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Medal of Honor by Rrod

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[+] Configuration Copy text
    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

      ∙ReleaseDate... 2010-10-10         ∙Source Media....... DVD9
      ∙Filename...... rrod-moh.rxx       ∙Source Region...... PAL
      ∙RarCount...... 73x100MB           ∙Playable Regions... PAL
      ∙Format........ ISO                ∙Verified........... 

    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

       Medal of Honour leaves the WWII theater and enters the modern day
       setting of war-torn Afghanistan seen through the lens of a small
       band of fictonal characters.

       The New Medal of Honour introduces players to the Tier 1 Operator
       an elite warrior and relatively unkown instrument of the U.S
       Military that operates under the National Command Authority,
       taking on missions no one else can handle.

       In addition to a full single-player campaign mode,developer EALA
       has enlisted Battlefield creator EA DICE to supply the
       multiplayer experience of Medal of Honour. The game features a
       weapon customization system and a range of tactical and team-
       based modes for up to 24 players, including Team Assault, Combat
       Mission, and more.

    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

       Playable Regions: PAL

       SplitVid, SSv2!

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