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Very political.
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Declaration of War Hi Iran, already see the fucking bombs coming in from the west-side? We hope you all die, Iranians suck ass, conversative muslims suck ass, allahu akbar suck ass, and never forget the crappy Iranian government sucks ass bigtime. Lets hope Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gets blown to hell when he tries a test-run of his shitty nukes on America. Yes, the shit we sold you detonates on launch, not after launch, pwned. RTFM is a bit hard when it's not in muslim-language ain't it. We support the troops! America, Europe, Bush and the Juggernaut (bitch) all rock, RESPECT! PROCYON is an official supporter of the 3rd World War. We do not accept the behaviour of countries such as Iran towards our great, western, christian, world. We rock yo' ass, and.............. we got working nukes ;-) Sign-up for the army today @ www.goarmy.org! (yes we got sponsored to put that link into our nfo)! We are gonna lose much troops fighting this shitty country, all those allah hakbars gonna blow themself up, motherfuckers are hiding everywhere, even under the sand and shit, they are living mines man. And Iran might sacrifice one of their nuclear reactors while our troops are near, which sucks, but nothing beats dieing while attempting to kill evil conservative muslims. Our awesome group member, the JUGGERNAUT (BITCH!) will also participate, he has been brainwashed to go have a serious rape party in the desert, and he's indestructible. No, Allah isn't gonna save you from the JUGGERNAUT biatch! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enough peace talk, new game here. Unleashed brought you the CD version, here is the DVD package, Europe retail that is. Unprotected and stuff. Mount/Install/Play/Signup @ www.goarmy.org 'PROCYON SUPPORTS THE AMERICAN ARMY'
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