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Block Out. by International Network of Crackers (INC)

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INC's first crack.
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  Block Out by California Dreams

  Well here it is! Block Out, INC's First Crack. In case you havent
  found out yet, INC is made up of MCM, ECA, and NYC. All of those
  groups do not exist anymore. We are still in transition, but many
  cracks should be out soon. Watch out other groups, here INC comes.

                                -Line Noise
                                  (Organizer of INC)


  Greetings all,

  For all of you Tetris fans out their you WILL enjoy this. Imagine Tetris
in 3D.  That is the concept of this game.  I won't keep you by typing
unwanted B.S. so just run the game and if you need help, want a demo, or
want to practice those options are all available to you.

Look for more new wares coming soon to a board near you.

Thanks to Lord Michael for getting us this and hi to all the other groups out
there. Some people may think that a hi to other groups is lame but I don't go
for all that bullshit fighting that some groups do.

Look for a New Newsletter coming out soon.

-=- Patch -=-
INC Cracker
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