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Ball Mania. by Sorcerers

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Emulating balmania.exe in DOSee.

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    Unlike other systems of the era, audio for DOS was unfortunately complicated for both programmers and end users alike. A lot of early scene software didn't bother including it. While those that did often didn't test it on all the hardware they supposedly supported.

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DOSee pronounced dos/see, is our emulator used to run MS-DOS based software in your web browser.

MS-DOS (Microsoft DOS) was the primary operating system used by PCs during the 1980s to the early 1990s and is the precursor to Microsoft Windows.

DOSee is a slimmed down, modified port of The Emularity.

The Emularity is a multi-platform JavaScript emulator that supports the running of software for legacy computer platforms in a web browser. It is the same platform that's running emulation on the Internet Archive.

EM-DOSBox is a high-performance JavaScript port of DOSBox that is applied by The Emularity for its emulation of the MS-DOS platform.

DOSee uses BrowserFS ZipFS and ZipFS Extras to simulate zip file archives as hard disks within EM-DOSBox.

DOSBox is the most popular MS-DOS emulator in use today and is frequently used by commercial game publishers to run games from their back-catalogues on modern computers.

DOSee, built on The Emularity, EM-DOSBox and DOSBox. Capture screenshot and save function built on canvas-toBlob.js.

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       Aaarrrgghhhh! We're back again! It's BCG here typing this shit. First of all I want to send a big thanks to THE BROS! Thanks! By the way, HE is back again! You can't guess who? Read the scroller and learn!         Yehhooo! It's RANGER of SORCERERS here again.. well. At first forget Armageddon.. There is no more group called Armageddon.. We decided to join Sorcerers... Wellllll... I know that some of you ay think what a hell are we doing again, but it doesn't matter (fucking m doesn't work as well as it should....) so it's all over with that.. i don't want to type anymore anyshit about that shit..oh.. we are back but... HELLRAISER isn't... we had our own reasons and we realized that we were wrong so I don't want to talk anymore about that.. OUR MEMBERS ARE (in SUMMAMUTIKKA ORDER) : BCG (pettynyt kooderi), SCORPIO (Our Belgium member), Merlin (coder, GFX, etc..), Technomancer (coder etc..) Ranger (hmmmmmmmm........ Gotta think about that.,.... resigner&joiner... maybe...) Naaaaahhh! No more resigning!! hmm... then there was also one guy.. I don't remeber who.,.... BCG doesn't seem to remeber that devious splatter either... wellll he is Devious a biig hairy baad maan.... YEAAAHHH!!! and he is coder and what is he also... ehhhhhh... hmm... Loser?? NOOOOOPPEE!!! there is no losers in SORCERERS .. or is there?? what?? BCG is looking at me.. Ya kiddin man??? ME?? I ??? JAGG??? MINA??? ehh.... wellllllll it seems like I am voted to be our ehh.. no It can't be true... after all these shits???? NO HE CAN't DO IT FOR Me!!! Or can??? YEP! He can do it!!!!! Welllll yeps ja silleen.... se on sellanen tapaus etta... hmm... I think it's time to send some greetings!! So here comes our : MEGAGIGATERAEXTRASUPERHYPERJATTITUPLAMAGNUMERIKOISSPESIAALITRIPLASPECIALGREETINGS WITH KUKKOLEIMA AND THEY WILL BE IN SAME ORDER WE USED TO USE... CAN YOU GUESS WHAT IS IT??? WELL i CAN TELL YOU That... hups... caps lock... well i'll fuck it later,.... so it is called.. ehh... what was I saying?? well OFCOURSE!! SUMMAMUTIKKA ORDER!!!!!!! well.. here they come at last...just kiddin'.. did ya get fucked with this scroller????? welllllll Don't care... here they come : EMF (release your demo soon..), Scorpio (visit in finland so we can take couple kalja and have paskamaisen fun...)... welll if ya don't remeber kalja=olut=beer=GOOOD!!!! NAM NAM!! welllll BCG talks something unbelievablle....mies hourailee..... wellll It doesn't matter.. it's nothing to worry about..... and again to the greets : Merlin&Technoancer ( watch up! We'll resign ;) (just kiddin' :) we'll visit in your kapykyla just as fast as we can..... BCG (thanx for help with that one thing called......) The CAT.. could you send something or WHAT???? welll..... I think that it was all about that... contact us if you have modem call: +358 21 404036, V32/42bis so dial that number and pray for download access.. or if you don't have motukka or you are just so fuckin' poor as I am write to : BCG, Ankkurikylankatu 21 B 15, 20240 Turku, Finland. I think that Merlin and Technomancer will give their address later in this demo... SO C U LATER IN OUR NEXT RELEASE!!!!              It's Ranger here AGAIN right now we are in BCG's place having something quite nice.. guess what??? BEEERRR!!! YEAAAHH!! BEER RULEZ!!! AHHHHH!! EHH....I'm surprised... BCG tries to take my beer.. IIIIKKK!! well i think It's time to send some greetings... also in same old order and same old style... so SCORPIO: we bought for you one FINNISH beer and we'll send it for you at monday.... hope you like it.. we didn' find my favourite beer in cans (LAPIN KULTA (in english : LAPLANDS GOLD)) but you'll get one can of KOFF beer.. (we bought more than one but they are gone.....) KOFF is oldest brewery in scandinavian...               Hi, this is MERLIN of SORCERERS writing something.. I just readed all the scrolltext written by Ranger & BCG, so what could I say.. Yeah, some of you maybe guessed it already: I have only the worst to tell ya... greetings! Well......... Following contains greetings from me & Technomancer: SysOp of HEAVEN (thanks for uploading DPIIe to me..) ... (Technomancer says: NIKOLAI is the best beer money can buy) ... Some groups to greet: EMF (We hope U release something soon)    DG (Saracen: that idea for scroller was a good one..)   --- Well, end of greetings.. ... Contact us? Well, BCG (or was it Ranger..) asked us to write our addresses here.. Okay.. MERLIN of SORCERERS, VAHTIRINNE 7d, 00370 HELSINKI, FINLAND . . . . and . . . . TECHNOMANCER of SORCERERS, KAIRONKATU 4C29, 00560 HELSINKI, FINLAND. It's 18:46, I'm talking to Technomancer over the phone and saving this scroller-file...