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Sniper and X vs Psyber in #releases. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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[0:01] <__X__> haha
[0:02] <__X__> can you say psyber scripted the fuck outta that ADDC release? :)
[0:02] <AcidRain> X:wut u mean he scripted?
[0:03] <__X__> haha
[0:03] <__X__> sec
[0:03] <__X__> I'll post you a paste from #courier98
[0:03] <__X__> and you tell me :)
[0:04] <__X__> [2:51] <COD-DUDE>  [COD] -NewUtil- (psyber - MnM)
[0:04] <__X__> [2:51] <_essa_>  [TC] -0511- (psyber - MiLLENiUM)
[0:04] <__X__> [2:51] <The-Chief> [DWH] -NEW DIR- Abyss.Of.Pandemonium-ADDC By:
psyber ( mnm )
[0:04] <__X__> [2:51] <QuadCon> [QuadCon] -0511- (psyber / MnM /
MnM/PWA/GLoW/IrN) Abyss.Of.Pandemonium-ADDC
[0:04] <__X__> first off it's ni UTILS on some
[0:04] <__X__> and those are only the bots I don't have on ignore.
[0:04] <Sniper1> heheh
[0:04] <Sniper1> shit
[0:05] <AcidRain> haha
[0:05] <AcidRain> new util
[0:05] <AcidRain> funny =)
[0:05] <AcidRain> hmmm why do u say script?
[0:05] <AcidRain> he might have 3-4 FXP's going
[0:05] <__X__> ya right
[0:05] <phatty-j> X u r just jealous
[0:05] <__X__> psyber has always scripted
[0:05] <phatty-j> cuz it's just fast, legit curryin  ;P
[0:06] <__X__> we made a dir one day called Pron_for_Testing-DOD
[0:06] <__X__> or something
[0:06] <__X__> and WHAM
[0:06] <__X__> in #courier98 10 sites scrolled by one after the other w/ that
[0:06] <__X__> all from psyber
[0:06] <__X__> like w/ithin seconds
[0:06] <phatty-j> just tired
[0:06] <__X__> #1 if you saw Pron-for_testing what would you do?
[0:06] <phatty-j> from curryin 24/7
[0:06] <__X__> :)
[0:06] <Psyber> wtf are you talking about?
[0:06] <phatty-j> and didn't realize it was a bogus release
[0:06] <__X__> a there you are.
[0:07] <__X__> so what are you using to upload w/ psyb?
[0:07] <Psyber> wtf are you?
[0:07] <__X__> pftp, linfXp or what?
[0:07] <AcidRain> hmm how can he create a directory on one site..and BAM it
shows up in seconds on 10 other sites?
[0:07] <__X__> pftp chaining does that for ya if you want.
[0:07] <Psyber> its called hotkeys morons
[0:08] <Sniper1> damm
[0:08] <Psyber> pftp and linfxp are banned
[0:08] <__X__> you can chain up to like 5 sites for sure.
[0:08] <Sniper1> he she speaks
[0:08] <__X__> no linfXp v4+ is banned
[0:08] <__X__> doesn't mean people don't use it.
[0:08] <Sniper1> Psyber
[0:08] <Sniper1> ok
[0:08] <Sniper1> real question now
[0:08] <Sniper1> male or Female
[0:08] <Sniper1> it's not hard
[0:08] <__X__> hahaha
[0:08] <Sniper1> just answer :P
[0:08] *** Sniper1 was kicked by Xs-Bitch (flood)
[0:08] *** Sniper1 (************) has joined #releases
[0:08] <Sniper1> oops
[0:08] <__X__> doh
[0:08] <Sniper1> :)
[0:08] *** Sniper1 was kicked by QuadPlex (flood)
[0:08] *** Sniper1 (***************) has joined #releases
[0:08] <__X__> sorry bout that.
[0:08] <Sniper1> hehe
[0:08] <Sniper1> np
[0:08] *** Sniper1 was kicked by Xs-Bitch (flood)
[0:08] *** Sniper1 (************) has joined #releases
[0:08] *** __X__ sets mode: -o Xs-Bitch
[0:08] *** QuadPlex sets mode: +o Psyber
[0:08] *** QuadPlex sets mode: +o Xs-Bitch
[0:08] *** Psyber sets mode: +b **************
[0:08] *** Sniper1 was kicked by Psyber (umm no)

 Couple Minutes go by......

[0:10] *** Sniper1 (***************) has joined #Releases
[0:10] <Sniper1> that = gay
[0:10] <Sniper1> :)
[0:10] <__X__> no I think if you didn't know if you were male or female you'd be
gay :)
[0:10] <__X__> Acid: no a full ISO
[0:10] <Sniper1> haha
[0:10] * FBK- bbiab
[0:10] <Sniper1> i was talkin about psyber
[0:10] <Sniper1> cuz like
[0:10] <Psyber> and you can normally pull on your pud and jizz in 15
[0:11] <__X__> normally I can hit a 15 meg disk in about 30 seconds or so
[0:11] <Sniper1> i think it's him and his wife
[0:11] <AcidRain> Psyber:bwhha
[0:11] *** Psyber sets mode: +b *!*lover@************
[0:11] *** Sniper1 was kicked by Psyber (umm no x 2)
[0:11] <__X__> hehe, it's probably a club of people, 5 of them
[0:11] <Psyber> x
[0:11] <Psyber> leave the fucking ban
[0:11] <Psyber> or you'll join him
[0:11] <__X__> they sleep and ftp in shifts :)
[0:11] <__X__> ya 30 seconds
[0:11] <Psyber> i repeat...wtf are you x?
[0:11] <__X__> depedns on the site though
[0:11] <Psyber> you are no one
[0:12] <phatty-j> psyber...a site op
[0:12] <Psyber> i'll answer it for you
[0:12] <__X__> hehe, I repeat psyber WHAT are you?
[0:12] *** Viper1 (Lover@***********) has joined #Releases
[0:12] <phatty-j> of prolly the biggest us site
[0:12] <__X__> male or female?
[0:12] <Psyber> and as such, you have no comment
[0:12] <phatty-j> well...maybe not the biggest
[0:12] <__X__> psyber you wanna see something?
[0:12] <__X__> watch this.
[0:12] <phatty-j> up their though
[0:12] <Viper1> Takes everything so serious :)
[0:12] <Psyber> oh?  and what site might that be?
[0:12] *** Viper1 is now known as Sniper1_
[0:12] *** phatty-j is now known as jfx
[0:12] <jfx> tg
[0:13] <AcidRain> hey jaw
[0:13] <__X__> anyways.
[0:13] <Psyber> tg the biggest us site?
[0:13] <Psyber> niggah please
[0:13] <jfx> howdy acid
[0:13] <jfx> psyber...not the biggest
[0:13] <Psyber> and no x, i haven't been supporting your site
[0:13] <jfx> i sed...up there
[0:13] <__X__> duh
[0:13] <Psyber> so no site deluser for me
[0:13] <__X__> yer not on my site.
[0:13] <Psyber> correct
[0:13] <__X__> kinda hard to support it now isn't it?
[0:13] <Psyber> and gladly so
[0:13] <Psyber> as i remember, i used to fill your hd
[0:13] <Psyber> no one else would support
[0:13] <__X__> bahaha
[0:13] <Psyber> or could
[0:13] <__X__> ya I guess maybe.
[0:14] <__X__> doesn't matter to me.
[0:14] <__X__> I'm not a courier.
<CDR-MAN> seems like TG is doing quite nicely lately
<CDR-MAN> not that I know much
[0:15] <Psyber> qc is the top site
[0:15] <__X__> too bad it's only t1
[0:15] <__X__> and slow.
[0:15] <Psyber> tc right behind
[0:15] <Psyber> dwh
<CDR-MAN> isn't gatetch one of the fastest US links?
[0:16] <__X__> bahaha