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Whats Up With INC? for International Network of Crackers (INC) by Advanced Pirate Technology (APT)

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A collection of interviews conducted by Advanced Pirate Technology magazine back in 1993. Interviewees include Bar Manager, Bloody ButCher, Cool Hand and Lestat.
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 APT - Advanced Pirate Technology
 "Whats Up With INC?"
 Part 2: First Interview  
 Conducted By: The Illusionist

 Bar Manager -INC Member/Packager-

 Bar Manager is currently an active INC member.  
 He is located in Minnesota.
 (The Illusionist)
"How did you get into INC?"

 (Bar Manager)
"Well this is kind of a long story, but I will try to tell you.  About 4 yrs ago
I ran a small pirate board in 817 called the Bar Stool running QBBS, one day a
user applied for a account with the handle Magnum, who at that time, had INC
affiliations, and pretty soon I was a courier (a pretty shitty one though), and
I picked up a game for INC. Six Months ago I packed up Electric Dreams and moved
to Minnesota and talked to Cool Hand and told him there was no INC Dist. Site up
here, and EDS systems was created as a INC Dist. Site.  After the TGR and TNSHB
scare I decided to put my time and effort into the group in the way of suppling
and packaging.

 (The Illusionist)
"What do you think is INC's worst attibute?  If any. (heh)"
 (Bar Manager)
I can not really think of to many faults in the group, I mean we do one of the
best jobs in cracking and Distributing wares in the world.  But if there is a
fault I think it has to be lack of communication.

 (The Illusionist)
"What do you think about INC's current Competition?"
 (Bar Manager)
What competition??  No just kidding, our best competition was USA, they were a
very respectable group, they never double released us, but now days TDT, THG
and Fairlight don't play by any rules and that is sad.  This is a hobby and it
is suppose to be fun.

 (The Illusionist)
"Do you have anyother comment you would like to make to the BBS world?"

 (Bar Manager)
Well my only comment is that this is a hobby and it should be treated as a hobby
so words or jokes should not be taken to heart I really belive that THG, TDT,
and Razor have some good qualities about them but they need to keep us abrest
on what they released and we need to be able to tell them what we released maybe
a National NET would help.

 Thanks For Your Time!
 APT congradulates you for your outstanding work and 
 contribution to the pirate world!
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