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Game "cracking" done the right way! by Software Pirates Inc (SPI)

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		   S O F T W A R E   P I R A T E S,  I N C.


		     Game "cracking" done the right way!

       Congratulations on acquiring a "cracked" game from Software Pirates,
    Inc.  We at Software Pirates are always looking for ways to provide you
    with the latest and best in pirated software.  We are aware that many
    others out there are providing similar services, but we feel that after
    you compare our work with those offered elsewhere that you will choose
    our versions over theirs.

       The reasons you will probably prefer ours is our attention to
    detail.  When cracking a program, we don't believe in eliminating any
    of the games abilities.  We want the game to be able to do everything
    (and possibly more than) it could do before it was cracked.  This
    includes such things as maintaining High Scores and being able to run
    from any memory location.  Many of the "cracked" programs being
    distributed today, do not do this.	Most cracked games today, just
    provide you with a way of starting the game from DOS, and that is it!
    Once running, you can not even return to DOS and in some cases must
    turn power off just to end the game!  We feel that this falls far short
    of any acceptable quality level.

       For this reason, we will make the following claim, ALL future games
    that we cracked will be executable from DOS and will return to DOS
    without any problems whatsoever.  Furthermore, when reasonably
    possible, we will even allow games to run on systems, that the
    originals couldn't run on.  We will try to make all game work on the
    entire line in IBM computers (Jr, PC, XT, PPC, AT).

       Here are some of the features that our cracked games will support:

       *  High Scores and names will be saved.

       *  On systems with two monitors, the loader will switch to the
	  color monitor prior to starting the game and will return to
	  the initial display when done.

       *  On systems with just a color display, the loader provides a
	  simple "Boss" key function. When exiting the program, the
	  default screen is cleared and exiting messages is displayed.
	  This can be very useful when exiting in a hurry because your
	  Boss is coming in your office.

       *  All games will return immediately to DOS when Ctrl-Break is
	  pressed. The game will end regardless of what point you are
	  at in the game.

       *  Games that play with the timer, will be handled so that your
	  DOS time of day clock will not be altered.

       *  All games can be run off of any type of drive you have. Whether
	  that be a floppy (any type) or hard disk or ram disk. Our loaders
	  allow any type of drive to be used that DOS supports, including
	  3.5 inch drives.

       *  The state of your keys (Caps, Ins, Numlock, Scroll-lock) are
	  restore to original state on program completion.

       *  Checks to make sure there is enough free memory in your system
	  for the game.

       *  Checks to make sure that Color Monitor is attached on games
	  which require it.

       We recently have been putting in quite a bit of effort to come up
    with a general procedure to crack most games.  For the most part, all
    has gone very well. You will see a lot of similarities between most of
    the game loaders we produce. This is no accident. It was done to allow
    use to crack games very fast and keep all the good points of previous

       Please remember that we are people just like you and at times do
    make some mistakes. When errors are found we will correct them and
    release a new version of the loader so that you can get it. To check
    the version number of your release, just simply use DOS' TYPE command
    on the *.COM file in this package. It will tell you the version number
    of the loader being used. When a newer one is released, you will be able
    to identify it in this manner.

						... Software Pirates, Inc.