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Jaydee vs Roller by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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Session Start: Wed Jul 15 03:31:28 1998
[3:31] <_roll_> hmm here?
<Jaydee> NO, I wont readd sitez I hate him end of the story
<Jaydee> if he was cool like you I would readd but he suck
[3:32] <_roll_> U haent talked with sitez for fucking 3months
[3:32] <_roll_> he said it
[3:32] <_roll_> he is a nice guy
[3:32] <_roll_> and tell me why u del em
[3:32] <_roll_> u cant say script
[3:32] <_roll_> because he uses ftp
[3:32] <_roll_> xtr is on the box
<Jaydee> He was caught scripting
[3:33] <_roll_> so is sting...
[3:33] <_roll_> when..
[3:33] <_roll_> when did he script?
[3:33] <_roll_> he doesnt deserve this
<Jaydee> STH caught him
<Jaydee> he suq
<Jaydee> he should die
[3:34] <_roll_> when?
[3:34] <_roll_> he should die?i like your attidude
<Jaydee> well
<Jaydee> I dont play you that way do I ?
<Jaydee> I just dont like him
[3:35] <_roll_> u dont?
[3:35] <_roll_> ur always rude
[3:35] <_roll_> ur never nice
[3:35] <_roll_> or you dont even talk
<Jaydee> well
<Jaydee> I dont mean to be
<Jaydee> we always fight though
[3:35] <_roll_> just cuz im not dev i can be a nice guy cool?
<Jaydee> yes u can
[3:36] <_roll_> you del sitez for personal reasons
<Jaydee> but I hate that nigger sitez
[3:36] <_roll_> he has done nothing 2 u..or give him another chance..this is bs
[3:36] <_roll_> he trades good now
[3:36] <_roll_> i taught him
[3:36] <_roll_> how 2 own
<Jaydee> well
<Jaydee> personal reasons is good enough for me
<Jaydee> okidoki ?
<Jaydee> he can delete me whereever he wants to
[3:37] <_roll_> this is fucking lame..he is banned on FS for doing fucking shit
[3:37] <_roll_> you are just being lame because he is MnM
[3:37] <_roll_> whatever man
[3:38] <_roll_> poor sportsman ship
<Jaydee> nopes
[3:38] <_roll_> now i dont respect you..didnt know you go that low
[3:38] <_roll_> later
<Jaydee> It has nothing to do with MNM
<Jaydee> In matter of fact I like MNM
<Jaydee> you-mossy-doobie atleast
[3:38] <_roll_> dont like them then
<Jaydee> I dont care what you think
[3:39] <_roll_> because when they hear about this they'll all hate u anyways
<Jaydee> I hate sitez
<Jaydee> end of story
<Jaydee> he did cheat
<Jaydee> I know he did
[3:39] <_roll_> yep..lame liar excuses..but hey..maybe u should of deleted sitez
[3:39] <_roll_> dev cant grouptop on their own sites
<Jaydee> well
[3:39] <_roll_> they need a 200meg edge
[3:39] <_roll_> without sitez being on the site
[3:39] <_roll_> i understand man:)
[3:39] <_roll_> its ok..
<Jaydee> MNM isnt very good either
<Jaydee> are they ?
[3:40] <_roll_> we got #1 on ET
[3:40] <_roll_> the last 3 weeks
[3:40] <_roll_> dev was 3
[3:40] <_roll_> mnm sucks
[3:40] <_roll_> dev is a mp3 group
[3:40] <_roll_> i guess right?
<Jaydee> yeah
<Jaydee> MNM is a coding group right ?
<Jaydee> Coding scripts to trade with
<Jaydee> bye
[3:40] <_roll_> lol
[3:40] <_roll_> u said it..
[3:40] <_roll_> :)
<Jaydee> I dont care
<Jaydee> I just dont like that wh0re sitez
<Jaydee> believe it or not
Session Close: Wed Jul 15 04:09:18 1998
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