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Riches reasons for #dod, #risciso takeovers. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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[11:35] <xiches> oh do you want reasons/
[11:35] <duranged> or just dod and risciso
[11:35] <xiches> lemme tell you reasons
[11:35] <xiches> =]
[11:35] <xiches> risciso taken cuz e1 is a dumbass and always calls us stupid an stuff ;[
<union> ya riches..
<union> why did u take them..
<union> im gonna paste the reasons on my page k?
[11:35] <xiches> dod cuz letterman is a fag and so is bandido =)
[11:35] <duranged> hehe union is a dork :)
[11:35] <xiches> go fo rit =)
[11:35] <duranged> oaste that
[11:35] <r0cker> letterman is cool
[11:35] <duranged> paste even
[11:35] <xiches> no he isnt
[11:36] <r0cker> yes he is
<union> what did he do to you riches?
[11:36] <xiches> he bans people for no reason
[11:36] <xiches> he banned me from #ORIGIN
[11:36] <xiches> for no reason
[11:36] <r0cker> well
[11:36] *** Quits: _rollz_ (Leaving)
[11:36] <r0cker> its not only him
<union> name all the shit.. i want to post it all
[11:36] <xiches> just cuz it was the 'in' thing to do
[11:36] <xiches> :)
[11:36] *** Quits: hoziris (Ping timeout)
[11:36] <xiches> you know ''bash riches cuz he sux'
[11:36] <r0cker> letterman IS cool
[11:36] <xiches> :D
<union> ya..
[11:36] <duranged> i dont know him
[11:36] <xiches> and i like a lot of people in OGN
[11:36] <xiches> butu uanyways he botbanned me
[11:37] <xiches> so i told him #DOD is gone
[11:37] <r0cker> i knew lettawhore since i was a llama

[11:37] *** Joins: ShitmaN- (shitman20@*)
<union> but he was steppin on our turf
[11:37] <xiches> then we identd on dod bots as DODWHORE HEH=_)
[11:37] <xiches> we LINKED to DOD BOTS they thought we were DODWHORE
[11:37] <xiches> :)
<union> hah
[11:37] <xiches> but we fucked up the first time cuz of eci's script
[11:37] <xiches> his shit is fast:D
<union> shit props to eci for that one
[11:38] <xiches> ya he's fucked up a lot of our attempts hehe=]
[11:38] <duranged> where is ben(!@*@!!!!!
<union> nice
[11:38] <duranged> BENJEWMAN
<union> ok man.. gonna cut and paste this shit.. and post it in 10 mins
[11:38] <xiches> wait wait add..TAW ROX AND WAREZ SOX