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Zodiac talks about the merger between INC and Razor. by Razor 1911 (RZR)


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A Short From Zodact:
    I just wanted to give a brief explanation for what has happened in the
last few weeks regarding RAZOR 1911 and INC.  On Friday (November 15) The
Surge and The Ghost Wind called me up telling me they had left Razor and
joined The Dream Team.  They claimed the reasons why they left was because
I was not interested in the PC scene anymore and that I didn't go after every
game released.  Basicaly the reason why they left was because Hard Core and
ActionMan promised them the world and I did not.  They were promised money and
a better life in TDT so they stabbed their friend in the back and left my
group.  I have known The Ghost Wind and especially The Surge for a long
time and they had always been true friends.  I still do not understand how
they can justify their reasons for leaving under these conditions.  They
never talked it over with me, they just left.  Well in case no one else had
known these two ex-members had helped the group in the last few weeks.  I
really needed their help to keep up with the competition.  I could probubly
live without them, but I didn't want to compete against them considering
The Surge has no day time obligations and can stay at home to get originals
and crack them all day unlike me who has other obligations during the day.  So
instead of just quitting the scene I thought of the next best thing, to
Join up with one of the leading groups in the PC scene.  INC has always had
their success with their market of games.  We tended to go after a different
market for games and therefore we both compliment each other.  Now with our
unified efforts, there should be few obstacles in our way towards domination
of the scene.  In my heart I did not want to do this, but unfortunately my
former friends put me in this cituation and forced me to do this.  So as
it stands now, choice members have joined INC.  Do understand though that RAZOR
1911 is not dead!  The name and the group has endured 6 years and this is
not going to be the end.  We may strike back in the Amiga scene or one day
return to the PC scene.
"We Shall fight in France.
 We shall fight on the seas and oceans.
 We shall fight with great confidence and strength.
 We shall defend our group, what ever the cost may be.
 We shall fight on the beaches.
 We shall fight on the landing grounds.
 We shall fight in the fields and in the streets.
 We shall fight in the hills...

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