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Application form. by Riders of Death

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         Riders of Death Application Form

Please edit this form with your favorite editor program and upload it to
the RoD home site at 305-885-0409.  If you dont have access there,.just
leave me a message saying that you have something to upload me, and that
you are applying for RoD.  And just apply for access.. you will get access
as soon as i can get to my computer and validate you!

Answer these questions truthfully and to the best of your knowledge.


What is the handle you want to use?
What is your *REAL* name
Do you have anything to do with the FBI, police, cia, or any government
If yes, which one?
Are you into h/p/a?
What can you contribute to us that will benefit the RoD?
If you are into h/p, please give me an example of an x.25 packet system,
and list 1 company that serves the needs for x.25 packet communications.
What is your home phone number? (for verification purposes only)
We dont need to know your address, but it is better for our records.
please put it here if you want to.
Name some people that could vouch for you?
Please tell me what is a CBI, UNIX system, and Telenet.
What do you like doing in your spare time with your computer
what kind of computer do you have?
Do you know how to access a board through tymnet/telenet

Okay, that's pretty much it.  If you have any questions or comments, feel
free to leave me, Sarah Connor, a message on any of the following boards

&TOTSE (510)
Rat Head Systems  (510)
Reality Check (415)
L I E S  U N L I M I T E D
Crunchy Frog (305)

Untill Next time.. I'll be back!

Sarah Connor and the rest here at RoD!

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