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Interview with Deepz0ne, ex-radium cracker. by Radium

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Enjoy guyz, here is an hot interview with Deepz0n3, one of the best world cracker. Deepz0n3, u know the guy who works for Radium. Special thnx to him for answer to all these questions. Listen :)

Wed Aug 26 18:44:12 1998

<_KaY_> Hi :)

<Deepz0n3> Hi

<_KaY_> What was the hardest prog to crack and why was it so hardest?

<Deepz0n3> Well... the hardest was Logic v3.0... It was some weeks of work... I started just checking how the program talks with the dongle... but know what they talk is not enough... all times the dialog is different and I had to know why was different and fix that... this was really the hard work and never was found before.

<_KaY_> Is it the best protection ever developed?

<Deepz0n3> There is no 100% secure protection scheme... This was just the hardest I seen but Im sure there is more secure ones... I Heard from a friend a protection scheme that is harder than this... he couldnt fix it so Im sure must be harder cause he is damn good. It was in use data like a dongle but from a Internet Server so without internet connection cant be started... 

<_KaY_> Whats the goal for a cracker, only challenge?

<Deepz0n3> Yes but learn too... For me all started trying to learn how the programs works... I think is like a chess party :) 

<_KaY_> hehe cool :) I love chess so i can understand what do u mean. What sort of knowledges do need a cracker, what does he need to study, is it long?

<Deepz0n3> Well... a cracker must be curious, very patient and must know some programming... specially assembler. Must know windows API too. I did my first crack about two years ago and now I have much more level. I learned how to do a serial, cd check, some dongles, and more stuff... For one guy that want to start I only can say that he must read lot tutorials... ( I only readed one hehe ) and he must have lot free time couse this is very addictive... If anyone starts cant leave till know how to crack... the app he started.

<_KaY_> Are there lot of risks without software developers and SPA, i mean real risks?

<Deepz0n3> For now I only had job opportunities with this...

<_KaY_> Really? Now u maybe able to set good protections for developers, or is it totally different job?

<Deepz0n3> Well... as I know how a cracker work I can develop a good protection but never a non crackeable one... cause there is no 100% secure protection. you remember?... So why to protect if cant be protected 100%?

<_KaY_> Have u got friendly contacts with protections developers, do u trade ideas with them?

<Deepz0n3> A few. Well... I just talk about how hard it was or how they can make it more secure.

<_KaY_> Does it exist any competition between crackers?

<Deepz0n3> Maybe between groups but not with crackers... at least about me.

<_KaY_> Have u got any idea about the ultimate protection, what could it be?

<Deepz0n3> Well.. maybe a dialog with a server using Internet to get data for the app using data on the user machine: UserName, SerialNumber, etc... like a dongle but the dongle is on a Server... and all requests are logged and if there is too much time betwen two requests something wrong is happening hehe :D this will be something but Im sure not enough.

<_KaY_> Is there an important thing u would like to tell to radium software users?

<Deepz0n3> Just that they must think in buy the software if they really use it lot... if you get it just for try its ok but if they are using it to get money they must think at the developers too... Without them the scene cant continue ;)

<_KaY_> Will u continue for a long time to crack music software for users?

<Deepz0n3> ahh sorry... Well as I said this is a very addictive thing so I think I will be doing till I had no time for that... for now I spent lot of my free time in that but I love cracking and I like music software.

<_KaY_> Thanx for all, im sure ppl will enjoy all that! :))
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