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BelowZero vs PeleJr by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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<BelowZero> the Kais Release is not a DUPe
<Ribsy> why was kaispower... nuked?
<BelowZero> the only one's EVER release
<BelowZero> was by LG98
<BelowZero> and TFT
<BelowZero> TFT = 7 disk NON-Working release
<BelowZero> LG98 = Beta
<Ribsy> so what about this version?
<PeLeJr> no way
<PeLeJr> tft took lg
<PeLeJr> tft took it and made it smaller
<BelowZero> NOPE
<Ninjaboy> Pele was the lg release a beta?
<PeLeJr> trust me.. i was there
<PeLeJr> nope
<PeLeJr> a full cd
<BelowZero> we have it on CDR
<SiimZtA> TFT?
<BelowZero> and used it
*** dA-CeNTeR sets mode: +o SiimZtA
<BelowZero> it is unusable
<PeLeJr> tft used our crack
<BelowZero> ERRRRR
<BelowZero> TFT riped the program to the point of UnUsable
<BelowZero> the program FULLy insatlled is 150megs
<PeLeJr> well then lg released the good one
<BelowZero> not 7.5 DISKS
<BelowZero> ERR
<BelowZero> they released a Beta
<PeLeJr> NO
<godbless> hey
<PeLeJr> k find out the date taht tft released it.. and find out the day that lg
released it
<BelowZero> i did
<BelowZero> the same day
<PeLeJr> what that tell u?
<PeLeJr> lg released a 100meg rls
<PeLeJr> tft released a 10 meg rls
<BelowZero> no they didn't
<PeLeJr> tft ripped lgs
<PeLeJr> tft used lgs crack
<PeLeJr> k tell me whats tft dir name
<BelowZero> so tft stole a release
<BelowZero> ok
<BelowZero> -MDupe- 980504  10186 kb  Kais.Power.Show.v1.0.PROPER.RIP-TFT
<BelowZero> 10 megs
<BelowZero> ok
<BelowZero> from 150megs to 10megs
<SiimZtA> that dupe TFT?
<BelowZero> WHY would you EVEN get the POrogram
<BelowZero> all they had was the .exe
<BelowZero> -MDupe- 980503  [NUKED] [NUKED].Kais.Power.Show.v1.0-LG98
<BelowZero> ok
<BelowZero> they both Fucked up
<BelowZero> all you get is a GREY screen in the TFT release
<PeLeJr> how about lg
<BelowZero> here this Explains it
<Ribsy> if its not a nuke I want my credit back
<Ribsy> hehe
*** TimmyG changes topic to 'The HTG rls of Kai's Power Show is a NUKE! DUPE OF
<PeLeJr> thanx timmyG... and LG the credit for supplying
<Ribsy> but if both didn't work in the first place how can it be a dupe?
<TimmyG> Both worked
<Ribsy> k
<TimmyG> LG (WOrked but was over limit) TFT (Worked and is fine)
<BelowZero> KICK me timmyG: i dare you i will narc you faster then you can hit
the kick button
<BelowZero> and don't temp me
<BelowZero> i hate you already
<[dee]> narc?
<[dee]> fuck you belowzero
<BelowZero> NARC
<PeLeJr> hmm
<BelowZero> very good
<PeLeJr> we got a narcer here
<BelowZero> accually
<[dee]> im gonna talk to john
<BelowZero> timmyG will be the first one
<[dee]> wtf do u go around threatening to narq sites
<Ribsy> comon guys stop it, its no need
<[dee]> get a life below
<Ribsy> it was only a debate
<[dee]> its ppl like u that are fucking up the scene
<BelowZero> [dee] you know what shit timmyg causes
<[dee]> if u cant talk it out quit the scene
<BelowZero> YEAH
<BelowZero> right [dee]
<hazzy> if u have any dupe checking q's just do !dupe release in channel, its
that easy :X
<BelowZero> yeah
<BelowZero> ok
<[dee]> <BelowZero> KICK me timmyG: i dare you i will narc you faster then you
can hit the kick button
<[dee]> ?
<PeLeJr> hehe hazzy:)
<BelowZero> yup
<hazzy> narc?
<BelowZero> i do that to get ppl's attention
<hazzy> narc what?
<[dee]> hazzy, this site
<PeLeJr> attention?:???
<hazzy> oh
*** hazzy sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]*.tnt18.atl2.da.uu.net
<BelowZero> <Psyber> its not a dupe
*** BelowZero was kicked by WTC (banned)
[belowzero]: i use to be a leader in htg.
<Ribsy> hmm he took it a bit serious :/
<hazzy> this site is unnarcable
<hazzy> its on a router
<PeLeJr2> kewl
<PeLeJr2> but i thoguht every sites is on a router hehe:)
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