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Team Technotrogens 2 years birthday. by Team Technotrogens

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    Techn0trogens Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary  of Our Existence!! 
    Team T3 is a group of dedicated friends and people that work hard 
    each day to provide you quality releases, but first of all people 
    that  just want  to have fun. It's been  2 years now,  and we are 
    as expected, still  going strong, Expect us to  continue to bring 
    you   the  crack you   love and  we  aren't  planning on  leaving 
    anytime  soon.  Without teamwork   this  accomplishment  wouldn't 
    have  been  possible.  And   because of  that   we became  such a 
    strong crew,  with over hundreads of releases in  our second year 
    of   being in  the  scene, but   you should  know  that  quantity 
    was  never  our  main goal.   We  are a small   non profit  group 
    and we do  not encourage or condone any sale of  pirated software 
    The  endusers can  try our  cracks for  checking  out the fullest 
    capabilities of the  software and must  delete them after minimum 
    usage.  If you like it,  then dont  try to  make  money or use it 
    for   commercial  purpose.  We  take  no  responsibility  for any 
    users   that  use our   cracks  for  their  own  benefits and for 
    any  problem  or  software,  you're  strongly  advised  to BUY iT 
    Software   companies   need   support   for   quality    products 
    You  may  not  use  our  release  trouble  that  they  may  cause 

    On our  2nd birthday  we would like to  thank  all the people who 
    supported  us in  the last  two  years,  and  send  out greetings 
    to our fair competitors. Happy Birthday T3!                       

    I would like to send out  greetings to all our members for making 
    this group of ours what it is. I love you all!                    
    Now njoy this nice rlz and keep your eyes open for more T3 magic! 

    A.N.D  O.N.E  T.H.I.N.G !  A.C.C.E.P.T  N.O  I.M.I.T.A.T.I.O.N !! 


    { BiBiN.SB  : a.k.a : iNF3RN0     : inf3rn0.t3@gmail.com      }   
    { AKHiLESH  : a.k.a : GeFORCE     : ge4ce.t3@gmail.com        }   
    { CHAN-DU   : a.k.a : CabaL13R0   : cabal13ro.t3@gmail.com    }   
    { HARi      : a.k.a : m00nWalk3R  : m00nwalk3r.t3@gmail.com   }   
    { JAYD3EP   : a.k.a : daDDy-J     : daddyj.t3@gmail.com       }   
    { ANAND.$$  : a.k.a :             :                           }   
    { AKHiL.RS  : a.k.a :             :                           }   

    Tip  : For VISTA,  you  need  to  apply  the  crack by  selecting 
          "Run as administrator" Or Disable UAC.                      

    iNF0 : Some  Antivirus  Detects Trojans/Malwares  on T3 Releases, 
           Dont  be a fool  your self !  We  dont want to hurt you in 
           any way. It  is  due to some cryptors with same signature. 
           Go and get a decent antivirus like Symantec or BitDefender
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