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MSV Leaves For Premiere for The Crazed Asylum (TCA) by Premiere

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*Blizzard`* hiya..... *Blizzard`* alive ? *Entity-Member* hi *Entity-Member* had hard time preing to the sita again *Entity-Member* err site *Blizzard`* mmmm... *Blizzard`* yeah... *Entity-Member* can u change my pass on local shell *Blizzard`* got sum bad news fer Entity *Entity-Member* hmmmmm *Entity-Member* dont tellme u will drop us after 100meg pre *Blizzard`* hahaha... *Entity-Member* and continuous support for 4months *Blizzard`* well.. it feels bad 2 dissapoint ya.... *Entity-Member* ent has put over a gig of warez on yer box *Entity-Member* with nothing to ask in return *Entity-Member* oh my god, thats just so gunny *Entity-Member* funny *Entity-Member* and for what affil prey tell N>INVITE [#Premiere]: *Blizzard`* ([email protected]*.*) at 5:17am. N> To join #Premiere press F11, to kickban press F12. *Entity-Member* HAHAHAHAH *Entity-Member* u know first thing came to my mind? *Entity-Member* narcing *Blizzard`* lamer ? =) *Entity-Member* and no i wont *Entity-Member* but it has never happened to me before *Entity-Member* even the thought *Blizzard`* what ? *Blizzard`* narq? *Entity-Member* imagine me even thinking it... heh forget it, i wont even argue with you *Blizzard`* u'll still have groupop and leech *Blizzard`* hope we'll still b friends.. *Entity-Member* you are def. unloyal i shouldnt of just let you have affil *Entity-Member* and whq *Entity-Member* geezus *Entity-Member* lafffffffffff *Blizzard`* yep... i know... *Entity-Member* u just betrayed me *Blizzard`* its fer tha site... *Entity-Member* i dont need anything from you, i never have *Blizzard`* ept will b left any sec now... *Entity-Member* prm pre's 5 sites *Entity-Member* ent pre's 3, and ent meggage is always more then prm *Entity-Member* forget it, im wasting my time *Blizzard`* not only that... *Entity-Member* even if right now u decide to back out i will never accept this fact of betrayal *Blizzard`* fuck.. sometime i hate bein' a siteop... *Blizzard`* its just those fuxin' hard decitions... *Entity-Member* ye ye, and if you had feelings and any kind of loyalty i might of even understood that *Entity-Member* and prm? GEEZ *Entity-Member* they release webware 1diskers *Blizzard`* i think i could get ya a new site affil if ya want 2... *Entity-Member* alright, enjoy yourself *Entity-Member* ent will be fine *Entity-Member* even without any sites *Entity-Member* no need for leftovers, thanks *Blizzard`* NO!... im not saticefied with this ending.... *Blizzard`* i wish the best for entity... *Blizzard`* i wanna help... *Blizzard`* but... i c more future with prm..... and thats a sad fact... ----- just didnt feel like talking anymore after that, and to add to the troubles this was right after MarksVision.v3.0.WIN95NT-ENTiTY [65] a 100megger was put only to msv & bb2... you be the judge -hazzy
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