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Independent, Review of NHL Hockey '95. by Independent (IND)

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                        ReViEW oF NHL HOCKEY '95
                            By HeLL KeePeR

        First of all, CAT and ALiENS have officially merged!
    Second, if you want NHL 95, call up some good board, that
    let's people d/l LARGE filez cuz NHL 95 is HUGE, in fact
    the only way you might be able to get is to buy the CD-ROM
    version, or d/load the Sega Genesis or SNES version from a 
    board that's got MAgic Copier...  All right
    New Features in NHL 95:>/<

    Genesis SNES version:  FuLL Season mode !  Finally you get
    to play out an entire season with battery backup!

    Trade and Create Players:  This feature is also a kick ass feature
    which you can trade Pavel Bure if you wanted to, for some shitty
    player.  And you can also make your own player!

    Fake Passes and shots:  An ok feature we could all live without.

    New Play modes:  Be the GM and release players, sign free agents,
    and do whatever the hell you want.

    New Animations:  Awesome new animations add to this amazing new game.

    Well, that's about it, the computer version is a lot better, but then
    again, you'd have to buy it, and that would be LAME!

        Review By
       HeLL KeePeR
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