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Stolen Work Found In A Corepack Repack for Kaos by Corepack

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Stolen" Work Found In A Corepack Repack By TheMaster-KaOsKrew on March 29, 2019 C: 119 https://images2.imgbox.com/81/6a/8wFozJKM_o.png I know, I'm already hearing the grunts & groans of "Oh the irony - a repacker of cracked games whining about theft of work!" & we get it BUT this extra information might be interesting/entertaining to some given the history here at CrackWatch so please keep those obvious jibes to yourself & read on... Far be it from us to normally get involved in any gossip or soap opera shit but this one's interesting enough given past events that we thought some might like to know something that's been festering behind the scenes for some time. There have been many rumours & suspicions floating around since they first appeared on the scene that Corepack was "stealing" KaOs repacks/work (possibly the work of others too) & rebranding them as their own (sometimes removing a few things here & there & replacing the KaOs installer with their own). Seeing as KaOs is a pretty chilled bunch of dudes they never really got upset enough to follow these suspicions up with any kind of in-depth investigation or snooping around even though others were presenting bits of possible evidence from time to time. However, in the last couple of days a visitor to the KaOs website just alerted us to what he found within a Corepack repack that was still on their website as I type this & has been since 2015 (although it may well be deleted by the time you read this if someone from there reads it first). Please see the attached image for detail. Because this is such a smoking gun we decided to let you know so you can see with your own eyes the kind of shenanigans that go on behind the scenes with some of the shadier operators out there. Essentially this is a KaOs repack that was done back in 2015 using KaOs's own inhouse custom scripts, etc that has been rebranded by Corepack & put out by them on their website as "their" work. As you can see in the script the KaOs signature is clearly visible several times just in this little bit alone! Believe me when I say this is just the tip of the iceberg LOL! If you were to challenge them though I'm sure you'd just get the usual "oh that was just one of our old repackers & he doesn't do repacks for us anymore blah blah blah..." & then the fanboys would believe it & defend them to the death here despite the evidence. We all know how it works! Anyway our best guess here is that they fully installed the KaOs repack then recompressed it just using a simple precomp & used their own installer. Here's a quick unedited message I received from a KaOs staff member before posting this - "What i think they have done is downloaded our version and installed it fully then just compressed it up again with precomp, maybe they didnt want to download the full version of 12 gig or maybe they couldn't be arsed to recode all the movies like we did coz there was quite a few. our version had audio rebuilding as well that u can't tell in their version with it been fully installed first but their audio isn't lossless either." So there you have it. As far as we're concerned there's no debating this one so we won't be. We just wanted to inform/entertain you with the latest evidence presented ;) https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/comments/b6hvpt/stolen_work_found_in_a_corepack_repack/
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