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Unprotect Sidekick 1.1C. by Independent (IND)

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             What follows is an unprotect scheme for version 1.11C of 
           Borland International's Sidekick.  The basic procedure is the 
           same as that for version 1.1A with just location differences.  
               So the only credit I can take is for finding the new 

        This is (of course), provided only for legal owners of Sidekick!!

               Also, make sure you 'DEBUG' a copy NOT the original!
        DEBUG SK.COM    <ENTER>
        -U 801          <ENTER>
        -E 801          <ENTER>
        you will then see:
        25E5:0801    E8.
        90              <ENTER>
        repeat for 802 and 803:
        -E 802          <ENTER>
        90              <ENTER>
        -E 803          <ENTER>
        90              <ENTER>
        -A 810          <ENTER>
        OR AL,01        <ENTER>
        -U 801          <ENTER>
        you should then see (among other things):
        XXXX:801       90     NOP
        XXXX:802       90     NOP
        XXXX:803       90     NOP
        XXXX:810  0C01     OR     AL,01
        if so:
        -W              <ENTER>
        -Q              <ENTER>
        if not:
        -Q              <ENTER>

             For SKN.COM, SKM.COM and SKC.COM the unprotect is the same 
        but at the following locations:
             SK          SKN          SKM          SKC
             ---         ---          ---          ---
             801         7DF          76F          7BC
             802         7E0          770          7BD
             803         7E1          771          7BE
             810         7EE          77E          7CB
        To unprotect SKC.COM you would 'DEBUG SKC.COM' and then replace 
        any occurence of '801' with '7BC'; '802' with '7BD' and so on.
                              GOOD LUCK!
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