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Cheat For Space Ace ][: Borfs Revenge. by Syndicate

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                         The $yndicate Proudly Presents;
                     "Cheat For Space Ace ][: Borfs Revenge"
Supplyed By: The Humble Guys
Cheat    By: Platinum!

 Notes: About a year ago the $ynd put out a walktrough for space ace 1, so it's
 only fitting we do a cheat for Space Ace 2.  This cheat gets ya unlimited lifes and removes totally the silly little doc check(no need to type ANYTHING in).
 Hope you fins this release futher's your progess, in the game. Speacil thanks
 once again to platinum for getting this stuff done. I owe ya a few dozen man.
 Just finished my 1st full game of Civilzation and all I can say is "WOW" just
 an incredable game! Hopefully $yndicate will have a cheat out for it shortly.
 But to anyone who don't have this game yet, it is the game of the year, pick up Have fun(But not at other pirates expense)

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 Ronnieman, Baby Bear, Analog Kid.
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    Greets Go Out to:
       USA: Your a disgrace, to god, and to country.
       THG: GNice Job on Civilzation
       INC: Howdy     CFW: Haha!  TDT: Hard core, nice Job. TRSI: Good demo's!
  Drunkard: Are we having fun yet?
    ERkYLE: USA's Evil Twin????  _Enquiring minds want to know!
      CoCK: Some funny shit there! Merge with ERkYlE!
    Tomkat: Best Damn Waste of talent Around.
David Duke: As Sure as freedom burns red in the american heart, you shall once
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