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Class using dirty tactics for The Crazed Asylum (TCA) by Class (CLS)

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Session Start: Wed Jul 01 12:32:40 1998 <DoGaN> hello, i am looking to get involved in a games grp and have been talking with rzr and now u [19:58] <Juice-> what do you have to offer? <DoGaN> am i talking to the right guy to see iof if worth the effort? <DoGaN> Okie i must be :) [19:58] <Juice-> yes you are <DoGaN> well basically im on ADSL a fast connect and im located in North america <DoGaN> which is what steve was interested in [19:59] <Juice-> xxxx? <DoGaN> ohg sorry i meant Pitbull <DoGaN> used to callin him by his 1st name [19:59] <Juice-> oh i see [20:00] <Juice-> what did he have to say to you? <DoGaN> anyway, im not sure that you are in need of me for anything. <DoGaN> well he wants me to join i think, but he is on vacation now <DoGaN> he finds the speed of my connect of importance for testing and things of the sort [20:01] <Juice-> yeah are you around all summer? [20:01] <Juice-> you a student? <DoGaN> and my age im 24 not a young'un as many on the scene are now-adays <DoGaN> im around all the time yes [20:01] <Juice-> you work from home or something? <DoGaN> actually im a student at dalhousieuniv and a karate instructor in RL <DoGaN> but my connect is direct to my apartment [20:02] <Juice-> how fast exactly is adsl? <DoGaN> 8 mbit down 2 mbit up <DoGaN> have u heard of it b4? [20:03] <Juice-> yeah, a friend of mine has it in Ottawa [20:03] <Juice-> i am in Toronto, this is just a shell :) <DoGaN> Ohh <DoGaN> im in Nova Scotia :) <DoGaN> fellow canuck! [20:03] <Juice-> yes indeed :) <DoGaN> i was in toronto last month [20:04] <Juice-> Ok well did razor offer you anything? <DoGaN> on kingston rd training at wongs katrate there ;) [20:04] <Juice-> I mean they are mostly europeans so they arent as cool :) <DoGaN> MUhaha <DoGaN> :) <DoGaN> offer. they basically mentioned leech on a site , i'd be (of course) interested in a US / CAN one [20:05] <Juice-> yeah we can do that easily [20:05] <Juice-> do you have plans on supplying? <DoGaN> i would like to but im not suree i can compete with ppl as far as speed of getting stuff <DoGaN> might not be the best in that dept <DoGaN> what ill do is give u my email [20:09] <Juice-> ok hrmm [20:09] <Juice-> sorry phone [20:09] <Juice-> ok well <DoGaN> and if u think i might be of use email me okie? <DoGaN> im siteop on TWH now [20:09] <Juice-> i doubt Nova Scotia will be of much use for supplying <DoGaN> hehe indeed [20:09] <Juice-> but i'd like to add you with +v to the bot <DoGaN> ahh thanks [20:10] <Juice-> and if you are around i could ask you to test stuff? [20:10] <Juice-> do you have a 3dfx? <DoGaN> sure <DoGaN> yup <DoGaN> voodoo <DoGaN> monster one <DoGaN> i just join the chan [20:11] <Juice-> ok sec [20:11] <Juice-> ok msg class a password [20:12] <Juice-> now i will add you to a site tommorow ok? <DoGaN> sure sounds nice :) <DoGaN> appreciated im gonna watcha movie and ill be aroiund :) <DoGaN> gattica :) Session Close: Sun Jul 05 20:13:02 1998 Session Start: Sun Jul 05 20:13:28 1998 [20:13] <Juice-> ok do you have icq or something? <DoGaN> yup <DoGaN> ill give u the number [20:13] <Juice-> or is irc the best way of staying in touch? [20:13] <Juice-> k <DoGaN> xxxxxxxx <DoGaN> and yya got the email right? <DoGaN> im XXXX btw [20:14] <Juice-> ok cool i am XXXXXX <DoGaN> nice to meet ya XXXXXX :) [20:14] <Juice-> ok i added you on icq [20:14] <Juice-> just in case irc is messed <DoGaN> ok i got u too :) [20:15] <Juice-> which it sometimes is <DoGaN> indeed :) [20:15] <Juice-> ok then so i will be in touch <DoGaN> :) Session Close: Sun Jul 05 20:15:57 1998 Session Start: Sun Jul 05 20:15:59 1998 [20:15] <Juice-> and you can tell razor to piss off :P [20:16] <Juice-> well actually <DoGaN> Muhahah [20:16] <Juice-> dont tell them anything [20:16] <Juice-> are you in their channel? <DoGaN> ok <DoGaN> yup [20:16] <Juice-> Do you want to work with me on something then? [20:16] <Juice-> ie. play a long like you are in razor? [20:16] <Juice-> or at least helping them? <DoGaN> i will in a biot i have to watch this movie with my g/f or ma ass is grass [20:16] <Juice-> ok cool [20:16] <Juice-> we will talk later <DoGaN> :) <DoGaN> ok man <DoGaN> ill help ya then :) Session Close: Sun Jul 05 20:17:06 1998 Session Start: Mon Jul 06 11:16:24 1998 <DoGaN> hullo, awake yet? Session Close: Mon Jul 06 11:16:32 1998 Session Start: Mon Jul 06 11:17:07 1998 [11:17] <Juice-> yup hey <DoGaN> :) <DoGaN> okie im in the rzr channel you need something? [11:17] <Juice-> Well it depends <DoGaN> okie <DoGaN> shoot [11:17] <Juice-> if you are willing to help me out :) <DoGaN> sure watcha need? [11:18] <Juice-> Well i would like you to become an offical tester for class <DoGaN> nifty ;) [11:18] <Juice-> but i would also like you to remain with razor <DoGaN> hehe <DoGaN> n/p <DoGaN> :) <DoGaN> wat should i tell ppl if they ask? [11:18] <Juice-> and maybe tell us what you are testing for them [11:18] <Juice-> well i am going to take you off the class bot [11:18] <Juice-> and i will set you up on a class site with leech <DoGaN> okie [11:19] <Juice-> all i want you to do is inform me of whatever titles they are working on <DoGaN> well they know i have voice now, and dont care really <DoGaN> ok ill let u in on that :) [11:19] <Juice-> oh they know? <DoGaN> we are fellow canucks after all :) [11:19] <Juice-> someone said something? <DoGaN> ya just asked why <DoGaN> i said ii was a canadian and so was juice :) <DoGaN> so thast why i was voiced :) <DoGaN> hehe [11:20] <Juice-> hah <DoGaN> im still only voice in rzr as well, as soon as i get ops ill let u know. [11:22] <Juice-> Ok, well let them know you are willing to help them, and then as soon as you find out about any titles <DoGaN> have voice in PDM as well.. [11:22] <Juice-> you come back and tell myself or skill <DoGaN> yup ill let u know [11:22] <Juice-> were you going to help pdm as well? <DoGaN> so skill knows too? <DoGaN> no they didnt need any testers <DoGaN> they just voiced me fer tryin i suppose :) [11:23] <Juice-> yeah he is the actual class leader [11:23] <Juice-> so if you find out anything get in touch with me or him <DoGaN> Oh ok kewl <DoGaN> ok will do [11:23] <Juice-> give me your info [11:24] <Juice-> and i will add you to a class site for the time being <DoGaN> okie doke <DoGaN> which site did u have in mind? [11:25] <Juice-> well a us one <DoGaN> :) [11:25] <Juice-> probably xenosis <DoGaN> ohh nice site. <DoGaN> BIG [11:26] <Juice-> yeah its pretty fast rates for people as well [11:26] <Juice-> i will add in a few mins [11:26] <Juice-> sec somone at the door <DoGaN> n/p Session Close: Mon Jul 06 11:29:10 1998 Session Start: Mon Jul 06 11:38:25 1998 [11:38] <Juice-> hrmm ok well i will add you to xenosis once razor gets you to test their first game [11:38] <Juice-> does that sound good? <DoGaN> sure im ok wiht whatever u like <DoGaN> i have to talk with pitbuill again b4 im officially in rzr [11:39] <Juice-> ok cool, so you can either reach me or skill on irc or even me on icq if anything comes up <DoGaN> excellent i will let u know as soon as i do Session Close: Mon Jul 06 11:39:56 1998 Session Start: Mon Jul 06 11:40:27 1998 [11:40] <Juice-> ok cool <DoGaN> okie juice. good to meet you and glad we got to talk. ill let u known as i know things Session Close: Mon Jul 06 11:41:39 1998 Session Start: Mon Jul 06 11:42:41 1998 [11:42] <Juice-> ok cya [11:42] <Juice-> so you can hang in #class [11:42] <Juice-> but i wont voice you [11:42] <Juice-> just so no one gets the wrong idea <DoGaN> sure Session Close: Mon Jul 06 11:42:54 1998
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