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XRipper v0.7 B, Build 114 by Arab Team 4 Reverse Engineering (AT4RE)

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[+] Configuration Copy text
XRipper v0.7 B Build 114 {14-01-2011}: [+] Added Support For : WAV, SPC. [+] Play Wav, SPC before ripping. [+] Preview For SWF Files. [+] List View Style Icon or Report Option Added. [+] User now can Create and Manage his own Formats. [+] String <> Hex Converter Option Added. [+] Various Options Added. [x] Fixed Bug with Message Box (Was not Modal!, Handle= 0). [x] CommandLine Support temporarily disabled due a compatibility issue with the SpashScreen!. [x] The new disabled Options will be enabled when i finish them. Hints: - In order to play SWF files so Adobe Flash Player MUST be installed. - To generate a valid file format signature you can to use String <> Hex Converter option from tools menu, just type/paste the string signature and convert it to Hex, and then you can to use the generated value in the File Format Signature. Release Tip: Now Double Click on the found file will show or play it. If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions or bug report so please do not hestiate time to contact me at: www.at4re.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Here is a space for an official release, XRipper v0.6 Ultimate, Build 1212 {12-12-2010}: What is it?! XRipper is a tool allows you to scan and extract hidden files (xm, v2m, png, bmp, raw, ogg, ico, swf, ttf, mo3 and it) stored inside Keygens, Patches, Intro's, Archives.. And what's new? [\o/] Enhanced XRipper Core Engine, Less Errors & Faster ;) [\o/] Most of the Code have been rewritten. [+] Added Support For : SWF, MO3, TTF and IT. [+] Added FileDetector.Dll to SDK, (More Details found in 'SDK\File Detector' Folder). [+] Added New Plugins : - SWF Extractor v0.1: [+] Exrtact Shockwave SWF Files from any flash player. [+] Showing Details on the Detected SWF File. - uPPP Skin Extractor v0.1: [+] Exrtact Music, Pngs, Fonts from any uPPP Patch. [+] Module Type Detection (v2m,xm,it,mtm,fc,sid,s3m or mod). [+] Font Type Detection (fon or ttf). [-] Tested on uPPP 0.6 Patches, Should work for other versions. [x] Packed Patches are not supported!. - Dup Skin Extractor v0.1: [+] Exrtact Music, BMPs, Fonts from any Dup Patch. [+] Module Type Detection (v2m,xm,it,mtm,fc,sid,s3m or mod). [+] Font Type Detection (fon or ttf). [-] Tested on Dup 2.18 Patches, Should work for other versions. [x] Packed Patches are not supported!. [+] Added Detection For: Cab, Msi, Rar, Zip and Ace Archives, MO3, MOD, IT, MTM, S3M, SID, MID and MT2 Modules, MP3, WMA and WAV Streamed Audio Files, TTF, Executables: Exe, DLL, JPG, GIF, WMF and EMF Images, Shockwave and Adobe SWF Files, PDF and CHM Ebooks, Text Files, Nintendo SPC and NSF Sound Files. [+] Detection for zLib and aPlib Compression routines. [+] zLib and aPlib File UnPacker. [+] Added Command Line Support, Usage: XRipper -FileName [+] Play XM, MO3, IT before Ripping. [+] Preview BMP, PNG Images before Ripping. [+] Direct Process Memory Scan, No More Dumping To File. [+] Enhanced XM, PNG Length Detection. [+] Extract Rar Archives. [+] More Information about the found file. [+] Options Added: - Load From File Clipboard. - Exclude System Processes. - Save Ripped Data To Specified Folder. - Load from Pe File (Process Debug). - Specify Size Of Process Memory Buffer. - Do not rip selected file. - Save selected file to. - Unpack zLib If Detected. - Scan Inside Rar Archives. .. [x] Fixed Buffer Read Error in OGG, Now OGG Option Enabled Again. -->This bug was happen when the program tries to read buffer and the buffer size is bigger than the remain data, so the result is a crash in the stream! [x] Fixed False XM Detection in Scan Process Memory. [x] Fixed bug with BMP Detection. [x] Fixed bug when open a file is already opened by another process. [x] Fixed bug with ini file: ExRDir was in place of buffer. [x] Removed alot of anoiying errors and warnings show messages. [x] GFX Changed. [!] And many other things i've forgot =) Release Notes: - Load From Clipboard: For now it's only supports data as a valid FilePath (Text) only. - Sometimes after ripping an xm the sound of it not as the original song, the reason is because the XM size is bigger than the buffer size so we not geting the full xm samples in the ripped file, So to fix that: Try to make the buffer size more bigger in: Options> Buffer Size. - Scanning the process memory is not same as scaning the process exe file. Release Tip: - For faster search, try to uncheck uneeded extensions from Ripping Options. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Version 0.5b{20-09-2010}: News: [+] Added Support for ico files (using IEx Plugin). [+] Added Plugin SDK to the package. [+] New Plugin Added: Icon Extractor v0.1 (IEx): --->[+] Extract Icons from Exe Files. --->[+] Replace Exe Icon with new one. --->[+] Icon Preview. --->[+] Supporting Vista/7 256*256 Icons. [+] New Version of GC: Graphics Converter v0.3 [+] Fixed Bug: When open same plugin twice and close one so the other one won't close. [+] Fixed Bug: Open only one instance of the same plugin. [X] Known Bug in OGG (v0.4b) Causing: Stream Read Error: --->Now In v0.5b OGG Support Temporary Freezed untill fixing this bug(*). (*)Some files causing a crash into the OGG Function:"Stream Read Error"!!, exactly in the buffer size!, still Can't figure out what's wrong with it, but i promise to fix this bug soon as possible insha'aa allah. P.S: With Plugin SDK you can now to create your own XRipper Plugins ;) Features: [+] Search & Extract XM, V2M, PNG, BMP, RAW, Ico. [-] Scanning a specific process memory. [-] Scanning any kind of files in any size. [-] Scanning & Extracting in Light Speed. [-] MultiLingual Interface. [-] Plugins Support. [-] Plugin SDK Source Included. Further assistance and updates can be found at: www.at4re.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Version 0.4b{17-09-2010} Released at 10-10-2010: News: [+] Added Support for RAW, OGG. [+] Added Support for Plugins: GraphicsConverter v0.2 ..(Auto Detection). [+] MultiLingual Interface:[Arabic, English]. [+] Added other various options. [+] Now User Options are saved in Ini File. [+] New Look. [X] Various Bugs fixed. Features: [+] Search & Extract XM, V2M, PNG, BMP, RAW, OGG. [-] Scanning a specific process memory. [-] Scanning any kind of files in any size. [-] Scanning & Extracting in Light Speed. [+] MultiLingual Interface. [+] Plugins Support. P.S: RAW is PlayStation 2 Raw Sound Data, You need an external converter to convert it to MP3. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Version 0.3b{03-07-2010}: News: [+] Added Support for PNG, BMP. [+] Added Processes Memory Scan (For Packed/Crypted PE Files). [+] Added Drag & Drop Option. Thanks to Ahmed18. [+] Added Extensions to scan Options. [+] Added Executing Defaut Ripping Dir after finishing. [+] Added other various options. [+] Scanning for XM,V2M improoved. [+] Scanning & Extracting PNGs is Exellent (99%). [X] The way of naming ripped files are Changed. [X] Many Bugs fixed. [X] GFX & About Changed. Thanks to esso_x. Features: [+] Search & Extract XM, V2M, PNG, BMP. [-] Scanning a specific process memory. [-] Scanning any kind of files in any size. [-] Scanning & Extracting in Light Speed. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Version 0.2b{23-06-2010}: Features: [+] Scanning for V2M added. [+] Scanning any kind of files in any size added. [+] Scanning and Extracting are Faster 100000000x than version 0.1b. [+] Extracting many files in various extensions at same time. [+] Main file Size + Extension Detection added. [+] Defaut File size & Directory options added. [+] Scanning for xm improoved. [X] Syn Rip Removed. [X] Many Bug fixed. [X] GFX Changed. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Version 0.1b {19-06-2010}: Features: [+] Ability to Extract XM Music (FastTracker Module). [+] Ability to Scan any kind of files. [+] Two ways of Ripping data: RIP & Syn Rip. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
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