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tonytop.nfo. by Tonytop

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TonyTOP Present:

What		: Bridge for the Dummy v1.2a *serial only*
Date		: 02/05/1999
Where	  	: http://www.b4td.com/
Download	: http://www.b4td.com/bftd95d/bd9512a.zip
Size		: 2 436 256 Bytes

Protection	: Name/Serial, shitlist

Greets		: Manga Rosa - dinosaur :)
		  #cracking4newbies - everyone!
		  All others I forgot!

Crack Notes	: Although I don't crack so much for masses, every once
		  in a while I look into newsgroups. Yesterday I saw this
		  message (author's name removed):

		  Newsgroups: alt.cracks
		  Subject: ATTNTION : TonyTop

		  Can I get your attention to the program named
		  Bridge for the Dummy v1.2a 
		  Posted at the address below.                                    

		  Your OLD crack is not working anymore and the nags are
		  showing that he thing he won the battle.
		  I hope he is wronggggggggggg.

		  So I downloaded the program and tried to register it with
		  my name. But WTF, I can't even get to the point where
		  I should type my key! Hmm..it seems that I'm on shitlist here!
		  Hey I don't like that! Well I guess then you'll have to
		  put Your name on that list too, mr Tom Butler. Shit for me,
		  shit for you. As they say, shit does happen <g>

		  Ok, I can live if my name is on your shitlist, but WTF is
		  actually think it is wise to even threat with that, not
		  to mention if you would dare to do something? How would you
		  feel if you would have to use program that might just delete
		  all your files? As a programmer (yes, even VB-programmer is
		  programmer <g>), you (probably) know what your code does, but
		  the Joe Average doesn't? Hey, he might be using this legally,
		  he might have bought the game, but now he might think "What
		  if there is some bug in the game", "What if I delete wrong file
		  of click on wrong spot in the program?" Shouldn't he be relaxing
		  while playing?

		  I have included damage.gif and shit.gif, check them out.
		  In order to register, use any name/serial below:

		  Name   : Tom Butler	Name   : Robert Butler
		  Serial : [redacted]	Serial : [redacted]

		  Name   : Mike Linder	Name   : Adams Mason
		  Serial : [redacted]	Serial : [redacted]
		  Isn't that so nice, same serial with both of those guys.
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