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1990 October 16

  • Text / NFO file or scene release
  • Codo the Mysterious, writer credits
[+] Configuration Copy text
----< GOLDEN AXE >---- The Golden Axe takes on a horrible new cast... The Death Adder and his evil forces have invaded the land, immprisoned the king and his daughter and stolen the legendary Golden Axe. Only the three heroes of Yuria have the power to stop the ruthless tyrant and regain the throne. Tyris-Flare, a beautiful and powerful amazon, has summoned her fire magic to eliminate the Adder and his orphan-making fiends. Gilius-Thunderhead rumbles and tumbles to the scene with his astonishing combination of lightning power and gymnastics skills. And the Axe Battler, who has a personal bone to pick with the evil Adder, has sharpened his giant sword for battle. *You* must choose which challenger to send into the dreaded path of the Death Adder. The once idyllic Eagle Island has been transformed into a real bird of prey, trapping the good Yurians in its infested feathers. Fearless Skeleton Swordsman slash through the mangy battlefield, hunting down Adder's enemies. Meanwhile, Twin Brutes and Lizard Women spread their horror in the once prosperous Turtle Village. The precocious Death Adder Jr. throws knots of electricity from the palace door, barring entrance to the stolen throne. Your weapons range from razor-sharp swords to curtains of fire. You can even joust with your foes on the back of a bizarrian - stolen from an un-saddled Adder fiend! Remember, one dose of magic can wipe away an acre of evil. Power Up / --------- GOLDEN AXE is a two-player game which can be played with a joystick, the keyboard or a mouse. 1) Set up your computer as shown in the IBM PC (or compatible) owner's manual. DOS 2.1 or higher is required to play this game. If you are using a joystick, plug it in. Then boot up your system to display the system prompt. 2) Insert GOLDEN AXE disk #1 into the floppy drive. Type GOLD and press RETURN. 3) The video configuration screen will appear. Choose the number associated with the video mode which you would like to use. Then, press the space bar to start the game. Use directional arrows to choose one or two players and the type of game. Choose "Options" for control methods. Move Out / --------- J = Joystick M = Mouse K = Keyboard Walking - J/M : Push the joystick/mouse in appropriate direction K : Directional Keys/Configured Keys Running - J : Tap joystick twice in appropriate direction M : Move mouse to left or right, center, move again K : Tap directional arrow twice Unless you change the defaults, the controls are configured as shown next: MAGIC ATTACK JUMP Player 1 - Joystick Right Shift Button 1 Button 2 Player 1 - Keyboard Right Shift 5 - Num Keypad INS Key Player 1 - Mouse Right Shift Right Button Left Button Player 2 - Joystick Left Shift Button 1 Button 2 Player 2 - Keyboard Left Shift 'S' Key TAB Key Player 2 - Mouse Left Shift Right Button Left Button Special Moves / -------------- Leaping : While running, press JUMP Slam/Kick/Head Butt : While running, press ATTACK Downward Thrust : While leaping, press ATTACK Special Skilled Attack : Press JUMP and ATTACK at the same time Downward Slash : Press JUMP then quickly press ATTACK To Pause : Press the space bar. Press again to resume To Toggle Sound : F2 To Toggle Music : F3 To Calibrate Joystick : F4 To Exit to DOS : Press the ESC key. Dox typed by - Codo the Mysterious Game supplied by - Codo the Mysterious
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