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Behind the scene with pSyGAGE aka pSyPSP for Antip2p by Psypsp

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[+] Configuration Copy text
--- /whois list for: (iNF)
--- address: [email protected]
--- name: iNNFY
--- server: irc.efnet.pl, ATMAN, Warsaw, Poland
--- idle: 1min 8secs
--- signon: Sunday, May 14th, 2006 at 10:33am
--- end of /whois list for: (inf)

As we already knew psypsp doesnt obey the scene rules.
We saw that in a NFO which was released before (behind_the_scene_with_psypsp.nfo)
(this nfo is also included in this notice)
But today we will show that also in the PDA section they cannot behave themselfs.

Now, you know iNF is the PSYGAGE\PSP leader.
He doesnt hang much in public pda places he only joins them to give away links to his releases.
Which is in first place forbidden.. but this rls was even shown to the public on the minute before it was pred!

The following happens in the channel #mediaplace on EFNET:

.:14:26:44:. <- iNF -> Atari_Masterpieces_Volume_II_NGAGE-pSyGAGE - http://tinyurl.com/m5bq6.html
.:14:26:47:. <- iNF -> have fun

My dupe check on the rls:
[14:42] <PRED> [SEARCH] Atari_Masterpieces_Volume_II_NGAGE-pSyGAGE got released 15m 28s ago [ UNKNOWN / pSyGAGE ]

[check proof\proof.jpg]

[14:42] - 15min = pre time = [14:27]

Pre time:  [14:27]
Public time: .:14:26:47:. 

Now even if this was the same min it was wrong by even giving away the link to the public channs!!

Some updated info on PSYPSP:

[Note: check the whois!! which matches perfectly to the one in the NFO from PSYPSP notice!!]

Still yesterday did psypsp release:

[15:40] <PRED> [LAST] Silent_Hill_Experience_R2_UMDMOVIE_PSP-pSyPSP got released 1d 6h 10m 59s [18/05/2006] ago [ PSP / pSyPSP | 1606MB in 36F ]

The channel #fastloader on efnet seems still to be up and running with ofcourse topic changed by iNF

* Now talking in #fastloader
* Topic is '(+.[__]::) | http://pspsaves.info/inf/ - all fixes and release information | [] X /\ O'
* Set by [email protected] on Tue Apr 04 19:14:41

[check proof\psp.JPG]

If u cant follow the scenerules, why u keep releasing?

We find this all not respectable!!

+ Some ppl who care about the future of the scene.
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