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A nice little Fusion log by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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Subject: oooo
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 23:33:40 -0500 (CDT)
From: <[email protected]*.*.net>
To: [email protected]

nice little fusion log

<fusion_> BACK
<fusion_> this is what iwas talking about:
<fusion_> 980405 Ghost_MultiCast_Server_4.1-DOD (626 KB)
<fusion_> v4.1a is out of this crappy 1 disk sharware
<fusion_> go grabit!!!!!
<fusion_> u want url? :P
<_aneurysm> suer, we support our products.
<_aneurysm> we believe in updates :P
<fusion_> hahah
<fusion_> it isnt about believing in updates or not, its about releasing crappy
1 disk0rs
<fusion_> which cracking groups should have done
<fusion_> good to see DOD racing CORE ;)
<fusion_> lemme give u more examples..
<_aneurysm> actually, it is about supporting our releases.
<_aneurysm> which prm knows nothing about.
<fusion_> 980414 OptiDriver_2000_cracked-DOD (562 KB)
<fusion_> gimme a break
<fusion_> ahhaah
<fusion_> go check how many tims we've supported our releases, and compare it to
<fusion_> u'll come up with the results of us winning
<_aneurysm> give me proof :P
<fusion_> as always, dod's members tend to be clueless and talk lies
<fusion_> or just stuff they know nothing about
<_aneurysm> lol
<_aneurysm> not clueless
<_aneurysm> Not lying at all
<_aneurysm> When did i lie?
<fusion_> yes clueless
<fusion_> and clueless leads to lies
<fusion_> lies which are combined from telling untrue stuff without checking
first and telling lies, simple as that
<fusion_> which u and your other dod fellas tend to do ALOT
<_aneurysm> dude
<fusion_> just to show how good  DOD is when its nothing but crap :P
<_aneurysm> when have I done that
<_aneurysm> tell me
<_aneurysm> when have I told an untruth.
<fusion_> and i aint bashing, just telling the truth
<_aneurysm> if you don't back up your accusations
<fusion_> only lately u are starting to show u got something going on in the
group, but in the start of the year u were nothing but idle
<fusion_> i'm sure it'll soon get back to that situation though :)
<fusion_> done pasting?
<fusion_> ummmmm
<fusion_> when u said we dont support our releases
<_aneurysm> they are nothing but drivel.
<fusion_> whatever the fuck u mean by that it isnt true
<fusion_> laf
<fusion_> and i can come up with alot more times u said it
<_aneurysm> back it up
<_aneurysm> then fucking back it up, instead of shooting your mouth off
<_aneurysm> and i'm always idle :)
<fusion_> hmm
<fusion_> itas easy to back it up
<fusion_> u want me to show u an example of releases that we released a greater
version of them as well?
<_aneurysm> if you want to give me some proof that I a) have lied b) am
clueless ... go ahead, give it to me
<fusion_> thats easy..
<_aneurysm> you call me clueless and a liar, but have no reason or evidence..
<fusion_> u are clueless when u say: most of our releases are carded
<fusion_> u are clueless when u say: we havent put out a decent title
<fusion_> u are clueless when u say: DOD is better than PRM in 1998
<_aneurysm> uh
<_aneurysm> i never said prm doesn't put out decent shit
<_aneurysm> my MAIN position throughout this whole PRM vs Everyone shit has been
that PRM relies on quantity, not quality
<_aneurysm> And part of that quantity includes webware
<fusion_> HAHA
<fusion_> u said it too many times
<fusion_> PRM relies on quantity, not quality
<fusion_> says who?
<fusion_> you?
<fusion_> laf
<_aneurysm> PRM releases speak for themselves.
<fusion_> DOD would release everything its suppliers had given it or will give
<fusion_> except clipart crap i hope
<_aneurysm> Not true..
<fusion_> yes they do
<_aneurysm> I have had many a rel turned down
<fusion_> same thing goes for DOD releases
<fusion_> i havent seen much difference between our releases though
<fusion_> besides the fact that we had some killer titles this year, which DOD
havent yet
<fusion_> i dont think that if u released:
<fusion_> 980409 CDH_Media_Wizard_v2.15-DOD (7615 KB)
<fusion_> and stuff like that
<fusion_> u would turn down alot of other rls's
<fusion_> i really doubt it
<fusion_> maybe u turned down cliparts, or anything similar to tthat, but that
would be turned down by any other group, except xforce
<_aneurysm> lol
<_aneurysm> and how is that different from PRM?
<_aneurysm> i see builds, i see >1mb utils from PRM as well
<fusion_> ^ what do u mean by that?
<_aneurysm> sorry, not builds...we dont rel builds
<fusion_> no
<fusion_> we arent releasing 1 disks rls's unless they are good and useful
<_aneurysm> neither are we!
<_aneurysm> but obviously you are...quantity..
<fusion_> 980410 PC.Reseller.System.v1.10-DOD (8983 KB)
<fusion_> 032798 PC.Reseller.System.v1.0-PREMiERE [xx/07]
<fusion_> laf
<fusion_> 980414 OptiDriver_2000_cracked-DOD (562 KB)
<_aneurysm> i researched that...that was a major bugfix upgrade..
<fusion_> so wtf is this ^^^
<_aneurysm> you think the fucking scene doesn't deserve bug fixes?
<fusion_> we release all good utils that work and are legit, thats it
<_aneurysm> if we dont rel it RIGHT, properly...some other grp will most likely
fuck it up
<fusion_> u would have released  *EVERYTHING* and i mean it - *EVERYTHING* we do
if u just had the resources and suppliers brining u it
<_aneurysm> I'm just saying...you rely on quantity...and carding is part of that
<_aneurysm> buydirect is part of that
<fusion_> go dupe check -premiere and show me some release DOD wouldnt agree to
<fusion_> HAHAH
<_aneurysm> we don't condone carding, but you encourage it..
<fusion_> wtf do u catre about where the utils are coming from?
<_aneurysm> we don't condone crapware, but you encourage it
<fusion_> do u think the endusers or the ones who are downloading it really
CARES if it came from buydirect or a store?
<_aneurysm> of course not, but why fill the scene up with useless fucking
<_aneurysm> granted, some (maybe most) PRM rels are decent, good
<fusion_> just to your knowledge, buydirect had many killer titles from adobe,
symantec, microsoft, borland, corel and much more
<fusion_> crapware
<fusion_> ?
<fusion_> haha
<fusion_> show me a crapware we released
<_aneurysm> but i get pissed as fucking hell when I see useless CRAP from prm.
<_aneurysm> because it does nothing but fill space
<fusion_> and yes u do condone carding
<fusion_> your suppliers are carding and u dont even know it
<fusion_> <PowerM> 980410 PC.Reseller.System.v1.10-DOD (8983 KB)
<fusion_> <PowerM> 980409 CDH_Image_Explorer_Pro_v2.1-DOD (4171 KB)
<fusion_> <PowerM> 980409 CDH_Media_Wizard_v2.15-DOD (7615 KB)
<fusion_> <PowerM> 980409 Paint.Shop.Pro.v5.0-DOD (17670 KB)
<fusion_> carded
<fusion_> if u want i can get u urls..
<_aneurysm> how the fuck do you know, my friend?
<fusion_> and this was 4 rls's in 2 days
<fusion_> so u cant say u guys arent carding
<_aneurysm> you know that everything on buydirect is avaliable in stores.
<_aneurysm> maybe you're not carding...but from what I hear, you are
<_aneurysm> from what I hear from your former members, you are
<fusion_> <_aneurysm> but i get pissed as fucking hell when I see useless CRAP
from prm.
<_aneurysm> you encourage it
<fusion_> why cant u come up with proofs???
<fusion_> to this sentence?
<_aneurysm> i'm getting it, hold on
<fusion_> what u hear?
<fusion_> laf
<fusion_> and whats wrong with carding?
<_aneurysm> nothing, as long as it's not crap.
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