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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 02:57:39 +0300
From: "Ivanopulo / [DAMN]" <ivanopulo@usa.net>
To: editor@guardianunlimited.co.uk
CC: simon.waldman@guardian.co.uk, david.rowan@guardian.co.uk, simon.rogers@guardian.co.uk
Subject: Lies in your article


I'm  writing this email because of your recent article "How Russia's
cyber crooks hack the net"
by  Amelia  Gentleman. Unfortunately there's no  address for her on
your contacts page, so I had to address this message to others.

------- * Quote starts * -------
"It  takes  just  four minutes to steal computer software worth ?300
from the internet, using code-cracking instructions developed by the
legendary St Petersburg hacker, Ivanopulo.

No  expertise  is  necessary,  just a relaxed attitude towards cyber
ethics  and  a website address - which lists 10 idiot-proof steps on
how to beat the system.

After filling in false credit card details - supplied by the website
-  and  completing  a simple series of tasks, an icon appears on the
screen,  declaring: 'Thank you. Payment has been received.' Flash, a
sophisticated and expensive program devised by the American software
giant Macromedia, has been installed for free.
-------- * Quote ends * --------

Okay,  first  of all, some words on who I actually am:

I'm  the  Ivanopulo  mentioned  in  your article, leader of cracking
group  DAMN [http://www.damn.to] and I've been on the cracking scene
since  late  '98.  There's  NO  other  person  with this nick on the
underground  scene.
Some  of you may have heard (your editor obviously has) of the
Macromedia vs. Ivanopulo case

Now  about  the  facts  you  falsified.  My overall impression after
reading  your article, is that your editor just needed some facts to
start with. But as she hasn't found any exact matches (famous hacker
living  in  St.  Petersburg), she decided to just 'modify' those she
was able to find. So...

I  am  NOT  a  hacker.  Hackers break remote computers/networks etc.
Crackers deal with software.

I DO NOT live in St. Petersburg. I live in Moscow.

My  website  [http://www.damn.to]  contains NOTHING that can be used
for  illegally  registering  software  products.  And  of course, it
doesn't supply anyone with false credit card details.

In  light  of  the above, I consider your article offensive, and I'd
appreciate it if you:

1. Either prove the facts mentioned in this article, namely:

Provide me with the URL of MY site with "code-cracking" instructions
developed  by  me,  "10 idiot-proof steps on how to beat the system"
and  the  place  that  "supplies false credit card details" (as it's
written in your article, "supplied by the website").
Prove  that  I  break  networks/perform  server  attacks or that I'm
involved in any hacking-related activity.
Prove that I live in St. Petersburg.

2. or

Publish  an official retraction ASAP and place a link to it NEAR the
link to the original article.

3. or

Do nothing, but keep your legal dept. ready. And I'll pass this case
to my lawyer in the meantime.

P.S The above are not the only falsified facts published by you. For
example, UCL (United Crackers League) is a _cracking_ group and they
don't (quote) "get together to orchestrate joint attacks on specific
websites". But I let them handle this situation on their own...

P.P.S.  As  this  email  is  not  a private one, a copy of it is to be
posted on www.damn.to.

Good luck,
 -= Ivanopulo/[DAMN] =-                     mailto:ivanopulo@usa.net
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