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Winterhawk views by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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The past several months has seen a person in various courier groups who is an
out and out cheater. He has used the nicks ID4/RedDragon/MJJ and is now using
the nick Kruzin. For months he has been uploading old files into older dirs,
renaming files, etc..*lame*.  He even started a release group as MJJ that did
not have one valid release.  I have no axe to grind with this person as I never
knew him until I started tracking his cheating ways, just as other site ops

As of this writing he is an MNM courier.  How this person continues to get into
groups and sites is beyond me. But this proves the lack of not knowing who your
members or users are. People wise up, If someone who cheats can easily bounce
from group to group or site to site so can someone who can harm your group or

Bottom line, KNOW YOUR MEMBERS AND USERS.  In my opinion sites should disable
pasv trading.  This will eliminate a lot of couriers who are merely hoping on
the net and in weeks joining top groups such as RISC, DMS and many many more.
Let the strong survive....those with PROPER skills....Not someone on Mommy and
Daddy's computer that can monkey a file with FXP.

The scene is in a very sad state right now. Release groups release without
checking, just so they can release or even worse to please a courier afill.
Couriers cheat and constantly bad mouth. Wise up or this hobby we all like to
participate in will be gone.

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