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Farewell. by Flying Horse Cracking Force

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15 November, 2004: www.fhcf.net/index.php
Posted by: potsmoke

Yep, we did it. We managed to produce 2000 releases, and will now retire.
The last 50 keygens were sent out today, check out the "releases" link for the complete list.

I would like to say thank you to the two most active people, Bondevik and Trevil.
And again i want to say sorry for all the fights we had the last year.

If you're interested in the "whole" story about why it all ended, then continue reading here:

Someone whisperd in my ear that all our releases can be downlaoded here: http://bertil.redexmedia.net/fhcf
I have no idea how long the site will remain, it's not ours.

Please do not contact us about cracking more programs, we have RETIRED!
Other emails are of course welcome.

August 30th 2004: www.fhcf.net/zor.htm
Posted by: potsmoke

Bad news to start the day with!  This word from PotSmoke, the patient but long suffering rock behind FHCF.  It's been a long struggle for him, but today......

In 1999 we started what is known as FHCF, we've now been here for 5 years as a Norwegian group doing our own thing.

It's been 5 hard years with lots of work and many disappointments, members i thought i knew left for other bigger groups while others were just talking crap and promised things they never could keep.

There is no secret that everything has to come to an end, and this is the day i announce that FHCF is soon no more. When this text is being written the FHCF release counter shows 1939 releases (on my harddrive that is), we can't stop yet so we'll have to continue until we've passed 2000 releases.

This break has been planned since early 2004 but i've been thinking about it for some years, we just wanted to pass 2000 releases and disappear, to end with some style at least. It's sad, for me and for some of the members. We've been here for 5 years, shared many fine moments together and even shared our inner thoughts.

I've met many of the members in real life, some i've spoken with on the phone regularly afterwords while others i've only met on IRC. Even though i've only met some of the guys on IRC i must admit that they mean alot to me, i even think some of them are the most wonderful people i've ever met. The way they think and act is just lovely.

Why do i really end it all now? There are many reasons, too many to mention them all but i'll try to tell you why it's all over. Some of the reasons are:

Members leaving for other groups while i spent all my time and energy on those people.
People i helped for a period of time (weeks/months) writing tutorials and explaining things and all they do is dissapear one day without a word (or join other groups).
People promise things they can't keep.

We've changed, we don't have the same goals anymore and we all have different interests.
Some of us has lost a big part of their real life.
Some of us are just fighting all the time.
Some became mentally fucked up.
We're tired of all the lameness and all the people stealing other groups releases.
We hate 0day and they hate us for not going 0day.
People don't appreciated our work and think all software should be free while we don't.
People expect us to crack what they want, when they want, while they don't even know the word "thank you".
That other groups don't want to help you or share information because you aren't a member.
All the idiots in varius cracking channels.
All the crack sites that are full of banners, popups and other shit.
We're dead tired and burnt out.
Pesonally i haven't had fun cracking the last 2-3 years, i just did it to make FHCF hard to beat for the next Norwegian group :)

I could probably go on forever, but the main reason i quit is because i'm dead tired and burnt out, and because no one likes to crack anymore. We almost have no members left either :(

It's possible that www.fhcf.net will be updated from time to time if there are some news, but don't expect much news from a dead group.
Looks like "all" the FHCF people, members, ex-members and the people in #Cracking.no will have a gathering next year. Don't expect any computers there.

I will like to end with a few thanks.

Thanks to ZOR, one of the few that helped us a little bit with his site.
Thanks to all the members that made FHCF possible, i know i've been an asshole at times and not being the easiest person to work with, i'm very sorry.
Thanks to ElWolfie for running a rock solid BNC, for running bots when we didn't have any and simply for being a nice guy.
Special thanks to Sven and Alx who i think are the two most brilliant people i've met on the net. It's not nice mentioning two people when many has been nice to me, i love you all but those two are special. I wish you all good luck, you really deserve it.
Thanks to Bertil who made the cleanest distro page ever, you can find it here: http://bertil.redexmedia.net/fhcf/
#Cracking.no will remain, but the subject har changed.

This is the last line, and now it's over...
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