek or not? [7:31] <coup> you are the one telling me you hate spaggys and shit [7:32] <coup> babahah [7:32] <coup> you hypocite <GeeMonie> yeah and i hate em [7:32] <coup> TCA will neve rpost me [7:32] <coup> you fuck [7:32] <coup> to mcuh respect <GeeMonie> we will see <GeeMonie> We will see [7:32] <coup> try t <GeeMonie> u think your something [7:32] <coup> you racist shithead <GeeMonie> yepp <GeeMonie> white pride world wide <GeeMonie> the adolf hitler will rise again <GeeMonie> Rise and take control over the world and kill scum's just like you <GeeMonie> having fun scum? just remember i am not white my self little fool [7:37] <coup> you will pay <GeeMonie> i will? <GeeMonie> how much? <GeeMonie> 200 300? [7:37] <coup> your warez days are over <GeeMonie> oh really? <GeeMonie> are "mr badguy" gonna stop me? [7:38] <coup> nope [7:38] <coup> I stop no one <GeeMonie> coes u cant? [7:38] <coup> exactly son <GeeMonie> then please go back to your bed and jackoff
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