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Pele is a geek. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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Session Start: Tue Feb 17 01:59:42 1998
> can u send me riscftp please?
<jess0r> cant ruin my weektop baby!
[2:10] <]Pele[> will you kiss me?
> not in this lifetime
[2:10] <]Pele[> but 1 year ago you would i know
> huh
[2:11] <]Pele[> kiss me now too
> i already said not in this lifetime
[2:12] <]Pele[> why not ?
> the egotistic types with no life dont really turn me on, sorry
[2:13] <]Pele[> haha you dont love yourself ?
> no, us morons in the us tend to dislike ourselves
> but, i do have a life
[2:14] <]Pele[> where? i dont see :/
> u wouldnt know cause ur always logged into sites while im offline 6 outta 7
days a week :/
> go outside ok?
[2:15] <]Pele[> you dunno my life
[2:15] <]Pele[> ask snkeeys honey :)
> i know u averaged 40 hours a few weeks ago on sites, according to xfer logs
> so ur either scripting or sitting behind a ftp prompt for hours on end
> or both?
[2:16] <]Pele[> what if i sit here? its me not you
[2:16] <]Pele[> also its me that rocks the sites, not you.. so its my problem to
stay here
> ya, make sure u put that u rock sites on ur next resume
> if you ever find a job that is
[2:17] <]Pele[> i dont need a job
[2:17] <]Pele[> rich ppl dont work.. ever knew?
> o? are you in the risc pention plan?
> laf sure bud
> :)
[2:18] <]Pele[> i dont need to work for the rest of my life. neither will my son
[2:18] <]Pele[> if i were rich you would know
[2:18] <]Pele[> also.. girls knows they go to RICH guys.. sooooooooo
[2:18] <]Pele[> nothing to worry
> ya im sure your bagging all the girls when u show them ur souped up computer!
[2:19] <]Pele[> rich ppl dont need it..
[2:19] <]Pele[> easy to "buy" girls
[2:19] <]Pele[> you know
[2:19] <]Pele[> laf
> seriously u should come to america, just for some english lessons
> cause u make about as much sense as eagle1 does
> btw, in usa plastic blow up dolls arent considered girls
[2:20] <]Pele[> i dont need english
[2:20] <]Pele[> english wont make me more rich or anything
[2:20] <]Pele[> so portuguese is FINE
> i guess u dont know the meaning of an education
> but i guess that's what goes with being brazilian
[2:20] <]Pele[> you work.. i will go play with my dick
[2:21] <]Pele[> ok ?
[2:21] <]Pele[> go work plz
> ok
[2:21] <]Pele[> you gotta make some money to help parents <g>
> have fun playing with urself and ur blow up plastic dolls
> dont spend too much time worrying bout ftp sites that dont mean jack ok?
> bye now
[2:21] <]Pele[> work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Session Close: Tue Feb 17 02:22:23 1998
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