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The battle of britain by Platinum

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Platinum Proudly Presents
The Battle of Britain (Win3.x)

                            August 10, 1940: Germany now owns
                            Western Europe. Having brought France to
                            her knees in a matter of weeks, its
                            forces lie at the edge of the English
                            Channel, staring hungrily across at the
                            little island of England, a mere 20
                            miles away.

                            Hilter and his troops must gain complete
                            control of the air by September 11 if
                            their audacious plan is to succeed.
                            Goring assures him he can accomplish
                            this easily. That is, unless you can
                            stop hi!

                            The Battle of Britain is a historically
                            accurate recreation of the greatest air
                            battle in the history of warfare.
                            Employs the identical plotting map used
                            by Royal Air Force Fighter Command in
                            the summer of 1940 to track incoming
                            raids, and the identical tote-board
                            system to quickly vector the precious
                            few Hurricane and Spitfire Squadrons to
                            intercept those raids. You will have
                            your hands full tracking Radar and
                            Ground Observation reports, analyzing
                            the size and potential threat of
                            "Unidentified Aircraft 200+ Spotted
                            Vicinity Biggen Hill...," interpreting
                            the daily "Ultra" intercepts, and coping
                            with the weather, dwindling resources,
                            and the Luftwaffe's sometimes uncanny
                            ability to outfox you at every turn.

                            Platform : Win 3.xx
                            Processor : 386 Minimum
                            Memory Required : 4MB
                            Minimum Available Disk Space : 1.4MB
                            Graphic Requirements : VGA
80x53 Font