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1998 April 25

  • Text / Community drama
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| bboy ([email protected]) | Real Name: ;-) | Channels: #GayNC | Server: irc.mindspring.com (MindSpring Enterprises IRC Server) Session Start: Sat Apr 25 20:19:11 1998 <bigs-> can i have leech on BleechBox? [20:19] <bboy> scuse me? <bigs-> come on man.. i had leech before [20:19] <bboy> who the fuck are you? <bigs-> Im a courier.. I almost got in RiSC once.. But i wasnt good enough :( <bigs-> they said i had the talent.. but I wanted to go out on weekends.. so i couldnt join [20:20] <bboy> what the hell is RiSC? <bigs-> dude.. there is no heat here.. <bigs-> you dont have to play dumb.. im no narc [20:21] <bboy> yea right... come straight with me... <bigs-> if you became straight.. i might have respect for you [20:22] <bboy> well, then why the hell should I do anything for you.... go Fuck yourself ASSHOLE! <bigs-> Listen your the homo.. you know its not possible to fuck your own asshole <bigs-> havent you tried? [20:22] <bboy> yea, with your momma's cock! <bigs-> listen man.. lets not loose our heads here.. <bigs-> All i wanted was an account [20:23] <bboy> and you think I'd give one to you know??? yea right! <bigs-> I will be nice from now on <bigs-> i promise.. Eagle_1 forgave me [20:24] <bboy> yea, well... maybe if you suck my cock... other than that you can go screw yourself... <bigs-> man.. i aint suckin no dick for leech <bigs-> what do i look like {master1}?? [20:26] <bboy> well, that's your tough luck then... who knows you may like it... <bigs-> I doubt that.. <bigs-> I have a girlfriend.. its called Hetorsexualality <bigs-> ever heard of it? [20:29] <bboy> well, all I have to say is you're on the black list now... forget ever trying to get an account... <bigs-> oh man.. what if i get someone else to suck your dick <bigs-> will you give me leech? [20:33] <bboy> dude, you fucked it up by your nasty comments toward me... <bigs-> please? [20:35] <bboy> well, if you go on #gaync and apologize to me and all the other gay people you've ever offended I'll think about it... <bigs-> hahah stick it in your ass faggot [20:36] <bboy> that's what I thought... Session Close: Sat Apr 25 20:38:09 1998
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