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1990 November

Not a scene publication but a historically interesting concept.
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Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.'s GIF News Well, the November/December issue is here. This issue has articles on: an great new Soundblaster music program called Trak-Blaster, Sierra's "Life in the Fast Lane with the Jones", Steve Meretzky's Spellcasting 101, Joke of the Month, "Ask the Dr.", The Amiga Video Toaster, and more. GIF News now available via Internet. Pretty soon, you can subscribe via E-mail to have GIF News delivered right to you. However, first someone has to explain how to encode files to be transmitted over the net. Right now though, GIF News can be obtained through various anonymous FTP sites around the world. Try wuarchive.wustl.edu and sequent.mcs.kent.edu - look in the /pub directory on wuarchive and the /pub/incoming on sequent. You can always recognize which GIF News issue is up by the filename. For example: gn90-11.zip | |_ | | ||__ GIF | | News | November | 1990 GIF News comes out every other month so look for gn91-01.zip in January. If you want back issues, let me know or send me a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope with a disk (please include some .GIF files or anything else you might think is interesting on that disk). gn90-09.zip, gn90-07.zip, gn90-05.zip should be up on wuarchive.wustl.edu last time I checked. They're also up on the Channel 1 BBS in Cambridge, MA (617)354-8873. GIF News is always looking for writers, articles, comments, etc. You can correspond with me by: US Mail: Eric Hsiao 7 Fair Way Poughkeepsie, NY 12603-5014 Prodigy: XPJD96B E-mail (Internet): [email protected] [email protected] (unix account) (Bitnet): [email protected] Cleveland's Freenet: userid: al947 Thanks again. For advertising info, please read GIFNEWS.ADS
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