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Nintendo Addiction Kills INC? by International Network Of Crackers (INC)


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The truth about the demise of INC.
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     For those of you who do not know what's been happening with
INC this past week, here's a brief explanation.  For the past few
months, Cool Hand was planning on leaving INC to return to school. 
Before he left, he started using his INC power to increase his
Nintendo collection.  He made boards dist. sites for cartridges,
and even made someone a member for Street Fighter II.  By taking
cartridges instead of donations, Joe did not have the cash to pay
his main supplier, Ford Perfect.  After giving all he had to the
group, Ford left and joined Fairlight.  The next day the Senior
Members of INC ( Night Ranger UK, Gunslinger, Hannibal Lektor,
Lestat, and Night Ranger USA ) got together and decided Cool Hand
was severely hurting the group.  Since Cool Hand had told everyone
that he kicked Line Noise out earlier in the year, they had no
place to turn.  It was imperative Cool Hand be kicked out of the
group.  Gunslinger had the priveledge of telling Cool Hand this,
which was captured on tape and played in this file.  Cool Hand ran
to Line Noise, who asked the INC members not to use the name INC if
they were going to continue being a group.  The next day two of the
Sr. Members went back to Cool Hand, abandoning the rest of the Sr.
Members.  Two Members just quit the scene, and three members joined
Fairlight.  Two thirds of the members who ran INC were then gone,
including their suppliers.  After Line Noise made everything seem
normal, he left the group once again leaving Cool Hand in charge.
     The problems of INC are obvious.  They have absolutely no
leadership.  Captain Nintendo aka Cool Hand aka Gimme a Nintendo
game and I'll make you a member, could care less about INC's
financial status or the suppliers.  INC has no money and no
suppliers.  Slowly but surely, various people affiliated with INC
are realizing the group is going down and are leaving.  September
will be the month to tell whether INC will still be around or
succumb to the might of Fairlight.
     If the whole pirate scene would have enough balls to stand up
to Cool Hand and tell him to stop using people for personal gain,
the scene would get back to the way it was,  free competition
between groups to see who could get the warez out first, not to see
who can get the other group arrested. Which just so happens to be
INC's last resort.

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